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This was a completely crazy move.

If Su Yun had the Imperial Equipment and Clear Sky Holy Robe, he would still be able to survive in this' Thousand Cloud Sword Mountain ', and not be corroded by the evil Qi or sword qi. However, if he lost these two things, he would definitely die!

He was completely putting his life on the line to gamble.

"Have you thought it over?"

Ling Qingyu was still worried as he asked softly.

"Of course I did." Su Yun said seriously: "At present, I have no other choice. If what you said is true, then when the Clear Sky Sacred Robe and the Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment fuse together, they will definitely be able to produce an even more powerful divine object. Perhaps using this divine object can give me more time to escape the 'Thousand Cloud Sky Sword Mountain'!"

Hearing that, Ling Qingyu did not say a word.

In fact, Su Yun had his own plans.

If it wasn't for the natural green lotus, Su Yun would have taken the risk, since there were countless Spirit Cultivator attacking the Thousand Cloud Zong Sword Mountain, he could no longer hold on, and had to dig a tunnel to escape out of the mountain. If that was the case, other than using two Imperial Equipment s to fight, Su Yun had no other choice.

Losing the Clear Sky Holy Robe would save many people from having to deal with him, but instead, he might as well take it out and gamble once.

He needed time to integrate and there was not much time left. At this point in time, he could only place all his hopes on this!

Su Yun made his decision, naturally he did not plan to change it. He exhaled, and placed the sword sheath by his waist on the ground.

Although the Limitless Sword Sheath was not a normal magic treasure, it was not a defensive Imperial Equipment. Having lost the protection of the sacred robe, it could only last for around six hours.

"How long will it take?"

Su Yun asked.

"I'm not sure." Ling Qingyu shook his head.

She only had a rough idea of what a 'natural green lotus' was, so how could she know anything about it?

Su Yun could understand: "I will enter the sword sheath and fuse with it. The sword sheath can isolate these auras and allow me to integrate with it with my heart at ease."

"Hopefully, it will be completed soon. Otherwise, once the Limitless Sword Sheath is destroyed, everything will be over! Once the sword sheath is harmed, the consequences would be severe! " Ling Qingyu said.

"It can't be finished." Su Yun said indifferently: "If we cannot complete these six hours, then we can only use that move."

Ling Qingyu was startled: "What move?"

Su Yun did not say anything, he only touched the death sword behind him.

The Sword Storm of the sword ancestor!

Ling Qingyu was shocked.

had once said that there was a terrifying and ferocious sword sealed within the sword sheath. If the sword sheath is destroyed and the fierce sword reappears in the world, the heavens would never be at peace!

"Since you have the Sword Storm, why didn't you use it directly to kill those Spirit Cultivator s?" Ling Qingyu came back to reality and asked.

"I don't want to use it as a last resort!" Su Yun shook his head: "I want to use it in a more suitable place for it! Furthermore, I have no way out right now! "

With that said, Su Yun immediately opened the Limitless Sword Sheath and went inside.

The sword sheath landed on the corpses and the divine power dissipated. The sword aura, evil aura and corpse poison aura immediately started to corrode the sword sheath.

Upon entering the Sword Sheath's world, Su Yun fell onto a white jade platform.

The white clothed Ling Qingyu stood there barefooted, but when she saw Su Yun enter, she immediately walked over.

"You have used up a lot of profound qi s before, why don't you sit down to recover your aura first! "I will help you."

"No need. Time is of the essence. We have to start right now."

Su Yun heaved a sigh of relief and sat down cross legged.

He activated the 'Natural Green Lotus', then took off the Clear Sky Holy Robe on his body, took out the Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment's small flag, and placed it in front of the Imperial Equipment.

When the two magic treasure neared, the green lotus had a reaction, it slowly bloomed, and at the bottom, a green lotus mark slowly appeared, becoming larger and larger, until it was the size of a washbasin. Only then did it stop, and the petals on the left and right of the lotus, were glowing with a bright light.

Seeing that, Su Yun immediately understood what to do, and immediately used the Clear Sky Holy Robe and Imperial Equipment to throw them towards the flower.

He placed them on top of the flower petal rune and it immediately shrank back, dragging the two magic treasure s with it as it gently rotated and disappeared into the 'natural green lotus'.

Slowly, the light on the surface of the green lotus dimmed.

For a long time, nothing happened.

"What's going on?"

He stared at the green lotus with a puzzled expression.

After injecting a bit of profound qi into the green lotus, the green lotus started to radiate with a bit of light, but after the profound qi was removed, the light started to fade.

"Does the fusion have to be done continuously?"

Su Yun was completely stunned.

"Of course. Do you want it to work on its own? It's just like cooking rice. If there's no fire, how are you going to cook the rice? "Moreover, this fire will have to last for a period of time, otherwise the rice will not be cooked well." Ling Qingyu said.

Hearing that, Su Yun nodded his head, he immediately sat cross legged and stared at the green lotus, he extended his hand out and placed it on the petal, and started inserting profound qi.

