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Su Yun was startled, but seeing that the corpses of the Supreme Sect people were falling down, they were all dismembered, their bodies splitting into five, they were all dead, the soul were all floating in the air.

The leader Wuxin was the only one who had not regained his senses. When he looked at the person who had killed his comrades, he felt a tightening sensation on his neck. Then, his feet left the ground and he was lifted up.

With a single look, it was unknown when the Tusk Teeth had attacked.

His eyes were blood-red, and his innocent, tender face was currently adorable. His face had long since turned malevolent, as if he was a fiendish demon!

"Hey, brat, were you threatening our True Devil Sect just now?"

He slowly opened his mouth, and his voice was filled with endless coldness.

The man's neck was deformed, and he could no longer breathe, making it even harder for him to speak.

However, there was no fear in his eyes, and there was no fear on his face either. He only spoke in a hoarse voice: "Supreme Sect is not afraid of any sect, nor will he let off any existence that insults Supreme Divine Dao!"

"Are you saying that our real Devil Sect would be afraid of any sect and would let go of any sect that is our enemy?"

Octagon Aniseed smiled coldly.

A few snorts escaped from Wuxin's nose, but before he could say anything more, he heard …

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A crisp sound rang out as the head of Thoughtless Child was ripped off with eight teeth.

Seeing that, the surrounding Devil Sect Elders all stared with their eyes wide open.

He nonchalantly reached out and took out the man's heart. Then, he threw the man's body to the side and sat down on the chair to eat. It was as if nothing had happened.

Standing Demon and the others were still in a state of shock.

Su Yun was also startled for a moment, only after a long while did he regain his senses, he took a deep breath and shook his head, "Sect Master, by doing this, you are obviously fighting with the Supreme Sect, it is not worth it for me."

"I'm not doing this for you." He wiped his blood-stained mouth and said: "The reason I'm doing this, is to protect the reputation of the True Devil Sect! The people of Supreme Sect look down on my True Devil Sect in such a manner, and publicly insulted him, and punished him to death! Furthermore, even if we do not kill them, they would not let us True Devil Sect go. "

"If I leave the True Devil Sect, they will definitely not find trouble with the True Devil Sect, and the True Devil Sect will also be able to stay out of this."

Su Yun said.

"No, Su Yun, you're thinking too simply. In fact, from the beginning, no matter if it was Empty or True Devil Sect, they have all been added to the Supreme Sect's list. No matter what we or Empty do, we could not make the Supreme Sect stop!" He shook his head.

Everyone became confused when they heard this.

"Why do you say that?"

"Why? Heh, isn't that simple? " In their hearts, there is only Supreme Divine Dao, everything else is not enough for them to comprehend. However, faith is faith, and one cannot lose consciousness because of faith, do you dare to say that the people of Supreme Sect are all idiots? "

"This …"

"If you want to bring people to seduce the Saintess Su Liuluo, and force the Clear Memory Pill into her body, cleansing her memories would save her from Supreme Sect, this is indeed a serious matter, but the Saintess is safe and sound, the matter has not developed to the point of no return, even if the people from the Supreme Sect want to protect the Supreme Divine Dao and the dignity of the Saintess and the sect, there is no need to go and empty out the sect. If a sect were to hand over the pillar of support, how big of an impact would the consequences be? If they did this, not only would their sect lose all face, their reputation would be ruined, making everyone in the world laugh. It would also shock the hearts of their own disciples; their hearts would become unsteady! Empty people would know this principle, and the people of Supreme Sect would also know this principle. They did not really like to fight and kill each other, and did not want to waste their time on the grudges between the sects. Therefore, even if they wanted to punish them to be at ease, the best solution would be for the Supreme Sect to put pressure on them and let them clear it up. This way, the relationship between the two sects would not get any worse, and they would be able to clear away their face. "

"However, the Supreme Sect did not do so, they used forced methods to empty the space and hand the person over, then bring them back to the sect for punishment. This way, it is definitely not a suitable solution!"

"The people of Supreme Sect are unreasonable. It is not strange that they would do this." Su Yun interjected.

The reality is that sometimes, the Supreme Sect are smarter than we thought. For example, right now, the reason they are so unreasonable and overbearing is because they have a purpose! Empty was already given to Supreme Sect. Their goal had been achieved, but they did not think that Empty gave them a very important information! Or maybe it's good news! "

"What message?"

"This time's participant is also the true Devil Sect's Su Yun!"

Hearing that, Su Yun frowned: "What does that mean?"

"It means that the Supreme Sect has an excuse, and can make a move against my real Devil Sect."

