Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 704
Dust flew in the air as a shockwave rippled out in all directions. The trees that were over ten meters tall were all shattered by this vicious force.

When the dust settled, a large hole had appeared in the ground. That youth had actually been smashed into the ground by that punch, leaving only his head exposed.

The young man was confused and confused by the attack, but when he regained his senses, Su Yun had already rushed over.

The death sword instigated the strong devil qi, chopping down towards his head.

The young man was shocked, he immediately summoned his Spirit Qi and leaped up, his body releasing an endless amount of terrifying Sword Qi that shot in all directions. If it was a normal person, they would have already been forced to retreat by his terrifying Sword Qi, but Su Yun did not have the intention of retreating, and his sword struck the young man's neck.


The youth frantically blocked the black sword that Su Yun was holding, he gasped for breath, and said while gnashing his teeth: "Good brat, you actually dare to plot against me!"

"How can this be called yin?"

Su Yun raised his head, the pale face under the cape revealed a strange smile.

The youth felt that something was wrong, with a 'bang', the place where the death sword and the green sword had touched, suddenly released a strong explosion. The youth did not have time to react, and was sent flying again, but this time, it was not as simple as flying, the large number of devil qi s continued to tear at his flesh, but it was truly an extraordinary cultivation, the devil qi merely broke through his Profound Spirit Qi, and then it stopped.

Su Yun turned his body, only to see the youth crawling on the ground in a sorry state.

At the moment, Su Yun's entire body did not show any signs of being paralyzed, he looked at the youth as if he was unharmed, and behind him stood a terrifying Devil Bone Giant, the devil qi began to wreak havoc in all four directions.

"You are the Devil Cultivator?"

Seeing Su Yun's eyes that were slowly turning blood-red, the youth was slightly shocked.

"The divine stone seems to be not bad, and I've also reneged on my promise. I've decided to take it back." Su Yun said indifferently.

"Heh, do you have the ability to do so?" The teenager said coldly, "It seems like you are not affected by my poisonous sword aura! Ah! A little skill, but so what? I do not believe, that a mere fifth stage Sky Spirit Master cultivator can defeat someone of my ninth stage. "

The teenager roared, he raised his sword and rushed forward, he brandished seven swords, every sword strike released surging miasma, all of the miasma were like living creatures, enveloping Su Yun, quickly gathering and completely eroding him.

In the area shrouded by the poisonous mist, the trees and trees were rapidly withering, the ground was being turned into particles, and all life was being stripped away from them. Even the water was evaporated cleanly, it was extremely terrifying.

"As long as you are hit by any poisonous gas, you will die for sure!"

The youth stared at the poisonous gas with a cold smile.

However, at this moment, a whisper came from behind him, "If you didn't touch it, would you be fine?"

The youth was shocked, he turned around, only to see a foot ferociously kicking at his abdomen, the leg wrapped in dense Profound Spirit Qi directly attacking his body, frantically shaking his internal organs and the Qi Meridian.

The youth's body spasmed a few times before falling to the ground.

Su Yun stretched out his hand and picked up the divine stone in the youth's hand.

Looking at the young man who was trying his best to stand up, Su Yun could not help but shake his head.

"Ninth grade Sky Spirit Master? It's too bad, your sword seems to be not bad, if the poison mist is really stained in it, I am afraid that you will die, your cultivation is not bad, the profound qi is very thick, but your techniques and movement techniques are too lacking, I think your cultivation is also dependent on the profound coin to rush up?

As Su Yun spoke, he placed the divine stone inside the spatial ring. At the same time, he lifted the death sword and waved it towards the youth without hesitation.

"You are a potential threat, you cannot be allowed to live!"

As the voice faded, the death sword also descended.

However, the youth didn't resist. Instead, he revealed an extremely strange smile.


Suddenly, the youth's body exploded, a large amount of dark green liquid splattered everywhere. When the liquid fell onto the ground, it actually melted the ground.

Su Yun tensed up, and almost in a split-second, he summoned his Imperial Equipment.

The Qi Cover was created, and a large amount of juice smashed onto the Qi Cover.

However, what was most shocking was that the Qi Cover had become thinner and thinner due to the corrosion.

Su Yun's brows tightened even more. He could clearly feel that the profound strength in his body was being consumed at a rapid pace. The corrosive power of the juice was simply unimaginably strong.

He jumped backwards, and at the same time removed the Qi Cover, the juice fell to the ground and melted the ground into many small potholes, each with an unfathomable depth, it was extremely terrifying.

When he looked around, there was no trace of the youth.

Did he escape?

Su Yun thought, but he did not dare let his guard down.

Although this person was relying on the profound coin's cultivation to increase his cultivation, his strength was not ordinary. If not for his speed, it would be difficult for Su Yun to suppress him.

Su Yun's eyes turned, he removed Devil Bone Giant, then quickly rushed into the forest.

The exploding body must be either the magic treasure or a clone, and the original body must either escape, or hide in the darkness, waiting for the right time to make a move.

That fellow already knew that Su Yun was not weak, and was not easy to deal with, so he planned to use underhanded methods, since he was a poison user, he must be fond of using such methods.

