Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 778
"What's wrong?"

Seeing the change in the real Devil Sect Lord, Shen Wu Huang became alert.

However, the true Devil Sect was silent for a long time. Finally, he closed his eyes again and said lightly: "Perhaps … "This method of ours won't work …"


"Could it be …" Could it be that something happened to Yun'er? " Shen Xuexue's face was pale white, his body on the verge of collapse, as though he was about to faint.

"It's not the Demon Lord who is in trouble, it's …" Something has happened to Supreme Sect! "

The True Devil Sect Lord secretly glanced at Su Liuluo in the distance. Seeing her sitting cross-legged on the ground and recuperating, he lowered his voice and said softly, "Reportedly, the Supreme Realm is now … "Nothing at all …"

Shen Wu Huang frowned: "Your words are …. "What do you mean?"

"Blood traces are reported, the Supreme Realm … Everything was silent. "No more!"

"Nothing? Where are the people from Supreme Sect? " Shen Wu Huang was startled.

The Sect Leader did not make a sound.

Shen Wu Huang was quiet for a moment, then shouted to the people from the Martial Imperial Palace: "You guys stay here and watch over this girl, I will be right back."

Finished speaking, he rushed in the direction of Demon Mountain.

Master Lin and Chi Chi also followed.

The three of them were extremely fast and arrived at the top of the mountain in the blink of an eye.

After passing through the Bridge of Realm, the three of them entered the entrance of the Supreme Realm.

However, at this moment, the entrance to the Supreme Realm was a scene of utter defeat and silence.

There were no signs of fighting or any profound qi floating in front of the door, it did not seem like there was a fight, but the door was slightly opened, it was pitch black inside, and there was not even a hint of light aura coming out, which made Octagon Aniseed, the True Devil Sect Master, and Shen Wu out of confusion.

Something must have really happened.

People's faces were all ugly.

"Greetings, Sect Master!"

At this moment, a figure flashed over and knelt before the three of them.

Seeing it, it was the Devil Cultivator that Octagon Aniseed had sent here to scout for news.

"What happened?"

The real Devil Sect Lord asked.

"Reporting to Sect Master, this subordinate was ordered by the Vice Sect Master to monitor the movements of the Supreme Sect, however, after this subordinate observed for a long time, he realized that none of the people from the Supreme Sect were there." The Devil Cultivator said.

"All missing?"

"That's right, after this subordinate found out about the end of the battle, this subordinate hid himself away, and when the people of Supreme Sect entered the Supreme Realm and took action, this subordinate heard some strange sounds coming from the Supreme Realm's gate, and then all the people there entered the Supreme Realm, and did not come out. This subordinate is not aware of the situation within the realm and did not dare enter without permission, so this subordinate decided to inform the sect master about it, and this subordinate guessed that maybe some other person found out that the Supreme Sect attacked us secretly at the back, and the people of the Supreme Sect went to support us."

"Even if someone ambushed the back of Supreme Sect, they would not be able to lose their home!"

The Sect Master said indifferently, "This door is wide open and has no one guarding it. I predicted that something big must have happened inside. Don't say anymore, we'll know once we get in!"

Finished speaking, the sect master took the lead to rush over, and blew a wisp of black smoke into the Supreme One World Gate.

Ba Chi and Shen Wu Huang followed suit.

However, as the few of them entered, a pitch-black darkness entered everyone's eyes …

There was nothing around.

There was no wind.

No clouds.


No one.

Even light... None of them existed.

This place was simply a dark and empty space.

It was like an ice-cold abyss that would never see the light of the sun.

The people of the Supreme Sect lived in such a place, and cultivated and lived in such a place?

True Devil Sect Lord and Shen Wu Huang would definitely not believe it.

Everyone looked left and right, even flying thousands of miles in every direction, yet they could not find anything that was different from the black color.

None of them.

They were all empty …

Everyone had given up!

"What exactly happened here? Did the people of Supreme Sect set up an illusion here? "

He looked around and said in a low voice.


Shen Wu Huang shook his head: "My Wu Shuang Jue Eye can see through all the illusions and array formations, this is not an illusion, all you people are seeing are real existences!"

"But …" This is very different from what I've heard! "

"Two sect masters, Lord Martial King, perhaps …" It might even be possible that the Supreme Sect people were taken away. " The Devil Cultivator could not help but say: "They might not be as strong as we imagined. After experiencing this tragic defeat, they were afraid that we would attack their Supreme Sect together.

"Perhaps, there is such a possibility!" Shen Wu Huang nodded, and looked at Devil Cultivator, his eyes revealing a tinge of praise.

However, the True Devil Sect Lord, who was continuously being surrounded by the devil qi, straightforwardly said, "No, it's someone who's making a move on the Supreme Realm!"


