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Even though they did not know what had happened, those students had all seen it, so Spiritual Master Fire Lion's departure must be caused by Su Yun. Adding on the conversation between Master Subhuti and Su Yun, these students became even more curious about Su Yun.

Not long after Wan Hongsha and his men left, the powerful Spirit Cultivator s from various parts of the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain all came to pay their respects. When they heard that their previous master was safe and sound, they all heaved a sigh of relief. However, some of the students scoffed at him. In their minds, some of them might have learned of this matter very late and did not have the time to come and help, but there were some who knew that they did not come on purpose. They were afraid of offending Wan Hongsha and Spiritual Master Fire Lion. However, regardless of how the people felt about him, the Master Subhuti would always be sincere towards him and would not ask about this matter.

Su Yun was the same as well. With his thatched cottage burnt down, he could only think of a way to build another thatched cottage. Towards the questions of the other students, he also kept quiet and tried his best to stay away from the crowd.

In order to prevent people from disturbing him, he did not say a word about what happened at Master Subhuti. Instead, he sent someone to inform him that he was safe.

As he knew that Su Yun was not captured by the Supreme Sect, he heaved a sigh of relief, and asked the people of the Devil Sect to stop their search for Su Yun, but regarding the sudden disappearance of the Supreme Sect, he had no choice but to ask Su Yun, but Su Yun remained silent. He did not dare imagine the scene from before, as it would draw his killing intent and cause the evil Qi in his body to go berserk.

With no other choice, Bighead could only send people to continue investigating the sudden disappearance of the Supreme Sect.

After Wan Hong Sha and his men left, everything came to an end. Master Subhuti was still the same as always, roaming everywhere, or giving lessons to students, and every day, there would be many famous Spirit Cultivator s that came to visit Master Subhuti. This seemingly peaceful place couldn't be considered as absolute tranquility, but Su Yun was satisfied with one thing, and that was that he was happy and peaceful.

However, his heart could not remain calm forever.

He held his breath, but he couldn't suppress his yearning.

He thought of his sister, Hu Qian Dian, thought of Long Xianli, and he did not know how she was doing. Of course, he thought of Su Qing'er the most, and after such a long time, the longing in Su Yun's heart grew even stronger, he wished that he could immediately head to the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace to look for Qing'er.

Although he missed Qing'er, Su Yun understood the current powerful relationship, if he did not resolve all the evil Qi in his body, then he would not have much time to see Qing'er in the future.

On this day, Su Yun continued to follow the instructions given by the Master Subhuti, chanted an incantation, and sat cross-legged.

After finishing his lessons, he started wandering around this quiet and beautiful Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain. Of course, the places he went to were all places that were rarely seen. Master Subhuti gave him a mental cultivation method. This mental cultivation method was not very helpful to increase his cultivation level, but it was extremely helpful to his mental cultivation.

He sat in front of the waterfall and chanted the mantra to himself as he stared at the waterfall.

His state of mind was extremely cold and empty.

He took a deep breath and stared at the waterfall. He didn't know why, but the more he looked at the waterfall, the more entranced he became.

He clearly didn't think about anything else, but yet he was so quiet. Was this really being stupid?

Su Yun was puzzled.


Suddenly, a leopard roar came from behind him.

In this quiet empty valley, such a ruthless roar sounded out, causing everyone to be startled. Su Yun turned his head, only to see a green leopard walking towards him.

The panther was extremely fast, and in a blink of an eye, it had arrived on a large rock not far away. Its entire body was green, the spots were like leaves, and on its back were rows upon rows of barbed thorns, like wooden carvings' spikes.

"Is that a wooden leopard?" Su Yun was startled for a moment.

The Wood Leopard was one of the rare Vicious Beast in the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain. It had a strange temperament and extremely strong attack, liking to eat the meat of the Spirit Cultivator, and its cultivation was usually obtained by devouring the Spirit Cultivator s. However, what made people feel amazed was that wherever the Wood Leopard passed, regardless of whether it was flowers, plants, or vegetation, would all show signs of prosperity, and it was more like a natural messenger.

Looking at the wooden leopard's appearance, it probably wanted to swallow Su Yun's stomach.

Su Yun was not in a position to use the profound strength, if he wanted to chase away the wooden leopard, he could only rely on brute force.

Dudian's eyes widened as he looked at the wooden leopard.

Fifth stage Sky Spirit Master.

In the eyes of the wooden leopard, it was considered quite strong.

Su Yun got up and stood with his hands behind his back, ready to rely on his brute force to exchange blows with the wooden leopard.


