Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 790
The lady did not know if it was because of her overflowing sympathy or because she saw that Su Yun was being honest, she laughed: "Do you want to learn the Imperial Sword Technique?"

"Swordsmanship is always the same as master. Aren't you afraid that your master will be angry by doing this?" Su Yun danced with his sword again as he wrote on the ground.

"What's there to be angry about? My master would love to expand his sect's swordsmanship." The lady smiled bitterly, "Furthermore, he has already died. Now that he only has my lineage left, if I were to spread this sword technique out, it would be the right choice for him."

Hearing that, Su Yun felt that the lady's heart was heavy, after being silent for a moment, she only wrote two words on the ground: "What's wrong."

"In the future, I will have to fight with someone."

The woman sighed again and sat down on a limestone nearby. She hugged her knees and said helplessly, "Have you heard of the Poison Sword?"

Su Yun shook his head.

"With that in mind, I came here to seek a method to clear my heart of evil from Sage Feng Chi. I hoped that during the duel, I would be able to avoid his poisonous sword and prepare myself for a better chance at victory."

Hearing that, Su Yun was confused, he then wrote: Since you feel like you cannot defeat me, why do you still want to go?

He won't let me go if I don't want to fight him. This person is born with a sword fanaticism, but as long as he is a master, he will definitely challenge me. Even if that master's cultivation is stronger than his by several times, he will still train hard for many years, and then challenge me again after dozens of years! This person was simply living for the sake of fighting! And I will not rest until I defeat my opponent. "

Su Yun was silent.

"Alright, let's not talk about this anymore." Seeing that the atmosphere was not right, she stood up immediately, put her hands on her waist and smiled: "Seeing that you are so generous as to lend me your sword, I will pass you the upper tier Imperial Sword Technique of my sect. Hey, do you want to learn it or not?"

"I do want to learn, but I am injured, so I cannot activate the profound strength." Su Yun wrote these down again.

However, she was not stingy at all and said, "You don't have to learn it now. I'll demonstrate it once, and you can remember it as well. In the future, when your injuries are better, you can practice it by yourself. Of course, I'm afraid you won't be able to learn anything very well in a short period of time."

After she finished speaking, the woman once again brandished her sword, urging her Qi to defend, the sword gave off a cold glow that pierced through the night, leaving behind a bright afterimage. The stars were dark, and the moon was dim, as the humming sword hum shook the soul.

Initially, Su Yun was just thinking that it would be better if he could learn, instead of treating it as though he was watching a show. However, as the lady went deeper and deeper into the technique, he was suddenly filled with energy and became intoxicated as he stared at the flying sword.

The lady's Imperial Sword Technique was very mystical, it was unlike the Limitless Sword Technique, which could operate multiple times and required the support of profound qi s. Her Imperial Sword Technique seemed to only be able to continuously output profound qi s, after being infused with the profound qi, the profound qi would control the sharp swords to fly or attack, after a period of time, the profound qi would be exhausted, if it was not infused again, the sword would fall.

This kind of Imperial Sword Technique saves a lot of time and effort for the sword, but because of the limitations of the profound qi, it is not very powerful.

Wait a minute.

Su Yun seemed to have thought of something.

If the profound qi could be added to the sword body without interruption, and maintain the sword's vitality, could the force of the sword be used in the same way?

Thinking about it, Su Yun immediately stood up and threw the Lotus Star Sword in his hands out.

Seeing Su Yun's movements, the lady stopped and blinked her eyes and looked at him curiously.

The Lotus Star Sword was like a white dragon flying out, flying straight up into the sky, the sword rotates quickly at times, and at times, it flew straight up crazily, like a happy elf. Su Yun's eyes were fixed on the Lotus Star Sword, after a while, the Lotus Star Sword's body started to sway, and the flying shuttle's speed also started to decrease, looking as though it was going to fall again. Seeing that, Su Yun leaped into the air, and with a flick of his finger, he struck the sword.


The Lotus Star Sword regained its vigor and quickly shuttled back and forth in the night sky.

"What's going on?" The lady looked at the Lotus Star Sword and was stunned.

He couldn't feel any profound strength at all?

Using the profound strength to control the sword? How was this possible?

For any sword kinesis, Qi Manipulation was a prerequisite. If one did not release Qi Manipulation, how could they continue to control the sword? However, Su Yun's actions now, had completely subverted her logic.

Could this fellow be intentionally hiding the profound qi? But that's not right, there shouldn't be a need for him to do that, right?


The Lotus Star Sword flew back and landed in front of Su Yun. He grabbed his sword and waved it, revealing a relieved smile.

"Hey, what's going on with you? Why didn't I feel the profound qi on the sword? Did you hide the profound qi? " The lady extended her head over, and looked at the Lotus Star Sword carefully, and asked.

Su Yun shook his head.

"Then why isn't there a profound qi?"

He smiled and waved his hand.

The girl's eyes were full of suspicion, but she exclaimed suddenly: "You mean the power you used?"

Su Yun nodded.

