Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 724
The Clear Sky Sacred Robe was very strong, it was so strong that it would make people gasp in shock. However, when Su Yun, who was wearing the Clear Sky Sacred Robe, touched it, the that was as strong as the Sky Realm itself was completely absorbed by the Everlasting Sacred Robe, turning him into a mortal. This kind of terrifying power could only be possessed by gods, and it was precisely because of this that Su Yun was able to easily kill Zhuan Sha.

However, such a terrifying divine object actually experienced a calamity. It was snatched away by Xiao Budian, and the divine object was forcefully broken apart …

Su Yun did not think that the Valley Master of the Might Sword Valley was a fool. In that case, it could only be said that the person who snatched the Clear Sky Holy Robe was not someone to be trifled with.

However, when the heroes were discussing the sword, none of the people who appeared matched the person who had seized the Clear Sky Holy Robe. It was impossible for Long Guangzhong or Lu Xiao, and even more impossible for Qin Hongzhan! And during the battle, there were no unimaginably shocking supreme expert s who obstructed them. From this, it could be seen that those petty people who stole the Clear Sky Holy Robe did not enter the Mighty Sword Valley.

These people would definitely come. Since they were going to seize the divine stone, how could they not want to obtain the Haotian Sacred Cloth? Although the divine stone had somehow landed in Su Yun's hands, they definitely would not give up just like that!

Therefore, Su Yun guessed that these people who had barged into the Mighty Sword Valley to snatch the Clear Sky Holy Robe must have been waiting for them outside the Mighty Sword Valley. They were powerless to fight against the heroes of the Venerable Sword Valley, so they planned to wait outside!

After Su Yun left the Wei Jian Valley, he unintentionally sensed that there were no living beings within a hundred mile radius of the valley. However, there were still some profound qi left in the air that had not dispersed in time, thus he made a guess that there was an ambush outside the valley.

If I was one of those petty people who stole the Haotian Sacred Robes, even if I did not plan to enter the valley, I would definitely send some spies to the valley. Whoever stole the Haotian Sacred Robes, what they would do after obtaining the Haotian Sacred Robes, they would have to understand everything clearly so that they could be on guard.

Su Yun thought: I am not from the various sects, I am either a rogue cultivator or an outsider. With the Clear Sky Holy Robe, the Sword World will definitely not stay here, then, leaving the Sword World is the safest choice, those small fries will definitely think of this, then, there is a high chance that they will set up traps on the way to the Sword Creek.

If Su Yun continued to rush towards Jian Xi's direction, there was a 60% chance that he would be ambushed. To be safe, he had to change routes.

Su Yun ran in the opposite direction and planned to take a detour around the Origin Pool from the east side, following the sea route to Jian Xi.

However, before he flew for long, from all directions, a large amount of oppressive profound qi suddenly rose.

There was someone!

Su Yun's heart tensed up, and immediately stopped.

The moment he stopped, a large amount of Sword Qi shot out from all directions, the Sword Qi was of all different colors, all accompanied by the energy of the elements, there was the ice colored Sword Qi, the fire coloured Sword Qi, and even the Sword Qi that was filled with poison, they were all like arrows that continuously struck Su Yun.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang

Explosions rang out and the air trembled. The green cloud above Su Yun was shattered, and the ground beneath him was smashed into pieces. It was extremely terrifying.

After the dust had settled, Su Yun's body appeared once again. As expected, his body was still unharmed, no matter how sharp the Sword Qi was, it could not leave any damage on his body.

"That's right!" That's right! In the end, it was the Clear Sky Holy Robe. It was indeed a divine object! Such defensive power, only the deities are worthy of it! "Haha!"

Just then, a laughter suddenly came out from thin air, following that, over 10 Spirit Cultivator s appeared out of nowhere and with their encirclement, they appeared in front of Su Yun.

The leader was a young master dressed in a blue robe with green stripes, he looked to be about twenty years of age, holding a translucent and thin sword in his hand, standing in the air. Looking at his face, Su Yun felt that he was extremely familiar with it, and after looking at it carefully, he was shocked to realize that he was actually similar to the Old Valley Lord of the Mighty Sword Valley.

"You are a member of the Mighty Sword Valley?"

Su Yun suddenly asked.

Hearing that, the young master was surprised, and laughed: "Not bad, you actually saw that I am from the Wai Sword Valley? I even took off my identity plate. How did you know that I am from the Mighty Sword Valley? "

"You look quite similar to the Mighty Sword Valley Lord. Your relationship with the Old Valley Master should not be shallow, right?"

Su Yun's eyes were extremely calm.

"Their relationship is indeed not shallow." That young master laughed. "I am his son! How could this relationship be simple? "Haha!"

"You are the son of the Old Valley Lord?" Hearing that, Su Yun's eyes flashed: "Didn't you die? Are you faking your death? "

Su Yun seemed to have thought of something, and his face immediately became serious.

The son of the Valley Master did not die, yet he appeared here now. Could it be …

Young master seemed to have seen that Su Yun had understood what he meant and readily admitted it: "It's just as you thought, I really did faked my death. Even my father did not know about this!"