Seeing Su Yun's actions, the wooden leopard was obviously a little angry, and started growling at him in a low voice. Then, he moved his four limbs and circled around Su Yun, as if he was looking for an opportunity to attack.

Seeing that, Su Yun's mind suddenly flashed with a thought.

His current evil Qi was too strong, even if he did not urge the profound strength but used brute force, it would still affect the evil qi inside his body. After all, while fighting, one's heart would be easily enraged, but if he did not participate in the fighting and instead used other items to fight, what would happen?

Su Yun thought of his own Limitless Sword Technique. A person who could control the sword could slash thousands of miles away without having to use his own hands, and when it came down to it, he had to use the profound qi to control the sword, just like how a person who uses needle and thread to lead a puppet to kill a person. In the end, it was still inextricable.

Qi could be used to control the sword, but could strength be used to control the sword?

What if his every move was like a walk and he could still fight?

Su Yun thought.

The profound qi relied on its own initiative to activate, and was mostly used to fight, but its power was different. The ultimate purpose of this technique was not to kill, but to give a person mobility. If a person lost their strength, they would be like a corpse. They would lose their profound qi, but they could not lose power.

Breathing requires force, swinging hands requires force, walking requires force, many places with force are ignored by us. However, this was not a human's fault. Rather, it was because these forces were too weak and too ordinary.

There were two sides to every single thing. Sometimes, when one was weak, it would also mean that one was strong.

Su Yun removed the profound technique, and also withdrew the power he had deliberately brought up.

He picked up a rock from the ground and waved it casually.

The stone flew out, smashing directly against the wooden leopard.

But this power, was only the strength of Su Yun's daily arms movements, it was extremely weak.

Seeing the stone flying over, the wooden leopard was shocked and hurriedly jumped back.


The stone fell to the ground, making a light sound, and then it stopped moving.

The wooden leopard stared at the stone with its green eyes. Seeing that it did not make any movements, it immediately started growling.

Judging from its appearance, it seemed to be infuriated.

Su Yun took a few steps back and took out sword sheath s, placing them on the ground, he then took out a large number of swords and threw them all over the ground.

The sharp swords were taken out and stacked in front of him. In the blink of an eye, there were more than a hundred of them piled up like a small mountain.

In truth, when it reached the state of a wooden leopard, it had long possessed intelligence and understood its goal. However, Su Yun kept on doing strange actions, making it unable to see through this guy who was only at the first stage of the Sky Spirit Master.

However, the wooden leopard obviously lost its patience, seeing that after Su Yun took out the weapons, it did not attack him, so it immediately roared and pounced.

It was extremely fast, to the point that you could only see a green figure rushing towards Su Yun.

But Su Yun still casually waved his hand.

It was as if that hand had accidentally touched a sharp sword that was stabbed in front of him. The sword was flung out by the weak power of the wave and flew towards the wooden leopard.

The wooden leopard was shocked once again, and immediately rolled to the side. At the same time, it activated its profound strength, and a layer of faint green qi surrounded its body, protecting it.


The sword that was casually flung out spun in a circle, and then fell to the ground less than ten metres away from Su Yun.

There was no sound of heaven collapsing or earth shattering.

There were also no terrifying profound strength s.

Everything seemed so casual, so unremarkable.

The wooden leopard was stunned.

Its eyes were wide open as it looked at Su Yun, as if it was a little foolish.

"Sorry, I left."

Su Yun laughed, and said shamelessly.


The wooden leopard felt as if its dignity had been humiliated. It was already filled with rage as its killing intent surged.

It knew that if it did not eat Su Yun today, it would not rest. It was not a normal spirit beast, and it also had its own pride. However, this cunning Spirit Cultivator in front of it had humiliated it time and time again.

It no longer hesitated as it charged forward like a meteor, gathering all its strength.

This aura was completely unstoppable.

Seeing that, Su Yun maintained his unhurried look, looking at the direction where the wooden leopard was attacking, and suddenly moved.

Crash *

Three or four sharp and terrifying swords suddenly stood up among the pile of swords in front of him.

After a closer look, Su Yun's foot landed on the hilt of these sharp swords, forcefully raising them up.

The wooden leopard anxiously dodged, and under the effect of the inertia, it directly crashed into a big boulder at Su Yun's side, smashing the hard boulder into pieces.

"Fighting recklessly!"

Su Yun was surprised, he was completely testing his own thoughts, he did not think that it would have any effect.

The reason for this was none other than because this wooden leopard was too stupid …

The wooden leopard stood up from the broken stones, shaking its head, then roared at Su Yun.

"Damn you, are you done yet?" Can you make a proper move? "

A deep curse came from its mouth.

"You can talk?" Su Yun was stunned.