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A second to remember [Chinese Language Web] and provide you with a high-speed text release. It was still snowing heavily when they set off, but after half a day, the snow gradually disappeared, and the warm sun shined upon their bodies.

The mouth of the phoenix pond was located in a low-lying area, near the lakeside of the green forest and right forest. The scenery was beautiful, and it was truly a precious land of outstanding people.

When they were close to the entrance of Feng Chi, they could see many Spirit Cultivator s rushing towards them from the horizon. The people landed around a hundred miles away from Feng Chi's entrance, the rest of the journey were replaced by foot, to show their respect to Feng Chi.

"Master?" This student pays his respect to his teacher! "

"Greetings, Master."

"Chen Guang greets Master, how's Master coming?"

When the Spirit Cultivator s on the way saw Master Subhuti and the rest floating over, their faces revealed happiness, and they all flew over to pay their respects to them.

Master Subhuti responded one by one with a face full of kindness.

After they had travelled nearly a hundred kilometers, the old master descended from the leaves of the Bodhi tree and chose to walk.

In fact, according to the fame, Master Subhuti could be said to be the most famous and knowledgeable of the Five Sages of the Ultimate Martial World. However, he was also the most modest person.

However, after a few steps, he saw a group of young men and women wearing purple clothes walking towards him.

All of them were very beautiful, the handsome and beautiful Liangliang, made people forget about them a few more times. They quickly approached and greeted from afar as they approached the Master Subhuti, led by a white faced man. He cupped his fists and smiled: "Master is here, I, Feng Chi, am very honored.

"Oh?" Master Subhuti was startled, then laughed: "Saint Feng Chi is truly considerate."

"Master is waiting for me at the mouth of the pond. This way, please."

"Thank you."

The head of the Master Subhuti followed this group of people.

Although he was only walking, the Spirit Cultivator was not slow and it took him less than an hour to cover a hundred miles.

The mouth of the Phoenix Pond was a very special place. It was originally a large boulder that had fallen into this depression, and the boulder was huge, shaped like an egg, and somehow, the center of the boulder cracked open to form a valley, forming the mouth of the phoenix pond. It was rumored that the boulder was actually the egg of a divine beast, but this rumor could not be verified.

The entrance to the Phoenix Pond was filled with fresh flowers and green grass. A huge orchid garden was placed right in front of the entrance. Whenever a breeze blew, the intoxicating fragrance would be brought into every corner of the valley.

At this moment, the valley entrance was filled with Spirit Cultivator s from all over the place, the disciples of the Phoenix Pond's entrance had long been there to welcome them, and when Master Subhuti arrived, it was as if the entire valley entrance had exploded.

"Oh god, it's Master!"

"Master Subhuti is here too?"


"Greetings, Master."

The respectful, excited, joyous, and respectful voices continuously rang out.

People crowded over, surrounding Master Subhuti, no matter who it was, their eyes were filled with respect. This one was no worse than the one in the valley.

And so, under the crowd of people, the group entered the valley.

Every three thousand years, there would be a flower that blooms. When all the flowers bloomed, it would need twenty thousand and one thousand years, and Feng Chi, the Saint Feng Chi, came to the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain six thousand years ago, she once said that every time a flower bloomed, they would invite an Ultimate Martial Saint to give a public lecture on the results and experiences of the past three thousand years. When all seven flowers bloomed, she would bring seven Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain flowers and leave.

When Su Yun followed the Master Subhuti under the wutong tree, the scene shocked him.

If one looked closely, they would see thousands or even tens of thousands of kilograms of people. Not only humans, but also demons, Devil Cultivator, orcs, etc.

When the first teacher arrived, everyone stood up to welcome him.

The reputation of a previous master was unparalleled.

Master Subhuti and his disciples were arranged to be at the very front of the group and were less than twenty meters away from the wutong tree.

Everyone sat down, some with their eyes closed while others whispered to each other. By now, most of the people had already arrived and were waiting for the arrival of Feng Chi, the Saint.

After waiting for the time it took for an incense stick to burn, more people came one after another. But very quickly, the wutong tree reacted.

All of the leaves suddenly released a strong jade light, and immediately afterwards, the leaves swayed gently, releasing a rustling sound, and a stream of light descended from the sky, landing in front of the wutong tree, waiting for the light to dissipate. A white-haired old lady wearing a yellow robe appeared in front of everyone.

The atmosphere in the arena immediately changed. Everyone's attention had already begun to unconsciously focus on the old woman.

There was a green leaf imprint on her forehead. Although she looked old, when she appeared in front of the wutong tree, the entire wutong tree became even more prosperous, and the dense Spirit Life Qi was like a thick blanket, covering the entire area.

The crowd stood up and called out.

"Greetings, Sage Feng Chi."

"Alright, everyone, sit down."

Feng Chi slightly nodded and said.

