Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 731
"Su Yun, you can continue the fusion here."

Ling Qingyu said.


Su Yun was a little suspicious. "Where exactly is this place?"

"It's a very special place. Although I don't know where this place is, but compared to the other places, this place is especially special." Ling Qingyu waved his hand and gestured: "You don't know the structure of this Sword Sheath's world, but it is actually a huge round ball. The divine sword Stage is like a small round ball in a ball, floating everywhere, sometimes going to the south, sometimes going to the north, and the entire Sword Sheath's world is scurrying around everywhere. But no matter what, they won't be able to jump out of this sword sheath, because this layer of iron is blocking them. They are just like the borders of the Sword World. "

"I don't know what kind of metal this iron is made from, but I can tell you, this iron is harder than any metal I have ever seen, not only that, this iron also contains a dense profound qi, this profound qi is extremely mystical, as though it contained Holy Spirit Force, if you can absorb and use it as your own, the benefits are endless, Su Yun, don't you use the profound qi now? You can extract profound qi s from this steel and use them to activate the green lotus. "

Ling Qingyu said.

Hearing that, Su Yun thought for a moment, then sat down, placed one hand on the ground, and closed his eyes to feel.

momentary work

"This …"

Su Yun's face revealed a hint of surprise: "There's actually a thick profound qi inside this steel!"

"Can it be absorbed?"

I have never seen such a unique profound qi. It seems like it is not steel, it seems soft yet not soft, but it seems blunt yet, seemingly dull yet sharp, it is simply all-encompassing! This is not a power that I can control, but it doesn't mean that it can't be used on my own! " Su Yun's face revealed a joyous smile: "These auras are extremely mysterious, I think that my body won't be able to withstand this aura, but it won't be difficult to lure it into the 'Natural Green Lotus'."

With that said, Su Yun immediately started to drive, using the profound qi inside the steel plate as a channel, he instigated towards the green lotus.

He did not understand this aura, how could he let it stay in his body for long?

After the profound qi entered his body, it immediately imbued itself into the green lotus, not daring to slack off in the slightest.

What surprised everyone was that after Su Yun's guidance, the green lotus started to shine again, and the light was even brighter than before!

Weng weng weng

The green lotus emitted a muffled sound.

It was like a machine that was rotating at high speed, even the lotus stones were vibrating.

With this magical iron ground as his foundation, Su Yun felt that the profound qi was a never-ending flow, without end.

In less than half an incense worth of time, the green lotus had already filled up. With a 'pa' sound, the green lotus's light became even dimmer, but this time, it was not because the profound qi was insufficient, but because the fusion had ended.

He Shi was silent for a moment, and then slowly released it.

There was no brilliant light, no amazing scene, only a slow bloom, everything was very natural.

However, Su Yun's heart was not at peace, as though he was hanging in mid air.

Even in the face of those countless Spirit Cultivator, he had never been as nervous as he was now. His eyes were fixated on the lotus stone, his eyes were unmoving, his heart was beating wildly, and his palms were covered in perspiration.

Ling Qingyu was the same, she stood beside Su Yun, staring intently with her clear eyes, and did not move an inch.

After the lotus stone fully bloomed, with a "pu" sound, the lotus stone shattered.

The moment the lotus stone shattered, Su Yun felt his heart clench.

But soon, an object appeared within the shattered lotus.

The two of them hurriedly stepped forward.

A grey and white battle gown appeared in Su Yun's line of sight.

"Success!" Ling Qingyu's eyes were dull as he looked at the battle robes, and cried out.

Su Yun was also stunned.

His heart seemed to have stopped beating.

His brain seemed to have been completely scrapped, unable to think any further.

His eyes seemed to be glued to the battle robe.

Only after a long time did the two of them regain their senses.

Su Yun extended his hand over slowly and touched the battle robes, his fingertip swiping on it, drawing out a halo of light that surrounded the fingertip, it was extremely mystical, extremely profound.

"It's a success!"

Su Yun whispered.

Although it was not surprising that there was a fifty percent chance that it would succeed, the feeling of being suffocated was simply too shocking and profound. The joy of succeeding was like a massive wave that surged through the hearts of everyone present.

It was hard for him to describe his feelings at this moment!

The two of them stared at the battle robes as their minds couldn't calm down.

"The Haotian Sacred Robe and the Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment are both divine objects. Now that these two treasures have been fused together, what kind of power would they have?" Ling Qingyu was also somewhat excited: "Su Yun, quickly put this divine object on and test its capabilities."


Su Yun nodded and picked up the battle robe.

When the battle robe was raised, the originally gray color suddenly changed and turned completely white.

What was going on?

He brought the battle robe closer, and after a closer look, it suddenly changed its color, and at that moment, it had turned transparent. If not for Su Yun holding onto the battle robe, he would not have known that it was in his hands.

