Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 792
Hearing the young girl's words, Liu Xinglian was shocked.

"Are we going to duel now?"

"If you want to surrender, I'm afraid you'll die." The young girl lightly shook her head. "There is no reason for anyone who fears war to live in this world. If you give it your all, I might not kill you."

Liu Xinglian hesitated.

Although that was what the other party said, there were many possibilities for her not to kill him. Furthermore, the number of people who had died at her hands was not small. Liu Xinglian was also a human so she was naturally afraid of death, especially if she died in such a battle. She would feel that death was meaningless.

"Cultivators shouldn't have their goal of fighting because that goal is too narrow and twisted. Real people who seek the Dao don't seek the Dao for the sake of becoming strong, but to become strong for the sake of seeking the Dao. Lady, your original intentions were wrong, and if you want to change it now, you still have time, otherwise, you won't be able to continue on this path." It won't be long. "

Just then, the Master Subhuti spoke out.

Poison Sword looked at Master Subhuti and said indifferently: You are Master Subhuti right? I've heard of you. It is said that you are a saint of the heavens and earth, and know of ancient and modern times. You are a renowned sage of all worlds. Seeing you today is utterly disappointing. "

"Oh? Why does the girl say that? "

"Does master not know that those who seek the dao do not seek the secular way, but the dao of the heart?"

"Dao of the heart?"

Everyone has a different understanding of the Dao, and every person's pursuit is different too. Some people believe that the world is peaceful, some people hope to live forever, some people desire immortality, everything has their own thoughts, and they all have their own goals. As for my goal, it is to step into the world of martial arts and pursue the highest realm of martial arts. The poison sword's voice was sonorous and forceful, without a shred of mercy.

Master Subhuti was silent for a moment, then cupped his fists to the poison sword and said: "Young lady is right, I have learnt my lesson."


The Poison Sword turned its head and coldly stared at Liu Xinglian as it said in a low voice, "Then, let's begin. Do not waste any more time."

"Must we fight?"

"Are you still afraid of fighting?"

"This …"

"It doesn't matter if you pursue your martial path, but please don't drag others into your path. They have their own path to follow!" At this moment, Feng Chi stood in front of Liu Xinglian and spoke to the poisonous sword in a deep voice.

Poison Sword frowned.

It is admirable that you pursue the path in your heart, but your methods cannot be shared by others. My student does not want to duel with you, so I advise you to leave quickly, otherwise, I will not be polite.

Feng Chi spoke in a deep voice. With a shout, a large number of people appeared around the lotus pond.

Poison Sword looked around and saw Liu Xinglian. He said indifferently, "In that case, you refuse to fight with me?"

"No, I choose to duel with you."

Liu Xinglian took a deep breath, "I know you are someone who will not give up. If there is no victory or defeat between us, you will definitely not let me off. This time, Master will protect me, so we might not be lucky next time."

"Xinglian, don't be rash. This person came so suddenly, and you haven't even made any preparations yet. If you were to fight against her, you would definitely suffer. Dodge the danger for now and think of another plan." Feng Chi said in a low voice.

The most powerful method of the poison sword was not her sinister and ruthless method. Instead, it was the true use of poison. If she was unable to suppress her poison, then Liu Xinglian's chances of winning would be very low.

In the Ultimate Martial World, poison was not a despicable method.

Poison Sword was already at the point where he had no choice but to fight.

Liu Xinglian sighed, stared at the poison sword and said, "This is the mouth of the Phoenix Pond, a peaceful place for my Master. If you want to fight, then do it. Don't fight here, let's move somewhere else."

"Alright, I'll wait for you at the lone mountain outside the valley!"

With a roar, the Poison Sword leapt up and transformed into a green light that flew out of the valley.

Seeing that, Liu Xinglian immediately followed.

Feng Chi was a wise man. Seeing her student make such a decision, she could tell that she just didn't want to implicate her.

"Although the Star Lotus is a swordsman, we still haven't avoided the burdens that we should have on her. We should quickly head to the lone mountain to help her fight her battle."

The Master Subhuti said in a serious tone.

"That's right, we'll go now."

After Sage Feng Chi finished speaking, he grabbed the bamboo cane and flew into the sky as well.

The mouth of the phoenix pond rustled, and a large number of human silhouettes dashed out of the valley.

And at this moment, at a corner of the Phoenix Pond's entrance.

A person was seated cross-legged on the ground. At this moment, the devil qi and Blood Qi were flowing out of his body like a chimney.

Su Yun's eyes were tightly shut, his face was pale white, beads of perspiration the size of beans falling out of his body like rain.

The Spirit Core reopened and activated. The Qi Meridian expanded to its largest because of the profound qi spewed out by the Spirit Core, as if it could explode at any time, and due to the temptation of the profound qi, the evil qi that had been settling down had started to churn and roil in his body. The Spirit Core did not stop.


If this continued, only death awaited them. The dense evil energy would completely devour his soul.

He had to think of a way... Right, the First Master and the Saint must have a way.

Su Yun suddenly opened his eyes, which were now bloodshot, as he stood up shakily. With heavy steps, he ran towards the mouth of the phoenix pond.

