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"It has been a long time since I have fought with my full heart and soul, kid, you are pretty good, for a seventh stage Sky Spirit Master to have this kind of strength, it is simply unbelievable, it can even be called a miracle! Otherwise how could there be such a method? "

The skeleton laughed out loud. Its voice was no longer as sharp as before. Instead, it had a bit of a straightforward tone.

"You think too much, I am indeed only at the seventh stage of the Sky Spirit Master, but you have not used your full strength, if you had used your full strength, maybe I would not have been so relaxed." Su Yun laughed. Although the Imperial Battle Robe had the ability to change one's cultivation, he did not use it.

"Didn't you also not use your full strength?" The Black Skeleton said without a trace of politeness.

Su Yun laughed, then heard Black Skeleton saying again: "Brat, I admire your sword techniques, but this is a River Styx, a land of war, I advise you to quickly leave, if not I can only follow the rules to kill you!"

"Styx? Right and wrong? Who are you? "

"I am just a gatekeeper! "You don't have to ask, hurry up and go!"

"However, I will not leave until I find the 'Enlightenment Will Mirror'!"

"'Underworld Mirror'?"

The Black Skeleton revealed a surprised expression. The two red dots in its black eye grew larger as it questioned, "Did you come here for the Enlightenment Will Mirror?"

"That's right, do you know the location of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower? If you are aware of this, please inform me, and I will leave immediately after being appraised. I will not disturb you any longer! "

"It's not a matter of disturbing or not. Kid, don't you know what the Netherworld Udumbara Flower is? Let me tell you, this is a treasure from the Underworld, and is completely different from the one you Devil Cultivator use. It is best not to use this thing, or else it will only harm you and others! "

"From what you have said, it seems like the Enlightenment Will is with you?" Su Yun's gaze tensed up.

"That's right." The Black Skeleton admitted happily, "The item is indeed with me. In fact, it should be mine, but due to some reason, it was lost by me, and the owner of the 'Enlightenment Will Mirror' is controlled by the 'Enlightenment Will Mirror'. Since his soul is unable to control itself, he brought the 'Enlightenment Will Mirror' to find me, and the item returned to its original owner!"

Hearing that, Su Yun did not have the slightest doubt in his words, this Underworld Mirror was truly a powerful divine object that could affect souls.

"You can have it if you want it, but I can't give it to you. I can only lend it to you!" Do you want it? "

The Black Skeleton said.

"Lend it to you?" Alright, I will only take one of them, and will not occupy it for long. If you agree, Su Yun will be forever grateful! " Su Yun immediately replied.

"Alright, then I'll lend it to you!"

As the Black Skeleton spoke, it lifted its long, pitch-black bone hand and flipped it left and right. A bit of spatial energy shot out from the tip of its finger, and then a hexagonal, brownish-red disk appeared in its hand.

It gently threw the plate over and Su Yun caught it with a wave of his hand.

"If it was an ordinary person, I would never have lent him this' Enlightenment Will Mirror '. However, you are very special. I admire your swordsmanship very much. I will make an exception and let you take the' Enlightenment Will Mirror 'away!"

Su Yun kept the 'Underworld Mirror' and cupped his fists towards the Black Skeleton, "Su Yun will remember your kindness. If there is a chance in the future, I will definitely do my best to repay you."

"Alright, stop talking. Hurry up and leave." The Black Skeleton was rather impatient.

Su Yun did not delay any further, and turned to leave.

Black Skeleton shouted as the person flew up into the air.

"Kid, remember! This is borrowed! The time limit is only ten days. If you are unable to return it to me within ten days, then you will have to bear the consequences yourself. "

Ten days? Consequences?

Su Yun was suspicious, but still shouted out: "Alright, thank you."

He fled into the distance

Inside the White Bone Temple of the True Devil Sect, Hachi Chan and a few other elders were still nervously discussing about the current battle. At this time, in the hall, not only were there the upper echelons of the True Devil Sect, but there were also sects and powers from other realms. Everyone was gathered together, and the scene was extremely lively.

"Looking at the situation now, our strengths can already be said to be on par with the Supreme Sect. Even if the Supreme Sect really did attack us, we don't have to be afraid."

"Exactly! The people of Supreme Sect believed in the wrong way, and walked further and further on this way, all of them lost themselves, and only lived for the wrong way, so this sect should not exist anymore, this time we big guys must work together, and eliminate the Supreme Sect! "

"That's right!" My son was lured into the sect by the Supreme Sect. I heard that last month, he suddenly lost control of the Supreme profound qi in his body and died from his body exploding! If it wasn't for the Supreme Sect, how could my son have died? I must take revenge for this! "

"My husband is the same, this debt must be settled!"

"We must not spare the Supreme Sect!"

"Under the lead of the various experts of the True Devil Sect, let's fight our way over!"

"Right, let's go!"

