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In the quiet hall.

The two Devils sat alone at the entrance of the hall, waiting for news.

Demon Yuan and Octagon Aniseed were still healing in the hall, and the rest were sent to the front lines.

The real Devil Sect had sent out almost all of their power, without holding anything back.


A Devil Cultivator walked in quickly.

"What is it?" The two Devils raised their heads.

"Broken Net Sect, lead thirty thousand Devil Cultivator s, and advance towards the rear of my True Devil Sect."

"Broken Net Sect?" Heh, a second-rate sect that is gathering Fierce Demons saw the battle between Supreme Sect and my True Devil Sect, do you want to try and find some benefits? " The Second Demon snorted, "Let the people in the back recover their spirits. I had long anticipated that someone would come to rob us, so I sent the Demon Guard to guard us from the back. Don't panic."

Hearing the two devils' words, the Devil Cultivator's serious face relaxed a bit.

"Go down."

"Yes sir!"

Devil Cultivator turned and ran away.


Just then, another Devil Cultivator ran over.

"Second Elder!" Devil Cultivator kneeled in front of the two devils, bowed his head and said fiercely: "Second Elder, there is an urgent report from the front lines. The two elders, Jue Mo and Yan Mo, have already died in battle."

With these words, grief flashed in the eyes of the two Devils.

He stared at Devil Cultivator and was speechless for a long time.

The atmosphere was somewhat solemn.

"The Holy Maiden's cultivation is too strong, adding the Limitless Profound Qi, it will be hard for us to fight against them! Second Elder, if no one can restrain the Holy Maiden, even if we have more people than them, it will be useless! Just the Holy Maiden alone is enough to wear us out! " Devil Cultivator clenched his fists, as though hating himself for being weak.

"I know."

The two demons were quiet for a while, then stood up. They stretched their hands out and took out a red bead, and after a while, handed it to the Devil Cultivator.

Devil Cultivator was puzzled.

"Second Elder, this is …"

"Take it and head to the forbidden area of the sect immediately. Hand it over to the guards of the forbidden area."

"Huh?" Devil Cultivator trembled. "Forbidden area? Second Elder, the sect has already set strict rules that no one is allowed to enter the forbidden area, otherwise, they will be killed without question! "

"This is different from the past. Furthermore, the sect master is not here, so the vice sect master, the Demon Lord, is unable to make the decision. The real Devil Sect is in charge, you must quickly bring this along!"

The two demons shouted.

Hearing that, the Devil Cultivator did not refute anymore and nodded, then took the pearl and left.

Seeing this, the two Devils took a deep breath and walked outside with heavy steps …

Wanhua Realm.

Inside the Realm Tree.

At this moment, all the higher ups, elites and sect leaders of the Wanhua Realm were gathered.

The entire bottle gourd was filled with people, they were all whispering and discussing, all of them being extremely strange, while the fresh and beautiful Realm Master was as still as a mountain, sitting on the chair, the empress's demeanor was obvious.

She gently closed her eyes and did not answer any of their questions, allowing them to guess freely.

After the last tragic war, it could be said that back to before the liberation, the Wanhua Realm's defensive system was completely destroyed by the battle. During this time, the Realm Master focused all of his energy on rebuilding the defensive system.

What confused the people of the Wanhua Realm was that these things were only left behind by the Realm Master, and that she had left the Wanhua Realm in the meantime.

Today, when everyone was gathered here, that was the order of the Realm Master, but everyone did not know why.


Suddenly, a gust of wind blew into the gourd, followed by waves of hearty laughter.

"Big Brother Zhan Wu, you're still inferior to me with this inheritance technique! I've won again! Hahahaha!"

As the sound of his voice faded, a figure suddenly appeared in the crowd.

The surrounding people of Realm Tree were shocked, they did not know when this stranger came here.

"Your profound qi is special, it favors the spatial attribute. I feel ashamed of myself."

Another black shadow flickered at the mouth of the gourd. When it disappeared, a man in a purple robe appeared above the group.

This man was sword ancestor's best friend, Zhan Wu.

"You guys like fighting magic even when you're hurrying. When you're going to be the leader, it seems to me that you should choose a day to have a good spar with each other."

Just as the crisp voice of a woman sounded out, a delicate and pretty girl walked into the gourd.

"This is Chop Wu? Wonderful as the heart? All of them are experts at the Spirit Emperor!

Some people recognized these uninvited guests and immediately cried out in alarm.

An expert of Spirit Emperor?

There were only a few Realm Tree that had this level of cultivation, upon hearing the cry, they all revealed looks of astonishment.

The scene became restless.

The three of them didn't care at all when the crowd exclaimed. The man who came in first took a glance and smiled: "Brother Zhan Wu, why isn't Man Xin Zi here?"

"Jue Hong, there are some things it's better to not let him come. With his temper, I'm afraid he'll cause trouble." Zhan Wu shook his head.

"Do you know why sword ancestor has brought us here this time?" A wonderful heart.

"I'm not sure, but it can't be a small matter. Otherwise, sword ancestor would not be so anxious to notify us to come here. " Zhan Wu said solemnly.

While the three of them were talking, everyone around them was stunned.

Realm Master slowly opened his eyes, looked at the three uninvited guests and gently stood up.

