Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 722
Groups after groups of people wearing white robes with golden dragon patterns on them passed through the main gate of the True Devil Realm and entered the True Devil Realm.

The seal of the True Devil Realm's Gate was broken, and all the active Devil Cultivator s around the door were killed by these people who had suddenly barged in.

Wherever they went, no one would survive.

The leader was a white-haired, handsome man.

The man held onto a horsetail whisk, he was dressed in a long robe, his gaze was extremely vicious, he looked around, and then shouted: First, head to the True Devil Sect, and stand guard at a location one hundred fifty kilometers away from the True Devil Sect. Wait until the Supreme Sect Saint arrives, then we will follow the Saint in punishing the True Devil Sect!

"Yes sir!"

The Supreme Sect people around shouted excitedly.

"Then, let's begin the holy war!"

The white-haired man waved the horsetail whisk.

The people of Supreme Sect were like wasps that left their nests, they fled into the distance, a snow-white figure streaked across the horizon, it looked extremely spectacular, like a meteor shower flying through the night sky.


At this moment, waves of cold wind blew over.

The chilly wind was extremely cold and strange. It was blowing from all directions, with this place as the center.

The scattered Supreme Sect people were all blown back by the wind.

There was an enemy!

The white-haired man waved the horsetail whisk in the air and cast a signal spell. The spell flew into the air and exploded, forming a bright line to warn everyone.

The surrounding Supreme Sect disciples quickly gathered around him.

When the disciples of the Supreme Sect quickly gathered, the cold wind also became stronger.

A strange and depressing feeling rose in everyone's heart, as if someone had suddenly covered everyone's heart at this moment …

A large amount of dense pitch-black clouds swiftly floated over from afar, the black fog was especially thick, and in the black fog, it was mixed with a berserk and oppressive devil qi. The black clouds seemed to have blocked the last bit of the True Devil Realm's light, and everyone's line of sight was completely black, but this ruthless devil qi actually covered up the line of sight of the existence of the Sky Spirit Master, causing them to not be able to see even five fingers!

The white-haired man looked around with a serious expression. He waved his whisk and shouted, "Who are you?"

"The person you're looking for."

A chuckle sounded from the clouds.

Soon after, a figure flew out from the clouds.

The white-haired man looked at him and saw that he was extremely skinny, with pale skin and a young appearance. He was the renowned vice sect master of the True Devil Sect, Chi Gou.

"It's you!"

He focused his eyes.

"You guys are really bold, you actually dared to come to my True Devil Realm, hehe, why? Do you Supreme Sect people want to come to the True Devil Realm to teach? " Eight-toothed lightly laughed.

The white haired man's expression did not change, but his tone was cold, "We are under the orders of the Holy Maiden, to punish the sinners and to carry out a holy war on the people abandoned by the Supreme One Divine Path!"

"Sanctions? Sacred war? "

He fell from the sky and walked step by step towards the man as he treaded on the cold ground.

"With just you two? Do you want to make a move on our real Devil Sect? You overestimate yourself! "

As he spoke in a low voice, his voice became softer.

When the words came out, the clouds in the sky slowly dissipated, and one figure after another appeared in front of the Supreme Sect people.

Upon closer inspection, it was not a black cloud but an uncountable number of Devil Cultivator.

They trod on black clouds and stood in mid-air, covetously eyeing the area. Their blood-red eyes were even more terrifying than ferocious beasts, even more terrifying than evil spirits. They had an extremely large number of people that covered the sky like locusts! The entire sky was covered.

A million people! There was definitely a million Devil Cultivator s in their line of sight, and this did not even include the Devil Cultivator s they could not see!

Is it possible that so many Devil Cultivator s are coming out at once?




Looking at the Devil Cultivator in the sky, every single person's heart could not help but beat faster.

The white-haired man's expression was unusually ugly.

He tried his best to recite the Great Divine Path in his heart and tried to stabilize his mind, not letting his mind be destroyed by this sudden fear.

However, this fear was too intense!

So many Devil Cultivator! It was too rare, and the strength of these Devil Cultivator s were all extremely terrifying.

The waves of demonic pressure, the dense devil qi were like hammers pounding on the hearts of the Supreme Sect people, attacking their sacred and inviolable psychological defenses!

The Supreme Sect started to tremble.

It wasn't that their minds weren't firm enough or that they didn't have enough faith in the True Primordial Divine Path, but that their bodies and minds were limited. It was already amazing that they didn't collapse on the spot in the face of such a terrifying demonic intent, but facing so many Demon Kings, it was only a matter of time before they collapsed.

Is this the devil?

Even in front of the so-called 'god', they had their own unique domain, their own unique pride!

"Kill them all!"

Chi Chi seemed unwilling to waste time. He looked at the white-haired man, waved his hand, turned around, and left.

His words were as if the judge had given these people their final sentences.

But when he said that, the Devil Cultivator in the air started to flood towards the people of Supreme Sect like a flood.

The devilish pressure increased in intensity once again, and it was exceptionally savage. It so thick and arrogant that it caused these people to prostrate on the ground, unable to stand up.

The white-haired man's pupils dilated. He discovered that the Supreme One Divine Path in his heart had been completely destroyed, and he had lost his resistance …

The Sword Valley disciple that was rushing towards him gave Su Yun a lot of pressure, he clenched his teeth and placed the divine stone into his Haotian Sacred Cloth.

