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The round demon took hurried steps, arriving outside the mountain gate.

At this moment, the gray clouds outside the mountain were everywhere.

Countless Supreme Sect people were rushing over.

The crowd filled the dark sky of True Devil Realm and a wave of pressure followed.

The people of Devil Sect stood at the top of the mountain, staring at the people rushing over, their bloodshot eyes were filled with fighting intent.

Currently, there were probably less than a few tens of thousands of Devil Cultivator in the True Devil Sect, but there were over six hundred thousand people from Supreme Sect that were rushing over.

The disparity in numbers, not to mention strength, was already so great.

"Open up all the sect protecting spirit formations!"

The two Fiends called out loudly as they ran, their voices echoing throughout the entire sect.

"Activate the sect protecting spirit formation!"

"Open up all the sect protecting barriers!"

One after another of shouts sounded, and then the entire outer area of the True Devil Sect was filled with greyish black light screen.

Fighting against demons and devils were not the only enemies the real Devil Sect had to face. There were also the people who were spying on the real Devil Sect and had enmity with the real Devil Sect. At the back of the real Devil Sect, there were still a large number of Fierce Demons fighting against the real Devil Sect.

The True Devil Sect was being attacked from the back and the situation was extremely critical.

"Great Elder!"

When the two devils saw Yuan Demons walk out of the sect, they were immediately overjoyed and quickly ran over.

"Second Elder, it's been hard on you." The fiend nodded.

Great Clan Elder, now is not the time to talk about this. The army of the Grand Guard has arrived, the army at our front line has not returned to defense, the situation is extremely critical. We have to think of a way to delay the Grand Guard, wait for the army to return to defense, only then will we have a chance of survival.

The two Devils looked anxious. Their excited mood made their speech speed up quite a bit.

When the round demon heard, he shook his head repeatedly, "Don't worry, the royal guard won't be able to destroy the True Devil Sect that easily! However, there's a possibility for him to beat the real Devil Sect to the point where he can't recover from his injuries! "

"Grand Elder, what should we do now?"

"You have the key to the forbidden area. Release all of those prisoners and promise them that if you can defeat these powerful enemies, then you can give them back their freedom!"

"All... Release them all? Grand Elder, isn't this a bit inappropriate? "Earlier, when I released the Blood Evil Demon, it was only one of them and did not cause too much trouble. However, if I were to release it all, I'm afraid …"

"There's no need to worry. The sect is in danger, and we have no obligation to consider for the common people." "We only need to guard what we should guard. As for the rest, do not worry!"

Seeing the serious expression of the round demon, the two demons were startled, then turned around, about to make the arrangements.

"No need to do that! Things haven't reached such an irrevocable point yet. Once we release all of those fellows, we might be able to take the consequences ourselves! After all, those people hate us more than our True Devil Sect! If they were to turn the tables and help Supreme Sect, it would be even harder for us to fight. "

At this moment, a voice came from behind.

There were a few traces of freedom in her carefree manner, but just from the quality of her voice, people would think that she was a girl.

After that, that skinny figure walked out of the sect.

"Vice Sect Leader!"

The two demons and the Circle Demon called out.

The heaviness on the two devils' faces had already mostly disappeared. They stood right in front of him, letting him feel extremely at ease.

However, he was also extremely worried by Octagon Aniseed's words.

"Vice Sect Leader, is he the Sect Leader?"

the fiend asked.

"Ugh …" "This …" He scratched his head and gave an awkward laugh. "I knocked on the door, but he didn't open it …"


"Vice Sect Leader, what do you think?" the fiend asked.

"Let's hold it for now and wait for the grand master to come out."

He let out a breath, then looked towards the horizon.

The people of Supreme Sect were gathering, led by the Great Guard and Su Liuluo, like a huge wave that could drown the entire world, they rushed over.

The imperial guard was holding onto that jade colored wooden stick as he flew over gracefully. His figure was extremely free and at ease.

"Do you really intend to continue resisting the people of the True Devil Sect? Actually, all of you can live very well. Why did you choose to perish and make us your enemies? Do you really want to die that badly? "

The Imperial Guard's voice was loud and clear, and his voice carried a strange energy wave. This energy wave was very obvious, but no one could guard against it. With the sound, it reached everyone's ears and struck their brains.

In that moment, everyone in the True Devil Sect quietened down, and quietly listened to the Supreme Guard's words.

What we pursue is what we desire in our hearts, and we will also understand what your True Devil Sect is persevering for, because we are actually the same kind of people, because, you might be confused and uneasy, but I can see that you are definitely the kind of people who persevere in your beliefs and never give up, but, the way you go is wrong, extremely wrong. Sometimes, what you insist on may not be what you really want, but now, what you need to do is to change your mistakes and walk on the right path …

The imperial bodyguard continued.

