Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 757
The solemn and sacred Martial Imperial Hall.

"The problem that your True Devil Sect has stirred up is naturally something that your True Devil Sect can handle alone. You still want to drag us into the water? You can go and take care of Supreme Sect yourselves! "

Shen Wu Huang who was seated on the golden lion throne bellowed.

"Your Highness Martial Emperor!" Your granddaughter is the Holy Maiden of the Supreme Sect, if you are willing to help, and fight against the Supreme Sect together with me, the Supreme Sect will definitely be destroyed, wouldn't your granddaughter be saved as well? "

Below him, a black-robed Devil Cultivator was kneeling on the ground, shouting anxiously, his expression extremely agitated: "Right now, the True Devil Sect is extremely anxious, if Martial Emperor still hesitates, I'm afraid the True Devil Sect will not be able to hold on!"

After the people on both sides heard this, they turned to look at Shen Wu Huang.

In fact, just based on their affability level, everyone would probably prefer the real Devil Sect over Supreme Sect. Looking at it from top to bottom, in their hearts, Supreme Sect was a completely crazy sect without brains.

"What does failure have to do with this empress?"

Shen Wu Huang waved his hand: "Don't waste your breath. Men, send him back!"

"Yes sir!"

A tall man walked over and grabbed Devil Cultivator.

Devil Cultivator did not resist, but continued to shout, but to no avail, he was carried out of the hall.

But at this moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of the hall.


A mournful sound came out.

Everyone in the hall looked at him.

The one who came was Shen Xuexue.

Seeing that, Shen Wu Huang frowned.

During this period of time, Shen Xuexue had been imprisoned by Shen Wu Huang. The reason was because he was afraid that his daughter would cause trouble again, and as for Su Shentian, Shen Wu Huang had other arrangements made.

Shen Xuexue had not seen Su Shentian for a long time, and had thousands of thoughts in her heart, but she was also extremely anxious. Just thinking about how her husband was not to be seen, nor her children, made her heart ache, and she felt extremely miserable.

"Miss, please don't run around, Miss …"

Just then, they saw two servants running into the hall anxiously. Seeing Shen Xuexue in the hall, the two servants' faces turned white from fright and they knelt down immediately.

"What's going on? Why did the young mistress come out? " Shen Wu Huang asked with a stern face.

"In reply to the emperor, Miss pretended to have her cultivation go berserk and sent me to ask for Mister Qingshui to treat her. Afterwards, she secretly bewitched Xiao Rou with illusions and only then did she run out. Your servant is guilty, Your Majesty. Please punish me!"

The two maids were on the verge of tears, trembling as they kneeled on the floor.

Shen Wu Huang's face became serious, and after hearing that, his gaze landed on Shen Xuexue.

"Dad, this has nothing to do with them. I'm the one who asked for it! Father! Liuluo is your biological granddaughter! Now that she is trapped in the Supreme Sect, shouldn't we save her from the sea of fire? All these years, I have suffered a lot with Shen Tian and have thought of a lot of ways to help Liuluo escape from this predicament. Even my master has suffered a lot because of this, Father! I beg you to be merciful and save your granddaughter, as long as Martial Imperial Hall is willing to help and cooperate with the True Devil Sect, the Supreme Sect will definitely be destroyed, Father! "

Shen Xuexue kneeled on the ground and cried out in sorrow.

However, Shen Wu Huang was not moved. On the contrary, his face became darker and darker.

"For a wild girl! You want me to use all my powers from the Martial Imperial Palace to fight against the Supreme Sect? "

"But she's your granddaughter after all! The blood of the Martial Imperial Hall is flowing in her body! "

"So what? I, Shen Wu Huang, treat everyone with equal treatment! So what if she is my granddaughter? The sons and daughters of my Martial Imperial Palace, to me, are all my sons and daughters. So! You don't need to say anymore, hurry up and leave! "


"Step down!"

Shen Wu Huang's attitude was firm. His voice was filled with authority, and there was no way to refute him. In order to make Shen Xuexue submit, Shen Wu Huang had even used a little bit of his tyrannical Qi.

This strand of aura mixed into his voice and entered Shen Xuexue's ears, causing her entire body to tremble and her heart to no longer have the feeling of disobedience.

The two servants walked over, they wanted to help Shen Xuexue who was kneeling on the ground up, causing Shen Xuexue to lose his consciousness and allow them to do as they pleased.

She understood her father's temperament. Since he had made a decision, it would be useless for her to say anything else.

But at this moment, a deep laughter suddenly came from the door.

The quietness of the main hall was marred by the laughter. Who dares to be impudent here?

Everyone in the Martial Imperial Palace looked towards the source of the laughter. They saw that the chuckling voice belonged to the person from the True Devil Sect.

"What are you laughing at?"

The Martial Emperor shouted.

"Nothing." Devil Cultivator who was being supported by others shook his head, his mouth revealing a disdainful smile: "I am only feeling that it isn't worth it for our Devil Sect's Lord Devil Lord."

"Not worth it?" Shen Wu Huang's face darkened: What is the meaning of this?

"Does the Martial Monarch not know?" Devil Cultivator sneered again and again: "In order to save his sister, the Demon Lord had already fought with the Supreme Sect people multiple times. In order to save his family, he did not hesitate to risk his life! He is just an elder brother, yet you all, who are the mothers of the grandfather, are still like that. You all, however, are cowering here, throwing all responsibility onto him, hehe, that's why I feel that the Demon Lord is not worthy! "

With that said, Shen Wu Huang's face became extremely ugly.

