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To Su Yun, collapsing a cave was not a good thing, once it collapsed here, even the entire 'Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain' would be destroyed. What made him curious was that, for such a sturdy mountain like Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain, it would be difficult to even shake the mountain itself. How could the cracks on the mountain be so severe? And it looked like it was about to collapse?

Su Yun sat cross legged, closed his eyes, activated profound strength, and activated the battle robe on his body.

A ray of light emitted from his body. It shot out towards the mountain wall above, penetrating through layers of rocks and shooting out a Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain, floating outside the mountain.

This was the divine power released by the 'Imperial Battle Robe'.

The divine power did not have much use in the first place, and was only controlled by Su Yun. However, if one placed their soul on the divine power, they could detect in all four directions, as if their primordial spirit had left their body.

The God Power left with his soul and rushed out of the mountain. Just as he went out, he heard waves of furious roars exploding.

Su Yun gazed up.

He saw the black mass of people from all directions frantically attacking 'Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain'.

At that instant, they were in complete chaos.

Without a unified order, without a unified slogan, everyone casually used profound skill. Each and every one of them swung their swords to a terrifying extent, as though they wanted to tear apart the heaven and earth, and the entire 'Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain' had long been covered in Sword Qi! At the moment, the mountain was a size smaller than before. The surface of the mountain was full of potholes, and a few large cracks had appeared on the mountain. It was as if 'Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain' was about to be split into many pieces.

Seeing that, Su Yun's heart became heavy.

He looked around, his heart growing heavier.

There were already a countless number of Spirit Cultivator present, covering the sky and covering the sun.

How many people were there in the Sword World? Su Yun did not know. Furthermore, they were afraid that there were close to a million Spirit Cultivator s here. Everyone had surrounded the Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain so tightly that not even a fly could fly in. At this moment, the vast majority of these people were currently attacking the mountain. If the reason why the supreme expert and the other Spirit Cultivator attacked together was to force Su Yun to come out, then now, it was not as simple as forcing him out.

Su Yun was sure that they were planning to destroy the mountain!

They completely flattened 'Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain', then took Su Yun out from inside, and seized the 'Clear Sky Holy Robe'!

This number of Spirit Cultivator s was no longer isolated by the evil aura of the mountains.

With this many Spirit Cultivator, if it was Su Yun, he would also not use such a forced method, so there was no need at all for him to immediately destroy the mountain, it was even more efficient and quick, releasing the terrifying aura from 'Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain', and completely uproot it from the Sword World, is it not more efficient than any other method? In the past, he would not do this because he did not have enough power. But now that the Spirit Cultivator from all over the Sword World had gathered here, what else could these people not do?

A whistling sword qi rippled out.

Some of the air was shattered by the sword qi, revealing pitch-black cracks. Many of the Sword Qi clashed together, and a violent explosion occurred. that were close to the Thousand Cloud Sky Sword Mountain were affected, and were dizzy from the impact. The scene was chaotic, and there were too many people to handle. As a result, there were quite a few conflicts between people.

However, once the conflict broke out, supreme expert would step out to stop it.

Since the supreme expert was concerned about the Clear Sky Holy Robe, they naturally would not let them mess around here.

It was just that the supreme expert had their own plans, the big powers also had their own plans, the situation here was not something that could be decided by one person, the supreme expert were on guard against the large numbers of big powers, and the big powers were constantly wary of the strong Spirit Cultivator.

Now that the Clear Sky Sacred Robe had yet to appear, it made everyone restless and suspicious of each other. If the Sacred Robe appeared, who knew what would happen when facing these battle-loving Hundred All Spirits s.

Of course, there was one thing that he could know, once the 'Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain' was destroyed, Su Yun would probably not even be left with ashes. This Spirit Cultivator that numbered close to a million, the Clear Sky Holy Robe would not be able to protect him.

Su Yun retracted his gaze, and turned to the 'Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain' below.

The Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain was currently in a miserable state. Every second it endured the attacks of at least a hundred thousand sword Qis, causing the surface of the mountain to be smashed into powder. Dust filled the sky, the mountain body became smaller and smaller, and the corpses inside the mountain were gradually being exposed.

Judging from the frequency of the attacks, in fourteen hours, the heavenly passage that Su Yun was in would be blown up by the Spirit Cultivator. The entire Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain will completely disappear in ten hours.

As an Ancient Battlefield, the Spirit Sage's burial ground, the Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain, which absorbed a large amount of Spirit Cultivator's spirit energy and the energy in their corpses, made this mountain different from the other mountains. It was exceptionally sturdy, but today, it would become the dust of history, and completely disappear.

Su Yun withdrew his soul and returned to the cave.

The situation outside was so serious that the plan couldn't keep up with the changes. It was simply unrealistic to think of excavating a path to escape.

