Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 747
Su Yun had only heard this voice a few times. Although it was only a few times, he had a deep impression of it.

Three-Bone Dragon!

Su Yun looked at the person who walked over, and his eyes became serious.

Wearing a black robe, the Three Bone Dragon with his hair tied up in a ponytail slowly walked over. His pale face had a smile on it as his eyes sized up Su Yun and Chi Chi Chi, then he cupped his fists towards the two.

"Three Bone Dragon, what are you doing here? What else can you do but stay in your little garden and run around? " He crossed his arms and said with a smile.

The Three Bone Dragon did not slow down at all, and cupped his fists and laughed again: "With the arrival of the great enemy, the True Devil Sect is in a precarious situation. As a member of the True Devil Sect, I, the Three Bone Dragon, have been nurtured by the sect. I hope that I can leave the Little Courtyard during this period of time and contribute to the sect's safety. The sect master also agreed to it, he hoped that I could assist the sect's vice sect master to fight against the Supreme Sect together.

"Oh? That's right! "That's right!" He clapped his hands to express his appreciation, "I'm really touched that you have such a thought. How about this, we're lacking manpower right now. You go find a round demon first, he'll definitely arrange a good job for you."

"No, no, no. Vice Sect Leader, I wish to follow you." The three-bone dragon shook its head and laughed. "You must let me follow you on a mission."

"I'm full."

"Is there anyone who is satisfied with this sort of thing?" Wouldn't it be nice to have one extra person? I hope that Vice Sect Master does not decline. "

The three-bone dragon still refused to give up.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, the smiling face of Eight-Tooth suddenly froze for a moment before the smile gradually disappeared.

Seeing this, a strange light flashed through the three bone dragons' eyes.

"What are you holding on to?"

"Vice Sect Leader, I do not understand what you mean." The three-bone dragon was confused.

However, these words caused Chi Chi to completely lose his patience.

Three Bone Dragon, I don't have time to waste with you, either you go find the devil Yuan or you scram a little further away. Although you entered the sect earlier than me, I am the vice sect master here, so if you dare to play any tricks in front of me, I will definitely not show mercy! "" Three Bone Dragon.

As he finished speaking, a flash of red light flashed across his octagonal eyes. With the sudden appearance of the red light, the three-bone dragon's body began to tremble. Following that, it broke out in a cold sweat. The fear in its eyes became even more apparent.


Chi Chi no longer paid any attention to him and just waved his hand before flying into the air. Everyone followed behind.

Su Yun swept his eyes across the Three Bone Dragon with an extremely ugly expression, and without saying a word, he stepped on the air and flew.

The Three-Bone Dragon lightly panted as it stared at the people who had left. Only after they had disappeared did it retract its gaze.

"Eight teeth!"

He gritted his teeth as he muttered to himself. His face was filled with resentment …

The entrance to the Supreme Sect was already sealed, and the gate was guarded by a large number of disciples. They gathered at the entrance and waited for the order to attack, waiting for the time to come.

As for Chi Gou and Su Yun, they flew towards the direction of the big gate.

This was not something that could be reached in a day or two.

When he just came out of the True Devil Sect, Su Yun could not help but ask.

"Why didn't you let him in?"

"You should know why he wants to participate in this operation!"

"For my position as Demon Lord? If he really wants it, just give it to him. " Su Yun did not really care about this seat anymore. Initially, the reason why he agreed to ride on the Demon Lord was to borrow the power of the True Devil Sect to deal with the Supreme Sect. However, now that the True Devil Sect and the Supreme Sect had clashed, this seat did not have much use to them.

Hearing that, Octagon Aniseed couldn't help but shake his head, "The position of Demon Lord isn't something that just anyone can assume. Su Yun, you have to understand this point and not disappoint the two words' Demon Lord '. Not to mention that the Three Bone Dragon's thoughts were just child's play. If it wasn't for the fact that he was the Sect Master's beloved disciple, how could he be so impudent? "Sigh, forget about it. It's useless to speak so much. Our mission this time is extremely crucial. If he comes, I'm afraid that a dispute will arise between us. Thus, I will not allow him to participate in this mission together."

Hearing that, Su Yun understood the meaning behind Chi Gou's words, the Three Bone Dragon coveted the Demon Lord's position, and was afraid that it would cause trouble, but Su Yun did not understand, the Three Bone Dragon's position of being the Sect Leader's disciple was already very high, why did it insist on the Demon Lord's position?

"Although I don't understand, Su Yun doesn't need to think about it. The most important thing right now is to find out more information about the Supreme Sect.

"Vice Sect Leader, Master Demon Lord, I heard that there are experts guarding the entrance of the Supreme Sect, and there are countless of people from the Supreme Sect outside, what should we do later? Would you like to sneak into Supreme Sect? " The Demon Guard Captain Bloodstains asked.