The people in charge of the various factions were shouting angrily. Each and every one of their voices were loud and loud, causing quite a ruckus in the hall.

After all, most of the people who dared to stand on the same side as the real Devil Sect were all people who held incomparable hatred towards the Supreme Sect.

He sat cross-legged on the chair and yawned. He closed his eyes and slowly lowered his head, as if he was dozing again.

The hall became a little quieter, and the eight teeth also slowly opened their eyes. Seeing the Great Elder looking at them, they immediately put on an earnest look, and seeing that no one was talking, they awkwardly smiled and spoke in a serious manner, "Everyone, what you said is right. Does anyone have any better suggestions?"

Once he said that, the originally quiet hall erupted once more.

"Reporting to the Eight-toothed Grandmaster! I suggest that they should immediately send people out to fight and bring them directly into the Supreme Realm! "

"Such a large scale conflict is already a war, and you're still acting so recklessly? Don't you know what to do next? "

"Then what do you think we should do?"

"I suggest we do this, why don't we …"

People were getting impatient with each other again. Seeing the situation, the eight fangs felt quite bored. They breathed heavily for a while before they rested their hands on their chins and dozed off once again … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

Seeing that, the Great Clan Elder secretly shook his head and did not say anything further.

The Second Elder and Second Demon Elder glanced at the scene and whispered to the Great Clan Elder beside them, "Great Clan Elder, didn't the Vice Sect Leader say to invite these people to discuss the countermeasures, and to organize and consolidate the troops? "Why don't you say anything?"

"Vice Sect Master naturally has his own plans, we don't need to care about that. Moreover, integrating the human heart is not something that can be accomplished through words. The most important thing is for everyone to fight together!" "Right now, many people have different attitudes towards Supreme Sect, and their opinions are different. Even if we convince them, it will be useless, because after a few battles, everyone will be able to understand the current situation, and just watch."

Demons nodded. Although Chi Gou looked to be extremely carefree and indifferent towards everything, in reality, his way of doing things was watertight and organized. This was also the reason why he was able to become the true Devil Sect's Vice Sect Leader.


Just then, a loud roar came from outside of the Hall of Bones, following that, a Devil Cultivator came in as fast as the wind, surprising everyone.

Chi Gou suddenly opened his eyes, staring at the person who rushed in, he bellowed: "What happened?"

The man knelt and kowtowed, his head striking the ground, he said anxiously: "Vice Sect Leader, something has happened, when we were reorganizing Demon Mountain's defense lines, we were suddenly attacked by the Supreme Sect, the entire Demon Mountain has become a battlefield, Master Bai Mo is leading fifty thousand of the True Devil Sect s to fight with the people of Supreme Sect! Demon Mountain is in a hurry, please send out your experts to support us! "

The moment he said this, the entire audience went into an uproar!


The two devils rushed forward and grabbed the Devil Cultivator, growling softly, "Demon Mountain is such a hidden place, how would the people of the Supreme Sect know? And why would they attack just as we were reorganizing our defenses? This is absolutely impossible! "

"Second Elder, calm down!"

The Revolving Demon went up to stop the furious Two Devils.

The Devil Cultivator was shocked, falling to the ground and trembling.

Everyone present had a panicked expression, and Octagon Aniseed's face was even more serious.

Demon Mountain's defense line was actually a defense line secretly opened by the real Devil Sect. Only two gates were connected between Supreme Sect and the True Devil Realm, but in order to fight back against the Supreme Sect, Eight-Tusk ordered his men to secretly set up a teleportation bridge in Demon Mountain. They planned to fight a decisive battle with the Supreme Sect and send a group of elites to ambush the people behind Supreme Sect through the teleportation bridge.

This news was known to many forces present, but they did not know the exact location of it. It was a matter of whether the battle would succeed or not, and there was a need to conceal himself, but, Supreme Sect knew of this news eventually. Furthermore, when the defensive line was being reset, it meant that the cross-border teleportation bridge was complete, and people from both realms could enter and leave through Demon Mountain.

He stood up and walked forward. As he approached the Head Elder, he said in a low voice, "We have spies among us. Send someone to investigate."

The Great Elder nodded.

After that, he walked out of the hall.

"Immediately assemble our troops, and follow me to support Demon Mountain. Demon Mountain must not be lost, if not the defense line we have previously set up will be meaningless, the Supreme Sect can directly invade my True Devil Sect, at that time, the war will worsen, and everything will be over!"

"Yes sir!"

Everyone immediately responded. Each sect gathered their experts and advanced towards Demon Mountain.

The people from the Hall of Bones walked out and gathered at the drill grounds. They were prepared to follow Chi Chi to the Demon Mountain.

At the corner of the room, a figure was watching the scene unfold.

"It went smoothly." The figure murmured as a strange smile appeared on his face. Suddenly, he turned around and left …