As he ate, he mumbled, "They can easily resolve this issue, protect the sect's dignity, and preserve the reputation of their Supreme Divine Dao, but they did not do so, but instead overbearing and overbearing, why is that? Because they wanted to preach! Whether it is clearing up the Devil Sect or true, when they have an excuse, they will not let it go! "

As soon as he said that, everyone's expression turned serious.

"Before I received the news, Supreme Sect had already quietly attacked the dozens of small sects in the surrounding area. Because the Supreme Sect's reputation is not good, many people are extremely afraid, and because the Supreme Sect's disciples have died due to cultivating in the Supreme Divine Dao, the power of the Supreme Sect is weakening everyday, so the number of disciples is decreasing quickly. They must absorb new blood, so the sect can maintain its development, and maintain the Supreme Divine Dao in their hearts, so, they must absorb even more people to enter the Supreme Sect.

"However, these small sects' annexation is not as fast as the disciples inside the sect dying, so, they can only do it to a super sect, and that would allow the Supreme Sect to go up a level!"

"But the Supreme Sect has currently offended two super powers. If we, the real Devil Sect, join hands with Empty, even if we cannot destroy the Supreme Sect, we can at least protect ourselves." Standing Demon said.

"No, you have underestimated the Supreme Sect's strength." Chi Gou shook his head: "I'll tell you the truth, even if the real Devil Sect and Empty joined forces, they would still not be a match for the Supreme Sect! The true power of the Supreme Sect is not something we can imagine! "


Standing Demon and the others sucked in a breath of cold air.

"What does that have to do with anything? Supreme Sect came here simply to find an excuse. After I left the True Devil Sect, they had no excuse, so they wouldn't make a move against the True Devil Sect, right? " Su Yun said.

"An excuse can be made." The Eight Tooth Sword: "Moreover, even if you had broken away, it would still be useless. The people of Supreme Sect are already unreasonable, how can you still come up with an excuse? In fact, it would be a huge mistake to give Emptiness Realm Experts to the Supreme Sect. Not to mention the damage to my reputation and heart if I were to be handed over to the Supreme Sect, just by doing that, it would cause the Supreme Sect to succeed in his plans. Maybe Venerable Emptiness Realm Master thinks that we have already given up on him, and the Supreme Sect will not do anything to him, but in reality, it would be a huge mistake.

"Oh? "Why?"

"Ji Zizan's memories have already been cleansed, and he is now completely blank paper. Supreme Sect only needs to instill the concept of Supreme Divine Dao in him, brainwash him, and turn him into his own person, and then put it into the Empty Sect. That way, it will be a matter of time until he is reduced to the state of being empty again, and at that time, if the Supreme Sect increases their power, the Emptiness will not be able to protect them. What's funny is that the Emptying Elder still hopes to bring peace to them, and he doesn't know that the Supreme Sect's tiger's claws are already reaching them."

The crowd broke out into a cold sweat when they heard this.

"After it is completely devoured, Supreme Sect will try his best to deal with my True Devil Sect. It's just a matter of time, so I killed all these people today as a demonstration to the Supreme Sect, telling them, my true Devil Sect is not afraid of him! "

He blandly said, "Standing Demon, quickly report this to Sect Master. I ask that Sect Master add a few more disciples to guard the entrance of True Devil Realm and at the same time, send out some more spies to the Supreme Ocean Gate, keeping an eye on every single one of Supreme Sect's movements."

"Yes, Vice Sect Leader!"

He clasped his hands and quickly ran out.

Upon seeing this, the others also began to move out.

Only Su Yun remained, his face still filled with seriousness.

"Demon Lord, what are you thinking?"

He stretched lazily, curled up his body, and asked with a smile.

"Now that the Supreme Sect already has an excuse, I think with their personality, before long, they will send their powers to attack the real Devil Sect."

Su Yun said indifferently.

After hearing that, the octopus went silent for a moment, then it let out a sigh.

"You are right, but even so, we are not afraid. Demons, no matter how strong Supreme Sect is, we will not hand you over, and our true Devil Sect will not be empty!" If they want to fight, then let's fight. "

As he spoke, he laughed.

The smile was very brilliant, and it was filled with a sense of fearlessness.

Su Yun looked at Chi Gou quietly, at that moment, he seemed to have understood what a real demon should look like.

That's right, what was there to be afraid of? If he wanted to fight, so be it.

If he was so timid, could peace be gained?

Su Yun, this matter does not actually have much to do with you, I recommend that you stay in the True Devil Sect to cultivate. As for the battle with the Supreme Sect, for the time being, do not interfere!

As he spoke, he walked out of the hall.

In truth, Su Yun's cultivation was not high among these people, although he had experienced the practicing of a quiet world, he was still at the peak of the fifth stage of the Sky Spirit Master.

In a battle with the Supreme Sect, even the Spirit Emperor was unable to guarantee his own safety, needless to say, him.

However, should they stay out of this?

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