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The only had one entrance, and it was guarded by disciples. Outsiders were not allowed to enter the Supreme Sect, unless they wanted to become a disciple of the Supreme Sect itself, they were only allowed to enter.

There were many people who tried to save their friends and relatives, sneaking into the sect to convince their friends and relatives to leave, but none of these people who pretended to enter the Supreme Sect came out. It was said that all of them were brainwashed.

Emptying the world was different. Although the Emptiness Realm was the empty sect address, there were still many hidden cultivators living there.

After entering the Emptiness Realm, Su Yun was at a hillside.

The sky was blue, but the ground was not green, it was gold, the plants here did not seem like grass, they were about an inch long. Each plant had seven yellow leaves, swaying along with the wind, the air was filled with an intoxicating feeling.

There were many mountains that were completely empty. They were all peaks, and some directly shot into the clouds. As for every mountain, they were all dazzling yellow in color.

Su Yun took out the parchment with eight corners, and roughly read the contents. Chi Gou was very meticulous, he wrote out everything that he needed to pay attention to, and even drew out the empty map. It seemed like he had prepared something for Su Yun.

After determining the direction and position, Su Yun took out his flying sword and rushed forward.

The Emptying World was a circular circle. The place Su Yun was at was the exterior of the circle. Along the way, they could see many Spirit Cultivator s wearing yellow robes. They were carrying long swords, with a round order badge on their waist, and their entire body was covered with sharp Swift Wind Spirit Qi.

"Heh heh, this time, this is considered bad luck, to actually go and provoke the Supreme Sect, and even find trouble with the Holy Maiden, and make himself inhumane, let's see how he will deal with this situation."

"End?" How could this situation end if he lost his memories? It is said that he refined a 'Clear Memory Pill' and planned to use it on the Holy Maiden to erase her memories before taking her away. However, he never thought that the Holy Maiden would actually use the forbidden technique and forcefully give him the 'Clear Memory Pill'.

"Hahaha, why not? This old man has been ordering our Master around all day, and now that you have turned the tables on him, it is your retribution! "

"However, I heard that the reason why he took action this time was to save his grand disciple. The Holy Maiden is said to be the daughter of his disciples Su Shentian and Shen Xuexue.

"Mighty?" This time, the sect and the Supreme Sect would most likely hand him over to those two fools! If they were to fall into the hands of the Supreme Sect, they will definitely die without a doubt! "

"Would a sect do such a thing? If this were to spread out, then even if we have lost all our memories, we would still be the Great Elder of our sect.

"The Great Clan Elder? He had lost all his memories, and had forgotten about all the profound technique techniques. He was completely like an idiot, and even his cultivation had dropped by who knows how many. Furthermore, he has offended the Holy Maiden, so if he does not give the Supreme Sect an explanation, the Supreme Sect will definitely attack us until we are emptied.

"Why would the Supreme Sect be so impulsive?"

"You must know, the people in Supreme Sect are all madmen, it is not the first time they are doing this, regardless of whether the opponent is strong or weak, as long as they are provoked, they will not stop."

"Ugh …"

A rustling sound of discussion came from ahead, and when Su Yun heard this, he clenched his fists tightly, and looked at the few Clear Sky Sect disciples with an ice-cold gaze.


As if they felt a strange gaze from behind, the disciples that were flying turned their heads and looked at Su Yun. When they saw the serious face of the other party with a trace of hatred, he was immediately angered: "Where did this kid come from, what are you looking at? "Scram!"

"I heard you insulting Su Shentian and Shen Xuexue, right?"

Su Yun said coldly.

Hearing that, all the disciples stopped, and stared at Su Yun unkindly.

"Why?" That person laughed disdainfully: "Seeing you so angry, could these two have anything to do with you? Heh, you didn't hear wrong. Yours Truly is just insulting them. How about it? You dare to lay your hands on me? Let me tell you, we are the ones who are cleared. If you mess around, I guarantee that you won't be able to get out of the empty world. "

"Fuck you."

Su Yun was enraged, he immediately pulled out his sword and killed.

He did not care about the fame, wealth, or money, but he valued his family very highly. How could he tolerate others humiliating his parents?

The disciples were all startled. This fellow in front of them was really impulsive. However, there were four of them, and all of them were in the fifth stage of the Sky Spirit Master. Su Yun looked like he was only at the peak of the fifth stage, how could he be afraid of them?

But after exchanging blows for a short period of time, these disciples were stunned.

Su Yun's speed, profound qi, strength, etc. were not something that a fifth stage Sky Spirit Master could possess. They could not even catch a glimpse of Su Yun's figure, and had several sword scars left on his body.

Bang bang bang bang!

Su Yun raised his leg, and with a kick, he kicked them all down from the sky.

The crowd was struck to the ground, unable to move. They were already wailing in pain.

"This time, I will let you two go, if you still dare to insult Su Shentian and Shen Xuexue, I will not let you two off this easily!"