"Su Yun, what do we do now? I think this place of yours is about to collapse! Once you are buried by the falling stones that have collapsed, it would be inconvenient to move around, it would be easier to be captured by the Spirit Cultivator outside. " Ling Qingyu's voice came out.

The stones were heavy.

Su Yun stood up, he thought for a moment, then suddenly leaped up, and rushed towards the tunnel in front.

Ling Qingyu was startled, she still wanted to say something, but stopped, looking outside anxiously through the sword sheath.

After entering the tunnel, they walked forward for a short while before they saw what was happening outside.

The tunnel was blasted open, the gravel filling it, the dust thick. Su Yun slashed apart the rock in front of him, jumped out of the tunnel and landed on the mountainside.

The moment he appeared, he was met by an overwhelming amount of sword Qis.

Seeing this, Ling Qingyu was a little shocked.

Why did Su Yun come out? What was he going to do? Did he want to face it head on? Thinking about that, Ling Qingyu started to sweat profusely. With so many Spirit Cultivator outside looking at her, her scalp went numb, other than an army formed by the Spirit Cultivator or a sect in the myriad heavens, where else would she be able to gather so many Spirit Cultivator?

Charge head on? Of course Su Yun wouldn't be that stupid, he wouldn't be so arrogant if he didn't fuse with the 'Holy Imperial Battle Armor', he was not invincible.

Now that the Spirit Cultivator was gathered here, all of them came from the east, south, east and west of Sword World, because the Clear Sky Sacred Robe allowed them to gather together, if they mixed in the crowd, they could easily leave, and the 'Imperial Sacred Battle Robe' could hide their presence, and could even change their cultivation, making it difficult for others to sense their true strength, which gave Su Yun some hope.

Taking a deep breath, he stared in Jian Xi's direction, holding his breath before leaping into the air and dashing out.

"Su Yun, are you planning to go head on?"

When Ling Qingyu who was inside the sword sheath saw Su Yun's movements, he was so scared that his entire body started to tremble.

A single person going to attack close to a million people?

This is courting death.

The sword beams were like raindrops as they constantly rained down on the Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain. Everyone's eyes were fixated on the mountain, watching as it slowly faded away.

"Hmm? What is that? "

Suddenly, someone exclaimed.

The Spirit Cultivator s at the side all raised their heads, only to see a thin figure rushing out from within the dense smoke and dust filled Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain.

This person charged forward while facing the Swordqi that filled the sky. The Swordqi looked ferocious, but when they approached him, they seemed to crash into a black hole and all disappeared.

"Who is this person?"

"He's actually able to endure such fierce attacks and continue forward. How strong is his cultivation?"

"That's not right!" His cultivation is not strong, but his magic treasure is strong! He is the person who snatched the Clear Sky Holy Robe! "

"What?" This is the person? "

"He did not hide properly in the Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain, and he actually ran out. Is he courting death? Or do you think that the Clear Sky Holy Robe can give him invincibility? "

"Back then when the Clear Sky Sacred Robe was obtained by the Mighty Sword Valley Master, the Mighty Sword Valley's strength was great, and they also had the Holy Robe as their backing, there was no one in the entire Sword World who dared to seek it. But this fellow is only yourself, yet he is so arrogant. "Hmph, you are simply courting death!"

Finished speaking, the Spirit Cultivator immediately gathered their firepower and shot towards the incoming figure.

When the Spirit Cultivator s from other places heard the news, they immediately exploded, as though they had gone mad, and rushed towards the location of the figure.

Everyone's goal was the Clear Sky Holy Robe. Now that their target had appeared, how could they obediently surround it? For a time, a hole had appeared in the impenetrable Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain. The people on the other side of the mountain immediately ran towards Jian Xi, causing the entire scene to become more and more chaotic!

However, after everyone rushed at the figure for a moment, they saw it suddenly explode!


Everyone's heart skipped a beat.

Immediately, there were people who did not care about the corrosive effects of the sword qi and evil Qi. They approached the Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain and rushed towards the place where the figure had fallen.

They activated their profound qi and used all their might to block, but before they could even get close, a large amount of Sword Qi shot out from behind them, striking towards the Spirit Cultivator at the front.

How could these people defend against so many attacks? He died a horrible death.

"Damn it! The Clear Sky Holy Robe belongs to our 'Sword Execution Hall'. If anyone dares to attempt it, they will be killed! "

"Pfft, what is your 'Swordcutter Hall'?" You dare to think about the Clear Sky Holy Robe? "Scram!"

"You're courting death!"

These Spirit Cultivator who heard the rumors had long since lost their sanity for the sake of the magic treasure. This time, they were completely insane, and for the sake of the Clear Sky Holy Robe, they directly went to war, trying to maintain the order that the supreme expert and the other great powers had painstakingly maintained.

When one of the Spirit Cultivator s finally found the place where the figure had fallen, all he saw was a group of shattered rocks covered in lotus flower patterns …

Old Huo felt quite happy about the fact that his friends were still around.