Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 694
Gu Zizai seemed to have felt something. His face turned snow-white and he quickly shouted, "Stop, all of you stop!"

With that said, all of the Escorts charging towards Su Yun immediately stopped.

"Elder, what's wrong?"

An elite turned his head and asked in confusion.

"Everyone spread out! Everyone spread out!"

Gu Zizai's face kept changing as he shouted anxiously. His eyes revealed a strong sense of fear.

Hong Zizai's face was also extremely ugly. As he stared at Su Yun, a trace of fear actually surfaced in his sunken eyes.

Seeing the two elders in such a state, the surrounding disciples and sect elites were all confused.

Everything was fine, how could the two elders show such expressions? Is something wrong?

"Elder Gu must have sensed the power sealed within my sword, right?"

At this time, Su Yun laughed coldly: "Since you all have sensed it already, then I don't have to explain too much. I have come prepared, and don't have any other intentions today, I just want to protect my parents' safety.

With that said, Su Yun stared at Gu Zizai.

"But they are the sinner. How can they just leave like that? If they leave, how will we explain this to the Supreme Sect? "

"How do you explain this to the Supreme Sect?"

Su Yun snorted, he stared at the people around him, and a dense amount of disdain and contempt appeared in his eyes.

"Let me ask all of you first. What is the reason behind this?"

"Isn't it all because your father and mother bewitched the Great Clan Elder, forcing him to save their daughter, Su Liuluo!"

An elite interjected.

"Is that so?" Su Yun stared at the elite warrior, and said coldly: "Then let me ask you, is the Great Clan Elder free to empty?"

"Of course."

"Is my dad and mom empty?"


"My sister Su Liuluo, before she entered the Supreme Sect, I believe she was probably empty, right?"

"That's true!"

The elite spoke with some hesitation.

Hearing that, Su Yun laughed coldly: "I'm afraid all of you know better than me what kind of sect the Supreme Sect is, and now, after clearing out the land with nine lives lost to one's sect, the emptied people are not thinking about saving the disciples, but thinking about how to harm the people of our sect, is this what it means to empty out the sect?"

"Kid, don't be rude!" Hong Zizai shouted.

But Su Yun did not care, he pointed at the people around and cursed: "My sister Su Liuluo, you are in danger now, shouldn't the sect provide convenience for you? She was the one who cleared her heart, it was one thing for you guys to not save her, but you guys were the ones who risked your lives to help her, and you guys were the ones who added insult to injury, instead you wanted to hand her over to the Supreme Sect, is this how you empty people are? If my father and mother saved my sister for family and personal reasons, then what about the elder? What was he doing this for? He did it for the sake of his fellow sect members! What mistake did Elder Zhi Zun commit? Aren't you afraid that this matter will spread through the ten thousand worlds, making all the spirits of the ten thousand realms laugh in ridicule? Aren't you afraid of making the whole place feel cold? "

A furious roar echoed out in all directions.

A few disciples, who had been cleared out, suddenly felt their hearts beating faster.

Su Yun was right, if they could not even keep their sect's great clan elder safe, how would they be able to protect them in the future?

Gu Zizai's expression kept changing as he was momentarily at a loss for words.

"Is it that cowardly to empty people? The people in the Supreme Sect are people, are the people you empty there aren't people? Why did they bewitch the empty people and make the empty people compromise with them? You! Do you really have no backbone? "

Su Yun stared at the disciples around him and bellowed.

As these words fell, it made all the disciples around the arena lower their heads in shame!

However, as an empty person, he knew even better than the ordinary disciples that sometimes dignity did not represent everything. As the higher-ups of a sect, they had to consider the benefits of a sect even more. He pursed his lips and said in a low voice: "Kid, no matter how cunning you are, this is not an excuse for you to take the two of them away. We can let you go, but the two of them definitely cannot!"

"Do you think I'll just leave?"

Su Yun's eyes gradually turned blood-red, and the devil qi around his body became stronger.

"I, Su Yun, hereby swear that as long as you all empty out and dare to touch a single hair on my parents, I will use the Sword Storm sealed in this sword by the sword ancestor to completely exterminate you all.

He almost roared out in a low voice, a deep roar that travelled extremely far.

Gu Zizai and the others were all trembling in fear, all of them alarmed by Su Yun's madness.

Su Shentian was stunned, he looked at his son with a complicated look, as well as a strange confusion.

Shen Xuexue's face was already full of tears, looking at Su Yun, she could not stop her tears.

"Yun'er should not have been the one to bear the burden of the heavens, we should not have been like this … Perhaps in the beginning, we should not have made that decision!"

Shen Xuexue covered her lips and cried.

"But things have come to this, we have nothing to say."

Su Shentian sighed softly, his expression helpless.

They all knew that persuading Su Yun again was useless.

At this moment, Gu Zizai couldn't speak a word. His face was sometimes red and sometimes white. It was unknown what he was thinking.

