Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 717
"Who is this?" "I don't think I've seen it before."

"Can he do it?"

"Who knows? There will always be people who aren't afraid of death."

"Since he dares to rush up, he might have some skills!"

"I think it's probably because he coveted the Clear Sky Holy Robe that he was so bold, and his greed drove him to do something stupid. Maybe he thought that Lu Xiao had expended too much energy after fighting with Long Guang Zhong, so he went up on stage to obtain the benefits of being a fisherman!"

"I think he's just thinking too much!"

The people below whispered to each other as they discussed animatedly.

The gazes of the crowd landed on the man opposite to Lu Xiao. Some despised him, some were surprised, some were baffled, and some were disdainful …

In the eyes of many, this person who suddenly appeared on the Sword Discourse Arena was already a pile of minced meat.

However, below in Cloud Heavenly Palace, the Sword Sovereign who was in the middle of his disciples, was different from the rest.

The Swordlord's eyes were filled with astonishment and astonishment. He stared blankly at the man for a long time, unable to recover from his shock.

Fortunately, the disciples of the Cloud Heavenly Palace were all focused on the Sword Discourse Arena, and did not notice the expression of the Sword Sovereign, if not they would be extremely suspicious.

The Mighty Sword Valley Lord's gaze fell upon the black clothed man, which was Su Yun. He scanned the area once, and then left the Sword Discourse Arena without saying a word.

Below, both Zhong Bai and Meng Qian were startled. Although they did not interact much with Su Yun, they still recognized that he was someone who had come from outside the Evil Sword Forest.

"It's him?"

The two of them looked at each other, and they both saw the surprise in each other's eyes.

Lu Xiao's eyes were wide open as he sized up the person in front of him.

He was dressed in black and had a hood on his head, covering most of his face. On his waist, there was a that could not be considered beautiful, and on his back, there was a sword, whether it was the sword sheath or the sword, they were both extremely common objects in the Sword World.

"Who are you?"

Lu Xiao was not in a rush to attack Su Yun, and kept Xiao Jian in his Desolator, clasping his fists and smiling.

"A nobody." Su Yun said indifferently.

"A nobody?" Heh, since this brother is a nobody, then why did he want to compete with me for the Clear Sky Holy Robe? Sir, do you think that my strength is not enough to stand on the stage or enter your eyes? " Lu Xiao smiled, but it was only a smile that gradually turned cold.

"Even nameless people have a greedy heart. For a treasure like the Clear Sky Holy Robe, who doesn't love it?"

Su Yun pulled out his death sword, and said indifferently.

"Haha, you have guts. However, you must have some means to obtain this treasure. Let's see if you have the means to do so!"

With that, Lu Xiao picked up the Desolator and placed it on his lips, beginning to play the flute.

Seeing that, Su Yun instantly activated the profound qi, he flew forward like a ray and in the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Lu Xiao.

So fast!

Lu Xiao's heart tightened and he hurriedly stopped playing the flute.


Xiao Jian took out his sword and clashed it against the incoming death sword Sword.

The brutal force caused Lu Xiao's arm to go numb. The killing intent on the sword was like a bucket of bone-piercing cold water hitting his face.

This speed was probably not even comparable to Long Guang Zhong's! And this power, was inexplicably strong!

Lu Xiaoxiao now knew that this fellow was not simple, he was not someone Long Guangzhong could compare to. He could not underestimate his opponent!

He took a deep breath and pushed his speed to his limit. At the same time, he kept his sword and wanted to increase the distance between him and Su Yun. Lu Xiao was ashamed of his speed and strength. He could only use his own magical flute melody to resist.

The rippling sound of the flute quickly spread out, the strange green Qi was like a ripple that spread out in all directions, almost covering everything, even if Su Yun was extremely fast, it was difficult to dodge, and completely covered his body.

Seeing that Su Yun was hit, Lu Xiao's eyes immediately lit up.

He did not hold back at all, stopped his flute, pulled out his Xiao Jian and once again rushed towards Su Yun, with the intent to fight with Su Yun.

Seeing this, many people around the Sword Discourse Arena already revealed worried expressions.

Previously, when Lu Xiao used this move, the opponent would be ambushed by an explosion as soon as he used the profound strength, the pain was unbearable, the profound strength was crippled, it could be said that he had lost all of his fighting strength and was unable to contend against Lu Xiao, now that Su Yun had suffered this move, would he still have the ability to fight against Lu Xiao?

If a Spirit Cultivator could not use the profound strength, then what was the difference between it and a salted fish?


Before Lu Xiao's ruthless and tricky Xiao Jian could even reach Su Yun, he was blocked by a slender black sword.


A crisp sound rang out.

The entire audience was stunned.

Why was his speed still so fast? Could it be?

Lu Xiao was shocked as he stared at Su Yun.

Su Yun was not affected by the strange Qi and continued to brandish his sword.

His sword was still as fast as ever, his strength was still as powerful as before. There was no change compared to before, Su Yun had attacked ferociously a few times, causing Lu Xiao to be forced to retreat step by step, unable to defend himself. Although the sword had lost all its profound strength, Su Yun's speed had made up for his strength, it was so fast that it was suffocating.


The crowd below immediately burst into an uproar.

He did not urge the profound strength.

Relying on speed and strength! He was able to force the expert on the heroic sword ranking to retreat.

Then, how high should this person's swordsmanship be?

