Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 681
After the sword ancestor sealed the Sword Storm within the death sword, his own strength had dropped to the tenth stage of the Spirit Master, causing him to no longer have the ability to protect himself, but like this, he no longer had to worry about anything. No matter where he went, he would no longer have to worry about the Sword Storm destroying his interface, and it would not be easy for others to capture his hiding spot.

However, to everyone's surprise, after the sword ancestor imprinted the Sword Storm on the death sword, he refused to go to the cultivation grounds of Zhan Wu and the others to receive their protection, instead insisting on staying in the Wanhua Realm.

Although the sword ancestor didn't explain the reason, Su Yun understood that the reason why he chose to do so was solely for himself.

As long as sword ancestor stays in Wanhua Realm, Zhan Wu and the others would definitely protect this realm with all their might. At the end of the day, the sword ancestor was still trying to repay Su Yun for his kindness.

Su Yun wanted to stop him, but when he saw the determination in sword ancestor's eyes that was smiling face, he understood, that even if he spoke this time, it would not be able to change sword ancestor's decision.

Countless of small animals from different realms flocked over. The injured Realm Master immediately led the Realm Tree army over, but before the great battle even started, it was stopped by Zhan Wu and the rest.

It was said that she had ten thousand years of cultivation and a profound cultivation. She had once killed thirteen people who were at the first stage of the Spirit Emperor.

Zhan Wu Wei was a Realm Master of the Slaying Sword World, and his cultivation base was extraordinary as well. Furthermore, he was the leader of most of the cultivation sects in the Sword Slaying World, and his power was monstrous that no one dared to offend.

When these two people showed up, they were like two huge mountains blocking these intruders, not to mention Man Xinzi and the others.

With these people interfering, how could those petty people dare to offend him? They all retreated, no longer daring to seek the Wanhua Realm.

Seeing that, Su Yun heaved a sigh of relief.

As for the sword ancestor, it was said that he planned to rebuild the house and give it to the sword ancestor for his temporary residence. He also sent Yang Lang to take care of the house and protect the safety of the house for the sword ancestor.

Although this was not a long term plan, at the moment, there was nothing they could do. They could only think of a way to quickly gather the remaining soul fragments of the sword ancestor and gather them together, so that the sword ancestor could regain its former glory.

With sword ancestor properly settled and the danger to Wanhua Realm resolved, Su Yun was finally relieved. He crushed the leaf his master had given him and returned to Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain to pay his respects.

However, when he returned to the Sacred Plains, he did not see his previous master. After looking for his disciples, he found out that his previous master had gone into closed door cultivation and would not come out for a short period of time. He also left a message telling Su Yun that he could leave on his own accord and did not need to wait.

Thus, he could only leave the Sacred Grounds and return to the Ultimate Martial World.

After things ended, Su Yun was not in a hurry to return to the True Devil Sect, but instead went to look for Hu Qianmei. He had initially told her that he would look for her after becoming the Demon Lord, but he did not expect that there was still a series of training as well as the changes in the Wanhua Realm, which resulted in him spending a lot of time.

I wonder how Hu Qianmei is doing now.

Su Yun thought.

Now that his cultivation had reached the peak of the fifth stage of the Sky Spirit Master, due to the Spirit Devouring War, it was only a matter of time before he broke through to the sixth stage. The fighting strength immediately shot up to eighty-four thousand one hundred, and its ranking rose straight up to three million seven hundred and two thousand five hundred.

Su Yun did not know on what basis the statistics were calculated, or perhaps it included the ten thousand worlds. From that, he could see that there were still over three million strong warriors ahead of him, all of them had higher cultivations than him.

It was unknown how high the cultivation of the most ordinary disciple in Supreme Sect was.

With his serious mind, Su Yun rushed to Ultimate Martial World.

In the bright and resplendent starry sky, a group of Spirit Cultivator were flying in the sky, heading towards the brightest planet in the northwest.

Everyone's speed was extremely fast, as though they were using magic treasure s, they were almost like a beam of light, and mortals could only see a meteor shower as they streaked across the horizon.

Very quickly, this group of people approached the shining star.

The star was not big, it was only a thousand miles in diameter, but the entire star was glowing with a multicolored light, it was extremely mystical, and above the star, there was an incomparably large golden jade door, in front of the door was a coiled tiger with a myriad of Spirit Saints and Divine Beasts occupying the entrance, and in front of the door stood a few Spirit Cultivator dressed in gold robes, their chests had white dragon patterns, all of them were meditating with their eyes closed, as though they were cultivating.

When they felt someone coming closer, all of them opened their eyes and looked towards the person who just arrived.

They all landed on the ground one by one and lined up in two rows. Three of them walked towards the door.

The three of them were two men and one woman. One of them looked very old. He wore a yellow robe, had a long beard and long eyebrows, and had the bearing of an immortal.

The Supreme Sect disciple who was guarding the door walked over, cupped his fists at the three people, and asked: "May I know who you are, what business do you have here?"

"There's no need to be hypocritical!"

The old man snorted, and said: "Quickly hand over my grand disciple, or else, I will teach your Supreme Sect a lesson."

With that said, all the Spirit Cultivator gathered and stared at the old man.

"Granddisciple?" That person's face was impassive as he asked, "May I know who is your disciple?"

"Su Liuluo!" The old man said coldly.

