Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 752
"It's just an idea. Of course there is. I'm just afraid that you won't be willing."

The bald Devil Cultivator said.

"Humph, to be able to kill that brat who doesn't know his limits and let me sit on the Demon Lord's throne, obtaining the great ancient devil inheritance, what else would I be unwilling to do?" Three Bone Dragon coldly looked at the Devil Cultivator, and said: "What methods do you have, just speak your mind, and don't grumble about it!"

"Hehe, since brother has already said so, we can only be frank." The bald Devil Cultivator moved closer and said in a low voice, "Actually, it is very easy to take care of that guy. Aren't the Supreme Sect and the real Devil Sect at the same time? This way, you can separate that brat first and let him do whatever you want with some mission. After that, you can divulge the plan of action of the True Devil Sect to the Supreme Sect and attack them. As for the plan that the Supreme Sect has set up, octopus will definitely lead a large number of True Devil Sect experts to rescue them and at that time, you will be able to settle the score with that brat alone! The people of the True Devil Sect were dealing with the experts of the Supreme Sect, who would have the time to care about that brat? If you want to deal with someone who hasn't even reached the Spirit Emperor, it should be as easy as flipping his hand, right? After we kill him, you can then blame his death on Supreme Sect. Then, wouldn't everything be perfectly resolved? "

At this point, there was no need for him to say anymore. Three Bone Dragon was not an idiot, he understood the bald Devil Cultivator's plan, but he was still a little worried.

"Disclosure of the actions of the true Devil Sect to the Supreme Sect? That's not so good, is it? If the sect were to know, I'm afraid that I will be imprisoned in the Death Devil Underground Prison and suffer torture for all eternity! "

"What are you afraid of? Or could it be that it's inconvenient for you to contact the people of Supreme Sect? If you don't want, brother, I can help you with that! " The bald Devil Cultivator said in a low voice.

When the three bone dragon heard this, it turned its head and looked at him with a profound look. However, it did not say anything. Instead, it became silent.

A long time later.

"If I do this, I'm afraid the real Devil Sect will lose miserably!"

"You think too weak of the True Devil Sect, after all, the True Devil Sect is a Great Devil Sect that is able to contend with the tyrants of the Immortal World, their strength is not what we expected them to be, the Supreme Sect is indeed not weak, but to destroy the True Devil Sect, we still need some time," Mu Xuanyin coldly said.

The bald Devil Cultivator stared at the Three Bone Dragon with a serious expression. At the moment, his words were clear and he did not hide anything.

Seeing the hesitation and hesitation on the face of the three-bone dragon, the bald Devil Cultivator spoke again, "Brother, think about it. If you miss this opportunity, then you will really miss the chance to obtain the ancient tomb's treasures! You will never be able to take back everything that belongs to you, your position, your dignity, your magic treasure, your cultivation, all of these, you will lose all of them, right now, that brat and vice sect master already dared to bully you like this, in the future they will have a firm foundation, after they win over the hearts of the true Devil Sect, will there still be a place for you in the true Devil Sect? I'm afraid that at that time, even your Master! Even the sect master of the True Devil Sect could not suppress these two, but you two are going to do anything!

His words were like waves of boning knives that cut into the three-bone dragon's bones and stabbed into its heart.

He clenched his fists and suddenly stared at the bald Devil Cultivator, then stood up from the stone.

"I will never give up what belongs to me!"

A figure on a flying sword was rapidly flying on the vast expanse of soil.

The sky was still the dark and familiar sky of the True Devil Realm, and in the distance, it was completely silent. The surroundings were extremely spacious. The soil on the ground was a dark red color, and the air was filled with a thick smell of blood.

Su Yun kept the Heavenly Seeking Treasure Bell in his hand and sped up his flying sword.

The Heavenly Seeking Treasure Bell gave him a pretty good piece of news.

The Mirror of the Underworld truly did exist, and it truly was as Chi Chi Chi had said, near the Styx.

It seemed like this trip would not be in vain!

After about four hours, he arrived at the position given by the Heavenly Seeking Treasure Bell. The Heavenly Seeking Treasure Bell still gave Su Yun a rough estimate of the position, and he would need to rely on Su Yun to look for it. However, when he reached the side of the Styx, the scene in front of him made him shiver.

The River Styx's water was black and red like the soil beneath his feet. However, the banks of the River Styx were pale white, filled with white bones. There were people and beasts, like white bricks that covered both sides of the road. A large amount of death aura floated over from the River Styx, and surrounded Su Yun. He quickly used his divine power to isolate the aura of death.

The death aura was extremely terrifying, to the point that it was even stronger than the sword qi and evil aura of the Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain, this was not a place to stay for long.

Su Yunchong went over to the group of bones and used profound qi, shaking off the white bones on the ground, and looked for the Netherworld Udumbara Flower that was possibly hidden within the white bones.

"Let's go."

At this time, a voice suddenly resounded beside Su Yun's ears.

Su Yun frowned, and immediately retreated and looked around.


"He's just a dead man. Kid, hurry up and leave. This place doesn't belong to you!"

Not mine?