Su Yun did not rush the profound qi, his speed was not fast, holding onto the death sword, he rushed forward, while carefully observing his surroundings.

The surrounding forest was quiet, there was no movement at all, but the opponent was a ninth stage Sky Spirit Master cultivator, his methods must be extremely clever, if one was disregarded, the person's head would be missing.

However, after dashing for four whole hours, the young man didn't make a move.

Did he really leave and not follow me?

Su Yun thought.


Suddenly, a strange sound came from afar.

Su Yun stopped and activated the profound qi.

The weak voice quickly grew in volume, and at the same time, a tyrannical profound qi also came towards them.

So fast!

So powerful!

So fierce!

Judging from the hurried footsteps and the terrifying profound qi, the other party was heading straight for him.

However, the person who had come was definitely not that young man!

Su Yun turned towards the back, raised his hand, and raised sword art sign. His pitch black cape flapped and nine scorching hot swords flew out from within the sword sheath, and the death sword s in his hands had also turned pale white.

His finger changed a few times as the Tribulation Fire Sword danced. The subordinate sword quickly moved and formed a blazing sword formation in the air like a furnace.

The ground started to tremble, the man was approaching him, Su Yun's gaze turned solemn as he stared at the man. It was a man with a body full of muscles and a face full of stubble. His face was twisted and he was breathing heavily, his eyes were like that of a tiger wolf, staring straight at Su Yun, his legs moved extremely quickly, causing the ground to creak.

The sword was almost two meters thick and had no edges. On the sword, there was a majestic and mighty lion carved on it, looking very lifelike. However, this kind of sword that seemed to be very heavy, was held in one hand.

His eyes were fierce as he charged forward and roared.

"Hand over the divine stone and leave your corpse intact!"

With that said, he directly slashed towards Su Yun with his sword.


The sword smashed into the ground.

The ground immediately cracked open, and a large amount of boulders rose up from the ground, flying straight for Su Yun! The scene looked as if the sky was falling and the earth was shattering; it was extremely shocking.

"Phoenix Dancing In The Sky!"

Su Yun brandished the Heaven Smiting Flame, causing the profound strength to vibrate.

A sharp sword flew out from the Burning Heaven Sword Formation, transforming into a fire phoenix, flying towards the jutting stones. The extremely hot fire phoenix melted the jutting stones completely, blocking this terrifying attack.

But just as he dissolved the attack, the sturdy man had already leaped, he jumped up high, holding onto his sword with both of his hands, he slashed towards Su Yun's head.

At this moment, all of his strength was concentrated on the heavy sword in his hand without holding anything back!

The opponent was very fast, causing Su Yun to be unable to retreat. He could only use both of his hands to parry the tribulation fire.


The two swords clashed, and the ground beneath Su Yun's feet immediately crumbled into pieces. The entire Evil Sword Forest trembled a little, as though he felt that there was a gigantic mountain pressing down on top of the Tribulation Fire Sword, and the impact force seemed to be able to shatter a person's arms.

Such great power!

Su Yun's face twisted, all the profound strength in his body activated with all his might, but it actually did not match up to his opponent, and the hand that supported the heavy sword started to tremble.

From the looks of it, this was a Spirit Cultivator who cultivated in True Divine Spirit Qi. Although he used the sword, it was an extremely powerful sword, and his cultivation was at least at the sixth stage of Sky Spirit Master.

Su Yun thought, his gaze suddenly swept across, looking at the few flying swords in the sky, his eyes bloodshot.

In an instant, the flying sword turned around and slashed towards the sturdy man.

The robust man's face darkened and roared in an attempt to dodge but Su Yun had seized this opportunity and directly sent the tribulation fire in his hand into his body.


The sturdy man swept his sword across, causing all the subordinate sword in the air to retreat, but his own abdomen was still pierced by the Tribulation Fire Sword.

The profound qi flooded into his body like a flood, stirring up his internal organs crazily.

Victory has been decided?

"Do you think you can beat me like this?"

Just then, he shouted and roared, suddenly turning his body, he actually completely ignored the Tribulation Fire Sword's attack, and continued to use his sword to slash at Su Yun.

It was as if he had forgotten about the pain and the wounds! It was like an immortal body that only cared about attacking.


Su Yun's shoulder was struck by the large sword.

His feet sank again.


Su Yun also did not move.

He did not feel the slightest bit of pain as he raised his head. His bloodshot eyes were filled with madness and killing intent.

The big man's ferocious face finally revealed a trace of astonishment.

"Although the True Divine Spirit Qi is strong, its lethality is too weak!"

Su Yun said solemnly, his hands gripping the tribulation fire, he activated the profound strength and rushed towards the Tribulation Fire Sword, causing its energy to be drawn out, and the blazing temperature started to affect it.


The big man suddenly cried out in pain. His stomach was covered in a fiery red color and his flesh and blood started to quickly melt. In just a short moment, his upper and lower body were completely melted as both parts of his body fell to the ground.

Su Yun did not hold back at all, he cut down the big sized man's head with his sword.