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The Origin Leaf appeared, glowing with an emerald light that spread out in all directions.

Su Yun held onto the Origin Leaf, activating the profound qi and channeled it into the Origin Leaf, in that moment, the Bodhi Origin Leaf disappeared without a trace from his hand.

Su Yun stared at his palm, not bothering to look at the incoming rhinoceros, he felt his heart becoming strangely calm, as though the entire world was going to stop moving.

In the darkness, he seemed to see the Master Subhuti in front of him.

The old teacher looked at him with a kind smile.

No danger.

No tension.

No coercion.

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"Master." Su Yun called out.

The old master nodded. "Are you still fighting for your morality, for the people you want to protect?"

"Yes sir!"

Su Yun nodded.

"How strong is your opponent? You are not his opponent. If you continue like this, you will only end up dying!"

"Even if I die, I won't refuse. In my lifetime, the amount of things a person can have is too little, if I lose one, then there won't be another, and the only thing we can do is to try our best to protect them. I, Su Yun, am not a righteous man, but I still hope that I can have a clear conscience and never regret." It was not a sonorous statement, but it represented what he was thinking at the moment.

"But now, the opponent's strength is not something that you and I can match. Your strength is not enough, give up. You escape first, I can help you stall for time!" The Master Subhuti said again.

Su Yun heard him and gently shook his head.

"It's still too early for me to say all this, and I haven't lost yet. If you're powerless, please withdraw your magic and let me fight with him."

"You won't go, then?"

the Master Subhuti asked.

Su Yun did not say anything, but his expression became solemn, and his eyes that was filled with determination and bloodlust revealed his intentions.

Seeing that, the Master Subhuti nodded his head and laughed.

, since you have such a personality and are so resolute, we will not force you! Do you think that I can let you go? Since that's the case, then just give it your all! "

With that, the figure of the Master Subhuti gradually disappeared, and in that moment, a large amount of businesses surged within Su Yun's body.

Su Yun's entire body trembled, he only felt that he had woken up from his dream, and his consciousness suddenly woke up. He looked at his own palm, and at some point, he saw that there was a fluorescent light emitting from it, and the shape of the Bodhisattva Origin Leaf was flickering.

"This is the power of the Bodhisattva Origin Tree? is it the power of my master? "

Su Yun was stunned, but he quickly came to a realization.

The Origin Tree was the body of the previous master, and the Origin Leaf was the soul of the Origin Tree.

Su Yun did not know how strong the previous master was, or how strong his cultivation was, but as one of the Five Sages of Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain, how could he be considered mediocre?

The rhinoceros' horn assaulted Su Yun, allowing Su Yun to urge the Imperial Equipment again. In the golden cage, a transparent gray Qi Cover appeared, the rhinoceros' might was like a hot knife through butter, it directly smashed into the cage and smashed onto the Qi Cover. However, what surprised everyone was that the impact did not shatter the Qi Cover!

The rhinoceros tried its best to rush forward, and even when it was completely out of strength, it still could not penetrate the Qi Cover!

The current Qi Cover of the Imperial Equipment was so thick that it was hard to imagine!


The Eastern Emperor looked at him with a frown.

At that moment, Su Yun's entire body was filled with dense and terrifying profound qi.

"His sword techniques are profound, his Swift Wind Spirit Qi is not weak, and he fought alongside the devil qi. He is strong, but why is he producing such a dense Spirit Life Qi?"

The current Su Yun, the Spirit Life Qi around his body could even be compared with the Realm Master!

This is all the power of the Master Subhuti!

However, when this wave of profound strength covered Su Yun's entire body, the wound on his chest was healing at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. The dried up Spirit Core in his body looked completely new, and an endless flow of profound qi was being produced.

Although Su Yun's cultivation was not as good as the Eastern Emperor Heavenly Sovereign's, and even the power of his profound skill techniques could not hurt him, but with this thick Spirit Life Qi, the Eastern Emperor Heavenly Sovereign was in this kind of awkward situation.

His profound qi's advantage no longer existed, and with Su Yun being protected by the Qi and also possessing the Thousand Flower Seeds, how tenacious would his life force be? If I kill him now, he'll definitely come back to life and recover.

The Eastern Emperor Sky Sovereign was in trouble, the current Su Yun could not be killed so easily!

He was unwilling to get entangled with Su Yun, but the other party would not allow him to easily enter into the small world to fight the sword ancestor.

He had to think of a way to get rid of this troublesome fellow.

Crash! Crash!

At this moment, several sonic booms sounded out.

The Eastern Sky King turned and saw Su Yun rushing over with his sword, with a few flying swords circling around him.

It was just that the target of Su Yun's attack was not the Eastern Emperor Heavenly Sovereign but the corpse of the Spirit Devouring Corpse!


The Eastern Emperor Heavenly Sovereign's face changed, and immediately understood Su Yun's intention.

He attempted to use the power of the Spirit Devouring to deal with Su Yun, in order to reduce the consumption to his own profound strength, and saved the last bit of energy to deal with Zhan Wu and sword ancestor.

Su Yun was clearly aware of this, he had to first cut off the weak 'Soul Devourer', hoping to destroy the soul of the Eastern Emperor Heavenly Sovereign within the Spirit Devouring Body, so as to weaken his cultivation.

