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"Is he giving up?"

Looking at Su Yun who had barged into the crowd, Yi Kuangshi and Jianlan looked at each other in confusion, then rushed towards the crowd.

At that moment, all the Spirit Cultivator s had their eyes locked on Su Yun, all of them started to shout, the sword tip trembling, and a buzzing sound resonated through the entire sky.

It was likely that no one present had ever seen such a grand scene.

Hundred All Spirits Cultivators.

A million battle swords!

The target was only one person, and the killing intent was only one person!

At this moment, even Golden Immortals of the Great Firmament would perish.

However, to be able to be killed by nearly a million Spirit Cultivator s, even if he dies, it would still be worth it!

Yi Kuangshi gripped his sword tightly, quietly advancing towards Ning.

Sword Blue Robe and Blood sword elder did not hesitate. With a wave of the cane, the surface of the staff immediately cracked and formed a pitch black heavy sword. Everyone waited patiently, seemingly waiting for Su Yun to die, and planned to snatch the Haotian Sacred Cloth.

Now that Su Yun had not died, these people would temporarily band together. If Su Yun fell, this place would become a huge battlefield that was even bigger than 'Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain', where countless Spirit Cultivator would be buried, and the battle for the Clear Sky Holy Robe would shock the entire Heaven Realm.

"Lady Jian!"

Yi Kuangshi suddenly moved closer to the blue-clothed swordsman, calling out in a low voice.

Sword Blue Robe turned his head and looked at him warily. He did not say anything, but the sword in his hand became even tighter.

I have no ill intentions towards you, but I want to tell you that the situation here today is extremely complicated. There are many experts here, and there are only a single Clear Sky Holy Robe. Yi Kuangshi said in a low voice, "After we take the Clear Sky Holy Robe and leave this place, we'll find some time to have a fair duel. The victor will get the Clear Sky Holy Robe. How about it?"

When Sword Blue heard this, her tensed face relaxed a bit as she quietly looked around.

Right now, the situation was in chaos. To be honest, even stronger people couldn't guarantee that they would be able to obtain the Clear Sky Holy Robe. The reason everyone was gathered here was because they were hoping for a fluke.

"Alright, I can work with you!" "Yes." Sword Blue nodded.

Not only would the chances of them obtaining the Clear Sky Holy Robe be higher, their ability to protect themselves would also be stronger.

"Very good. Since that's the case, you and I must trust each other. In a while, I'll go get the Clear Sky Holy Robe and you can cover my retreat. Is that feasible?"

"Why didn't you cover for me when I went to get the Clear Sky Holy Robe?"

"Hoh, it's the same. If you don't trust me, then go ahead and get it."

Yi Kuangshi laughed.

Sword Blue Robe did not say anything. He raised his sword and leaned forward.

Everyone's eyes could already see Su Yun who was floating in mid air.

The three layers of people surrounded him so tightly that not even a drop of water could leak out. Each sword was already glowing, and in the next breath of time, an immeasurable amount of sword Qi would attack him.

Without the Clear Sky Holy Robe, Su Yun would not even be able to hold on for one breath!

An unprecedented sword pressure.

The terrifying sword qi.

At this moment, it was as if the entire Sword World was trembling.

Crash! Crash! Crash!

Each blade was pointed straight at the sky!

The powerful sword moves that the Hundred All Spirits Cultivators used together, the attacks that the Hundred All Spirits s and the Profound Sky Continent all attacked together.

This sort of scene could be said to be a rare occurrence once every 10,000 years.

And today, a grand scene was about to unfold right next to the Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain, the ancient battlefield.

Not to mention the people who were watching, even the people who were preparing to attack Su Yun felt their hearts thumping, to be able to witness such a grand and majestic scene, how exciting was that?

"Go to hell."

The mighty Sword Valley Lord looked at Su Yun who was surrounded by a large group of people, his mouth revealing a sinister smile.

No one would survive such an attack.

Absolutely not.

Today's scene would be recorded in the annals of history!


A terrifying sword qi surged out from the sword tip of a Spirit Cultivator, like a meteor flying straight ahead.

It was like falling into dry wood, igniting the entire scene!

After he made his move, the people around him also made their move.





The other swords that had already accumulated sufficient strength all spewed out sword Qis as well.

A cold light flashed.

Sharp blades swung one after another.

It was like the scattering of flowers by a goddess, like the falling of stars. All the attacks were directed towards one target, one direction!

The void was shaking.

The earth split apart on its own.

The sky was incomparably dark. The clouds dissipated, and the wild wind came to a halt.

Su Yun, who was standing in the middle, was not flustered at all. He held the death sword in one hand and closed his eyes slightly, as if all of this had nothing to do with him.

This calmness was truly admirable!

However …

The moment the first wave of sword qi attacked him, four illusions suddenly rose around him.

It is the image of the Holy Spirit Beast!

Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise!

The moment the Four Sacred Beasts appeared, they immediately fused and formed a seven-coloured shield that enveloped Su Yun tightly!

"What is this?"

The people in the distance saw this and were puzzled.

When the first Sword Qi smashed into Su Yun's body, the Seven Colored Shield 'Kuang' sounded out, immediately reflecting back the Sword Qi, causing it to have a seven colored glow, which was especially intense.