Strange waves of energy mixed with these sounds were spreading towards them.

The more the people from the True Devil Sect heard, the more engrossed they were. Even the two devils couldn't help but be affected.

In truth, the real reason behind the war in Supreme Sect was to impart knowledge. From the first place Su Liuluo, to the current Supreme Guard, it was unknown how many times Supreme Sect had made mental insinuations towards the True Devil Sect, but, the faith and persistence of the True Devil Sect people exceeded their imaginations. If it was a normal sect, under the force and enticement of the force, they would have long compromised and entered the Supreme Sect together.

The imperial guard wanted to continue bewitching these Devil Cultivator s, but at this moment, a voice suddenly cut him off …

"Lord Imperial Guard, I feel that your words are very reasonable, but if they come from my mouth and enter your ears, isn't that also appropriate?"

It was unknown if it was done on purpose or not, but the moment it came out, it was as if a knife was scraping against glass, causing people's hair to stand on end. Many Devil Cultivator s shuddered and immediately regained their senses.

The guard frowned and turned around to look at Octagon Aniseed.

With a smile on his face, he sat on a rock and looked at the imperial guard …

"To gain justice is to gain help, but to lose justice is to lose help. Everyone in all the realms knows about what Supreme Sect has done in the past few years. Maybe many Spirit Cultivator would fear your terrifying Limitless Profound Qi, but I want to tell you this: not everyone would fear you, not everyone would choose to remain silent. If your Supreme Sect were to continue, it would only lead to your own destruction.

Although it was not as strong as the Imperial Guard, it was not to dispel their bewitching, but merely to stir up the demon blood within the Devil Cultivator. In an instant, the demon blood boiled, and the remaining people who were bewitched also became clear-headed, their boiling blood preventing the Supreme Guard's energy waves from affecting their bodies.

The lackey's action was naturally noticed by the Grand Guard, and he understood the lackey's determination.

"Are you still unrepentant?"

"Stubborn? Not really? How about this, I will fight you one on one. If you win against me, we will belong to your Supreme Sect, what about that? " Octagon Aniseed laughed.

The Great Guardian looked at him and shook his head: "Although you are injured and your strength is weaker than me, but I will not agree. To use force to lead you onto the right path, is not really letting you accept the right path, furthermore, you are only here to delay time, the Devil Cultivator army at the front line is still a day away from here, but … I set up some illusions on the road here. These illusions might be able to help those errant Devil Cultivator s to regain their sense of self. Thus, they shouldn't be able to come back within a day. "


These words caused the surrounding Devil Cultivator to exclaim in shock.

The frontline army was the True Devil Sect's last hope. If they had arrived early, the True Devil Sect would have been in less danger. But now, the True Devil Sect had actually revealed such news.

In a day's time, it was already very difficult for the True Devil Sect to defend, if they kept delaying, it would be hard for the True Devil Sect to escape.

"Scared me?"

Originally, according to my calculations, you should be half a day late to arrive here. However, you arrived early, I truly find it hard to believe that you still have the power to send people to the direction of the dimensional realm to set up the illusion array, and what you said was just a lie, it's really funny, I never thought that the people of Supreme Sect would be able to lie, and not only that, you do not even blink your eyes when you are lying, impressive, admirable, hahaha! "

Eight-tooth's words were reasonable and convincing. Those who were still worried immediately understood.

Hearing that, the imperial guard could not help but shake his head.

Octagon Aniseed didn't believe it. Regardless of whether it was true or false, he would always say this. Otherwise, his morale would plummet.

There was nothing left to say. Since the True Devil Sect was unwilling to surrender, he could only rely on force.

The Supreme Guard raised the jade colored rod in his hand high up, and in an instant, countless Supreme Sect people swarmed over, lining up in a straight line, and facing the direction of the True Devil Sect s' sect.

"You've lost your last chance, foolish people." "Since all of you are not willing to accept the guidance of the right path and the grace of the divine way, then, perish. I declare in the name of the ether path, that from today onwards, the true Devil Sect will completely disappear from this world!"

With that, he put down the jade stick.


The crowd of Supreme Sect immediately surged, as though a dam had been opened, and all of them pounced towards the True Devil Sect like a flood.

The eight teeth silently looked at the approaching person, the corner of his mouth raised into a sinister smile.

"Let's fight!"

He only shouted out two words.

It was one simple word, but it contained the determination of Devil Cultivator to never admit defeat!

The great battle finally broke out. r1058