"Does the power of the sword ancestor's Sword Storm come from the Limitless sword ancestor? Could you be Limitless sword ancestor's successor? "

Hong Zizai said in shock.

Su Yun remained silent.

He stared coldly at the people around him, then turned his head and spoke towards Su Shentian and Shen Xuexue: "Father, Mother, let's go first, withdraw and empty everything."

"Yun'er, this …"

"If you have anything to say, wait for them to clear out before you speak. Father, Mother, there's no time. Let's go."

"But your grand-teacher is still in custody. How can we leave you grand-teacher?"

"Grand Master has cleared out the Great Elder after all, adding that he has already lost his memories, I believe that the clearing up and the Supreme Sect will not make a difference, at least his life will not be in danger, but the two of you are different. We must first save our lives, so we can think of ways to save the Grand Elder in the future."

Su Yun said. He was truly powerless to save himself now.

Hearing that, Su Shentian and Shen Xuexue looked at each other, then turned and slowly retreated.

Su Yun held the death sword, and slowly retreated.

Hong Zizai anxiously shouted to all the Awakened ones who were rushing over to stop Su Yun.

If he forced them to do so, Su Yun would release the power inside the black sword, causing half of the black sword to become ashes, and the consequences were unthinkable, for the sake of these few people, it would not even be worth it.

With someone backing them, Su Yun and Su Shentian's retreat was relatively easier, and no one dared to stop them.

It was just that …

The atmosphere suddenly changed.

He had not taken a few steps when golden ripples appeared in the sky. The ripples pierced through the horizon like a golden river flowing in the sky.

A few figures stepped on the golden river and flew over, when they approached, Su Yun felt his heart oppressing, his hands shivering, as though all the energy in his blood was being suppressed by them, causing him to be unable to move a single inch.

Su Shentian looked into the sky, his expression suddenly became serious, and shouted: "Yun'er, careful! Empty has arrived! "

"Empty the Supreme Realm?"

Su Yun was startled.

Could it be the owner of this dimension?

Just as he was thinking, the pressure became increasingly stronger, causing Su Yun's body to feel like it was about to collapse.

The people who were following Su Yun and surrounding him all knelt down, and called out to the people who were descending: "We greet the Emptiness Realm Expert, we pay our respects to the Five Saint Techniques!"

"Greetings, Venerable Lord Emptiness, and Five Saint Dharma!"

The crowd shouted with reverence and their voices were filled with respect. Even the Second Elder Gu Zizai and the Third Elder Hong Zizai were kneeling on the ground with their hands held high as they paid their respects.

"Mom, who are these people?"

Su Yun tried his best to hold the death sword in his hands, and asked.

"Clearing the Venerable One is clearing out the Sect Leader, which is also the realm's Realm Master." Shen Xuexue looked at the man who was descending gradually, and said softly: "As for those five, they are the direct disciples of the Sect Leader, and also the five who cleared up the place with the Sect Leader, their status surpasses your master's, and their cultivation are extremely powerful, all of them can be considered great sages."

"Since these people have come, I'm afraid that we cannot leave so easily today."

Su Shentian replied.

After those words were said, the six people in the sky had already landed on the ground and stood in front of Gu Zizai and the others.

In that instant, golden light shone brilliantly. The strange light made it difficult for people to open their eyes.

Su Yun tensed up, he looked at the person who suddenly came.

Su Shentian and Shen Xuexue looked at each other, then cupped their fists helplessly and said: "Sinner Su Shentian (Shen Xuexue), greets Venerable Lord Emptiness and the Five Holy Techniques."

"Get up."

The middle-aged man at the very front slowly spoke.

This person had a moustache, and he looked very decent. His hair was very long, reaching his waist, and his figure was very slender. Although he wasn't a handsome man, he was still a very charming person.

"Thank you, Venerable One!"

People got up.

The Clearing Lord turned around and looked at Su Yun and the rest.

"Venerable One, Su Shentian and Shen Xuexue intend to escape, their son is extremely powerful. We do not dare to intercept the magical equipment. "

Gu Zizai cupped his fist and said.

"You did the right thing."

He looked at the pitch black death sword in Su Yun's hands and said indifferently: "This is Limitless sword ancestor's protective power. Although I don't know why it was sealed within this sword, once it is released, clearing the realm will definitely be destroyed!"

Hong Zizai and the others sucked in a breath of cold air when they heard this.

Honorable Qu Hui shifted his gaze onto Su Yun's face and said indifferently, "Young child, I know the cause and effect of this matter."

"Then, why did you let my mother go?" Su Yun immediately asked.

Then, Emptiness Realm Expert was silent for a moment before he shook his head.

He stared at Su Yun, and said earnestly: "Fight, we want people to die! If for your parents, I had cleared out the people from the Supreme Sect and killed even more of them, how would a Venerable One like me have the face to face with empty out people? "