"Hehe, looks like back then when the Mighty Sword Valley was in chaos, the matter of the Clear Sky Holy Robe being taken away was all planned by you, right?" Su Yun said indifferently: "After I acquired the Haotian Sacred Cloak, I felt that it was strange. How could such a terrifying Sacred Cloak be easily taken away by others? The Mighty Sword Valley Lord's cultivation was not ordinary, after obtaining the saint robe, his strength increased explosively, an existence at the Spirit Emperor level would not be able to deal with him, then how did he lose his saint robe? "Now I understand. Thieves are hard to guard against when it comes to guarding against night and day!"

"That old fogey was protecting a sacred robe, but he didn't know that he was using it to raise his cultivation. If this divine object is in my hands, I will definitely be able to increase the power of the Mighty Sword Valley by a level! Make the whole of Sword World look up to me! Hehe, I have repeatedly warned him to make good use of this divine object, but Nell had always ignored it. As a result, I have no choice but to use it myself. "

"What made you think you could come here and guard me?"

Su Yun asked again.

According to his calculations, this fellow should be lying in ambush at the place that led to Jian Xi.

That young master laughed out loud, "Initially, I thought you would head towards the place where Sword Stream is located, so I was ambushing you, but you suddenly ran in the opposite direction, and I was the first to arrive here through the Mighty Sword Valley's teleportation circle. Kid, you seem to have forgotten, although this is not Mighty Sword Valley, but it is also the Mighty Sword Valley!"

"En, so that's how it is. In that case, have you thought about how to take the Haotian Sacred Cloth from me?"

Su Yun moved, with a few flashes of lightning, a few Devil Bone Giant appeared behind him.

There was a certain distance between this place and the Mighty Sword Valley, and those from the Mighty Sword Valley would not rush here in a short period of time.

Young master's gaze landed on the huge Devil Bone Giant behind Su Yun, he studied them for a moment and nodded: "Although I do not know what rank these Puppet Equipment are, but I think, they shouldn't be my subordinates' opponents, right?"

After saying that, the young lord didn't want to waste any more words. He raised his hand and gently waved it, "Take back the saint robe."

"Yes, young master!"

The surrounding Spirit Cultivator s all bellowed, and then took action.

They did not rush towards Su Yun, but pulled out their swords from their waists, and activated profound qi in an orderly manner. To be more precise, they waved towards the Devil Bone Giant behind Su Yun.

Everyone's Qi was emitting a bone-chilling aura at this moment, they were all Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi!

Su Yun frowned. There was no time to dodge, he could only take it head on.

The divine power of the Clear Sky Sacred Robe was activated once again, the Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi that was approaching Su Yun completely dissipated, disappearing without a trace.

But the other Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi had all struck the Devil Bone Giant behind Su Yun, causing his huge body to immediately become ice, and be sealed completely away.

Su Yun turned his head and looked at the few huge ice sculptures behind him.

Young master laughed out loud: "Using ten thousand years of ice powder as the trigger to trigger the Ice profound strength, it is indeed extraordinary. Hehe, Devil Cultivator, what did I just say about your Puppet Equipment, they are not my opponents, right? "Haha!"

"Not necessarily."

Su Yun said expressionlessly, and snapped his fingers.


The ice sculptures started to shake violently, and the crystal like ice started to crack. Then, one by one, the ice fragments began to fall, and the roars of the giants resonated throughout the sky, following that, the giants combined once again and formed the Devil Bone Spirit that supported the heavens and pulled the earth.

A fist that was like Mount Tai struck towards the young master.

The ground cracked from the impact of the punch, and the stone and wood on the ground were reduced to dust.

But the young valley master from the Mighty Sword Valley was not alarmed in the slightest when faced with this crisis. He raised his sword and looked at Su Yun, without a hint of panic on his face.

The fist came smashing over. Beside him, seven gigantic glowing long swords appeared, blocking the incoming fist.

The seven light swords came from the seven Spirit Cultivator s surrounding the young valley master. The seven of them seemed to have formed a sword array, the swords in their hands formed an enormous sword of light, with shocking strength, they blocked the Devil Bone Spirit's fist!

Following that, the light sword released a cold light and a wave of ice energy spread out, freezing Devil Bone Spirit's huge fist …

"Is that all?"

The young master laughed lightly and waved his arm. His sword moved along with his arm.


The translucent sword gave off a strange power.

This power could not be seen with the naked eye and could only be felt as a strange aura similar to space. This power came from close to the void and actually distorted space.


This energy that twisted the void approached Su Yun, yet it still could not break the divine power of the Clear Sky Holy Robe. Just as it neared, it was completely engulfed by the divine power.


Seeing this, that young master continued to persevere. He continuously waved his sword and unleashed this strange power that could distort space. Even if this power was purified by the Clear Sky Holy Cloak, he would not care.

Seeing that, Su Yun felt that something was wrong, a gold light flashed past his eyes, he leaped up and flew into the sky, and landed beside Devil Bone Spirit.

The profound strength entered the Heroic Spirit's body, and the Heroic Spirit waved his arm, shattering all the ice on his arm and continued to attack the young master.

The Devil Bone Spirit held back the young master, while Su Yun took this opportunity to check his situation.

After a circle, his body was still normal. However, there was a strange thing that caught his attention.

These spheres had no color, and their shape was also very difficult to detect. Other than the minute movements when they rotated, it was impossible to determine their existence.

This thing should not have existed before!

Could it be related to that Young Valley Master?

Just as Su Yun was thinking, the young valley master rushed over again.

With a single sword, he rushed towards the Devil Bone Spirit's shoulder.