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Some of them surrendered to the Wanhua Realm, while some were killed. Just as Yan Wen and the rest left the Linglong Mountain, they retracted back the Linglong Mountain due to the sudden change in events. The huge rise and fall of the event made the Linglong Mountain's cultivators feel unwell.

However, the Realm Tree already regarded the region of the Linglong Mountain extremely highly, because of the existence of the Dark Place, the Linglong Mountain could be said to be an extremely important location, and anyone who wished to lay their hands on the Wanhua Realm, they had to control two places at once. One was the gate to nature, and the other was the Linglong Mountain. As a result, the Realm Master was led by Yang Lang and sent a large amount of Realm Tree troops to the Linglong Mountain to prevent the incident of Dark Demon Palace from happening again.

When the Wanhua Realm encountered this difficulty, they were naturally in complete chaos and felt themselves to be in danger. And the source of all this, was the entrance of the strong.

The wicked Ghost King and the Eastern Emperor Sky Sovereign had a wonderful heart.

All of these experts were leaders of their respective realms, standing at the pinnacle of their respective realms. All of them had resounded throughout the many realms, and were world-shocking gods who were far from the same level as ordinary Spirit Cultivator. But today, they had gathered here because of the sword ancestor's name, using the Wanhua Realm as the battlefield, and engaged in a desperate struggle to end their opponents.

If he wanted to recover, he had to get rid of all these supreme expert, and there was only one person who could do that.

That is the sword ancestor located inside the Dark Place!

After Yan Wen and the others heard the news, they immediately wanted to pay their respects, but Realm Master did not care about them. He flew straight to Dark Place and quickly disappeared, causing Yan Wen and the others to be confused and confused.

Realm Master entered the Dark Place and headed straight for there.

Due to the previous incident … Chaos, the Nameless Prison was wide open, the treasures inside were unknown, thus not many people were interested in this place anymore.

When Realm Master reached Nameless Prison, there was no longer anyone there, only a few rotten corpses lying outside the prison.

Realm Master removed the restrictions and stepped inside. However, before he had taken a few steps, a voice came out from the prison.

"Realm Master is here to welcome you, please forgive me for my inconvenience, but unfortunately this is only a prison. The conditions here are simple and the facilities are insufficient, so I am unable to welcome you."

When the voice came out, a figure slowly appeared in Realm Master's line of sight.

The white haired blademaster clothe was sword ancestor.

It appeared so suddenly, but Realm Master did not panic at all.

"Wanhua Realm is in chaos." Realm Master looked at sword ancestor and said softly.

"I know."

"Because of you."

"I know that too."

"So, shouldn't you do something?"

"What do you want me to do?"

"I plan to drive you out of Wanhua Realm." Realm Master said without hesitation.

"I can't leave."

The sword ancestor shrugged his shoulders and laughed: "This prison was set up by your master for me. The goal was to seal the Sword Storm around my body.

"How can this protective aura of yours not be suppressed?"

"Suppression? I can, but with my current condition, I cannot suppress it for long. I might not even leave the Wanhua Realm when the Sword Storm breaks out of the restriction. "

"Leave Dark Place."

"If I could, I would have left the Dark Place a long time ago. Those chaotic crevices would have torn me apart, I don't have a corporeal body! I can't withstand that kind of void! "

"I'll help you build your body."

"Can an ordinary physical body withstand my soul?"

"Now that the Wanhua Realm is in chaos, you're the one who started it all. If you don't want to leave, the Wanhua Realm will never have another peaceful day." Realm Master said indifferently.

With that said, sword ancestor sank into deep thought.

"Right now, I can't leave even if I have to. I really didn't expect that I would be unable to live in peace in such a peaceful place."

sword ancestor revealed a wry smile.

The Realm Master did not speak, he only looked at him quietly, waiting for his decision.

For a long time

"Forget it, forget it!" sword ancestor spoke again, his voice filled with helplessness. "Since the situation has developed to this point, if I still stay out of this matter, wouldn't I be unworthy of the life of a realm within Wanhua Realm? Wouldn't it mean that the people of the world would think that my sword ancestor is a person with an undeserved reputation? "

"What are you going to do?" Realm Master raised his head and asked softly.

"See this prison?"


"You should know that if your master hadn't built this prison, she wouldn't have died like this. This prison used up a lot of her life, and the power sealed inside was extremely terrifying as well."

sword ancestor laughed, then raised his hand and touched the cold wall.

"Actually, I have always felt pity for your master, because she didn't need to specially create a prison to seal me in. She only needed a few leaves and leaves of the Realm Tree to form the seal formation, and I didn't have any intention of harming your Wanhua Realm. But when I woke up, your master had already completed the construction of the prison."

"Is that so?" A trace of loneliness flashed through the Realm Master's unperturbed eyes.

"There are reasons and consequences even though your master is a bit overkill, but her kindness is comparable to the heavens." After sword ancestor said that, he extended his hand out and grabbed the air, and a beautiful and resplendent light burst out from his five fingers, spreading out in all directions like a ripple, instantly spreading throughout the entire prison.

