Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 773
The imperial bodyguard gripped Yu Di tightly. Pole, while releasing Limitless Profound Qi to obstruct Shen Wu Huang who was chasing from behind, he sprinted forward.

The direction of his escape was naturally towards the Demon Mountain, since the Crossing World Gate was a place with a large number of Demon Arrays laid down by the True Devil Sect. Although these Demon Arrays did not have much of an impact on him, it would still affect him and give Shen Wu Huang a chance to escape.

The reason why the Supreme Guard was so strong was not just because of the Limitless Profound Qi, but also because of the terrifying strength of his body. He might not be able to compare to Shen Wu Huang, but it was extremely difficult to kill him.

However, being unable to kill didn't mean that they couldn't be subdued.

"Brilliant and glorious!"

A roar resounded through the sky, the giant Shen Wu Huang who was chasing behind him leaped, his body suddenly becoming as big as a human being, but his body suddenly released a thousand zhang of gold light, illuminating the gloomy land of the True Devil Realm with golden splendor.

The Grand Guard who was still running saw the Devil Mountain Eventide disappearing not far in front of him, and immediately following that, a large number of huge golden bricks, about ten meters wide and five meters long, descended from the sky, quickly landing in front of him, rapidly forming a golden wall that sealed off his path.

The Imperial Guard immediately took up the jade. The rod struck over.

However, it was an all-conquering jade. However, the staff was unable to shatter the golden brick.

The Imperial Guard's expression changed slightly. He immediately turned around and charged towards the right, intending to avoid the golden wall.

However, just as he moved, a large number of huge and terrifying golden bricks fell from the sky and surrounded him in a thick golden wall, trapping him inside a huge wall. Only the top was empty.

He looked up, to see that Shen Wu Huang was standing by the side of the golden wall, looking at him disdainfully.

"Kneel, surrender!" I won't kill you! " He shouted in a domineering tone.

Your filth and ugliness have exceeded my imagination, and I am afraid that I cannot punish you with my power. However, this does not mean that you can continue to exist, that you can continue to tarnish this world that should be pure and sacred.

His expression was both serious and pious!

"Then I'll purify you first!"

Shen Wu Huang's violent temper was once again picked up by the Grand Guard. He immediately stomped on the air, falling into the golden brick wall, and threw a palm downwards. It was an incomparably tyrannical strike.

His palm expanded infinitely, almost covering the top of the golden brick wall. The imperial guard had nowhere to escape, so he could only fight head on. On the pole, he held a jade rod with both hands. The rod struck towards that enormous palm …


The two once again clashed head on, but there wasn't much of a change in the outcome. The supreme guard was still in a disadvantageous position, falling to the ground.

Shen Wu Huang kept his palm and punched at the chest of the imperial guard. The tyrannical power scattered the Limitless Profound Qi that the imperial guard was protecting his body, and landed a solid punch on his flesh and bones.


The Imperial Guard's body curled up, and he spasmed for a moment before spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Shen Wu Huang seized the opportunity and extended one of his fist out, transforming into a hand blade, directly slashing towards his neck.

With Shen Wu Huang's strength, it was sufficient to slice off the Imperial Guard's neck.


At this moment, the sound of something tearing through the air rang out.

Shen Wu Huang's face darkened, the hand blade that was flying towards the imperial bodyguard directly slashed towards the side.


The blade seemed to have hit something, releasing a dull sound, the Supreme Guard took the opportunity to counterattack Shen Wu Huang.

Shen Wu Huang was forced to retreat and avoid the attack. When he stood still to take a look, he discovered that there was another person inside the golden brick wall.

Su Liuluo!

"Girl, it's you?"

Shen Wu frowned.

But Su Liuluo did not reply Shen Wu Huang, her eyes were still filled with tranquility and tranquility, looking at Shen Wu Huang, it was as though she did not know who he was.

"Lord Grand Guard, please return to the Supreme Sect first. I'll hold this person back for you."


The imperial guard nodded without hesitation, turned around and charged out of the golden brick wall.

"Want to leave?" What do you think this is? Come as you please, leave as you please? Have you asked this emperor? "

Shen Wu Huang groaned again and again, he raised his hand, and extended his arm without limit, wanting to grab the Grand Guard who was in the air.

But just then, Su Liuluo raised his profound qi and attacked Shen Wu Huang.

She did not care about her life, and directly rushed to Shen Wu Huang's palm, and faced him head on!

"Damned girl, are you courting death?"

Shen Wu Huang was furious, but he had no choice but to retract his hand, and only released a gust of wind that landed on Su Liuluo's body.

After continuously fighting for so long, Su Liuluo was not able to endure it. After being struck by the fist wind, her body trembled in the air and almost fell, but she managed to stabilize her body in the end.

Seeing that, Shen Wu Huang's eyes revealed a look of shock.

With Su Liuluo's current state, he could still see through him, but to think that Su Liuluo could actually defend against his attacks, that was not simple at all.