With every step he took, there would be a deep footprint on the ground. The devil qi and Blood Qi swirled restlessly within the footprint, like the footprint of a demon.

However, what Su Yun was especially puzzled about was that when they reached the mouth of the pond, not a single person could be seen.

He stumbled all the way into the valley.

However …

The people at the mouth of the pond seemed to have disappeared into thin air, and not even half a shadow could be seen, even Master Subhuti and the students had disappeared.

With no other choice, Su Yun held onto his aching heart and ran towards the lotus pond. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


As he fell into the lotus pond, the ice-cold pond water tightly wrapped around him. As the coolness entered his body, Su Yun's violent aura calmed down a little, but it was still limited to a little. Even so, she was still unable to suppress the hostility in Su Yun's body.

He landed under the water and sat cross-legged, and recited the Tranquil Heart Mantra that Master Subhuti had taught him.

The ruthless aura started to be suppressed, but the ruthless aura coming out of his body became more and more dense, directly dyeing the entire pond black. All the fish in the pond turned white, and a large number of the lotus flowers withered, leaving only the gigantic lotus flower that was in full bloom.

Seemingly influenced by Su Yun's evil aura, the lotus flower released a large amount of snow white light, with the intent to cleanse the filth of the evil aura. Although the light looked strong, to the evil Qi, it was extremely weak, and after fighting against the evil Qi from the front and back for less than half an incense stick of time, the snow light was drowned, and the lotus flower suffered a clear assault, causing it to wither in the blink of an eye.

However, the moment Lotus died, a burst of Spirit Qi flowed out from its roots into Su Yun's body, as though it was making its final attack, with the intent of controlling the Evil Qi in Su Yun's body, but in the end, it was still trying to stop Su Yun.

The entire lotus pond was like a pond of ink, while Su Yun was inside, feeling more and more uncomfortable, when suddenly, he jumped out.

Even though the lotus pond was dark, it was able to at least preserve his life. The evil aura within his body did not continue to grow stronger, and it was temporarily suppressed. However, this was not a long term plan. If he did not think of a way to thoroughly calm the evil Qi, Su Yun would definitely die.

He silently chanted the Tranquil Heart Incantation as he walked forward. However, not long after, he astonishedly discovered that the hostility within his body had suddenly decreased by a bit, and his mind had also become somewhat clearer. A cool breeze brushed against his face, and his mind gradually calmed down.

Looking around, he did not see an expert. Instead, he saw the huge wutong tree.

"Could it be …" This wutong tree has the ability to dispel the evil aura in my body? "

Su Yun thought, without hesitating, he immediately moved towards the wutong tree. When he reached the tree, the hostility in the tree was getting weaker and weaker, causing Su Yun to be extremely happy.

He sat down in the lotus position and recited another chant to calm the turmoil in his body as he began to recuperate.

At the same time, the wutong tree also reacted, the branches and leaves on the big tree drooped down together, the branches gently swayed, the leaves on the tree swayed, and specks of green light flowed out from the green leaves, like flower petals that were scattered by a goddess, they floated towards Su Yun, landed on him, and seeped in.

Su Yun's pale white skin gradually released a green light, it was extremely mysterious, the rich business revolving around him, growing flowers and grass beneath him, the butterfly's attention was drawn to it, the green light spreading out in all directions.

His internal organs, tendons, and blood vessels were all shrouded in vitality. It was as if he was wearing a layer of solid armor, and no matter how agitated the evil aura was, it was impossible to break through.

After sitting under the wutong tree for a long time, Su Yun once again opened his eyes.

At this moment, both his eyes were extremely clear. In the depths of his heart, something seemed to have sprouted. An indescribable spiritual will was born.

The evil aura was completely suppressed. Not only was it suppressed, it was also dispelled quite a bit.

He stood up and looked at the huge Wutong Tree before him. He knew that this tree had definitely helped him. Such a divine object, how could it not have a spiritual nature?

Immediately, Su Yun bowed respectfully towards the wutong tree.

"Who are you? "Why are you here?"

At this time, a shout came from behind him.

Su Yun turned around, and saw a disciple from Phoenix Pond's entrance walking towards him.

"I am a student of the Master Subhuti." Su Yun immediately explained.

"The teacher's student?" The man looked at Su Yun from head to toe, and then revealed a look of understanding: "Oh, it's you, I have seen you before, on that day you did indeed come together with me."

"Greetings, senior brother. May I ask where my master and the Saint are now? Why is there no one else in the valley? " Su Yun asked.

"Everyone has gone to the Lonely Mountain. It's said that our Senior Sister Liu wants to duel with the Poison Sword. Teacher is helping Senior Sister Liu with the battle."

The man shook his head.

"Senior Sister Liu? Poison Sword? Duel? "

Su Yun was startled, but suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something and immediately questioned: "Is your Senior Sister Liu Liu a Liu Xinglian?"

"That's right!" It is a pity that I have been arranged to guard the mouth of the Phoenix Pond, otherwise I would have been able to see Senior Sister Liu's heroic appearance. " That person said with regret.

However, Su Yun had already leaped into the air and fled towards the lone mountain.