As a result, the prison began to bloom with a dazzling light, looking exceptionally beautiful.

Realm Master looked around, only to see the cold prison slowly disappearing, it was originally a giant's body, but it had turned into a big tree with leaves, and the two of them were inside the big tree.

"The medium of this prison is the body of a great sage in the Wanhua Realm. Right now, I will use the body of the supreme expert as a base to deal with the people who want to take my life."

The sword ancestor smiled, his hands raised to the sky, as the exquisite profound strength emerged from his body and activated. To throw off, as around

Realm Master's face changed, and he said: The prison has transformed into a body, does it always exist?

"No, if I use up all my strength, I will definitely shatter it!"

"Since that's the case, you must leave Wanhua Realm before your body shatters. Otherwise, your body will shatter and your Sword Storm will explode. My Wanhua Realm will not be safe!"

"Then, you're hoping that I won't harm your Wanhua Realm or cause trouble for other realms?" The sword ancestor said with a smile.

Realm Master hesitated for a moment, then nodded: "Yes."

Hearing that, the sword ancestor laughed out loud.

This Wanhua Realm Master of yours is indeed different from all the previous Realm Master! They are truly kind, and you are not bad, but your kindness is limited to the life of the Wanhua Realm! "Hehe, this can only be considered a good thing, it's not great."

I am only doing my duty, that is all. As the Realm Master, I have to consider the lives and deaths of other Jie Clan members, I have no right to question them, and I will not question them. Right now, what I need to do is to protect the Wanhua Realm!

"Hehe, since that's the case, let me tell you the truth. I will not leave this easily." sword ancestor laughed lightly: "But you can rest assured, after I take care of all of my enemies, I will ask my friends to help me rebuild my body, seal the Sword Storm in my body, and I will not harm your Wanhua Realm."

"That would be for the best."

The Realm Master nodded.

Very quickly, the entire huge prison transformed into a huge tree, following that, the big tree quickly became smaller, while sword ancestor's body also shot out rays of light and entered the big tree, in an instant, the big tree turned into a human, and finally turned into the sword ancestor.

At this moment, Realm Master who was standing beside sword ancestor felt a dense burst of Qi. Compared to before, he was like a completely different person.

"Let's go and settle this."

sword ancestor indifferently said as he leapt forward, stepping into the front …


The door to the quiet world slowly opened.

The heavy door was like the roar of a Vicious Beast, depressing, thrilling, and oppressive.

Then, a man with tattered clothes, pale skin, and blood-red eyes walked out.

The man was nearly two meters tall, had long hair that fell to his shoulders, a thick, well-proportioned body, and an indifferent expression. Carrying a sword sheath on his back, he had a bloody eye beneath his messy hair that was filled with vicissitudes of life.

"Greetings, Demon Lord."

The old man guarding the gate to the quiet world immediately knelt down on one knee and hoarsely cried out.

"Mm, get up."

Su Yun nodded, and replied with a hoarse and dry voice.

The old Devil Cultivator stood up, and secretly sized up the new Demon Lord, only to feel his heart beating quickly. To him, Su Yun had only been in the quiet world for a few months, but the changes between him and Su Yun were like that of heaven and earth. The current Su Yun, although his cultivation was not very strong, but it gave people a feeling that it was difficult to see through.

"Didn't you say that the sect master summoned me? May I ask where Sect Master is now? " Su Yun slowly said.

"Lord Devil Lord, please follow me."

Old Devil Cultivator cupped his fists and turned to lead the way.

Following that, Su Yun walked along the small pathway outside the quiet world for around half an hour, until he arrived in front of a pavilion made of white bones.

The pavilion was extremely quiet, at the door stood two Devil Cultivator dressed in pitch black armor, a man and a woman, both of them had four eyes, their entire bodies covered in barbed armor, they were extremely mighty, with an astonishing Qi.

When Su Yun walked over, the two of them looked at Su Yun, their eight bloody eyes were like arrows staring straight at Su Yun.

The old Devil Cultivator instantly felt his body trembling, and was extremely unwell. On the other hand, Su Yun was extremely calm, not the slightest bit nervous.

"Reporting to Sect Leader, the Demon Lord has arrived."

Old Devil Cultivator knelt in front of the pavilion and called out with a weak voice.

"Let him in."

A slightly heavy voice came out from inside.


The old Devil Cultivator stood up and then turned to Su Yun, "Lord Demon Lord, the Sect Leader is inviting you in."

"Thank you."

Su Yun nodded and walked inside.

What would the sect master of a True Devil Sect look like?

Su Yun panted heavily, his mind filled with endless suspicions.

To be honest, even though he had not been in the True Devil Realm for long, he already had some understanding of the True Devil Realm. However, there were very few things about the True Devil Sect s, as if the people in the True Devil Sect didn't want to talk about the sect master on purpose.

At this moment, he could finally take a look at her face …