Her expression was serious, and her voice was not as kind as the Master Subhuti's.

Everyone sat down on the ground.

Feng Chi walked to the Master Subhuti, and the two of them faced each other as they clasped their fists and bowed.

"Today, my master came here. It was truly a fortunate event. My master is knowledgeable, knowledgeable about the Yin and Yang of heaven and earth. Naturally, there are many people. Today, I hope you can ask my master for more advice." Feng Chi said.

"I don't dare to ask for advice, but it is necessary for us to learn from each other. In this world, learning is the only thing that will never end." The Master Subhuti laughed.

"Thank you for your guidance."

Feng Chi said, and then made a gesture of 'please'.

The two of them sat down.

Huan'er, Sage Feng Chi began her lesson.

"The south sky has dragons and they are bold and straightforward. They are in the sky and in the moon on the night of the blazing sun. Yin and Yang give birth to the extremes, and they are immeasurable!"

"Ling Tian hates it too late, growing and falling at times, blossoming at times, growing flowers at times, growing grass at times, growing grass at times, and people's lives are always filled with longing for freedom and unrestrained … We need to maintain our nature at all times, do not intentionally bind ourselves, and do not intentionally disguise ourselves. A person's state of mind is the highest realm, in order to thoroughly comprehend it, first of all, one needs to be able to look at one's own heart and one's own heart."

The nearly ten thousand people present, regardless of whether they were strong or weak, were all listening with their eyes closed. No one dared to make even a single sound, and even some of the spirit beasts that were attracted over crawled far away, not daring to make a sound, lest they disturb the teachings of the Saints.

Su Yun listened attentively to what Feng Chi Xian said, and was also captivated by his words. She also spoke very slowly, and gave everyone enough time to think about it, causing Feng Chi to have a deeper understanding of the laws of nature, and the way humans walked into the world. She was completely different from the Master Subhuti, but the knowledge that the two of them had made everyone exclaim in amazement.

"I didn't expect Sage Feng Chi to have such an opinion. It is truly admirable."

Su Yun thought.

Time passed by very quickly, and in the blink of an eye, a day had gone by.

Feng Chi seemed to feel that it was enough and stopped talking. He stood up and said, "Let's end it here for today. I will continue to teach here tomorrow morning."

The people were still intoxicated from listening, but they had no choice but to return resentfully after hearing what the Saint had said.

Some of them still had questions, but seeing that the Saint was walking towards the Master Subhuti, they knew that the two Saint realm cultivators wanted to interact alone, so they could only leave by themselves.

Su Yun and the other senior brothers and sisters did not disturb him, and turned to leave.

He chose a colorful flower bed and sat down. It was quiet and secluded, suitable for fine training, especially when it was used to suppress the evil aura in his body. The effect was extremely good.

"The sage once said that the heart is like a still water, needs ripples, and the mind cannot remain calm for a long time, otherwise, one will lose all emotions and desires, whether one is a god or a person, one cannot lose all emotions and desires, and cannot be controlled by all emotions and desires, or else, if one is not a walking corpse, one must kill demons and devils, both of them will lose their minds. These words may sound simple, but how difficult is it to do it?"

Su Yun whispered.

He sat quietly for a while, feeling that it would be difficult for him to digest the things of the Sage Phoenix-Dragon in a short period of time. He stood up, intending to walk around the mouth of the phoenix pond and admire the scenery.

The crowd began to disperse from the mouth of the Phoenix Pond one after another, just like when they first arrived.

It was just that …

Just as he walked out of the garden, he saw a figure flying towards him.

Su Yun was startled, she extended her hand to receive it, but unexpectedly, he had a terrifying Qi, Su Yun did not rush the profound strength, and did not even prepare for it, and threw the person into the flower garden.

When Su Yun came back to his senses, he saw a big sized man pressing down on him, his face was only a few inches away from his body. He was shocked, and immediately pushed the big sized man away.

He hastily stood up and looked at the big man, only to realize that this was his previous master's disciple, Xu Zihu!

His face was covered in blood, his chest had caved in, the profound qi had already dissipated, and he looked to be in a miserable state, as though he had been beaten to such a state.

Su Yun was startled, but hearing waves of angry roars and curses, he looked over, only to see two groups of people squeezed together, shouting and shouting, pushing and shoving, some of them had already activated their profound qi, and directly started to attack, the situation was extremely chaotic, it was impossible to stop them.

Upon closer inspection, these two groups of people were no other than the disciples of the Master Subhuti and Feng Chi Sheng.

The two groups of people were flushed with embarrassment as they had already started fighting. From the looks of it, the matter was likely going to be blown up.

Although Su Yun's relationship with these students was not really good, it was still not bad. Furthermore, they were all students of the previous master, and even if it was for the sake of the previous master, he should not ignore them.

What's more, he had just been thrown so hard that his face was covered in mud.

Immediately, Su Yun walked towards the two groups of people.