In an instant, the seven colored light emitted by the Clear Sky Holy Robe became even more resplendent!

However, Su Yun was also surrounded by the people of the Wei Jian Valley! It was already impossible for him to rush out of the dense crowd. For the sake of this operation, the Mighty Sword Valley Master had put in a lot of effort. Not only did he gather all the people from the Mighty Sword Valley, he even recalled all the experts who were out on missions! He only wanted to retrieve the lost divine stone.


Right at this moment, waves of wild howls and shouts came from the outskirts of the Mighty Sword Valley.

Countless figures darted out from the shadows, each of them wielding a great sword in their hands. Their movements were wide open, and their sword energies were abnormally tyrannical!

It was Man Liusha's man!

A large amount of disciples holding big swords rushed forward recklessly. The people who were near the Wai Sword Valley had actually drawn their swords against each other!

Seeing this, the face of the Venerable Sword Valley's leader changed. He turned his head to look, only to see the one-eyed Berserker Sword flying over with a yellow-haired, middle-aged man.

"Brutal Flowing Sand!" What are you guys doing? " The Might Sword Valley Lord roared.

"For what?" The leader of the Sand Country laughed coldly, "Of course it's to get the Clear Sky Holy Robe! Old Valley Master, this Clear Sky Holy Robe has already been left in your Mighty Sword Valley for so long.

With that said, he pulled out a large, waxy yellow sword and rushed towards the Venerable Sword Valley Lord!

"Could it be that all of you want to learn from this guy and break the rules of the hero competition and get scolded by the people of Sword World?"

The head of the Mighty Sword Valley was both angry and angry as he loudly roared.

"Your father doesn't care. If I can obtain the Clear Sky Holy Robe, who would I be afraid of?" Who else am I afraid of? Just the words of a mere person, what's there to be afraid of? "

"Stop!" Ye Dingdang roared, as she raised her sword and slashed at Ye Dingdang.

Seeing that, the Might Sword Valley's head had no choice but to make a move.

Su Yun was able to breathe.

The Might Sword Valley Lord understood what the situation was, if he was being held back by Ming Sha, then Su Yun would definitely escape again, and immediately used all of his strength to shout: "Everyone! The Barbarian Flowing Sand had joined forces with the person who had seized the Clear Sky Holy Robe to seize the divine object! My Mighty Sword Valley is irreconcilable with it. If all of you are heroes of the Sword World, please quickly follow me to subdue Shun Sha, destroy Mani Liusha and that little bastard, and take back the Clear Sky Holy Robe! "

When the news spread, the Spirit Cultivator who were still fighting against the Devil Bone Spirit immediately regained their senses. Seeing the Man of the Barbarian Flowing Sand fighting with the people of the Mighty Sword Valley, they rushed over to help.

However, many people who had just gotten close to the sand were falling down from the sky, as if they were dead birds. They couldn't even move after falling on the ground!

Seeing this scene, the Mighty Sword Valley's Valley Master's heart jumped a few times, and his sword knocked away the sand, asking in shock: "What is going on? What technique did you use? "

"Casting techniques?" "Hehe, this isn't an art, it's just feeding some medicine to these idiots in advance!"

"Haha, I don't know how long I have been preparing to obtain the Clear Sky Holy Robe. Today, no matter who it is, it will not stop me from obtaining the Clear Sky Holy Robe!" Old Valley Master, you can't possibly win against me. "Hahahaha!"

After he finished speaking, he raised his sword and attacked the old Valley Master again.

As for the one-eyed barbarian sword, it rushed towards Su Yun and snatched the Clear Sky Holy Robe from him.

"Yellow Sword!" Blue Sword! Seize the Clear Sky Holy Robe! You must not let the people from the Mighty Flowing Sand succeed! "

The Might Sword Valley Lord loudly shouted as he tried to block the attacks.

"Yes, Valley Master!"

One of them was dressed in yellow and the other in blue. The two of them were working together to attack Su Yun, and when they approached the target, the two of them held onto their swords, dancing in the air.

In an instant, these vegetation moved.

The stone flew up by itself, and pounced towards Su Yun like a fierce tiger, while the plants extended infinitely, and wrapped towards Su Yun like tentacles.

All the plants in the mountains and plains came to life and attacked Su Yun.

These were all previously set up by the people of the Wei Jian Valley, and even if it was used for defense, it could still have a good effect on Su Yun.

It was just that …

Right now, Su Yun did not plan to escape!

He kept the Imperial Equipment and cut off the teleportation of the profound qi to the distant Devil Bone Spirit. At that moment, he only used all of his profound strength to do one thing.

That was to put this divine object, the Haotian Sacred Cloak, on his body.

The one-eyed Barbarian Sword forced its way over. The Yellow and Blue Swords also attacked from the back, unwilling to fall behind.

All around him were the people from the Mighty Sword Valley and the people from the Mighty Flowing Sand. Su Yun was like a wingless eagle, unable to escape.

He took a deep breath and stared at the godly robe before putting it on …


Almost at the same time the saint robe was given to Su Yun, the rainbow colored light instantly dimmed. At the same time, the Clear Sky Holy Robe also disappeared, and Su Yun's entire body was still covered by the black cloak.