"Don't go in."

Octagon Aniseed shook his head immediately. "Our devil qi is too heavy, it's easy to be discovered. It would be better to strike out at those who have already left the Supreme Sect. "


Blood nodded.

Twenty days later, everyone approached the main gate of the Supreme Sect.

Right now, the relationship between the Supreme Sect and the True Devil Sect was very tense, there were eyes and ears everywhere from the Supreme Sect.

This was a place beyond the heavens, a vast universe.

His surroundings were all resplendent stars, and far away, there was a small ball floating in the air. On it, there was a huge door, and that was the Supreme Sect. And on the right side of the Supreme Gate, there was a platform the color of white jade. This platform was carved with talismans, and it emitted a dazzling light in the universe.

There were males and females, both old and young. All of them wore white robes with golden patterns on them, and they were all equipped with long swords. They sat cross-legged with their eyes closed, meditating.

Looking over, there were so many people that it was hard to count them all.

As the gates to the Supreme Realm were opened, people would occasionally fly out and sit cross-legged on the platform. The platform was already full, and when someone came over, the platform would automatically extend outwards, setting aside a spot.

Seeing more and more people coming out from Supreme Sect, Su Yun's face became heavier.

"Seems like five hundred thousand people is just a conservative estimate. From the time taken, Supreme Sect will have to send out at least eight hundred thousand people." Su Yun said.

"This is going to be difficult."

Octagon Aniseed's face was also heavy. Even his tone of voice lacked the usual carefree tone.

"Capture the thief and capture the king. First, think of a way to figure out who the person in charge is in Supreme Sect this time. How are their plans of attack?" Su Yun said.

Octagon Aniseed nodded his head, "This is the most crazy sect. What I'm worried about right now is that they won't do anything at all. If everyone just attacks like that, then we won't have much time left. I don't even have time to use those powers."

"So you should be prepared."

Su Yun turned his head and looked at Octagon Aniseed.

"Preparing early? Am I not prepared enough? "

He didn't understand.

"Of course."


"Let's do it now." Su Yun said: "What about the magic equipment you guys took before?"

The captain of the Demon Guard who was standing next to them heard the bloodstains and immediately cupped his fists. "All of them are with your subordinate."

"Bring me the Crack Teleportation Formation and place it here."


The blood immediately began to flow.

"Demon Lord, what are you trying to do? We can use this thing to quickly return to the sect, but this place is too close to the Supreme Sect. What if the people from Supreme Sect discover the teleportation circle, and use it to enter the sect? " Octagon Aniseed asked curiously.

"Just destroy the other end of the teleportation array."

"This thing is a rare item, destroying it won't be easy."

"But if he were to trade for the life of the commander of this operation on Supreme Sect, do you think that it would be worth it?" Su Yun asked.

If we can take their lives, the Supreme Sect would be in chaos. In that way, we would be able to gain a lot of valuable time, but since we are able to be the commander of this operation, the enemies are definitely not ordinary people. Adding the fact that there are so many Supreme Sect people here, taking their lives is just like a fantasy story.

"How do you know it's a fantasy if you don't try?"

Su Yun took out the death sword behind him, and said: All of you stay here, in a while, I will go in alone to kill and lure the fire from the people of Supreme Sect, and when the people of Supreme Sect surround and annihilate me, the commander will appear, and all of you will take the chance to kill me, and either capture or kill the commander! And then, we'll use this teleportation formation to break apart and leave. "

As soon as he said that, his eight teeth was drenched in cold sweat. Can't you see how many people there are? "You can't do this, this is no different from courting death."

"But we don't have much time right now, and it's difficult to get the information we want. The people of Supreme Sect will never tell us anything about them, even if you place the sword on their neck, their crazy faith will not let them sell out their sect." Su Yun said.

His expression was especially serious and serious, not like he was joking.

Chi Gou stared at Su Yun, the two of them looked at each other for a long time, and Chi Gou lost in the end.

"Alright, alright, if you really plan on doing this, then we'll do as you say!" The Eight Claws patted Su Yun's shoulder, and revealed a smile: "I believe in you, Demon Lord, since you dared to say such words, then you must have something to rely on, but no matter what, there is always a chance, if not, we can just flee! Do you know? "

With that, he took out a golden Buddha statue and handed it over to Su Yun.

"This thing can protect your life. You can wear it again!"

It was truly rare to see a magic Buddha statue.

But Su Yun did not accept it, and instead patted its shoulders, and leaped up, flying far away.

Chi Gou was startled, seeing that Su Yun had walked far away, he finally regained his senses, laughing bitterly, he shouted at the Demon Guard: "Get ready!"

"Yes sir!"

The Demon Guard drew their swords and prepared to attack as they stared ahead.

Everyone's devil qi began to move.