Su Yun said coldly.

"Yes, yes, yes. We will never dare to insult you two again."

The disciples pleaded for mercy.

Su Yun snorted, and directly left.

He flew very fast, heading straight for the emptied sect.

Although these few disciples had seen his face before, it was not a big deal. These people were just outer sect disciples, and were normally unable to go to the inner sect, where Su Yun's current state was empty, and if he recklessly killed people, it would only ignite their fires and teach them a lesson, which was just a small matter. There would not be any big problems, and even if they went to the sect to complain, there would probably not be anyone who would go and take care of it.

After travelling for half a day, Su Yun finally arrived at the door that was emptied.

The door was extremely grand, it was over a hundred meters tall, with ten statues on both sides of the door that were of the same height as the door, grand and vast, the door was like a mountain and water, the door was filled with disciples entering and exiting, it was very lively, but there were many other Spirit Cultivator entering and exiting, but their Spirit Qi, all of them were above third grade of Sky Spirit Master.

From the looks of it, Su Shentian and Shen Xuexue's cultivation level, in a sect like the Emptiness Realm, could only be considered above average.

Su Yun did not dare to rush in to clear it out, the way he was now, he knew that it was impossible for him to enter either.

Don't try to sneak into the Clearing Gate. There are nine thousand three hundred enchantments around the Emptiness Realm, and there are eighteen thousand and nine hundred enchantments within the Emptiness Realm. These enchantments can only be automatically ignored when one wears the Emptying Token.

Su Yun looked at the blood red words on it, thought for a while, then looked at the disciples that were entering and exiting, rolling his eyes, he kept the parchment and walked away.

Not long later, Su Yun donned a yellow robe and headed to the southern side of the mountain with the Empty Command Plate on.

At the back of the mountain was a lush bamboo forest. However, the bamboo here was not emerald green, but was also a golden color. From afar, it looked like a golden land.

There didn't seem to be much green in the cleared world.

The top of the mountain was also surrounded by a large number of enchantments, but with the assistance of the Empty Command, the enchantments could be ignored.

The clearing was too big.

Su Yun carefully snuck in and lowered his head, following the small path and rushed to the entrance.

They were waiting for the Supreme Sect's request, but they didn't know where Su Shentian and Shen Xuexue would be at, so it wouldn't be hard for Su Yun to know, but once he entered the inner sect, he could just use the Heavenly Seeking Treasure Bell.

Su Yun's heart was in a rush, after this matter had happened, he finally understood that Su Shentian and Shen Xuexue were disciples of the same sect, they wanted to be considered Great Clan Elder, so if Supreme Sect did not have a high demand, he would more or less keep him, but Su Shentian was different, the two of them were just clan elders and disciples, so it was not important, but the punishment would not be light.

They were afraid that the two of them would become the scapegoats for this incident!

Thinking about it, Su Yun's heart became more anxious.

When he reached the small path, Su Yun stopped in his tracks.

Around him were buildings that looked like buildings. In the distance, there was a green river, and on the other side of the river, there were several great formations. On the other side of the formation, there was a magnificent palace.

Over there was the emptied inner court. In the middle of the inner court was the empty space where the Martial Saint and elders gathered.

Su Yun's eyes turned slightly, he looked up at the sky, then turned and walked towards the forest, hiding his presence there.

The inner sect's barrier was different from the outer sect's barrier, the inner sect's barrier would automatically differentiate between the inner sect's and outer sect's identity, if Su Yun barged in just like that, people would find out, he could not endure the investigation, if he did not find out that the barrier was empty, he would most likely be treated as a spy, and would be killed.

Therefore, he could only continue to wait here. Of course, it was not easy to get rid of the inner disciples, this was an empty place, the inner disciples' cultivation were most likely not ordinary, once they fought, it would not end in a short period of time, and if there was any commotion, Su Yun's situation would become extremely dangerous.

Therefore, Su Yun planned to follow the method given by Chi Gou.

As the barrier was complicated, there were people on the market who would check it. As long as they could find a broken barrier, they would be able to get past the guardian disciple and sneak in.

Although this method was feasible, to Su Yun, time was too tight. However, he had no other choice, and could only choose this method.

Seeing the series of methods written on the parchment, Su Yun was thinking, had the Octagon Aniseed tried to clear them before?


After an unknown period of time, a voice came from the other side of the river.

Hiding behind a tree, Su Yun immediately raised his head to look, only to see two empty inner sect disciples walking out.

They walked in front of the formation, their heads lowered as they prepared something.

"This is it."

Su Yun frowned, he exhaled, and then sneaked over.

"Hey, stop!"

Just as Su Yun was quietly approaching the river, a low shout suddenly came out from behind him.

(About this book's cultivation level: Before, a friend told me that the book's previous article had been set as a Sky Spirit Master of the fifth rank, but now that it has been written out as the sixth stage, I have to admit that I had been careless in this aspect, but since I have already written to this point, it is already difficult to change it.