The Spirit Cultivator was startled, before he could even react, his body was pierced by the colorful sword qi, and immediately exploded.

This power was at least seven to eight times more ferocious than his sword qi!

One person was killed by the backlash, while the second person was killed. The third person was killed by the backlash.

All of the sword qi that was reflected onto the rainbow colored shield, were rebounded, and the rebounding sword qi received a terrifying amplification, the surface had a rainbow colored light, directly attacking the owner of the shield that released them.

"What's going on?"

Far off in the distance, Yi Kuangshi and the rest of the Blood sword elder were all stunned.

Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff.

The person whose body was pierced by the rainbow colored sword qi immediately exploded. How many attacks did the strange shield reflect?!

The amount of sword Qi rebounding out was over a hundred thousand, those who were prepared to release their sword Qi towards Su Yun all turned pale in fright, and quickly stopped.

Circles of blood mist burst out from Su Yun's body.

Countless pieces of flesh and blood splattered in the air. Dazzling flowers of blood bloomed, dyeing the entire area in red.

These people felt as if they had fallen into a world where only blood and flesh remained. The entire world had changed, and a terrifying aura and a stifling atmosphere had invaded the world with a 'beep'.

This move, how many Spirit Cultivator s died?!

Blood rained down from the sky.

Those people who did not have the time to attack Su Yun were stunned.

They stared blankly at that person, at the people who were completely enveloped by the rainbow colored light. Their hearts were already filled with fear and shock.

This hell-like scene would leave an indelible shadow in the hearts of many people. Cultivators cultivated the Dao to cultivate the heavens and earth, but on the way, they had never seen dozens of All Spirits cultivators die at the same time. This kind of thing only existed during the Great War of Gods and Demons!

"This is impossible! This is impossible!"

The Might Sword Valley Lord blankly stared at the mushroom cloud formed by the blood mist in the distance. It was as if he had lost all of his soul, staring at the scene dumbly with an expression of shock on his old face.

Waves of whimpering sounds came from the sky, the overflowing souls of the dead Spirit Cultivator. They gathered in the air and tried their best to sound out.

"This method simply surpasses a true divine ability!" Sword Blue muttered to himself.

"How can this be? Was this the power of the Clear Sky Holy Robe? No! No, no! If the Clear Sky Sacred Robe has such power, how could it be lost to the Venerable Sword Valley? "

"Who the hell is this guy!?" Who the hell is he? "


Terrified cries were heard.

Everyone went completely mad, trembling in fear.

Their guts were completely scared out of their wits.

This attack had killed nearly 300,000 people! As for the remaining existences, they were either heavily injured or crippled, and their fighting strength had been completely lost!

Such an unparalleled blow was rarely seen in this world. Some of the more impatient sects were completely destroyed by this move.

The Great Firmament Golden Immortal was nothing special.


Blood mixed with flesh fell from the sky onto the cold ground, the dense human crowd around them became a lot more relaxed, everyone's gaze was like a statue staring at the person in the middle, at that moment, who dared to make a move against Su Yun?

The entire world went silent.

The wind stopped the clouds, and the sun and moon disappeared.

This strange scene was like a piece of red-hot iron, burning people's hearts.

This scene was something that no one could forget for the rest of their lives.

Su Yun turned and looked at the people around him, his blood red eyes filled with killing intent, the demon blood in his body was ignited by the blood around him, it was boiling hot and restless. At that moment, he inexplicably wished for more lives to be destroyed.

"Su Yun!"

Just then, an anxious and terrified voice came out from the sword sheath.

Su Yun regained his senses, and asked: "What's wrong?"

"You just killed so many people!" Ling Qingyu's voice was filled with urgency!

"If they want to take my life, they can only kill me." Su Yun said coldly. The current him, with his devilish personality, was completely lured out, and did not have much compassion.

"But now so many people have died, the vicious aura has exploded, the blood aura and evil aura has exploded!" The Fearful Sword has made its move! "

Ling Qingyu called out, his voice filled with fear.

"Vicious sword? What fierce sword is this? "

Su Yun frowned, suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something, and his face changed.


Just then, a bright light shone from within the Limitless Sword Sheath!

Immediately after, a sword image, with the Limitless Sword Sheath as the source, rushed out from the sword sheath. Enormous and big, it soared to the sky, with Su Yun as the center, it spun quickly.


The light and shadow swirled for a while, then quickly returned back into the sword sheath and disappeared.

followed by

Deep fear, astonishment, and trembling that was difficult to put into words surfaced in Su Yun's heart.

The devilish aura in his body suddenly disappeared, and he calmed down.

He looked around at the Spirit Cultivator, only to find that they were all frozen.

And then …

Pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft pfft …

All the bodies of the Spirit Cultivator s shattered like glass.

Regardless of whether it was the first ranked disciple of the Heroic Sword List, Yi Kuangshi, or the bodies of the people from the Blood sword elder, Sword Blue Yi, and the mighty Sword Valley Lord were all slashed into pieces. No souls were left behind, the mountaintop turned into particles, and the earth instantly shattered, turning into an abyss.

In the blink of an eye, the hundred All Spirits cultivators cleared up the area with their sword attacks!

A million corpses!