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Hearing the call, everyone immediately turned to look at Su Yun.

"The Fox Demon has escaped into the house. With the house's size, I'm afraid its defensive power is not to be underestimated, and it will not break even if we break through. Furthermore, we are inside the city, so it would be inconvenient for us to use the profound technique to break the door. We can only think of other ways. " One of them looked at Su Yun, and said in a low voice: "This person seems to be acquainted with that Fox Demon, take him down first, and use him as a hostage to force that Fox Demon out!"


Hearing his words, everyone nodded and surrounded him.

Su Yun released his hand.


The middle-aged man fiercely smashed into the ground, even shattering the floor. Looking at his leg, it could be considered to be completely crippled.

Seeing that, anger erupted from everyone's hearts, they wanted to ask a few more questions of Su Yun, but they suddenly heard the 'ding ling' sound of a sharp sword being unsheathed.

Looking to the side, he realized that Su Yun had already pulled out the sword in his hand.

"What are you trying to do?"

The man's voice trembled.

But then, without saying a word, Su Yun raised his sword and rushed forward to kill.

Hu Qianmei, who was hiding in the mansion, did not actually leave. She looked outside through the gap in the door, and had already made her preparations, if Su Yun was able to escape, she would open the door for him. However, the next scene left her dumbstruck.

Su Yun took out his death sword and slashed towards the group of people.

He was so fast that no one could even sense his figure. They could only see several pitch black devil qi spinning in the air, slowly covering everyone's bodies, and after the devil qi dissipated, all of them froze on the spot, like they were statues.

Then, Su Yun kept his death sword and walked towards the house.

It took him less than half an incense stick of time to finish his sentence

Hu Qianmei was startled, she only reacted after Su Yun walked to the door, and anxiously opened the door to allow Su Yun to enter, then looked at the Spirit Cultivator s, only to see that their bodies had already shattered into pieces. When the wind blew, they turned into mincemeat, and died, leaving only soul floating in the air.

They were all killed!

"You … Your cultivation rose so much?" Hu Qianmei closed the door and anxiously circled around Su Yun, her bright and beautiful eyes stared wide, looking extremely surprised.

"What happened?" Su Yun asked seriously: "Did you make trouble again?"

Seeing Su Yun's stiff face, Hu Qianmei seemed to be a little afraid, but she forced herself to keep her temper, and snorted with her hands on her hips: "That's right, I just caused trouble, okay?"


Just as she finished speaking, the fragrance of the incense filled the air. His butt was struck hard, the palm had deliberately melted Hu Qianmei's protective profound qi, and directly hit his flesh, causing Hu Qianmei to almost fall to the ground, with tears flowing down.

"What are you doing?" Hu Qianmei asked.

"I'll make you disobedient."

"When have I ever been disobedient? I've never lied to you, and the one who has caused trouble is my junior sister," Hu Qianmei said with grievance.

Hearing that, Su Yun frowned, and only after a while did he come to a realization, and asked: "You're talking about Long Xianli?"


Hu Qianmei felt wronged.

"Where is she now?" Su Yun asked.

Seeing that, Hu Qianmei wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes, and suspiciously looked at Su Yun, then chuckled: Why are you so concerned about my junior sister?

"In the end, he's still a friend that we've known for so many years. How can he not be bothered by it?" Su Yun shook his head.

Hu Qianmei didn't think that way. She hugged her soft bosom and snorted: "Forget it, how can there be friendship between men and women?"

"What kind of logic is this?"

"Ha, stubborn mouth." Hu Qianmei looked at Su Yun, and slowly explained: "Actually, this matter was something that I heard by chance, if I did not know about it, I would not have met with today's calamity."

Hu Qianmei seemed to have thought of something and faintly sighed.

Su Yun quietly listened, and very quickly, he understood the whole story.

So it turns out that the source of this matter started after the Suicide Valley battle.

Bai Yanshan was Shen Hong's disciple, Shen Hong's death, Long Xianli had always felt guilty, thinking that it was related to her death. She knew that Shen Hong really liked Bai Yanshan, so she treated him like her disciple, taking care of him, and after Suicide Witch kidnapped Bai Yanshan, Long Xianli asked Immortal Sword Sect to save him repeatedly, but Lin Xishan was powerless, and Emperor Palace refused to help him. Long Xianli was discouraged, and decided not to return to Emperor Palace. After Suicide Valley's battle ended, she did not look for Bai Yanshan. Although she was a little stubborn, she understood that the current Bai Yanshan would not follow her back to the Immortal Sword Sect. The Ultimate Martial World was not someone that the Sky Martial Continent could compare to. Long Xianli was not a competitive type of person. Since Ultimate Martial World had nowhere to live, he planned to return to Sky Martial Continent, find a quiet place to cultivate in seclusion until the end of time.

