Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 718
The people below all held their breath as they stared intently at the Sword Discourse Arena.

Especially this strike.

Almost no one dared to make a sound. They could only hear the wind whistling through the Sword Discourse Arena.


Closer and closer!

Facing such a devastating attack, could the defensive magic treasure in Su Yun's hands withstand it?

The crowd silently swallowed their saliva, attentively watching the scene before them.


An earth-shattering sound suddenly exploded from the inside of the Sword Discourse Arena.

The moment the tornado and Su Yun came into contact, Lu Xiao had also fiercely threw Xiao Jian, who was being enveloped by the wind, towards Su Yun!


The ground with Su Yun at the center instantly shattered, like a shattered stone board that was split into five, the wind ruthlessly squeezed into the, while the rest that could not be pushed in, crashed into the ground, the protective barrier of the Sword Discourse Arena had already been shaken by the terrifying and tyrannical wind, as though it would crack at any time.

The spectators were all taken aback by Lu Xiao's strike. They were afraid that this force would break through the barrier and affect them!

Only Qin Hongfan was not even half a step back.

She was still like a statue as she stood around the Sword Discourse Arena, holding an umbrella and gazing at Lu Xiao.

Su Yun's body was almost instantly engulfed by the tornado, and no one was able to find even half of his figure, nor was they able to see the scene of him fighting within the Sword Discourse Arena.

Other than the roaring sound of the sword qi, there was nothing else.

"Is that guy dead?"

"He should be dead. How could an ordinary man accept Lu Xiao's attack?" If it was me, I wouldn't be able to withstand it! "

"That means Lu Xiao won again?"

"I never thought that Lu Xiao would be so powerful! It seems like he has been on the run all these years! "

"That's right, the strength that he's currently displaying is simply not enough to be ranked 17 on the Heroic Sword Rankings. From what I see, his strength is more than enough to enter the top 10!"

"He should be able to compete with the one ranked first!"

"Yes, yes!"

Be it the strong Spirit Cultivator or the weak Spirit Cultivator, all of them gave their own opinions and comments on the current Lu Xiao, but they were unified and all of them had very high opinions of him, the surprise and shock that Lu Xiao brought to them today was undoubtedly huge.

The fog gradually dispersed, and the people's gazes once again locked onto the inside of the broken Sword Discourse Arena, including the Sword Monarch, the Mighty Sword Valley's Valley Master, Zhong Bai, and many others.

It was just that …

Before the fog could dissipate completely, a bright white light suddenly shot out.

Everyone's breathing quickened.

The bright white light dispersed the grey mist and gradually weakened, following that, two figures appeared in his line of sight, one of them holding onto a fine sword with one hand without moving, with the other holding onto a tiny flag and the other holding onto a snow white lustrous sword, the sword had already pierced through the other party's chest, with bright red blood dripping down the blade.


The crowd instantly burst into an uproar.

"What's going on?"

Everyone was confused and cried out in alarm.

However, the people around him didn't have any reactions. They had started to move again.

profound qi pierced through the sword's body, causing the wound on his chest to become even bigger. The Imperial Equipment on his body was like paper, it had long been pierced through by the sword and was unable to protect his body.

In fact, the Imperial Equipment also needed the support of the profound strength, so when Lu Xiao released all the profound qi, he did not expect that Su Yun would attack him so suddenly, to the point where the Imperial Equipment did not even have time to activate it before it was broken by Su Yun.


Lu Xiao's entire body was trembling, and the intense pain caused his face to contort.

At this moment, his mind was completely blank. How could Su Yun block his terrifying attack, and how could he counterattack so quickly? All of this was beyond his expectations. However, what was even more intense than this blankness was Lu Xiao's current anger!

How is this possible? He was an expert of the Venerable Sword Ranking, how could he lose to a nobody!

Once he lost, in the future, he would absolutely not be able to stay in the Sword World, and his own reputation would be in ruins. He could not lose, he absolutely could not lose, he could not lose no matter what!

Thinking about that, Lu Xiao's face became even more twisted, he raised his sword and wanted to slash at Su Yun again.

But before the slender Xiao Jian could get close, Su Yun kicked him with his leg and forced him back.

The dense Profound Spirit Qi on his feet was like a hammer, smashing into his internal organs, further dispersing the profound qi. Lu Xiao was caught off guard, his entire body trembled, and he spat out fresh blood from his mouth. He fell backwards, and landed solidly on the ground.

He anxiously wanted to stand up, but Su Yun rushed over and kicked his head with all her might.


He flew out again and landed beside the protective screen. He was confused and confused.

By the side of the Sword Discourse Arena, Qin Hongyan's entire body trembled as she took a few steps back.

She kept the red umbrella and looked at Su Yun in shock.

It was unknown if it was intentional or not, but Su Yun's kick just happened to break the link between her and Lu Xiao, and it wasn't only breaking the link, but also scattering the profound qi in her body.

After losing Qin Hong San's support, Lu Xiao's tyrannical profound qi immediately retreated. His strength plummeted and he completely lost his chance to fight against Su Yun.

He trembled as he held Xiao Jian and stood up, looking at Su Yun who was walking towards him step by step, fear finally appeared in Lu Xiao's eyes.

