Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 719

The head fell to the ground, blood spurting out in all directions, while the headless body in front of Su Yun also fell to the ground.

The fragmented Sword Discourse Arena returned to its calm state.

The silence was terrifying.

Everyone was flabbergasted, their eyes wide open as they stared at the man wearing a black cloak on the Sword Discourse Arena.

Lu Xiao lost.

He had been so thoroughly and so simply defeated by someone in public.

His soul emerged from the corpse and floated in the air before flying towards Qin Hong San.

Qin Hongfan's calm face could no longer maintain its calm. His face contorted as he glared at Su Yun with his teeth clenched, and the red umbrella in his hand opened and closed, absorbing Lu Xiao's soul.

Su Yun kept his Imperial Equipment and stared at Qin Hong San who was below him.

"If it is an open and honorable defeat, then I, Su Ming, would have nothing to say. If there is a conspiracy, then I, Su Ming, will look down on you." If it is an open and honorable defeat, then I will have nothing to say.

Su Yun said indifferently.

Many people were confused by his words, but Qin Hongfan understood what he was saying.

Only, Su Yun's words were already heard by some people.

"What is this man talking about?"

"Scum shame? Is he talking about Lu Xiao and Qin Hong San? "

"Perhaps the battle just now wasn't as simple as what we saw."

The crowd broke out into a flurry of discussion, and everyone looked at Qin Hongfan with suspicion.

Qin Hong San looked left and right, her expression was somewhat ugly, but she did not dare say much, and could only grind her teeth and exclaim towards Su Yun: "Who are you!"

"Su Yun!" He raised his sword: "Welcome to the challenge! But I hope that it will be done in the open! "

"Good!" If you want to challenge, I'll grant you your wish! "

Qin Hongfan was unable to contain his anger and jumped onto the stage, landing in front of everyone.

Qin Hong San finally couldn't hold it in anymore and attacked.

Her actions immediately caused the crowd that was still in a daze to recover. Some of the more aggressive people raised the swords in their hands high up in the air and shouted out with all their might.

The cheers and applause continued without end, causing the entire Wei Jian Valley to be in an uproar.

Lu Xiao's body was destroyed by Su Yun, so how could Qin Hong San, who was Lu Xiao's dual cultivation partner, let this go? This battle would not end until one side died. Although Qin Hong San's rank was lower than Lu Xiao's, she rarely made a move. No one knew about her cultivation, so it was likely that she wouldn't be able to hide it this time.

Once Qin Hong San stepped onto the stage, she did not waste any more time talking to Su Yun and immediately attacked.

Her red umbrella opened, and a gust of wind blew out, attacking Su Yun. Her body shook, and her figure became blurry, as though she had disappeared along with the wind.

Just that, a sharp killing intent instantly enveloped Su Yun's heart.

He secretly became wary, the Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment activated it, and the grey and white Qi Cover enveloped his body.

Right at the moment when the Qi Cover was about to rise, a red light flashed past his eyes, and was caught unharmed by the Qi Cover.

He took a look and saw that it was the umbrella sword that Qin Hong San had hidden in the umbrella!

Such speed!

But in terms of speed, Su Yun was not slow either. With Qin Hong San's attack, the Qi Cover disappeared in an instant.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sword shadow struck Qin Hongfan's pink colored clothes, but it seemed as if it had struck a terrifying chunk of metal. Aside from a large amount of sparks, it couldn't pierce through a single bit. It was a bone injury.

Imperial Equipment!

It's the Imperial Equipment again! Furthermore, with his dense profound strength, he could not leave even the slightest mark on the clothes. His defense was astonishing, perhaps this Imperial Equipment was also at least a tenth rank!

Su Yun's eyes congealed!

The news of Wu Xinzi's death had spread through many channels.

Thus, the enmity between the real Devil Sect and Supreme Sect was formed, and the relationship between the two forces became even more tense.

Many people from various Factions looked up, taking a wait-and-see attitude towards the situation, but there were also some with unique eyes who stood out at this critical moment, calling for everyone to join hands and support the True Devil Sect, and fight against it together.

Only, the people who called for resistance against the Supreme Sect were all weak and weak. No one from the great sect or supreme expert s stood out, their cries were just a splash in the ocean, it was completely useless.

He acted neutral, ignoring the grudges between the Supreme Sect and the real Devil Sect. Perhaps many people felt that he was the happiest person in the world right now, because the real Devil Sect had successfully lured all of the Supreme Sect's hatred onto him. They might be able to catch their breath.

However, all of this was just an illusion seen by those who did not understand the Supreme Sect.

Inside the True Devil Sect.

Standing Demon had found the two elders and the two devils, reporting the recent movements of the Supreme Sect.

When the two Devils heard this, their faces turned serious. Without any hesitation, they charged into the cultivation grounds of Eight-Tooth, reporting the current situation to him.

"Did the people from the Supreme Sect make their move?"

Inside the practice area, Octagon Aniseed rubbed his sleepy eyes and looked at the two Devils in front of him.