"How is this possible?" She was in complete disbelief: "Just now, your sword was constantly rotating, sometimes flying, sometimes cutting, and sometimes slashing. Moreover, you've only touched your sword twice, yet your sword can move as it pleases? This was impossible! You must be trying to trick me, is it because of this sword? "

He was truly speechless, he didn't believe him even though he told the truth.

Su Yun was too lazy to explain.

Seeing Su Yun not saying a word, the lady thought that Su Yun had tacitly agreed.

"Looking at your performance just now, it seems like you have some understanding towards my Imperial Sword Technique. Your talent should be pretty good and you are a talent that can be created. But your actions just now were flawed. For example, when I ride the sword, I don't wait for the sword to run out of energy before I continue to breathe, but to determine how much Qi it has and when is most suitable for breathing. This kind of Imperial Sword Technique can only be used as support, when fighting with the enemy, it can only be used to harass them, because it can cut off one's breath, so you don't need to blindly control it, so you can release your two hands to use the other sword. "

With that, the woman pulled out a crimson sword from nowhere.

However, there is one thing you need to pay attention to when using this kind of Imperial Sword Technique. That is, when you are replenishing your Qi, you need to have a good plan of what parts of the enemy you plan to use your sword to attack, and how to coordinate with you. These movements can only be done when you are recovering your Qi, and you can only use it to change the momentum of your sword.

After the woman finished speaking, she started dancing with her blood-red sword.

The sword in the sky, the sword in the world, the sword in the sky, and the bright moon resonated. The sword in the sky, the sword in the sky, revolved around the sword in the world, but the swords in the world danced around the sword in the sky.

Su Yun looked carefully, her eyes did not even blink, the way the lady danced was extremely exquisite, there was not even the slightest gap between the sword and sword, the combination of the two swords was extremely smooth and flawless, as though she had created an enemy for herself, in the blink of an eye, her sword moved for thousands of miles, her sword pierced through gold, her speed was extremely fast, it was truly amazing.

Su Yun was unable to endure the itch, he was unable to control himself and leapt over with the Lotus Star Sword.

"Heh, you want to spar with me? Fine, let me see your methods. "

The lady bellowed, her sword moved to the side, and pierced towards Su Yun.

Su Yun immediately welcomed it with his sword.

He only used his strength and speed, but the lady knew that Su Yun was injured, so she did not use her full strength. Even the profound qi did not rush her, and together with Su Yun, she used her strength to fight with the sword, the red sword and the Lotus Star Sword clashed together, causing a large amount of sparks to fly.

"This move, Sword Ripple Orchid."

she snapped, valiant and valiant!

"This move, Heaven Rolling Immortal Slaying Blade."

"This move, 'Double Sword Art'!"

The woman's body was incomparably agile. Her sword dance was as if she was dancing, and with the complement of the sword in the sky, her entire being was akin to a celestial fairy.

The two exchanged moves. They didn't care about victory or defeat, as they simply wanted to experience the ingenuity of the opponent's sword techniques.

Although Su Yun did not rush the profound qi, the force of his sword swing was just right. He was just able to block off the opponent's blade, not too much, not too little, and his sword move was a little off the mark, extremely sharp, with an extremely terrifying speed. It made the lady think that Su Yun had already seen through all of her sword techniques and knew the trajectory of her sword.

"Good fellow, this sword technique looks to be in disarray, but in reality it's just a random maneuver with a myriad of variations. His sword moves are no longer focused on the moves, and he uses speed and reaction speed to predict the enemy's movements. This person is simply a natural born swordsman, it's just that he's a mute."

The lady thought, seeing Su Yun's relaxed and skilled, she bellowed: "Be careful, I am not going easy on you."

With that said, the sword in the lady's hand suddenly tightened, her strength increased, and her speed also increased by one fold. Although it looked like a beautiful hand, but it was filled with killing intent, at that moment, she was like an enraged lioness, aggressively rushing to attack Su Yun.

Su Yun's expression was solemn, his arms dancing up and down, the Lotus Star Sword was like a swimming white dragon, circling around him, with the sword intent and sword images accompanying it, pressing down towards the opponent.

The lady's finger moved slightly, and released the profound strength. The Cold Sword in the air suddenly flashed, and circled behind Su Yun, and pointed the sword straight at his back, then pierced over without restraint.

Su Yun remained expressionless, and without even looking behind him, he continued to wield his sword with one hand, while his other hand went to the sword sheath s to pull out a blood red sword as fast as lightning, and blocked behind him.


The Cold Sword was sent flying and crashed into the back.

The woman stared in shock.

He never expected that Su Yun's left hand could actually wield the sword in such a nimble manner.

However, her absent-mindedness gave Su Yun the opportunity to take a step forward, and with both of his arms held together, he wielded two swords, releasing two different sword techniques. The sword images filled the air, and the two swords were like a big, bloody mouth that moved towards it!

The lady stumbled, and almost fell to the ground. Her footsteps spun quickly as she activated her profound strength, turning into a blur and landing 100 meters away.