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Huairou Muyu had no other choice. If she did not eat it, even showing some signs of not wanting to eat it, the Eastern Emperor Heavenly Sovereign would most likely kill her without any hesitation. However, if he ate it, everything he did before would be in vain, and Su Yun would still be in a passive state.

Right now, Huairou Muyu and Hu Qianmei were extremely conflicted.

The Eastern Emperor Heavenly Sovereign looked at Huairou Muyu, his eyes gradually becoming sharper.

"Muyu! I won't eat this pill! "

Just then, Hu Qianmei suddenly spoke to Huairou Muyu in a low voice.

"Why?" Huairou Muyu turned his head.

"If he eats it, he will definitely use me as a reason to threaten big brother!" Hu Qianmei gritted her teeth.

"But if you don't eat it, you will die immediately."

"If I die, at least brother will be able to live!"

"Miss Hu, he does not know that you are Su Yun's dual cultivation partner, your actions will not bring us or Su Yun any benefits. On the contrary, if we eat the pill, we can act together with Su Yun and capture all the Eastern Emperor Sky Sovereign in one fell swoop. Wouldn't that be much better than killing the enemy for Su Yun in front of you?"

Huairou Muyu said seriously.

Hearing that, Hu Qianmei was startled, he then nodded his head and sighed: "Muyu, Su Yun did not see the wrong person, handing over the Bei Yang to you is the right, you have a much better view of the situation than me."

"You're flattering me, but actually, your view of him is not shallow either. However, because this matter concerns Su Yun, you've messed up your mind!"

Huairou Muyu shook his head.

Without any hesitation, the two of them placed the greyish black pellets into their mouths.

Seeing that, the remaining doubt in the Eastern Emperor Sky Sovereign was completely dispelled. When Huairou Muyu swallowed the pill, then, her life was in his hands, there was no need to worry about her loyalty at all.

He only saw the Eastern Emperor Heavenly Sovereign throw out a brown round plate towards Huairou Muyu, and said indifferently: "With Su Yun's situation, use this to contact me. You should know what to do next, right?"

"Senior, no. Milord, please do not worry. This subordinate will definitely complete the mission you assigned to me." Huairou Muyu bowed and said.

"En!" The Eastern Sky Sovereign nodded his head, a look of praise in his eyes. He once again looked at Huairou Muyu, sizing him up carefully, the praise in his eyes growing stronger and stronger: "What is your name?"

Reporting to the lord, this subordinate's surname is Huai Rou, and my name is Muyu.

"Huairou Muyu? Good name! Huai Rou, if you succeed, and let me take away Su Yun's cultivation, and his magic treasure s, then the entire Bei Yang will be yours. Not only that, I will make an exception and let you enter my palace, and we will dual cultivate with each other, and help you obtain ten thousand years of cultivation! "

The Eastern Emperor said.

Huairou Muyu immediately knelt down on both knees, kowtowed and said, "Thank you, Sir, for your grace."


The Eastern Emperor Heavenly Sovereign waved his hand. Then, he turned and flew towards the horizon, and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared.

As they saw the Eastern Emperor and the others leave, everyone let out a sigh of relief. However, without a doubt, although everyone's minds were relaxed, their hearts were heavy. It was as if a massive boulder was hanging over them, and not a single one of them revealed a relaxed expression.

Huairou Muyu took a deep breath and turned to look at the people beside him: "Order it down, no one is to leak out the matter of the Eastern Emperor Heavenly Sovereign coming here, whoever it is, the entire city will be buried with him, as long as Su Yun finds out about this, the Eastern Emperor Heavenly Sovereign will definitely kill us all, understand?"

"Your subordinate understands," the man said with a trembling voice.

"Pass down the orders."


With that, he ran off.

Hu Qianmei looked at the person who left, her charming little face also filled with seriousness.

She walked over and said to Huairou Muyu: "What do you plan to do?"

"Wait for Su Yun to come back."

Huairou Muyu said softly.

"Yes." Hu Qianmei nodded her head. Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something and asked: "Muyu, you have been in Ultimate Martial World for so long, and have been doing business for so many years.

"What's wrong?"

"Let me ask you, if the two of them share their talent due to dual cultivation, is there any way to remove this strange connection?" Hu Qianmei stared at Huairou Muyu, his expression extremely serious.

As an intelligent person, Huairou Muyu naturally understood what he meant.

"Did you share Su Yun's talent?"

"Correct, between the two of us, if one of us dies, the other one's talent will be crippled!" Muyu, I know what you are planning to do, but you probably won't even tell Su Yun about the pill that we've already consumed. I understand Su Yun, and you know him too. If he knew about this, he would be restricted by the Eastern Emperor Heavenly Sovereign, and at that time, the situation would be even worse! "

Huairou Muyu was silent for a moment, then said gently: I know the method to remove the poison, but you can tell him the truth, but I do not.