"That's right, in this mission, they did not send many experts, but they did send a group of extremely fanatical members of the Supreme Sect, about twenty thousand of them, who were rushing towards the True Devil Realm, I'm afraid most of them are heading towards our True Devil Sect."

The two Devils worriedly said, "I have already told Great Elder Yuan Demon to inform Sect Master about this, but Sect Leader still wants me to hear your opinion!"

"Ai, ai, ai … Always asking me to deal with this kind of thing. It's really troublesome …"

"That is something that we cannot do anything about. After all, you are the vice head of the sect."

"They suddenly sent twenty thousand people, and they're all fanatical believers who don't care about their lives. What should we do now?"

Octagon Aniseed lay on his side on the ground with one hand supporting his chin as he began to ponder. Demons Two were patiently waiting on the side.

After an unknown period of time …

"Got it!" He sat up and clapped his hands.

The two Devils quickly bowed, "Please enlighten me, Vice Sect Master."

"Might as well surrender." Octagon Aniseed laughed.

As his voice faded, the training grounds became silent.

For a long time, no one made a sound. The eyes of all the devils looked straight at Chi Ya without any trace of politeness.

The eight-toothed smile was a little stiff. Seeing that the two Devils had no reaction at all, he scratched the back of his head and chuckled dryly before sighing. "Alright, alright. I'll think about it again."

The two Devils still did not speak.

As such, after an unknown period of time, only then did Chi Gou raise his head and continue speaking.

"With our current strength, fighting against the Supreme Sect alone is equivalent to striking a stone with an egg, so it is obviously impossible for us to fight face to face. We can only go through other ways."

"What is the vice sect master's opinion?" The two Devils spoke out once more.

"Gather more reinforcements, join hands with them and fight against the Supreme Sect with us." He said without hesitation.

However, the two devils shook their heads and muttered: "I'm afraid not. The Supreme Sect s' strength is overflowing and no other organisations dared to offend them, and the ones fighting against the Supreme Sect are even fewer. In such a short period of time, I'm afraid no one will stand on our side."

"I know that with your three inch tongues, you can't get any more external help, but heaven never bars one's path, sometimes what a tongue can't do, one can do it with a weapon. If a weapon can't, one can do it with a tongue, and those powers want to sit back and watch as the tigers fight, watch as the tigers win, force them to join us, that way, won't they be able to contend against the Supreme Sect?" Octagon Aniseed laughed.

"Force?" "Vice Sect Master's intention is for my True Devil Sect to use force to coerce the other forces, forcing them to go against us, the Supreme Sect."

"Are you stupid?" Octagon Aniseed rolled his eyes, "Now that we can't even protect ourselves, how can we possibly have the energy to do so? Moreover, if a bad thing happens and they establish a new enemy for themselves, this kind of idiot would do it, how could they do it? "

"What does the Sect Leader mean?"

"Of course under the banner of the Supreme Sect!" He whispered.

Upon hearing this, the two Fiendgods instantly understood.

He was planning on using his underhanded methods, using the Supreme Sect's name to provoke the other sects, forcing them into a corner, and forced them to join hands with the real Devil Sect.

"This idea is not bad. It's just that in such a short time, which power should we take action against? And what should he do? If the other party finds out that we are impersonating as the Supreme Sect, what will happen? " The two devils said solemnly.

"If you only send our True Devil Sect's people to use illusions to change their appearance into that of a Supreme Sect's person, then the probability of it being seen through is too high. However, if you were to let a true Supreme Sect's person go, what would happen?"

He continued: "The main method to absorb disciples in Supreme Sect is by relying on Limitless Profound Qi. Cultivating this profound qi and then being instigated by them with the concept of Supreme Divine Dao, no matter who it is, they will sink into the Supreme Sect deeply and unable to extricate themselves, but our method is extremely simple and crude, directly using the technique of Possession to transfer their own soul into the Supreme Sect's body, thus controlling the body of the Supreme Sect's people. Our True Devil Sect's Possession technique can be considered the most exquisite technique of the True Devil Realm's Possession Possession Possession. Go and arrange for all the sect experts to come out and stop them at all costs. Capture these twenty thousand people, and if they resist at all costs, then kill them. But there is one thing you must remember, you must keep your fleshly body, understand? "

"The entire sect will attack?" When the two devils heard this, their hearts immediately jumped and their indifferent faces also changed. "Vice Sect Leader, if we were to use all our strength to attack these twenty thousand people, what would happen if there is an ambush? And does the real Devil Sect not need the protection of his power? "

"If these twenty thousand people can't handle it, the real Devil Sect will definitely be swallowed up by the Supreme Sect. At that time, won't you still be worried about everything else? "We have to get rid of these 20,000 people in the shortest time possible, and we can't leak any news of them. Otherwise, all of our plans will be ineffective!" Octagon Aniseed shrugged.

When the two Devils heard this, their mouths gaped open. In the end, they nodded and immediately went to do what they needed to do.