Su Yun snorted, he took out the Tribulation Fire Sword from the sword sheath and waved at the white bones below.

The body of the badly defeated sword burst out into blazing flames. As the sword slashed out, flames shot up into the sky, blazing with boundless heat.

The firework smashed into the white bones on the ground, burning them into ashes.


The voice came out again, it was unknown if it was praising Su Yun, or was angered by his sword.

The fire burnt all the bones on the ground, and when the wind blew, the ashes were blown away by the wind.

However, the ground was empty and there was no sign of the Enlightenment Will Mirror.


At this moment, the sound of water could be heard. The River Styx, which was filled with an eerie aura of death, started to ripple and a figure climbed out from within the river.

Seeing that, Su Yun's eyes fell on the ground, his hand tightly grabbing onto the sword hilt.

It was a skeleton with a pitch black body. It carried a heavy black knife, and its pitch-black eye sockets glowed with a red light. The River Styx's water flowed down its clean bones, and as it walked closer, its bones emitted creaking sounds as they rubbed against each other.

"I warned you to leave, but why didn't you listen? Don't you know that there are many people in this world who are afraid of death and crave to live? Don't you know that a lot of people are envious of people like you? "

As the black skeleton spoke coldly, its voice was as sharp and ear-piercing as a knife scraping against glass.

"Who are you?"

"Don't waste your breath. Since you chose to stand here, you should exchange two blows with me!"

The Black Skeleton raised its long blade. A cold light flashed on its blade, and an aura of death scattered all over. It opened its frame and rushed forward like a violent wind. One slash cut through the air at a ridiculously fast speed.

Su Yun's expression congealed, his reaction was not slow, the Tribulation Fire Sword blocked the black skeleton's blade, and the profound strength passed through the sword body and struck.

Weng! *

A large number of ripples spread out, shaking all the skeletons in the distance into powder.

"Good strength!"

The black skeleton snorted, sheathed his blade, and slashed at Su Yun again and again. The blade flew faster than the knife, and the blade flew faster than the blade, and with the energy of death mixed in, it hid itself completely within the blade, and only exploded when it came in contact with the Tribulation Fire Sword's sword.

If it was any ordinary seventh stage Sky Spirit Master cultivator, the weapon in his hand would have long been taken off, his arms would have also been shattered, and he would have vomited blood and had difficulty standing. But Su Yun's profound strength was dense, and with the protection of the 'Holy Armor', his speed was not slow either, this Black Skeleton would only use normal techniques to fight him, and dealing with it would not be too difficult.

Of course, Su Yun did not use the power of the 'Imperial Battle Robe', otherwise the profound qi would have all disappeared from the Black Skeleton's body. It was rare for this fellow to be so interesting, Su Yun could not help but want to have a good fight with it.

The two clashed with sword and saber, sword and shadow, both extremely fierce. However, the Black Skeleton only grew more and more fearful.

"Seventh level of the Sky Spirit Master? This person seemed to be at the seventh stage of the Sky Spirit Master, but how could his speed and strength be so strong? It had completely surpassed the existence of the Spirit Emperor! It's too terrifying, this kind of cultivation is able to display a level that is beyond normal, if I were to use Spirit Emperor, what would happen?

The Black Skeleton knew that it could not do anything to Su Yun at all. The speed and power it was so proud of did not hold any advantage in front of, but one thing about Black Skeleton was that the angle of its blade was different from Su Yun's.

Although the black skull's blade was large and thick, seemingly incredibly heavy, it was all-pervasive and cunning. Even though its attacks were blocked by the Tribulation Fire Sword s time and time again, to be able to use such a heavy and wide blade to such perfection, this black skull's strength was not to be underestimated.

Ding ding dang dang.

The sword images weaved together randomly, the profound qi's energy ripples were like fireworks, the sword attacks clashed and the man and the skeleton's bodies fled everywhere, the sword Qi directly smashed the flat land around them into pieces, as though they were going to collapse.

"Eat one of my Slash Slash Slash!"

The skeleton shouted, and then swung the blade with both of its hands down from the sky. The edge of the blade burst into a ten thousand feet long shadow.

"Devil Wind Break!"

Su Yun did not dodge nor retreat, the sword blade carried devil qi and transformed into a gigantic tiger that rushed towards the blade image.





The blade shadow and the demonic tiger exploded. The powerful impact temporarily separated the two, forcing them to retreat. All of the dried rocks and shattered bones in the surroundings were destroyed. Even the Styx was affected by this and unceasingly rippled.

The Black Skeleton did not use profound skill, but only used a simple blade technique. Su Yun did not rush his divine power, and welcomed the battle with his sword technique. Although the battle was not considered world-shaking, Su Yun and the skeleton both felt satisfied, extremely satisfied!

In the battles between warriors, what attracted them the most was not victory or defeat, but the process. They enjoyed the feeling of the profound technique alternating, as well as the surging feeling of swords colliding! The only one who cared about victory or defeat was not a martial artist. At the very most, he was an assassin.

Stop it.

The skeleton picked up the black blade and stabbed it into the ground.

Seeing that, Su Yun immediately kept the Tribulation Fire Sword.

A man and a skeleton standing together …