Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 749
The unibrow man glared with his eyes wide, staring at the Devil Cultivator who had suddenly appeared in front of him in shock, his face full of disbelief.

How did these guys get here?


The thousands of Supreme Sect people around them, how could they not feel right about them? Why were they able to approach him so easily?

The unibrow man's mind was filled with endless questions. When he looked up, he understood.

The thousands of surrounding Supreme Sect s were currently being annihilated by the nine completely crazy Devil Cultivator s, and were overturning their horses.

These Devil Cultivator were all like war gods, holding their swords and blades as they rushed into the crowd to kill. Any profound qi that struck their bodies, other than leaving scars, did not seem to have any effect on them.

The devil qi rippled in the air along with the blood Qi.

They did not know pain, did not know fear, did not know life and death, and did not know what they were facing. At this moment, these Devil Cultivator were completely under the control of the devils, and were only there for the sake of killing.

The nine Demon Guard who had reached the peak of their cultivation were already possessed by the Demon Sealing Blood and were completely under the control of slaughter. With them holding back the people from the Supreme Sect, Eight-Headed Tooth would have the opportunity to approach the commander of the word.

The palm pierced through his heart, and the eight teeth easily tore his body to shreds.

This person's soul was overflowing. He immediately took out a small bottle he had prepared beforehand and put this person's soul into the bottle. Everything went smoothly and neatly. He then shouted, "Got it, let's go!"

His voice came out, but the Nine Demon Guard did not stop. They continued to fight like crazy, and when they saw the Supreme Sect people, it was as if they were hungry tigers that saw a fat sheep.

Seeing this, his eight teeth suddenly sounded out something. He took out a black leaf and crushed it. A thin layer of green gas came out from where the leaf had shattered and floated toward the Demon Sealing Guards.

In an instant, the terrifying blood-red eyes of the Demon Guard regained some luster.

"Break out! Run!"

He then drank it with his eight teeth.

When everyone heard this, they immediately dragged their scarred bodies and rushed outside.

The eight teeth followed closely. His body turned into light as he shuttled through the crowd. In just a few breaths of time, he had carried a large pile of bloody hearts with him …

"Lord Demon Lord!" No need to stay! "Let's go!"

Chi Gou rushed towards Su Yun who was still immersed in the ocean of people and shouted.

Hearing that, Su Yun immediately responded, he stared at the silver lightning that was still stirring up above him, secretly gritting his teeth, he suddenly struck out with his palm, causing the lightning to dissipate, then suddenly turned and rushed out of the group of people.

"The sinners want to escape!"

"They even killed Chen Hong! We can't let them leave just like that! "

"For the Supreme Divine Dao!"

"For the Supreme Divine Dao!"

The people of Supreme Sect shouted at the top of their lungs, each of them actually using their flesh and blood to block Su Yun's actions.

It was as if they already knew that the Limitless Profound Qi had no effect on Su Yun at all, but they were fearlessly blocking in front of Su Yun, not allowing him to leave.

The silver lightning that had been split apart struck him once again.

Su Yun's departure was hindered, and his movements were slow. It would not be easy for him to escape from these several hundred thousand people.

These people were not like the Spirit Cultivator outside the Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain back then, where all of the Spirit Cultivator s had ulterior motives and fought with each other in the dark. Although there were many of them, they were a motley crowd of people, with a single piece of scattered sand, which was not something to worry about.

The silver lightning bolt struck Su Yun but he had no choice but to urge his godly power to block it, and it slowly squeezed towards the outside.

The surrounding Supreme Sect people started to madly attack Su Yun.

Whether it was's own divine power or the consumption of his profound qi, both of them were falling rapidly.

His face was pale, unable to support himself.

Facing such a desperate attack from the Supreme Sect, even the Gods would not be able to stand it.

Forget it!

Su Yun's face darkened as he activated the profound skill.

Suddenly, a seven colored ring of light burst out from his body. Following that, the image of the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise, the four Holy Spirit Beasts, exploded once again.

Holy Spirit Shield!


Su Yun's body was wrapped tightly by the shield! The people who were attacking Su Yun from all directions suffered the counterattack from the Holy Spirit Shield, all of the attacks were directed at his body, and redoubled the counterattack. In that moment, peng peng peng peng pang, a series of blood blossoms flew out from the crowd, and an unknown number of people died, with a large number of Supreme Sect people being severely injured, causing a large number of them to fall to the ground in front of Su Yun.

Anyone who tried to make a fatal attack on Su Yun was met with a miserable death. The silver lightning had been destroyed because of the large number of Supreme Sect.

This was the most terrifying thing about the 'Imperial Battle Robe'. Wearing it, one would never be afraid of how many enemies there were.

It was just that …

The cost of using the Holy Spirit Shield was heavy.

After the Holy Spirit Shield was used, Su Yun's body was like a silkworm extracting a cocoon, it was instantly sucked out, and all that was left in his body was the small amount of profound strength.