His calculations were right, but this plan was too obvious.

When Su Yun got close to the Spirit Devouring Boar, the soul inside the Spirit Devouring Boar's body immediately escaped and returned to the body of the Eastern Emperor Heavenly Sovereign. At the same time, the Spirit Devouring Boar's body suddenly swelled up like a balloon that was blown to its limit, and then exploded with a 'bang' sound.

Su Yun who was near to the Spirit Devouring Stage was sent flying by the Qi wave inside the devouring spirit, the skin on his body split apart, and his Qi became disorderly.

"The profound strength in the Spirit Devouring Dead's body is more or less volatile, using Possession on it is just a waste of energy, it has no value, so since that's the case, detonate the remaining profound strength!"

He waved his hand again, and his sleeve fell down, revealing his arm. Three star patterns appeared on his arm, and when the profound strength was activated, the star patterns automatically moved, and in the end, they merged together and formed a halo that shot into the clouds.

Light rushed up into the sky, and the clouds and mist began to disperse upon contact. The blazing sun was dim, and the entire sky began to darken.

This scene was similar to the omen when the Astral Sword was activated. Just its aura alone was far from being comparable to the Astral Sword.

But still, he could not underestimate his opponent. Even if the power of this technique could not be compared to Stellar Sword, its might was not something that Su Yun could contend against.

If he could withstand this attack, then not only would he not be able to kill the Eastern Emperor Heavenly Sovereign, he could also use up a large portion of his profound qi to let the Eastern Emperor know of the danger and retreat.

Su Yun thought, and immediately thought of a plan to deal with it.

He raised his arm as well and activated the patterns on his arm. A few bolts of lightning shot into the sky as he channeled Heavenly Energy into the ground, causing the lightning to fall as several Devil Bone Giant s stood by his side.

The devil qi around his body became even stronger.

The pair of bloodshot eyes brimming with killing intent became even redder.

The Eastern Emperor Heavenly Sovereign frowned, his eyes staring straight at Su Yun, his gaze filled with killing intent.

"Today, whether it is the Celestial God or the Demon King of the Underground, neither of them can save you! You! I want you to die here. "

A low roar slowly echoed out, but when his arm suddenly descended, a vortex appeared in the sky. The destructive aura inside the vortex surged like crazy!

This sudden movement caused all the surrounding supreme expert to not only avoid him, they also looked towards the Eastern Sky Sovereign.

"What a strong profound strength! "Not good, kid, let's go!"

Zhan Wu's face changed drastically as he roared at Su Yun. He rushed towards the Eastern Sky Sovereign, intending to interrupt the attack before it could even be unleashed.

He did not know what magic treasure he had urged, but he had built seven extremely hard, steel-like walls around it. It was impossible to break through the walls, let alone come into contact with the Eastern Emperor himself.

"Big brother Zhan Wu, quickly defend!" "Quickly defend!"

supreme expert's Man of the Heart shouted at Zhan Wu, but Dao Lord Fang Shi had given up on attacking Zhan Wu, and even tried to link up with his men to retreat frantically, building treasures for defense, who would dare to mess around at this point of time? This was a move that even their own people would be injured by.

The crowd was like a bird that had been startled by a bow, crazily scattering in all directions.

Realm Master, who was extremely far away and was still waiting for the right moment to make his move, saw that, how could he dare to hesitate? He shouted with the loudest voice people of Realm Tree had ever heard, "Retreat! Everyone retreat! "

Realm Master screamed as she activated her teleportation. She sized up the vines and trees around her as they intertwined with each other, forming a huge barrier.

The strange movements and panic of the people around him were enough to show the terror of this move.

Unable to break through the wall, unable to come in contact with the Eastern Sky Sovereign, Zhan Wu had no choice but to give up. He took out a transparent bowl to envelop everyone. As he looked into it, Zhan Wu's face was filled with regret and helplessness.

"This person killed the devouring spirit, and saved sword ancestor and Ru Yue. He helped the two of them escape into the small world. This can be considered as a favor to us, but I'm afraid that right now, he is about to die …"

Zhan Wu helplessly sighed.

"Master Zhan Wu, don't get distracted, the Great profound technique is coming down."

Man Xinzi let out a shout in a low voice, and a strange movement appeared in that swirl.

The area where it fell seemed to cover the surrounding ten thousand kilometers around the natural door. Even though the activation of the profound technique was extremely slow, with such a vast area, even if Su Yun wanted to escape, there was nowhere to run to.

"It will all be over."

A dark blue sphere burst out of the vortex, and like a cannonball, it shot towards the ground.

But before the ball could hit the ground, it suddenly exploded on its own. A ring of deep blue ripples spread out from the ball and covered the bottom.

At this moment, it was like the apocalypse had broken out!

An intoxicated expression appeared on the face of the Eastern Emperor. He watched this scene leisurely as though he was enjoying the moment of destruction.

The Qi patterns along with the dark blue ball pressed down, the trees were crushed into powder, the mountains were crushed, the rivers were shaken into gas, all living things died, everything disappeared, as if the sky had fallen …