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Seeing Li Gu Shi being so terrified, Su Yun snorted: "You're still not admitting to it? If you did not tamper with the laws of the city in Bei Yang, why did you allow your subordinates to do so? There are people causing trouble in the city today, and everyone knows about it. However, your subordinates have turned a blind eye to it. Could it be that your subordinates don't know the rules? Ignore Dharma? "If so, even if you condone your subordinates, you are still guilty of dereliction of duty!"

"This …"

Li Gu shi's face changed, speechless. For a while, he didn't know how to reply. His entire body froze in place …

"Alliance Leader, this matter actually does not blame City Lord Li, after all, he does not know of the relationship between Miss Qian Mei and Alliance Leader, and what Miss Qian Mei has offended this time is the son of the Hidden Dragon Palace's Hall Master Fu Yue, Fu Yue is deeply favored by Palace Head Cang Long, and this Hidden Dragon Temple will definitely be replaced by the latter in the future.

Just at this moment, Hei Yu opened his mouth and spoke calmly. However, every time he said a word, the flesh on his body would tremble several times.

Su Yun opened his eyes and looked at him. His eyes turned from black to red.

"Is that why you chose to ignore Hu Qianmei and not save him?"

Su Yun said indifferently.

Hearing that, Hei Yu's expression changed slightly, but he did not reveal much shock on his face. He got up and cupped his fists towards Su Yun: "Alliance Leader, it's not that I'm unrighteous, but it's just that Chamber of Commerce and the Hundred Alliance do not dare to offend the Hidden Dragon Hall. If we interfere, with Young Noble Fu Yue's vengeful nature, in the future, Chamber of Commerce Hei Yu will definitely meet with a calamity."

"I know."

Su Yun said expressionlessly: "You are right, you are a businessman, interest is important, I do not blame you, but from today onwards, Chamber of Commerce Hei Yu will be removed from the Hundred Meetings Alliance, and your Chamber of Commerce will be considered as an independent Chamber of Commerce within the Bei Yang, do you have any objections?"

Although Su Yun said that, but in his heart, he was truly angry, for the benefit of Hei Yu, he did not know how many benefits Su Yun had given him, and almost handed over the entire Bei Yang to him, but on this matter, he was still focused on benefits, how could Su Yun not be angry?

Now that the Chamber of Commerce within the borders of the Bei Yang had been unified and Huairou Muyu's Chamber of Commerce had entered the Bei Yang, he had to join the Hundred Meetings Alliance, so how could he possibly tolerate a single Chamber of Commerce?

But Hei Yu was not flustered, he only shook his head gently: "Alliance Leader, are you trying to destroy my Hei Yu?"

"If others can repay me with their kindness, I will definitely repay them back with my grace. If others do not care about me, Su Yun, then why would I, Su Yun, care about others?"

Su Yun said indifferently.

"Alliance Leader is right, but what use do you think this has? The Hundred Meetings Alliance can lack any one Chamber of Commerce, but it cannot lack the only one named Hei Yu. " Hei Yu said with no expression on his face.

Hearing that, Su Yun frowned.

But soon, he understood the meaning behind his words.

In other words, the real Alliance Leader of the Hundred Conferences Alliance should be Hei Yu, he had crawled around in the Bei Yang for so many years, his reputation becoming even stronger than Su Yun's. After Su Yun left the Bei Yang, he had started to quickly organize the various Chamber of Commerce s and the financial markets, everything would be handled by him, the ones who came in contact with the other Chamber of Commerce the most were Hei Yu, and the ones who understood Hei Yu the most were Hei Yu. As for Su Yun, people's impression of him only stopped at the first battle of the Suicide Valley, maybe Su Yun's cultivation was very strong, but the Hundred Conferences Alliance had grouped together, so why would they be afraid of him?

"I see." Su Yun stood up and took down the order badge from his waist, he looked at the order badge, and then threw it down onto the ground, and said indifferently: As the matter is, I, Su Yun have nothing to say, I will not take the position of Alliance Leader, but will return it to you.

Then, he turned to Hu Qianmei and said: "Qian Mei, let's go."


Hu Qianmei nodded, and did not miss this place.

In the end, Hei Yu was still a merchant, and in the past, he had humbled himself to Su Yun because he was afraid of his strength. But now that Hei Yu's strength had grown, and Hei Yu had become the number one Chamber of Commerce, his fear of Su Yun had become insignificant, and the appearance of Fusu had caused his fear to change, so compared to Fusu, Su Yun did not care at all.

"Since you want to leave, Su Yun, it is not interesting for me to stay in the Bei Yang. I will bring our Chamber of Commerce to evacuate. Su Yun, let's leave together."

Just then, Huairou Muyu stood up and said indifferently.

"Muyu, are you serious?" Su Yun was slightly surprised.

"Can you still joke about this?"


Su Yun nodded and walked out the door.

However, just as he raised his foot to take a few steps, there was a flash of light outside his door and several silhouettes appeared from within the glowing shadow. Immediately afterwards, a loud laughter resounded from within the glowing shadow.

"Go?" How could it be so easy? If you don't give me an explanation, where do you want to go? "

As his voice faded, a handsome young man with red hair and a red robe entered.

This young master wore a brocade robe and held a folding fan. His skin was white, and his long hair was like flames. The attendants beside him were all wearing brocade robes, and they were equipped with glowing weapons. Their cultivations were not bad.

"Who are you?"