Back then, at Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain, Su Yun was able to absorb all of the profound strength and change a portion of it to be used by himself when he was near a person. However, the unique Limitless Profound Qi these people used was not something Su Yun could use, and even if he swallowed it, he could not transform it.

However, the Holy Spirit Shield had cleared a path for Su Yun, so he immediately used his last bit of strength he could muster to rush forward.

Rumble rumble rumble!

At this moment, a dull sound rang out once again.

The gigantic and thick Supreme Sect doors opened once again, and white-robed Supreme Sect members flew out, like locusts, densely packed together, followed by the crisp and indifferent voice of a young lady.

"Dirty and filthy people, you need to be cleansed by Taiyi's light. Don't leave, accept the purification from our Supreme Sect!"

With that said, a golden shock wave burst out from the door like a golden pillar, striking straight towards them. The Supreme Sect people on the way were struck by the pillar and immediately turned to ashes, it was clear how terrifying the pillar was.

However, the other side did not care about the life and death of the Supreme Sect's people.

Su Yun turned his head to look, only to see that the Sky Pillar was right in front of him!

He secretly took a deep breath, turned around and activated the Imperial Battle Robe to its maximum, exploding his divine power once again.

But, before the Sky Pillar could come close to Su Yun, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him. The figure swung both of his hands, forming a circular demon face shield, and the Sky Pillar struck the face of the figure.


The surrounding space trembled, all of the surrounding Supreme Sect people were directly blown away by the shock wave from the shield, some of the injured people were directly killed.

Seeing that, Su Yun's heart was startled, he raised his eyes to see, and realised that the person in front of him had eight rows of teeth!

She then retracted her hand from the big shield, turned and rushed at Su Yun, her small tender hands directly holding onto Su Yun, and started rushing towards the distance.

So the black shield was a magic treasure.

The beam of light struck the shield for three to four seconds before it shattered and disappeared.

Su Yun raised his gaze to the door and looked inside, only to see a lithe and cute young lady, the young lady was extremely beautiful, wearing a white robe with gold phoenix patterns on it, she looked extremely majestic and beautiful, at the moment, she was staring at Su Yun with a gaze as calm as water.

In the blink of an eye, he had already rushed to the side of Supreme Sect and rushed towards the teleportation circle that the demons had prepared beforehand.

The Demon Guard stood guard at the side of the formation, and when the Supreme Sect's men came chasing, they immediately released devil qi to cover them.

Chi Gou brought Su Yun into the teleportation circle, and upon seeing this, the Demon Guard quickly followed along, the demons all squeezed in, and they returned to the True Devil Sect.

And inside the True Devil Sect, the Devil Cultivator protecting the other side of the teleportation portal immediately tried to destroy the formation, but Octagon Aniseed shouted anxiously, "Wait!"

The Devil Cultivator was stunned for a moment.

A few flashes of light came out from the array, followed by a few Supreme Sect people rushing in. Seeing that, Ba Chi immediately bellowed: Quick, break the array!


Devil Cultivator did not dare hesitate, and immediately destroyed the formation.

The destroyed teleportation circle immediately lost its effect, and the connection between the Supreme Sect and the real Devil Sect also broke.

Chi Chi Chi and Su Yun stood up, then looked at the few Supreme Sect members who were chasing after them, and shouted: "Quick, catch them!"

The Demon Guard immediately rushed over, tore off their hands and feet, and subdued them.

Before these Supreme Sect people could resist, they were suppressed by the enemies.

Seeing that, the surrounding Devil Cultivator all heaved a sigh of relief, they themselves were lacking information about the Supreme Sect, they never expected that these few Supreme Sect people would actually deliver themselves to their doorstep.

"Heh, take them down and interrogate them. Tell them the plan of action of the Supreme Sect!"

He waved his hand and shouted.

"Yes, Vice Sect Leader!"

The Demon Guard shouted, and was about to take him away.

But at this time, one of them shouted calmly, "Dirty people, do you want to force us to confess? Give up, the sacred One will never give in to you! Even though we have fallen into the hands of you vile things, our souls and spirits have always been closely linked with the Supreme Divine Dao. Today, we will give up our physical bodies, and throw ourselves into the arms of the Supreme Divine Dao for all of eternity, in pursuit of the supreme way! "

With that, the temperature of the Supreme Sect suddenly rose, following that, with a 'bang' sound, it exploded.




The rest of the Supreme Sect's members did not hesitate at all as well, and shouted out loud. Soon after, their bodies exploded, and chunks of flesh and blood splattered all over the Demon Sealing Guards. In an instant, all of them died, and their spirits exploded, to the point that even their souls disappeared after death.

Seeing this scene, the eight jaws old man was stunned.

How ruthless!

"It seems like the captives of Supreme Sect are not easy to capture."

Su Yun took a deep breath and said.

"Don't worry, we have one more." He took out the black bottle and said seriously.