His previous speed, was also like this, completely dependent on his body technique, and not the amplification of the profound strength? How much time and effort would he have to put in in training his sweat to reach such a level?

All of a sudden, the people around him lowered their heads and started whispering to each other as they tried to guess the identity of this person.

Lu Xiao was also forced to retreat, almost retreating to the side of the Sword Discourse Arena.

The auras enveloping Su Yun were not absent after they were released, Lu Xiao had to continuously increase his profound qi to maintain their existence, otherwise, they would very quickly be suspended in the air, and upon seeing that the auras were of no use to Su Yun, Lu Xiao had no choice but to give up, urging a magic treasure, the two of them exploded together, splitting the two of them up.

Su Yun took a few steps back and activated profound strength, while Lu Xiao jumped back and flew in the air, his body quickly spun around, and like a gust of wind, Xiao Jian, that was danced by him, releasing strange yet sharp Sword Qi.

A different profound qi!

Below, Su Yun instantly felt the change in Lu Xiao.

The profound qi this time, was thicker, sharper, fiercer, it was definitely not the profound qi that Lu Xiao had previously possessed!

In a short period of time, if he could make his profound qi suddenly become stronger, then he could only rely on the magic treasure, but Lu Xiao was different from the others, furthermore, he did not have any signs of activating the magic treasure, and could only use the profound skill? Maybe a lot of people thought that he had activated some kind of profound skill, but Su Yun really couldn't think of any profound skill that had such an effect, after all, the profound skill's movement was built on the foundation of the profound qi, what kind of thing would be able to change his own foundation?

Su Yun's line of sight shifted and landed below the Sword Discourse Arena.

The woman with the red umbrella! Qin Hongfan!

Her expression was serious and serious. The red umbrella had covered most of her appearance, and the person behind her could not see her expression. Her two hands were gripping the handle of the umbrella, and her eyes were glued to Lu Xiao's body.

What kind of strength did Lu Xiao have? Su Yun had already seen it before in the tavern, it was impossible for his strength to be what he was showing now, it was definitely because of Qin Hong San secretly aiding him, and the power that Lu Xiao was using, was extremely similar to the power that Qin Hong San was using outside the tavern previously.

It was just that …

The s around the Sword Discourse Arena could not be attacked from the outside, not to mention that if they were to suddenly attack the spectators, it would infuriate the masses, causing attacks on Qin Hong San to be obviously out of the question.

Then, the only way now was to find out the connection between Qin Hong San and Lu Xiao. Lu Xiaoxiao had the help of Qin Hongfan, so he couldn't have obtained her strength without a reason. There must be something connecting them!

Su Yun thought, while pulling apart the distance between him and Lu Xiao, he used one hand to secretly defend the space bag at his waist, preparing to summon it at any time.

At this moment, Lu Xiao's entire body was enveloped by a strong wind, akin to a tornado. The surrounding airflow moved along with it, which was extremely terrifying. The broken Sword Discourse Arena was swaying, and a large amount of sand was being sucked into it.

Both of Su Yun's feet stepped down, he stabilized his body and stared at Lu Xiao, his fingers moving slightly.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Three origin sword s flew out from the sword sheath.

Fire Smite, Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, Desolator.

Of course, Lu Xiao could only see two swords. The Tribulation Fire Sword and the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword combined into one, leading thousands of subordinate sword to transform into iron Sword Dragon, clashing head on with Lu Xiao, while the Desolator Sword activated its special stealth effect, leading the to approach quietly from the side.

Ding ling!

At this moment, a crisp sound came from within the tornado.

Su Yun looked over, only to see Lu Xiao brandishing Xiao Jian towards the tornado.

With a slash of his sword, the tornado's trajectory was disrupted, a large amount of gas burst out, like a flower scattered by heaven, it flew in all directions. The iron dragon suffered an attack from the tornado, the inner subordinate sword quickly trembled, and the nearby Desolator Sword was also affected, causing its might to decrease greatly, when it neared the tornado, it was no longer able to pierce through it, and was instead injured to the point of Lu Xiao.

Su Yun immediately urged his Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment on.

The grey and white Qi Cover rose up, blocking against the chaotic splattering of the air.

The entire Sword Discourse Arena was blasted into smithereens by this explosive force, its terrifying might causing everyone to be dumbfounded.

Such a strong profound strength.

Su Yun thought.

Lu Xiao had fought for the past few rounds, and the profound strength was already exhausted, how could he still use such a terrifying power now?

Although the sharp sword could not resist against the terrifying explosion, Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment s were extraordinary. Regardless of how dense the explosion was, Su Yun remained as unmoving as a mountain, standing steadily.

The profound strength that he used to urge the Imperial Equipment was not much, but with Lu Xiao using it, he was afraid that he would not be able to hold on for long.

Since it was like that, Su Yun was not in a hurry to attack Lu Xiao, and continued to wait.

Sure enough, after attacking so fiercely for a while, seeing that Su Yun could not do anything, Lu Xiao became anxious, and immediately urged the terrifying tornado towards Su Yunchong.

He took a step forward, causing the suction force on Su Yun's body to increase greatly, causing it to become harder and harder to stabilize his movements. When he looked at Lu Xiao, he actually rushed towards Su Yun and gathered all the wind around Xiao Jian, as though he was going to use his sword to determine the outcome of the competition.

That terrifying sword was already within reach …