"Neither will I." Hu Qianmei immediately followed up: "But I don't think we should surrender so easily. Although the Eastern Sky Sovereign forced us to consume such a pill, if we kill him, the poison's effects will be removed."

"I actually have that plan."

Huairou Muyu looked left and right, then said softly: "Although Eastern Emperor Sky Sovereign has left, his eyes and ears must still be monitoring us, this is not a good place to talk, let's go back and talk."


The vast, endless sky.

"Quick!" Since the Mighty Sword Valley has lost their Haotian Sacred Robes, they are no longer a threat. Now that the Haotian Sacred Cloth is in the hands of a nameless person, everyone hurry up and think of a way to stop that nameless person and snatch it from his hands! "

An older looking Spirit Cultivator shouted to the dozens of Spirit Cultivator s behind him.

Everyone's speed was extremely fast, like a meteor, they rode on their flying swords and rushed forward, striking their pills and urging their profound qi to move. Everyone's face was filled with anxiety, as though they were afraid that they would be slow and the treasure they were waiting for would disappear.

"We found out about the Clear Sky Holy Robe too late. It's already been a few days, and it's said that there are at least several hundred thousand people heading to 'Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain'. If we go now, can we still get the Clear Sky Holy Robe?"

One of them said worriedly.

"Stupid!" The older Spirit Cultivator immediately scolded: "Even if we can't get the Clear Sky Sacred Robe, we can at least get some benefits. With so many people gathered together, there will definitely be a dispute. Even if we can't get the Clear Sky Sacred Robe, the souls and magic treasure would still belong to us. "These benefits can be compared to hard training."

Upon hearing this, everyone's eyes lit up.

"Big Bro is right!"

"Big brother is too wise!"


Everyone's faces were filled with joy as they increased their horsepower and charged forward.

However, the leader of the group had only flown forward for a short while when he suddenly slowed down. He stared blankly ahead, his speed becoming slower and slower until he finally stopped in midair.

Seeing that, the Spirit Cultivator behind stopped.

"Big brother, what's wrong?"

Everyone asked curiously.

He saw the older Spirit Cultivator raise his hand with a tremble, and point towards the front …

Everyone looked towards the direction that he pointed, only to see nothing in front of them. There was only the endless abyss and the scarlet sky, they could no longer see any Spirit Cultivator, and the so-called 'Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain', had also disappeared without a trace.

All that was left was the blue sky and the pitch-black abyss …

Everyone's face revealed an extremely exaggerated expression of shock. They had never seen such a sight in their lives …

After leaving Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain, Su Yun flew through the flying shuttle, passing through Jian Xi and immediately leaving Sword World.

The trip of the Sword World was truly dangerous all around. To be able to leave the Sword World alive, Su Yun did not dare to say that it was because he was too powerful, it was all luck.

Normally, Su Yun would never take such a risk to snatch the Haotian Sacred Cloth, but for his parents and little sister, in order to solve the crisis in the Supreme Sect and save the true Devil Sect, he had to do this. The old man from the Dark Place had said before that only the Haotian Sacred Cloth and without the Haotian Sacred Cloth could contend against the Limitless Profound Qi, and he did not even have the qualifications to face the people from the Supreme Sect.

After obtaining the treasures, Su Yun immediately left for the True Devil Sect.

The Supreme Sect had already made their move, and he had already delayed inside the Sword World for a long time. He did not know what the situation was like, but if the battle between the real Devil Sect and the Supreme Sect were to break out, then it would be uncontrollable.

Since he could not contact them, Su Yun felt more and more threatened.

After entering the True Devil Realm, he brandished his flying sword and rushed forward. Not long later, he was standing in front of the mountain gates of the True Devil Sect.

It was just that after he entered the mountain gate, he felt that the entire True Devil Sect was extremely quiet and strange.

They could only see a few scattered Devil Cultivator s moving about.

When the Devil Cultivator saw Su Yun flying over, they quickly walked over and knelt on one knee to greet him.

"Greetings, Lord Devil Lord!"

"What's going on?" Su Yun looked around: "Where are the elders? What about the Eight Tooth Sect's Vice Sect Leader? "

"Milord, all the elders and sect head went out to handle some matters."

A Devil Cultivator said respectfully.

"What is it?"

"This subordinate does not know. The Vice Sect Leader does not allow this matter to be leaked, so only the Vice Sect Leader and the others know."

"If that's the case, then did the people from the Supreme Sect come over?"

"Twenty thousand people came, but they were annihilated and their corpses were taken away by the vice sect master."

"Oh?" Hearing that, Su Yun was shocked.

"Oh right, Demon Lord, this subordinate caught a human. He said that he came from the Bei Yang and had something to report to you, so this subordinate did not know his identity and locked him up. Would sire like to see him?"

The Devil Cultivator said again.

Someone from the Bei Yang?

Hearing that, Su Yun's heart tensed up, and immediately said: "Quick, bring me to see."

"Sir, this way please!"