"Seems like the three of you were also called over by the sword ancestor?" Her melodious voice floated out. Although the scene seemed somewhat noisy, the voice was abnormally loud, making it hard for people to not hear it.

"That's right." Zhan Wu nodded his head. "Could it be that you guys are also?"

"sword ancestor seemed to have something to discuss with us, so I gathered everyone here."

"Is there something I need to discuss with you?" The handsome man called Jue Hong revealed a disdainful smile: With your cultivation, what can you discuss with sword ancestor? What's there to discuss? "

These words were filled with ridicule, the moment his voice came out, all the people of Realm Tree present was enraged.

Just that, everyone was furious but no one dared say anything, these people were no ordinary Spirit Emperor, they were at least around fourth or fifth stage of cultivation, if they angered one, the consequences would be dire.

The words of Jue Hong were rude, but Zhan Yu didn't say anything to stop them. The strong had their own pride, as well as the attitude of the strong. In their position, they didn't need to be polite to the weak.

Realm Master placed her bright eyes on Jue Hong below her, she quietly looked at her for three breaths of time, then said softly: "You mean that our Wanhua Realm does not need to participate in sword ancestor's matters?"

"Of course!" Absolute Rainbow was not courteous at all.

"If that's the case, we are willing to withdraw!" Realm Master was also very straightforward.

"Heh, that's for the best!" Jue Hong said nonchalantly.

Realm Master nodded his head, he was not angry, but his expression did not change at all. He immediately rushed towards Rong Muke and nodded, then everyone slowly left the bottle gourd.

Seeing the actions of the Wanhua Realm, Zhan Wu frowned, he was slightly displeased.

"Everyone, hold on!"

At that moment, a voice came from the mouth of the gourd.

"sword ancestor!"

Miao Xin turned to look at the bottle gourd, only to see that sword ancestor had already walked into the bottle gourd.

His complexion was much better than before, but his own strength was still very weak. After all, he was only a spirit body and not a true body.

The appearance of the sword ancestor eased the tense atmosphere. The Realm Tree people stopped and looked at the person who walked in.

"Oh, sword ancestor, long time no see, haha" Jue Hong waved his hand towards sword ancestor.

The sword ancestor cupped his fists and said: "Everyone, please calm down. I have brought everyone here today to announce something important, so I hope that everyone does not have any grudges between them. Please calm your hearts and discuss something important."

The moment sword ancestor said this, everyone knew that there was something important that they had to announce today.

"Do you have something to discuss with me? It's enough for us to talk. Why are you asking these weak people to come? " Heartless didn't understand.

Zhan Wu Ning said: "Jue Hong, for sword ancestor's sake, don't say anymore. Calm down and see what it is about first."

Zhan Wu said nothing. Although Jue Hong was unhappy, she did not say anything.

Rong Muke looked at Realm Master, who nodded, and the people of Realm Tree returned back to the center of the bottle gourd.

The sword ancestor slowly walked in, looking at the densely packed crowd below, waiting for everyone to quiet down, he then opened his mouth and said: "The reason I have gathered here today, is actually for a request."

"Beg? If you need anything, just let us know. We will definitely help you finish it! " Clarion seemed to reply almost immediately. From the moment sword ancestor appeared, her gaze had been fixed on his body, not shifting at all.

"If your heart is serious, in fact, it's not for myself, but for everyone. I hope that everyone can quickly prepare for the incoming turmoil!"

"The turmoil that is about to happen?"

As the sound of his voice faded, everyone was stunned.

"Yes!" Everyone, please quickly spread the news, warn all of you, quickly mobilize. If you do not have time to prepare in advance, what you need to do is to wait for your deaths! "

The sword ancestor said solemnly.

"sword ancestor, why do you say that!" Zhan Wu said in a serious tone.

"Because, the order of the ten thousand worlds has been broken." sword ancestor shook his head.

In front of his eyes, there was nothing.

There was only a grayish-white color, and this color did not contain any impurities.

It was as clean as a piece of spotless white paper.

Su Yun stepped in mid air, his hand tightly holding onto the death sword, the profound qi on his body had been completely used up.

The imperial robes he wore didn't have much divine power left, the golden light was so dim that it looked like a candle flame that could be extinguished at any time …

At this moment, it could be said that he was extremely weak. He could even feel his own soul jumping about inside his body, as if it would break out of his body in the next second.

The silence was terrifying.

It was so quiet that people could hear their own heartbeats.

The million people had already blended into the void and vanished.

However, everything was not over. Su Yun looked ahead, and saw a golden line in the distance.

The thin line was extremely long. It ran left and right as if it was cutting through the entire space.

At first, it was only a thread, but it slowly grew to the size of a rod. When it reached the surface, Su Yun could already clearly see what it was.

It was even someone from the Supreme Sect.

It was like a wall that connected the heaven and the earth as it flew towards them.

Su Yun was already unable to estimate how many people there were in the Supreme Sect. Compared to the previous one million, the number of people there was now was shocking and heaven-defying.

This was probably the last bit of power left in the Supreme Sect!

all the power of the Supreme Sect!

That previous sword strike had already shocked the entire Supreme Sect.

They couldn't sit still anymore. No matter who it was, it was impossible for them to remain indifferent.

cough cough

Su Yun coughed a few times, but the corners of his mouth raised in a strange, evil grin.