"Oh? It's actually Holy Maiden Su? " Hearing that, the man lightly nodded his head: "Then you must be the Great Clan Elder who cleared yourself up. I presume these two are Su Shentian and Shen Xuexue? You all have come really late. I think you all should have arrived earlier. "

"Brat, what do you mean?"

Fu Zi snorted angrily, he extended his hand and grabbed Spirit Cultivator's neck.

The Spirit Cultivator's cultivation could not compete with his opponent's, he was restrained and could not resist as he was lifted up.

But the Spirit Cultivator did not struggle, much less resist him. He did not even reveal a painful expression on his face, as though he did not care about what he was doing.

"If Master wishes to kill me, then please do it, no one from Supreme Sect is afraid of death."

Spirit Cultivator said, his face did not have much expression, even his tone was very calm.

He wanted to feel at ease but there was no place for him to do so. He directly threw the person down to the ground.

"Your Supreme Sect is just a group of zombies! Quick, bring Su Liu Luo here quickly, or else I will destroy your gate! "

"You don't need to waste your strength and time, before you even reach your future, Su Sheng Nu has already given us orders. If you come, we will ask you to leave, she will not leave Supreme Sect! Of course, if all of you are willing to give up your darkness and go into the arms of the Supreme Sect, I think the Holy Maiden Su will be very happy.

The Spirit Cultivator said again.

But in the next second, a sharp sword came from the side and chopped off his head.


Bloody light shot into the sky.

Shen Xuexue was startled, he turned to look, only to see that Su Shentian had unsheathed his sword at some point in time, and was staring at the headless corpse angrily.

"Master, you don't need to waste words with them! These people will not do as you say, they will only waste their time with us, and their current plan will be to completely destroy their bodies, imprison their soul, and force Liu Luo out. "

Su Shentian said coldly.

Hearing this, Ji Ran nodded his head, "That's right."

With that, he waved his hand. Behind them, nearly a hundred Spirit Cultivator s spread their wings like eagles, and attacked the Supreme Sect disciples in front of the big doors.

Facing an enemy that was several times stronger than him, none of the Supreme Sect disciples ran away. Instead, they took out their magic treasure s and prepared to fight.

"Heaven and earth, Yin and Yang, flow of reincarnation, return of all life to the sect, only I am one, immortal!"

They unceasingly shouted out words that sounded like slogans, but also words of faith. Every single one of them had these words in their mouths, and the louder their voices got, the greater the fighting spirit these people had to fight with.

Those who wanted to take action were their own elite disciples, and among them, a few of them were only slightly weaker than Su Shentian and Shen Xuexue. However, taking care of these guards took them an entire incense's worth of time.

In the end, all of the Supreme Sect's guarding disciples were killed and a large red cauldron was pulled out. They were triggered to reveal the contents of the cauldron and the souls of the disciples were thrown into the cauldron.

"Supreme Sect will definitely know about this matter. They will be here very soon. Make your preparations!"

He shouted in a low voice.

The crowd nodded, then spread out to form a seal.

Not long after, a blinding light appeared in the vast Supreme Sect, followed by the emergence of many figures.

There were both males and females, both young and old. They were all wearing golden robes and had white dragon tattoos on their chests.

With long swords in their hands, they charged forth and rapidly surrounded the crowd. A closer look revealed that there were a thousand of them.

Tathagata slightly opened his eyes, stared at the thousand people, and roared: "Where is my disciple Su Liulo? Why hasn't she come yet?! "

"How noble is Holy Maiden Su?" How could you filthy people see it? The Holy Maiden already knows that the two of you have come, but she has already said this, if you are willing to abandon your darkness and enter Supreme Sect to pursue the Primal Path with me, then she will personally go out to welcome you. If you are here to cause trouble and act recklessly, then, please leave. A middle-aged man with a crew cut, holding a sword and exclaiming in a low voice.

"She even knows about kinship?"

Ji Zizan coldly snorted again and again. "So, she is not willing to see us anymore?"

"Either leave, or die!"

the man shouted.

When he heard this, he burst into laughter.

Now that I have come to the Supreme Sect, not only have I not received any decent people, I have even been threatened by some cats and dogs. If I don't kill today, how will I be able to establish my position in the boundless heavens in the future? "

With that, Wang Lin personally acted. He waved his hand and sent out a large amount of gas to attack the four directions.

All of the people in the gas exploded.

The middle-aged man's face was expressionless. He did not show any fear, nor did he show any fear. He also did not try to avoid it. Instead, he turned around and rushed back.

However, the difference in cultivation was simply too great when compared to what he wanted to do. After only two exchanges, his body was shattered by the power of the attack, and he died instantly.

The souls of the Supreme Sect people were once again absorbed into the cauldron!

To start a massacre like this, it was enough to attract the attention of the Supreme Sect.

But in this case, Su Yun could be considered to have fallen out with the Supreme Sect!

Su Shentian's eyes narrowed, and his expression became incomparably heavy. They all knew that at this point, they could no longer turn back anymore.

It has been a long time since we fought for the monthly tickets. Ever since we got first place on the monthly ticket list, we have abandoned the monthly ticket rankings, some say that we, Zhu Rong, are not strong, but I think that it is only because our vitality is greatly weakened, now, almost a year has passed, after resting for so long, are all of you still tired, tired, we wish you, do you still want to compete for the monthly ticket rankings? Do you still dare to compete for the monthly tickets? If anyone dared to fight, Old Flame would accompany them and fight back in May! Is that good?)