He knew that he would never be able to defeat Su Yun again, but if he continued to fight, his body would definitely be destroyed, and he would lose his cultivation. But if they didn't fight, would they surrender?

Furthermore, he had already surrendered, and the other party might not even be willing. Furthermore, if he surrendered, Lu Xiao's reputation would be ruined, he would be ridiculed by the people of the Sword World, and removed from the rankings of the Sword God. All the glory he had obtained, would disappear like smoke in thin air.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiao fell into complete despair. His entire body was trembling violently, and the fear in his eyes was getting stronger and stronger.

"Lu Xiao, surrender!"

At this moment, a voice came from the bottom of the Sword Discourse Arena.

Lu Xiaoxiao looked over to find that the person who spoke was Qin Hongfan.

"What did you say?" Lu Xiao was stunned.

"I told you to surrender!"

With a serious face, she gripped the red umbrella tightly and shouted towards Lu Xiao.

The Venerable Sword Valley Lord did not say that surrender was not allowed in this competition, but this was already the tacit consent of the Sword World. Many people would rather die in battle than surrender, but this did not mean that it was impossible.

Upon hearing his words, the experts around all looked at him with smiles on their faces.

Surrender? To the people of Sword World, this was simply a great humiliation.

Lu Xiao's expression changed too.

Surrender? This thought lingered in his mind.

If he were to surrender right here in front of everyone's eyes, how would he have the face to stand in the face of the world?

Su Yun raised his head, under the black cloak, the red eyes looked at him, then he raised his sword and continued to walk towards Lu Xiao.

Seeing this, Lu Xiao's expression became more and more panicked, and his hand holding the sword also began to tremble.

His cultivation was not very high, but to be able to be ranked on the rankings of the Heroic Sword List, it was all with the help of his dual cultivation partner, Qin Hongfan. No one knew of this secret, every time Lu Xiao fought with others, it was in fact, two against one, so Lu Xiao won every fight, no one could stop him, but now, he had already lost his link with Qin Hongfan, and could no longer borrow Qin Hongfan's help.

"Lu Xiao, why are you still hesitating? Surrender quickly! Surrender! "

Below, Qin Hongfan saw Lu Xiao was still hesitating and immediately drank his wine again.

"What nonsense are you talking about? If I surrender, how can I establish myself in the future? How can I walk in Sword World with dignity?" Lu Xiao grit his teeth and said with a pale face.

"Without your physical body, your cultivation is destroyed. Without your cultivation, who would think highly of you?" Qin Hong San gritted his teeth and muttered: "This world only recognizes strength, if you have it, you will be respected. Without it, you are just an ant on the ground, Lu Xiao, don't you understand? Surrender quickly, protect your physical body, and preserve your cultivation! "

Hearing that, Lu Xiao became hesitant, seeing Su Yun walk towards him, he could not help but retreat: "Even if I am willing to surrender, he might not let me go, if I surrender, he will not let me go, then I will have nothing!"

"He will allow you to surrender! His goal is the Clear Sky Holy Robe, not you! Surrender quickly! " Below, Qin Hongfan was still trying to persuade her.

Lu Xiao was stunned for a while. Finally, a strange word came out of his mouth, "En!"

The moment he said this, everyone's eyes widened.

Could it be? Lu Xiao was really planning to surrender?

Su Yun held onto the sword, his pale face did not have much of a change, nor did he reveal any expression of surprise. He quietly looked at Lu Xiao, not at all moved by his and Qin Hong San's words.

"I surrender!"

At this time, Lu Xiao used a voice that only he and Su Yun could hear.

Su Yun stopped in his tracks, raised his head, and looked at him with his blood red eyes.

"I surrender! Please don't kill me!"

He lowered his head, walked up a few steps, and looked like he was about to kneel, as though he was about to beg Su Yun's pity.

But, just when he was about to kneel down, his body went berserk. He moved, mustered all of his strength, and rushed towards Su Yun.

Xiao Jian transformed into a ray of green lightning in the air, slicing straight towards Su Yun's neck.

Sneak attack!

Su Yun's gaze turned cold.


Below, Qin Hongfan was already screaming.

Lu Xiao had planned things out well, using the conversation between him and Qin Hong San to attract Su Yun's attention, and then pretended to agree to Qin Hong San's suggestion, and launched a sneak attack on him.

If it was someone careless, they would have been struck, although victory was not a martial arts victory, but the surrounding people would still admit his victory, as long as he could win against Su Yun, Qin Hong San would go up on stage to fight him, and he would surrender to Qin Hong San, and the two of them were dual cultivation partner, so Lu Xiao would definitely not lose face, not to mention that he had fought multiple matches, and was already at the end of his life, at this time, no one could say that he had surrendered.

But now it was different.

At this moment, Lu Xiao had completely forgotten about one point!

What speed! Compared to Su Yun, it was like the difference between heaven and earth!

Right at the moment when Lu Xiao was about to launch his sneak attack, a flash of cold light flew past Xiao Jian and pierced through Lu Xiao's neck, tearing apart his artery …

A head flew into the air