Everyone looked at him.

However, the real Devil Sect Lord did not say a single word, and only raised his devil qi filled hand, pointing at the top of everyone's heads.

They hurriedly turned their gazes to the top of their heads. However, with just a single glance, they were completely shocked.

It turned out that above their heads were a large number of grey-white swirls. These swirls were large and small. Some intertwined together, some scattered, and some were densely packed everywhere.

This hideous sky was like the face of an evil ghost!

"What is this?"

The Devil Cultivator asked, puzzled.

"Distorted void!"

Octagon Aniseed withdrew his shocked face and muttered.

"Distorted space? Space twisted? "What does this mean?"

This means that someone has used a power that is beyond imagination here, this power caused the void to distort, above it, it no longer belongs to the Supreme Realm, it has long been destroyed above, if someone could move through the distorted void without being torn apart, they could then enter other realm through the void! Octagon Aniseed said.

When those words were said, the Devil Cultivator was immediately dumbfounded.

Space Distortion? realm destroyed!

The entire universe... It was actually destroyed?

"Yes... Could it have been done by someone from too many realms? "

"There's no need! If he was going to leave, why should he ruin the world? Could it be that you are afraid that we will take their realm? "

"This …"

"Wait a minute!"

At this moment, a surprised voice came out of his mouth. It seemed that he had thought of something.

"What's wrong, Vice Sect Leader?" The True Devil Sect Lord opened his bloody eyes and looked at him.

He then shouted anxiously, "Sect Master, you have been in closed-door training during this period of time. I did not have the time to report to you, before we started our war with Supreme Sect, a strange thing happened to Sword World."

"Strange?" The True Devil Sect Lord's brows twitched.

"Are you talking about the matter of Sword World's Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain being completely exterminated?" Shen Wu Huang said indifferently: "It's not anything strange. It's just that the supreme expert has displayed its might. Those Immortal God Stage experts all have that ability."

"Hearing that, Octagon Aniseed looked at Shen Wu Huang, but didn't say anything. He only spoke softly to the Lord:" Before this happened …. The Demon Lord once went to Sword World. "

This simple sentence immediately woke the real Devil Sect Lord up.

It was said that no one knew who exactly caused this, but everyone knew that this matter was caused by the Imperial Battle Robe, so a large number of experts from the Sword World and the people on the list all died in the competition for the divine object. Because of the heavy casualties, the Sword World became a third rate realm in an instant, and because there were too many experts dying, the entire clan was in chaos, and the Sword World was in chaos.

However, Chi Gou thought that Su Yun had most likely gotten hold of the Imperial Battle Robe, because back then, he was alone and had to contend against tens of thousands of people from the Supreme Sect without any damage, so how could he do it without the help of the divine object?

But... After all, he was not present, so he did not know what had happened.

And all of this in the Supreme Realm was just a deduction. As for what exactly happened, no one knew. However, this was exactly what had happened in the Sword World when Su Yun went to the Sword World. Now that he came to this Primal Chaos Realm, everything disappeared from the primal chaos.

"Sect Leader, we... What should we do now? "

Seeing that the three of them were silent, Devil Cultivator asked softly.

"Immediately send people over, lock this place down, and do not spread the news of Supreme Sect's destruction. In addition, search for the whereabouts of the Demon Lord with all your might, I also want to know where Supreme Sect went!" No matter what, if he is alive, I want to see his corpse! "


"Also, from today onwards, the True Devil Sect will enter a state of special guard." The true Devil Sect Lord said again.

"Special alert?" The Devil Cultivator was shocked.

When he was dealing with the Supreme Sect, the True Devil Sect was only at the first level of defense. Why did he have to enter the special level after defeating the Supreme Sect? One had to know that the special category meant that everyone in the True Devil Sect had to be prepared to sacrifice themselves at any time! This was an attitude that should only be shown in front of an unprecedented super enemy.

"Sovereign, why did you do this?"

"Because, if the Supreme Sect didn't migrate and were to be killed by a certain supreme expert, then the Myriad Heavens Realm would have immediately entered a state of chaos."

Before the True Devil Sect Lord could say anything, Shen Wu Huang who was on the other side spoke out.

"A calamity?" How could that be? If the Supreme Sect is destroyed, don't tell me we will still be unlucky? "

"Strictly speaking, yes, Octagon Aniseed, you do not understand Supreme Sect, and do not understand how this sect was born, much less how Supreme Sect Lord was born. In fact, above Supreme Sect, there is an even more terrifying force, and Supreme Sect Lord is inextricably linked to that power. So, we can only activate the special guard and let everyone be prepared. "

The True Devil Sect Lord said indifferently.