When Long Xianli was preparing to return to the Sky Martial Continent, he encountered bandits along the way, but coincidentally met Young Noble Fu Yue who was travelling around and helped, on the way, Long Xianli thought that he met a noble, but when he left the tiger's den and entered the wolf's nest, Fu Ya saw that Long Xianli was born with a beautiful and beautiful appearance, and with exceptional talent, he immediately wanted to snatch Long Xianli and escape. However, Fu Ya Yue's cultivation was very high, he immediately captured Long Xianli and prepared the ceremony, and brought him to the border to purchase ingredients, planning to set up a large array, and used Long Xianli's talent to enter the ears to immediately plan to save Long Xianli. Hu Qianmei had been hiding everywhere and had nowhere to run to. He planned to hide in the house and avoid their eyes and ears, but who knew that after entering the Chamber of Commerce realm, he would run into the people who helped him, and after exchanging a few blows, Hu Qianmei was no match for him, he could only try to escape towards the house.


Hearing Hu Qianmei's words, Su Yun smashed his fist against the wall beside him, forcibly shattering all seventy-two defensive barriers on the wall.

His eyes were bloodshot and his expression fierce.

"Who is Fu Yue?"

he said savagely.

Seeing that, Hu Qianmei's heart was startled, he felt that in this trip to the real Devil Sect, not only had Su Yun's cultivation increased, his demonic nature had also increased.

However, she wasn't afraid. She knew that no matter what the man in front of her changed into, he still loved her.

The entire Ultimate Martial World is famous, and is equal in strength to the Emperor Palace. The Blue Dragon has a total of seven sons and daughters, but among these children, he loves to take up positions, because his cultivation is the highest, and his talent is also the strongest amongst his sons and daughters. It is said that the Blue Dragon even intends to pass the Hidden Dragon Temple down to him.

"Since you entered the realm of Hei Yu, why didn't Hei Yu come to help you?" Su Yun asked again.

"Hei Yu is a businessman, how could he dare offend the Hidden Dragon Palace? The Spirit Cultivator s in the Bei Yang have relations with other Chamber of Commerce s, so business is the main concern, while the s in the Sky Dragon Domain are mainly concerned with cultivation. In terms of strength, the Sky Dragon Domain is obviously stronger than the Bei Yang, so Hei Yu did not dare to mess around with him.

"But he knows you're mine, so how can he remain silent?"

Su Yun snorted coldly, then said: "Follow me, we will go find Hei Yu!"

"Brother, what are you going to do?"

Hu Qianmei immediately replied.

She then heard the two words that came out from Su Yun's mouth.

"Beat it!"

"Big brother, let's just forget about it. Maybe Hei Yu doesn't know."

"Ignorant? Every single blade of grass and tree that have happened here could not escape his notice. How could he not know? "

Hearing that, Hu Qianmei did not say anything. She knew Su Yun's temperament very well. As the president of the Hundred Meetings Alliance, his position should be above Hei Yu, and for Hei Yu to have such a status, it was all thanks to Su Yun. Even if Hei Yu did not dare offend Fu Yue, he should at least think of a way to stall him, and provide convenience for Hu Qianmei. But he did not do so, he completely chose to remain silent, so how could Su Yun not be angry?

The moment he stepped out of the door, he saw a large number of Spirit Cultivator s gathered outside. More than half of them were passersby, but the rest were the armored soldiers of Gu Yu City.

The corpses on the ground were still present. The soldiers had surrounded the manor as they drew their swords. The leader of these soldiers was a tall and sturdy man.

Seeing Su Yun and Hu Qianmei coming out from the door, all of them tensed up and stared at the two of them.

"I thought you guys wouldn't come out."

The tall and sturdy man sneered. He pointed to the corpses of Fu Tou's subordinates and asked coldly: "Did you kill these people?"

"That's right."

Su Yun said indifferently, his words not hidden in the slightest.

"Then do you know the rules of this Gu Yu City?"

The man said again.

"I don't know."

"In that case, I'll tell you." The man said coldly: "It is forbidden to fight or kill in Gu Yu City. Anyone who violates the rules will not be disturbed. Since you've killed these people, come with us! "

With that said, the big sized man waved his hand, and allowed his hand to grab Su Yun.

But just then, Su Yun raised his blood-red eyes, pointed at Hu Qianmei, and asked coldly while staring at the big sized man: "Since that is the case, then why did none of you stop my men when they were being chased by these bastards?"

When the big man heard this, his expression changed slightly. "…"

"They ignore Dharma. Why can't I? What? Do you see them as people and not us? " Su Yun shouted coldly, and directly took out the order of the Hundred Meetings Alliance's Alliance Leader, and showed it to the rest.

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