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Dong, dong, dong …

In front of a pile of dead wild beasts, the wooden leopard opened its mouth and began to eat like a glutton. It didn't even have to chew for a bit before it swallowed it up. This leopard didn't look big, but its appetite was so big.

Su Yun held a sword in hand and sat in the middle of the bamboo forest.

Although controlling the sword with force and controlling the energy was different in nature, there were countless of threads and strands between them. The energy was emitted by him, it was linked to the sword, and with his own control, the sword would make all kinds of movements, be it defending or attacking, and when the control of the profound qi had reached a certain degree, using energy to control the sword like this, was actually not much different from holding the sword in his hands. Su Yun's plan was to completely use his power to give a new life to a sword. All the swords that he possessed, were sword spirits that did not have their own thoughts, the existence of these high grade s could only exist in the realm of death sword s. However, the control of power could allow a sword to freely attack and coordinate with its own body in battle.

This idea was very bold. Of course, if it was realized, it might not have much power. After all, the power bestowed to the sword was limited. After all, it was not a human, so it did not have limitless power.

Su Yun took out ten swords and stabbed them into the ground, his gaze fixated on the bodies of the swords, as though he was thinking about something.

"Hey, let me ask you, if you really want to practice the sword, why don't you find a dead target? Why do you want a live target like me? You don't need me to spar with you. "

The wooden leopard shouted in confusion.

"Who said I don't want you to spar with me anymore?"

Su Yun laughed: "Now, you can move, and find a way to dodge my swords."


When the wooden leopard heard it, it became interested, so it immediately stood up and looked at Su Yun.

"Since you want to spar with me, then go ahead! I can see that you've only practiced this kind of thing during this period of time, 'I don't even have the slightest idea of what's going on with my sword'. If I can dodge now, I'm afraid you won't even be able to touch my fur! "

"Everything has to progress gradually."

"Then let's do it, ha!"

The wooden leopard roared.

Su Yun slowly raised his right arm.

His movements were natural and had an indescribable sharpness to it.

This feeling, accompanied by his strange and sharp temperament, made him feel extremely depressed. The wooden leopard was stunned. It did not know why, but it still felt that the person in front of it was dangerous, as if he could kill it in the next second.

Especially when it saw Su Yun's hand reaching towards the sword hilt slowly, it felt like it was suffocating.

This person … What was going on?

[Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] No, this was not the result of his practice. It was the result of his understanding of the sword, the result of his understanding of sword intent!

This guy's sword intent had already reached a level of perfection!

The wooden leopard couldn't help but take a step back.

"Pay attention!"

At this time, Su Yun bellowed.

The wooden leopard's body trembled.

Su Yun's fingers had already touched one of the silver shining swords, his fingertips lightly hitting the sword, the sword trembled a few times, and was immediately sent flying.


The fingertip and the hilt of the sword made a sound like an ancient alarm clock, ringing beside the leopard's ear.

Its attention was focused on a hundred and twenty degrees. The fur all over its body stood on end, and the barbs on its back had grown by more than a meter. It looked as if it was about to face a great enemy.

The sword flew over and spun in the air.

At first, its rotation speed was not fast, but when it got close to the wooden leopard, it suddenly accelerated like a tornado. At first, its rotation speed was not fast, but when it approached the wooden leopard, it suddenly accelerated like a tornado.

When it approached the wooden leopard once again, the sword suddenly stopped spinning, and directly aimed at its butt, flying straight over.


Mu Ran was stunned.

The sword did not have a single profound qi around it, and was not controlled by the profound strength at all. How could this happen? It was as if he was alive.

However …

When the silver sword came flying over, it suddenly swayed a few times and its trajectory started swaying. In the end, it passed by the wooden leopard and landed on the ground, making a 'clang' sound. Then, it stopped.

The attack was instantly stopped …

The wooden leopard looked at the sword in a daze, then turned and shouted at Su Yun: "Is that it?"

"Ah …" "Haha, I was wrong in controlling my strength. Sorry, sorry."

Su Yun scratched his head and laughed awkwardly.

"Damn, this is completely useless. This is the first time I've seen such a useless sword technique!" What are you doing wasting your time on this every day? "Not even a little bit!" The wooden leopard couldn't help but complain.

"It doesn't have to have power. Even if it doesn't have damage, it doesn't matter. Just take it as training my control over my strength."

Su Yun laughed.

"It's hard to please you."

The wooden leopard shook its head.

Su Yun did not care, and continued to study the swords.

Everytime Master Subhuti returned from a foreign land, he would conduct a lecture that lasted for at least ten days or more. The rest of the time would be left for the students to cultivate on their own.