When the profound qi entered the lotus, the green lotus once again lit up with a strong light.

It was just that …

The amount of profound qi injected into the green lotus was huge. If it was small, the green lotus would not react at all.

After continuing for a while, Su Yun felt that he could not take it anymore, the beads of perspiration were dripping down his face and his expression became ugly.

He had already used up a lot of profound qi, so how could he still use it like this?

Seeing that, Ling Qingyu immediately sat down, slapped his hands on Su Yun's back, and started instigating profound qi in his body.

With Ling Qingyu's help, Su Yun had slowed down by quite a bit, but it was just a cup of water with a very low wage, the profound qi that the green lotus needed was especially huge, and in less than half an incense worth of time, Su Yun had completely dried up and poured all the profound qi into the green lotus.

"Stop, Qingyu!"

Su Yun said weakly as he struggled to move his hands away from the green lotus.

Hearing that, Ling Qingyu immediately stopped.

"What's wrong?"

"Not enough."

Su Yun stared at the gradually weakening green lotus, his expression turning ugly.

"Not enough? You are at the peak of the sixth stage of the Sky Spirit Master, are all your profound qi not enough for it to activate and fuse? "

"It's not enough, it's far from enough. Even with your profound qi, it's not enough! I can feel it. "

Su Yun clenched his fist tightly, and finally, it loosened.

"It seems like I can't fuse them. I can only use the Sword Storm."

Su Yun would rather sacrifice the Clear Sky Sacred Robe than use the Sword Storm.

The Sword Storm was not a one-time use item, it was the power that belonged to the sword ancestor and was currently sealed within the death sword. Su Yun could unlock the seal on the death sword and release the Sword Storm, and after the Sword Storm was unleashed, the power would float around the world, and if he wanted to use the power again, he would have to reseal it back into the death sword.

However, what Su Yun was concerned with was not the problem of the use and recovery of the Sword Storm, but the consequences of using it.

Towards enemies, Su Yun would never be lenient, but towards unrelated people, he did not have the impulse to recklessly kill them.

This kind of power, once used, would destroy more than half of the interface!

Although Su Yun had been possessed by demons and evil, he was still a human in his essence. Countless innocent lives would be lost to his hands, how could he be indifferent?

This was human nature.

Although he was at the sixth stage of the Sky Spirit Master, Su Yun still could not jump out of the Three Realms.

He closed his eyes and was silent for a moment.

In the end, he still pulled out the death sword and slowly stood up.

Although it was difficult for him to pass this hurdle, after being trained in this quiet world for a bit, he was no longer the Su Yun of the past.

Maybe I, Su Yun, will let you down, but as matters stand, I no longer have any other choice.

He thought to himself, he was about to turn around and leave Sword Sheath's world.

This decision might cause the prosperous Sword World to decline.

But, is there any other way?

"Su Yun! Come with me! "

Just at this moment, Ling Qingyu seemed to have thought of something and anxiously grabbed onto Su Yun's hand.

"Where to?"

"You've come!"

Ling Qingyu shouted, and then pulled him to the sky and rushed forward.

A sword platform that was filled with swords appeared in Su Yun's line of sight. After some thought, he found that there were still many more treasured swords that he could use, but upon thinking about how these swords were used to suppress the ferocious swords, Su Yun did not dare to be too greedy for them. The current swords were already more than enough, and it was not that the more the better, but the better.

After passing through the Sword Discourse Arena, they arrived at the empty horizon.

There was nothing. When he looked over, it was as white as white fog. There was nothing at all.

But Ling Qingyu still dragged Su Yun forward.

Su Yun looked at Ling Qingyu and saw that her beautiful face was filled with seriousness, she did not seem to be messing around.

After calculating the time, it had already been one and a half hours and there was not much time left. If he was unable to fuse with the Clear Sky Holy Robe and the Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment within six hours, he could only give up this method and leave the sword sheath.

Su Yun calculated the time in his mind, but Ling Qingyu seemed to not have the slightest idea of time, he continued to fly, and flew for an entire hour before stopping.

Going back to the exit of the Sword Sheath's world from here would take half an hour, which meant, Su Yun could only stay here for an hour.

"We're here!"

Ling Qingyu released Su Yun's hand and laughed.

Hearing that, Su Yun raised his head to look forward, only to see the white clouds floating above, upon closer look, it seemed like there was something behind the clouds.

It was an especially huge figure, even larger than a mountain range. It was connected to the north and south, appearing and disappearing behind the clouds.

"Mountain?" Are there any other mountains within the sword sheath? " Su Yun could not help but mutter.

"That's not a mountain."

Ling Qingyu shook his head.

"Not a mountain? "What is it?"

"Don't ask what it is, hurry up! "Let's see if this method can help you fuse the Green Lotus."

Ling Qingyu said, pulling Su Yun down, and with a 'clatter', he landed on the ground, Su Yun felt as though he had stepped on iron, the soles of his feet released an extremely heavy and oppressive feeling, it was not something that could be felt by the rock and soil.

He lowered his head and saw what appeared to be a ground made of steel!

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