"Eh, where's the robe?" Ling Qingyu noticed that the battle robe disappeared into Su Yun's hands and he exclaimed.

"The color of the battle robe seems to change."

Su Yun said.


Su Yun thought for a while, then pulled down the battle robe, causing the color of the battle robe to change again.

Does the light source change color?

As expected, the light source was different, and the color of the battle robe was also different. But what was the use? If it could be worn on one's body, one could control the color of the battle robe. That would be useful, for example, the transparent and invisible armor from before.

However, since it was a divine item, it would definitely not be ordinary. Su Yun anxiously donned the battle robe.

When the battle robe was put on, Su Yun felt as if a feather had fallen onto his body, it was without any effect, and in his heart, a strange chain was attached to a mysterious string, a string that linked Su Yun to the battle robe.

He immediately sat down cross-legged, closed his eyes, and calmed his mind and heart, and began to sense the new Battle Armor.

This was a new divine object created by using the Clear Sky Sacred Robe as a bone, as the soul, and the Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment as the flesh as the soul. Their fusion did not mean that they had disappeared, but rather that they had ascended to a higher level.

The two divine objects originally belonged to Su Yun, but now that they had merged together, there was not much of a gap between Su Yun and the newborn divine object.

Not long after, he opened his eyes.

"How is it? Do you understand this divine object?"

Ling Qingyu asked.

"I tested it out in my mind. Perhaps between me and it, I still need time to understand."

Su Yun smiled slightly.

Just like how he had initially cultivated the Limitless Sword Arts, the strength of this set of clothes surprised Su Yun.

"Since we have successfully completed the fusion, let's quickly think of a way to leave the Sword World."


Su Yun nodded and stood up.

He looked at the clothes on his body and, with a thought, the color of his clothes became transparent. In the blink of an eye, he was already close to disappearing.

"It's truly a divine object. After you put it on, I can no longer feel your aura. I can't even feel your cultivation. With this clothes, there will be no worries for the future." Ling Qingyu lamented.

"Not only is it an aura, it can also fake a cultivation realm, causing others to misunderstand your cultivation realm." Su Yun smiled slightly.

"Oh, is that right, Su Yun, you have not named it as such, it is now a brand-new magic treasure, so its name must be new as well, not to mention that the Clear Sky Holy Robe is something everyone is fighting for, it is no longer a name suitable for them."

Su Yun thought for a while: "This is made from the fusion of the Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment and Clear Sky Holy Cloak.


"Qingyu, I don't have many profound strength on me right now, but the metal ground contains an unimaginable amount of profound strength. I would like to take one piece and leave, so that it can be used to recover my profound qi."

"This is difficult." Ling Qingyu shook his head: "The iron on the ground is abnormally hard, you can't split it up. You can't even dig out a piece. It's a whole. "

Su Yun took out his death sword and hacked the ground.


The death sword's body trembled violently. Sparks flew in all directions, with power rippling in the air, but the place where it struck, did not even have a single sword mark.

"It seems like it is indeed as you said."

"What are you going to do now?" Ling Qingyu asked.

"With the 'Holy Imperial Battle Robe', the aura inside the 'Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain' is no longer a threat to me anymore. I have enough time to dig a tunnel leading out of the mountain.

Su Yun said, then turned and rushed out of the sword sheath.

Ling Qingyu stood at his original spot, he did not follow, and only watched him leave from afar.

Su Yun left the sword sheath and landed by its side.

At the moment, the surface of the Limitless Sword Sheath was completely covered with a layer of moss green dust, and obvious cracks appeared in the center of the sword sheath. The sword Qi and evil Qi in the air rushed towards the cracks, intending to tear apart the sword sheath.

When Su Yun appeared, the 'Holy Armor' released a God Power to purify the Sword Qi and evil Qi around his body. A vacuum immediately appeared around Su Yun, and the scope of purification was many times larger than the Clear Sky Holy Robe before.

After isolating himself from the sword Qi and evil Qi, wore the Limitless Sword Sheath back on his waist and the cracks on its body started to slowly mend themselves. The inside of a treasure was a world, it could not be easily destroyed.

After taking back the Limitless Sword Sheath, Su Yun immediately sat down cross legged and started to meditate.


Suddenly, there was a loud explosion. The mountain shook again, and suddenly, the side wall of the cave split open as a huge rock rolled towards them …

Su Yun did not care about it, the boulder fell and closed in on Su Yun, a halo of profound strength came out from the surface of his body and directly tore the boulder apart.

The Great Petrification Stone was reduced to fragments that splattered in all directions, but this was not the end.

The mountain shook more and more, more and more stones fell over, the surrounding corpses were buried under the rocks, the corpses on the walls and sealed corpses also started to fall down, from the looks of it, the holy abode was about to collapse.