However, Mu Ran Leopard also knew about the Master Subhuti. Under the influence of Su Yun, he was brought in to listen in as well.

As the winter solstice arrived, the cold gradually spread to every corner of Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain. Gradually, snow began to fall from the sky, covering the earth with a layer of silver frost.

Su Yun stood quietly at the top of a cliff, looking far ahead. Beautiful snow.

"Why aren't you training today?"

Mu Ran Leopard walked over and asked.

"I will be leaving later. I will follow Master Subhuti to the mouth of the Phoenix Pond to listen to a lecture by a sage at the entrance."

"I'll go too!" The wooden leopard hurriedly called out.

"This sage is not as easy to deal with as Master Subhuti. I heard that she is extremely strict, and have set up many complicated rules. If you listen to her lessons, you must follow them, or else the consequences will be severe."

"Serious? How serious can it be? She wouldn't kill me, would she? " The wooden leopard laughed.

"I heard …" There have been examples of this. " Su Yun said seriously.

The expression of the wooden leopard stiffened.

"I don't know if it's real or fake, but I've heard that someone publicly questioned and insulted her in her class …"

"And she killed the man?"

"How can that be?" She was a saint after all, how could she just kill people like that? If word of this got out, wouldn't it be criticized by others? However … Just because she could not be killed does not mean that her disciples could not be killed. It is said that the person who had humiliated her was directly dismembered the moment he walked out of the phoenix pond, and even his soul was taken away and refined … "

"Ugh …" So … So vicious … But then again, how could I possibly insult her when I'm perfectly fine? Could it be that I'm holding on after eating my fill? " The wooden leopard said with a coy smile.

"But sometimes, unintentional actions of yours will often offend others. This person is very sensitive. Perhaps with just one move, you will be able to touch her taboo! Didn't I tell you that she has a lot of rules? "

"Ugh …" "Then I won't go."

"To be honest, we don't want to go." Su Yun sighed.

At this time, the wooden leopard suddenly stood up, looked back a few times, then quickly jumped and disappeared.

Not long after, a figure hastily flew over.

It was the head disciple of the Master Subhuti Luo River, whom Su Yun had met a few times. Luo He traveled around the world year round, although she had been in the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain for a while, she had not interacted with Su Yun that much.

"Junior Brother Su Yun."

River landed on the ground, cupped his fists and smiled.

"Senior apprentice-brother River."

"Junior brother, it's about time. Master asked me to call you over. We will set off immediately for the mouth of the Phoenix Pond."

"I can set off at any time. Let's go." Su Yun laughed, and then flew up into the sky along with the river.

The snowflakes rubbed on their bodies, the wooden leopard looked over from the cliff, and when Su Yun was about to leave, it could not help but let out a few roars.

"Junior Brother Su Yun, I have heard of your matters. Dissolving the evil aura, going through thick and thin, I believe that you have obtained something from the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain during this period of time. But this time, going to the mouth of the Phoenix Cistern to study will in fact help you quite a bit. Sage Phoenix Pond is a grand master of the Spirit Life Qi, not only is he an outstanding scholar, his cultivation is also powerful.

the river laughed.

Hearing that, Su Yun was naturally happy: "If it's like this, then it's indeed a fortunate thing."

Not long later, the two of them reached a main road, and at the moment, the main road was filled with close to a hundred people, all of them stood on a huge piece of leaves, surrounding Master Subhuti, discussing something. Master Subhuti's face was full of benevolence, laughing as he replied to the disciples' questions.

Su Yun and Luo He flew over, and immediately cupped their fists and greeted: "Greetings, Master."

"Right." The previous master nodded, he sized Su Yun up and a look of gratification appeared on his face: "During this period of time, the speed at which your evil aura has been dissolved has been extremely fast, which is truly amazing. You must have had some sort of epiphany, right?"

"It's not an epiphany." Su Yun laughed: "I only found myself something to do, nothing more."

"No matter how big or small it is, no matter how much effort is put in, as long as it is useful, it is still possible."

"Sage Feng Chi is one of the great sages of Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain, being able to listen to her lessons is extremely precious. This time at the mouth of the Phoenix Pond, I hope that you all will learn more, comprehend more, learn more, do not waste this valuable opportunity."

"Remember the Church." Everyone hurriedly clasped their fists and shouted.

"Mm …" We're almost done, let's go. "

"Yes, Master."

Everyone responded once again.

Following which, the late master waved his hand, and the Bodhi leaf flew up into the sky, dragging the group of people with it. It flew up into the sky at a steady pace, like a goose, flying up into the sky …