Su Yun asked.

"This is Young Master Fu Yue."

Without waiting for the man to speak, Hei Yu stood up and said.

"Oh, no wonder." The corner of Su Yun's mouth rose slightly: "So you're already in cahoots with me."

"It can't be said that they are of the same group. Alliance Leader Hei Yu is just doing his best to help me settle some troublesome matters."

Fu Yue waved his fan and laughed: "I have traveled far and wide and have never been at a disadvantage, but I do not wish to fall into the hands of this Fox Demon. If I do not seek justice and this matter goes back to the Sky Dragon Domain, what face would I have left to stand in the Sky Dragon Domain? Therefore, this Fox Demon must die. "

"I can die!" But you must let Su Yun go! "

Hu Qianmei clenched her teeth, and suddenly stood up and shouted.

The guards around him were probably not ordinary people. Hu Qianmei had fought with these people before, and knew that he would not be able to escape this time, so he decided to first save Su Yun.

But the moment she stood out, she was forcefully pulled back by Su Yun.

"What nonsense are you saying? How can you just admit defeat like that? " Su Yun reprimanded.

Brother, we can't win against them, their cultivation are all above the fourth stage of Sky Spirit Master, Fu Tou's cultivation is even higher, if it was just him alone, he would not be afraid, but there are so many people here, the reason why we are fighting back is because of me, he hopes to force out the whereabouts of his junior sister from my mouth, so it has nothing to do with you, as long as I am dead, he will definitely not make things difficult for you all.

Hu Qianmei said in a low voice.

"Your idea is too simple." Su Yun shook his head: "Fu Yue might let me go, but Hei Yu definitely won't, I finally understand now, the reason why he chose Fu Yue was because he wanted to be the master of the Bei Yang, and when he recommended me to be his master, it was all because of my powerful cultivation and high prestige, he actually did not want it, but now that my reputation is weaker than his, and Fu Yue was supporting him, how can he be indifferent? If I do not die today, he will not be able to sleep and eat in peace. Therefore, even if I hand you over to you, I will not be at peace. "

Hearing that, Hu Qianmei was startled, then anxiously said: "What an ungrateful vile person!"

"There are times when I'm mistaken."

Su Yun shook his head, feeling helpless.

"We'll fight them."

"We do have to fight, but we don't have enough strength. We still need to call for some helpers."

Finished, Su Yun secretly took out a pitch black order badge and poured some profound qi inside.

"Su Yun, what is your attitude? Hurry up and show us. If you are willing to hand over the Fox Demon to Young Noble Fu Yue and guarantee that you will leave the Bei Yang forever, we can let you off." Hei Yu saw that Su Yun did not say a word, and only pulled Hu Qianmei, who knew what he was thinking, and immediately shouted.

"Previously, I was planning to leave the Bei Yang and was not willing to come back here, but all of you forced me to stay. Since all of you did not let me leave, then, I will just be the owner of the Bei Yang again."

Su Yun said indifferently.

Hearing that, Hei Yu's face changed slightly: What do you mean?

Su Yun did not make a sound, and only lightly closed his eyes.

Fu Yue also felt that something was amiss, he did not waste any more time and shouted: "Take down the Fox Demon, as for the remaining people, kill them all!"

"Yes sir!"

His subordinates chimed in, and then all of them headed towards Su Yunchong.

Seeing that, Hu Qianmei immediately summoned out True Dragon City, summoning the powerful golden dragon simulacrum, rushing recklessly towards the incoming Spirit Cultivator.

The houses were immediately shattered. The Spirit Cultivator s were also disturbed by the sudden appearance of this golden dragon.

Upon seeing this, Fu Tou's eyes shone with a golden light.

"It's this divine object again? With such a treasure, how did it end up in your hands? "What a waste. It's better if I use the real thing." Fu Tou shouted: "You guys don't have to be so polite. If you can capture him, then capture him. If you can't, then kill him. I will kill him even if this treasure is enough!"

Hearing that, the servants did not hold back, and started attacking Hu Qianmei one by one.

Su Yun naturally did not stand at the side and stared, he directly pulled out his death sword and rushed forward to behead the servants, his speed was extremely fast, everyone could only see the afterimages in the hall, after the afterimages, it was terrifying sword intent.

When Fu Baoguo saw this, his expression changed drastically.

Fifth stage Sky Spirit Master! He was only at the fifth stage of the Sky Spirit Master, how could he display such shocking power? Was this speed something that a fifth stage Sky Spirit Master cultivator should have?

In the blink of an eye, two people had their throats wiped off by death sword and they died a miserable death.

Huairou Muyu would not just stand at the side and watch. Although she was a businessman, she was different from Hei Yu.

Huairou Muyu took part in the battle, and the servants who came with him rushed in, attacking Fu Tai and Hei Yu's group from the front and back, the situation turned for the worse.

However, how could Fu Yue be an ordinary person? The servants they had brought were all experts from the Hidden Dragon Hall, it was impossible for them to do anything against Huairou Muyu alone. Furthermore, Hu Qianmei had not fully recovered from his injuries after fleeing so many times, so he couldn't even use his full strength right now.


Several crisp sounds of flesh being torn apart could be heard.

Su Yun once again waved his sword, and continued to cut down several people.

Standing beside Fu Yue, Hei Yu's heart was already trembling.

At the moment, Su Yun's cultivation seemed to be much higher than when he went to the Suicide Valley.