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In the next moment, Su Yun stayed in the Bei Yang and helped Huairou Muyu to integrate with the Chamber of Commerce.

The news of Hei Yu's death had already spread throughout the entire Bei Yang. Su Yun announced his betrayal to the entire Hundred Meetings Alliance, and at the same time, set Huairou Muyu as a vice Alliance Leader. It was not that Su Yun did not want her to become the Alliance Leader, but it was because Huairou Muyu had just entered the Bei Yang and his qualifications was shallow.

However, what was shocking was that after Huairou Muyu took control of the Profound Sky Continent, the series of measures she executed allowed countless Chamber of Commerce to benefit. In a short span of a few months, she had obtained a considerable amount of achievements, causing those who did not accept her to be speechless.

After taking care of Fu Yue, Chi Gou returned to the True Devil Sect, and dispatched people to the Hidden Dragon Temple to discuss this matter. Although the Hidden Dragon Palace was considered a powerful sect in the Divine Dragon Domain, it was far from being comparable to the True Devil Sect, not to mention that Fu Yue had offended the Demon Lord, so the Azure Dragon was even more at a loss for words.

After settling the matter with the Hidden Dragon Temple, Su Yun was relieved. In the remaining time, Su Yun stayed in the Bei Yang and trained together with Hu Qianmei in the house, and of course, the purpose of training with the two of them was not only to make them happy, but also to increase their cultivation. Most Spirit Cultivator's goal in finding the dual cultivation partner was to use the dual cultivation technique to increase the size of their sleeves, so it could be said that this method was the easiest for the Spirit Cultivator to obtain their cultivation.

But Su Yun did not dare immerse himself within the beauties.

The matter of his parents had not been resolved, his sister was still in her perfect condition, and he still had a lot of things to do.

He calmed his mind and planned to search for the sword ancestor's soul inside the Ultimate Martial World.

But before he had even started his journey, news came from the True Devil Sect and called Su Yun back.

This was not an urgent matter, but Su Yun was the devil king of the True Devil Sect, so he should contribute more to the True Devil Sect.

Hu Qianmei was extremely reluctant, but he could do nothing about it, after pestering Su Yun in his room for three days of dual cultivation, Su Yun passed through the broken door and returned to the True Devil Sect.

Inside the True Devil Sect.

It was still that huge Skeleton Room.

Ba Chi, Second Elder, Second Elder, Second Elder, Second Elder, and Sixth Elder, Li Yao, were all waiting for Su Yun in the bone room.

Su Yun entered and all the clan elders stood up to greet him.

The two elders did not dare wake him up, but when Su Yun came in, a voice came out, which woke him up. When he saw Su Yun, he was stunned, and then he asked curiously: Master Demon Lord, aren't you in Bei Yang? Why did you come back to the Devil Sect? "

"Didn't you call me back?"

"Did I call you back? "Oh, I remember, I remember. Haha, I'm sorry, I forgot about it."

He then patted his head and said, "However, after some careful consideration, I think it would be better if you didn't participate in this mission."


Eight-Teeth sighed, "Because the Sin Demon Three Bone Dragon has requested to participate in this mission at the last minute … … I do not wish for you to carry out this mission with him."

Sin Demon Tri-Bone Dragon?

It was only then that Su Yun remembered the Devil Cultivator imprisoned in the Little Garden. After he had become the Demon Lord, in the entire True Devil Sect, he was the one who had the most prejudice against Su Yun and also the one who was the most against him. Even now, he was still spying on the Demon Lord's throne.

"What is this mission?"

Su Yun asked.

"It's about the mission to the Wanhua Realm. That's why I called you over, but it seems like you shouldn't go." Chi Gou said: "To be honest, Su Yun, we have already gotten control of an important person in Cloud Heavenly Palace. With him as our spy, we know every single movement in Cloud Heavenly Palace like the back of our hand."

"Does the vice sect master plan on making a move on the Cloud Heavenly Palace?"

Su Yun asked.

He doesn't want to cause trouble, but we are also not afraid of trouble, and with regards to the Cloud Heavenly Palace, regardless of whether the Cloud Heavenly Palace is good or evil, we do not care, but this time we are going to take action against the Cloud Heavenly Palace because they have already set their eyes on us, and the True Devil Sect has always kept a low profile throughout these years, making others think that we are already in decline, that we are unable to withstand a single blow, that everyone is starting to take notice of our True Devil Sect, thus, we have decided to take action this time!

"Then what does this have to do with the Wanhua Realm?"

"It's because the mission this time took place in the Wanhua Realm, and it's really like a dog that can't stop itself from eating shit. Although after going through such a huge battle, all the hard work in the Cloud Heavenly Palace has failed, but they still haven't stopped spying on the Wanhua Realm, but they have become smarter, and are no longer plotting on the Wanhua Realm's land, and instead converting the land into resources, and going to the Realm Master to obtain some of the unique materials that are produced in the."