Although Shen Wu Huang's temper was dry, he loved talented people, and furthermore, the little girl in front of him was his granddaughter, he did not look down on her. Shen Wu Huang did not kill her, but retreated a few steps, took out a magic treasure and threw it at Su Liuluo.

It was a silver ancient bell. It was about twenty meters in height, and it smashed down right over his head.

Su Liuluo immediately activated his profound qi to block.

The ancient bell was heavy and strong, even with her Limitless Profound Qi, she could not overturn the ancient bell.

"Wait for me here."

Emperor Shen Wu said indifferently, he then leaped up and rushed out of the golden brick wall, continuing to chase after the Grand Guard.

With Su Liuluo's help, the imperial guard quickly escaped to the Demon Mountain. But at that moment, there was still a portion of the Dispersion Revision lying in ambush on the Demon Mountain, waiting for him to get closer.

The ground was filled with traps set up by the rogue cultivators beforehand. As soon as the Grand Guard approached, the traps started to work. Multicolored profound technique shot out and engulfed the area.

"Imperial Guard, today is the day you die!"

"The Supreme Sect will be destroyed sooner or later!"

A few indignant voices sounded out, they saw the figures of the rogue cultivators rushing out from the darkness, one after another, they slashed at the Supreme Guards who were engulfed by the profound technique.

Having just escaped Shen Wu Huang's tiger claw and met a pack of wolves, Tai Wei was truly unlucky. However, for Shen Wu Huang to be able to restrain his Limitless Profound Qi, did not mean that they could do the same.

The imperial guard grunted and held the jade in his hand. With a wave of the pole, Yu Di landed on the ground. The stick released a terrifying gale that blew in all directions. The gales were all Limitless Profound Qi s, they were like big mouths, biting and devouring all the profound strength s released by the trap arrays around them.

The surrounding rogue cultivators were shocked and immediately raised their weapons and charged forward.

However, the Imperial Guard's figure flashed and suddenly appeared behind them. He lifted Yu Di. The stick struck one of them on the head.


A muffled sound rang out. The body of the person hit by the pole immediately turned into dust, and his soul then leaked out of his body.

The Grand Guard then turned to Yu. The staff, the staff, emitted a lustrous light, absorbing the dead rogue cultivator's soul into the staff, the light released by the stick became even more intense.

In the blink of an eye, a first stage Spirit Emperor cultivator was instantly killed by the imperial guards, the rest of the rogue cultivators seeing the scene were not only shocked, but also frightened to the point of numbing their bones.

The strength of the Supreme Guard was indeed not a rumor!

"Dirty creature! It will not be convenient for us to fight with you today, sooner or later, you will all be punished as you deserve! "

He did not want to waste too much time with these people, so he immediately dashed towards the crossover bridge at the peak of the Demon Mountain, rushing towards the direction of the Supreme Realm.

Currently, Shen Wu Huang was still chasing him relentlessly. If he got entangled by Shen Wu Huang, he would not be able to escape.

Relying on the Limitless Profound Qi, the imperial guard easily charged into Demon Mountain.

Stepping onto the teleportation bridge, he turned into a ray of light and disappeared.

When the light scattered away, he opened his eyes again, and the scene around him was no longer the dark and cold scene of the True Devil Realm, but instead, a vast universe, where the Tai Wei was located on a small meteorite that was at least ten thousand miles away from the Tai Yi World Gate. The rock was not big, and was about the size of a city.

However, because of the Three Bone Dragon's betrayal, the True Devil Sect's plan had failed before it could even be implemented. Not only that, the people from Supreme Sect had also used this' backdoor 'to counterattack the True Devil Sect. It was a pity that the world was difficult to predict. The battle that was originally a victory within his grasp had been foiled by the Martial Imperial Palace.

With the army of the True Devil Sect and the people from the Martial Imperial Palace, the few Supreme Sect s who followed the Supreme Guards to the True Devil Sect, would probably not return much.

Since the Martial Imperial Palace had already made their move, then, it meant that the Supreme Sect would have an excuse to take action against the Martial Imperial Highness in the future.

After getting rid of the True Devil Sect, the Martial Imperial Palace would be next!

The supreme guard coldly thought as he used all of his speed to charge towards the entrance of the celestial realm.

As they approached the gate, the Imperial Guard couldn't help but slow down.

He raised his eyes and stared at the gigantic gate that looked like it was crafted by an immortal god. A trace of astonishment finally emerged on his face.

The door slightly opened. It was pitch black inside and there was no light coming out from inside. However, there was no one outside the door …

Not a single member of the Supreme Sect.

Something happened?

The imperial bodyguard was shocked and immediately rushed through the door.

However, the moment he entered the sect, it was as if he had fallen into a pitch-black abyss without any light.

The imperial guard's face was filled with shock as his eyes opened wide. He looked left and right, but he couldn't see anything of the past.

Not only people, even things had changed. Even the once glittering gold had turned into a dark and cold present!

The True World no longer existed!


At this moment, the sound of something tearing through the air rang out.

The imperial guard hurriedly looked towards the source of the voice. What he saw was that in the darkness, a pair of blood-red eyes had suddenly appeared and were currently coldly staring at him.