Shen Xuexue's heart ached even more, her lips started to turn pale, and her body started to tremble.

How could she have known that Su Yun had done so much for Su Liuluo, sacrificed so much?

She covered her lips, tears flowing from her eyes. She wanted to cry, but no sound came out.

"You seem to have gotten it wrong!" Shen Wu Huang said: "I, Shen Wu Huang do not have this grandson, he has nothing to do with me, what does his actions have to do with me?"

"Father!" Before Shen Wu could finish, he was interrupted by Shen Xuexue's hoarse shout.

Shen Xuexue suddenly struggled free from the support of the two servants, and placed one hand on his own chest, his eyes filled with tears: "Father, if you are not willing to send people to help the True Devil Sect, and are not willing to attack the Supreme Sect, then your daughter will only need to die in front of you!"


Shen Wu Huang was furious, he suddenly stood up from the golden lion chair.

As he moved, the sky and earth changed color. The Martial Imperial Palace trembled, and a suffocating feeling floated in everyone's heart!

"You must die!" That's your problem. Your life is your life, so are the lives of those sons of mine not your life? " Shen Wu Huang roared, he was not moved by Shen Xuexue's words at all.

was also an impatient one, seeing that her father had even said that, she thought that Su Shentian was nowhere to be found, her daughter was trapped in a fire pit, her son was in extreme danger, the pressure made it hard for her to breathe, after a few moments, she almost collapsed.

But in the next second, one of the people beside him suddenly took action, opening Shen Xuexue's palm.

Looking at him, the one who acted was Shen Wu Huang's beloved disciple and also Shen Xuexue's cousin Xiao Guangli.


"Snow, don't be willful!" Master has his own plans, if you do that, it will only make Master sad, it will make Liuluo and God Realm sad! "

Xiao Guangli said in a deep voice.

He knew his cousin, and he knew that she was stubborn.

Xiao Guangli stood out and cupped his fists towards Shen Wu Huang: "Master, please calm your anger. Cousin did not mean to do that. As a mother, she just cares too much about her daughter."

"Humph!" So what if she was a mother? I am also a father, and the lord of this palace! " Shen Wu Huang bellowed.

"Master is right, but then again, the Supreme Sect and the True Devil Sect fighting each other is a rare opportunity for us. After all, the Supreme Sect is a poisonous tumor of the Myriad Heavens, even if it isn't for Liuluo, we shouldn't just stand by and watch. All these years, the Supreme Sect has been plagued by poison, and many disciples of our Martial Imperial Palace have been bewitched, dying in the hands of their so-called Supreme Divine Dao. Avenge our dead disciples and countless fellow daoists in the boundless universe! In this way, we will be able to bring glory to the Martial Imperial Hall. To our Martial Imperial Hall, this is a hundred advantages without any disadvantages! "

Xiao Guangli's attitude was sincere and his words were reasonable, causing Shen Wu Huang's angry anger to subside a little.

As these words were spoken, it immediately garnered the support and support of the other people from the Martial Imperial Hall.

He scanned the crowd and asked, "What do you guys think?"

"We agree with Senior-apprentice Brother Xiao's suggestion!"

The disciples from left and right stood up, and greeted Shen Wu Huang with cupped fists.

Hearing that, Shen Xuexue's face immediately revealed joy.

Devil Cultivator's tensed face finally relaxed. Taking a deep breath, a smile appeared on his face. He knew that this trip was worth it.

With the help of the Martial Imperial Palace, the odds of them winning against the Supreme Sect were too high.

"Since you all think so, fine!"

Shen Wu Huang nodded his head, he was not in a hurry to answer, but his dignified gaze landed on Shen Xuexue.

"You must stay in the house and not run around!"

"If father is willing to help, daughter will definitely listen to father obediently." Shen Xuexue immediately replied.

"Humph!" Shen Wu Huang shifted his gaze and spoke to Xiao Guang Li: "Summon the five elders to discuss the matter of attacking Supreme Sect!"

"Yes sir!"

Xiao Guangli turned around and quickly walked out of the hall.

Shen Wu Huang once again looked at the Devil Cultivator, he waved his hand, and the disciple holding onto the Devil Cultivator immediately let go.

Devil Cultivator immediately knelt down on one knee.

Seeing that, Shen Wu Huang nodded his head in satisfaction, and said: "You can return to the True Devil Sect and tell your Vice Sect Leader, in the future, we will declare war on the Supreme Sect, but we will not join hands with the True Devil Sect, we will only declare war in the name of the Supreme Sect! I don't want to have anything to do with you Devil Cultivator! Go back and let your vice sect master endure for a few more days. If she loses before we attack your True Devil Sect, then don't blame our Martial Imperial Palace for not doing anything! "

Hearing that, the Devil Cultivator understood, Shen Wu Huang was not willing to face the Supreme Sect alone, and immediately shouted: "Yes, Your Majesty!"

"Go back."

"I will take my leave!"

Devil Cultivator bowed, turned and left the Martial Imperial Palace in a hurry.

Now that the matter had been settled, the Martial Imperial Hall's attitude had already been made clear. Now, all they could see was empty air.

Once it was completely cleared, there would be no doubt that Supreme Sect would face the greatest crisis in history.