"Why are they doing this?"

"It's related to a formation, the specific reason is extremely complicated, even that person cannot explain it clearly, but no matter what, we will not let them continue like this, these people will be killed by us after they come out of Wanhua Realm."

Chi Gou sighed, "Now that the Three Bone Dragon is involved in this mission, there's no need for you to participate anymore, Demon Lord. If possible, stay as far away from the Three Bone Dragon as possible. He isn't a good person."

"I understand. Thank you for your reminder, Vice Sect Leader."

Su Yun nodded.


Octagon Aniseed laughed and then placed his feet on the chair, taking a half-squatting stance. He held his knees with both hands and looked at the Second Demon Lord leisurely: "Then, Second Elder, you can continue to report what you just said."

"…" The two Devils were stunned, then they looked at the Standing Devils and sighed, "Vice Sect Leader, the two Devils had already reported to you earlier, did you not hear it clearly?"

"You just said something … I'm sorry, I fell asleep a while ago, I didn't hear you clearly …"

The two devils were speechless.

Having this kind of vice sect master was indeed unbearable. The two Devils sighed and could only say, "Yesterday, I received news that there was an accident in the purge. The purged Great Elder has already been imprisoned because he violated the sect's rules."

"Oh? Great Elder? To be at ease? What did he do to deserve to be imprisoned? "

Octagon Aniseed asked in confusion.

"According to the rumors, in order to save his own disciple, he took the initiative to bring his disciple into Supreme Sect to create trouble, and successfully lured out the new Holy Maiden of the Supreme Sect, intending to forcefully abduct her. He planned to use the Clear Memory Pill he concocted to erase the memories of the Holy Maiden, and rescue her from Supreme Sect. However, not only did he not succeed in inserting the pill into the Holy Maiden's body, he was instead struck by the forbidden technique of the Holy Maiden, the 'Spirit Demon Exchange', and suffered from the 'Clear Memory Pill'. He was severely injured, and his memories were lost, and he was brought back to the Supreme Sect in a sorry state, he has been emptied out, I think that he will not be able to retain his position as the Great Clan Elder.

The two demons said.

When Su Yun heard the two words "Supreme Sect", he immediately perked up his ears and focused on listening.

"To think that such a thing would happen."

After hearing this, Octagon Aniseed let out a sigh.

"It is said that the new Holy Daughter was the daughter of Su Shentian, and accidentally entered the Supreme Sect. She wanted to blame herself for allowing her disciple's grandson to fall into the Supreme Sect, which was why she took the risk, and wished to make up for her mistake."

"What did you say?"

Before the Second Demon Empress finished her sentence, Su Yun immediately erupted and turned to walk in front of the Second Demon Empress. He stared at the ugly face of the Second Demon Elder and asked urgently: "Second Demon Elder, what did you just say?"

"What?" The two demons looked at Su Yun in astonishment, their heads full of water.

"You just said, who is this new Holy Maiden?"

Su Yun asked anxiously, his eyes were filled with anxiousness and worry, and his voice had become tight.

"Oh, I mean, this new Holy Maiden is the disciple of Su Shentian. What's wrong, Lord Demon Lord?" The two Devils were clearly baffled.

However, Su Yun was lost in his disordered thoughts, his breathing became hurried, his eyes also filled with uncontrollable restlessness.

Such a change made the Second Demon Empress and the others even more baffled. Everything was fine, what was going on with Su Yun?

Only Eight-Teeth sensed that something was wrong.

"The disciple Su Shentian wants to be at ease with? Master Demon Lord, your name is Su Yun, could it be that this Su Shentian has something to do with you? " Octagon Aniseed asked seriously.

Su Yun regained his senses, looked at Chi Gou, and nodded: "That's right, Su Shentian is my father, and the new Holy Maiden is most likely my younger sister, Su Liuluo."

As the sound of his voice faded, the entire room fell silent.

Su Yun sat on the chair, he did not say a word, and only stared at the ground, thinking about something.

The two devils exchanged glances with each other.

"The matter of the Demon Lord is our problem. Now that Ji Zizan is seriously injured and has lost his memories, I am afraid that he will no longer have the strength to save the Demon Lord's sister. However, from what I see, the one who should be most worried right now is not the Demon Lord's sister, but the Demon Lord's parents." He had also made a big enemy for the sake of clearing up the mess. Before, clearing the place could be said to be equivalent to not disturbing the river, but now, it's different, this recklessness would definitely attract the Supreme Sect's attention, and if he did not do anything, he might just hand over the people who participated in this matter to the Supreme Sect! "

"I can't let them!"

Su Yun lifted his head and said coldly.