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Upon hearing these words, the Swordlord fell silent.

After a moment, he suddenly stood up and took a few steps forward. He then stood in front of Eight-Fang. With a 'putong' sound, he actually kneeled down.

"If you don't kill me, I will definitely repay you."

The Swordlord said in a serious tone as he placed both hands on the ground to prop himself up. Then, he knocked his head against the ground.

"Oh?" Chi Gou was stunned for a moment before he hurriedly reached out to help the Swordmaster up, "Why do you have to be so polite and itchy?" By simmering, by simmering, by simmering, by simmering! br/>

"You promised not to kill me?" the Swordlord asked.

"Nope." He took a few steps back and looked at the Swordlord. "However, I don't wish to stain my own hands. You should commit suicide."

"Are you really not going to let me go?" The Swordlord felt that he was at his wit's end, and a hint of indignation appeared on his face.

"I am only thinking for the true Devil Sect! If you don't die, once you return to the Cloud Heavenly Palace and inform your Asgard Mistress of this matter, what will your Asgard Mistress do when she leads people to beat up the true Devil Sect in the next few days? I will definitely be punished by the Sect Leader! " It was hard to believe.


The Sword Sovereign was rendered speechless by the words of the Eight Tooth Sword Sovereign. How could this person look like the Vice Sect Leader in the slightest? What he had said was truly shocking, and it did not follow common sense.

However, as things stood, as long as one could survive, it was better than anything else.

Sword Sovereign clenched his teeth, then cupped his fists and bowed: "If you are willing to spare my life, I am willing to help the True Devil Sect to swallow the Cloud Heavenly Palace!"


As if he had been waiting for these words of his, his limpid eyes lit up.

"Didn't you come here today to annex Dark Demon Palace? However, how could a mere small sect like the Dark Demon Palace compare to the Cloud Heavenly Palace? It can be said that it is the most ancient sect within the Sword World, and is also one of the three big sects there. If you are willing to spare me, I am willing to help the True Devil Sect take over the Cloud Heavenly Palace, and completely annex it! "

The Swordlord spoke seriously, his expression serious. His laziness from before had been completely swept away.

Eight-toothed Fang looked at the Swordlord's face for a moment before laughing out loud.

"Unexpectedly, unexpectedly, all of you are said to be heartless. Today, in my opinion, you people are truly heartless. In order to survive, you even sold your own sect. There really is yours!"

As the sound of his voice faded, the Swordlord couldn't help but feel ashamed. To him, this was a matter of course.

"I alone cannot decide on this matter, but since you have made this suggestion, I will temporarily put it aside and not kill you. When I ask the Sect Master, if he is interested in the Cloud Heavenly Palace, I will use you!"

As he finished speaking, he retrieved a pitch-black pill from somewhere and passed it to Sword Sovereign.

"Swallow it."

"What is this?"


"Ugh …"

"Chronic. The poison will not act up for the time being, and will be under my control. After you eat it, you will die whenever I want you to die. If the sect master agrees to help you with this matter, I will give you the antidote, and if he disagrees, I will trigger this poison. "

As he finished speaking, he threw the poison on the ground and turned to walk out of the main hall. A trace of disgust flashed across his clear eyes. Even if it was a demon, they would still look down on such a person.

The Swordlord was silent for a moment. In the end, he laid on the ground and picked up the medicine before stuffing it into his mouth …


A majestic and loud roar exploded in this empty and quiet world.

One after another, the pitch-black and majestic Devil Tigers madly charged forward in groups. The boulders along the way were all smashed into pieces with unstoppable momentum.

And at the source of the Demonic Tiger's attack, there was a young man dressed in black who was constantly swinging his sword.

The young man's body was in a mess like lightning, the edge of his sword was sharp and the sword intent was chaotic, circles of devil qi would burst out from his body from time to time, and every time the devil qi appeared, a hundred tigers would jump out and attack in all directions.

After madly dancing for around five hours, it finally stopped.

He sat down cross-legged, closed his eyes, and began to meditate.

The terrifying and rich devil qi gradually dissipated.

After a while, Su Yun slowly opened his eyes and raised his hands.

"I never expected that the cultivation in this quiet world would be so magical. The amount of profound qi one can use has long surpassed the amount one's body has, but the body still does not feel powerless or empty, and can still continuously use an even stronger profound strength. Could this be the power of devil nurturing water?"

He had already been in the quiet world for a few years, although he had been outside for no more than 10 days, but to Su Yun, these years had not been long.

The Eight-Teeth Leaving behind a simple move, Demon Wind Break, had an extraordinary significance. What it trained was not only Su Yun's usage of Qi, but also the training of his speed and his profound strength.

In the past, when Su Yun trained in Divine Wind Sword Technique, he only understood speed, not speed, but strength. Those quick swords were just ordinary attacks, it was extremely difficult to use the profound strength.

However, now was not the time to use it. Not only did the cultivation of Devil Wind Break have to be fast, every sword strike almost used an extremely terrifying devil qi.

Su Yun had originally wanted to train urgently, but it had been painstakingly and unconditionally. Now that he was in a quiet world, there were no worries about it, so his cultivation was twice the result with half the effort!

But that was not enough.

This kind of place wasn't something that could be entered so easily. It was likely that he wouldn't be able to drink demonic water in the future. If the effects of this demonic water were temporary, then this would be his only chance.

He did not dare to slack off in the slightest as he cultivated day and night. Aside from sudden enlightenment and adjusting his breathing every day, he also trained by luck. He did not stop for even a moment.

The frightful environment within the quiet world had already been slowly adapted by Su Yun, the blazing sun was merely considered hot to him, and the ice-cold night was merely slightly cool. The crystal rain and lightning groups that caused people's scalps to go numb were merely seasonings during this quiet cultivation day.

Right now, even if Su Yun did not deliberately use the profound qi, if he stuck close to his body, he could still easily defend against these terrifying winds and weather.

He had said that these wouldn't damage his physical body and would only cause him to feel pain.

However, after so many years had passed, Su Yun was already numb to the pain.

He even suspected that if he left the quiet world, returned to Devil Realm or Ultimate Martial World, if he were to fight with someone else, he would probably be struck by that person's sword or punch and would not be able to react at all.

He felt as if he had already forgotten about the pain and fear brought to him by his weapons and profound technique.

It was unknown whether this was a good or bad thing, but after experiencing so many years of baptism, his body had already become extremely strong. Perhaps even an existence with a cultivation higher than third or fourth rank would not be able to destroy his body.

Su Yun sat up quietly, he felt the profound strength in his body becoming restless again, the Spirit Core s all felt a sense of numbness, and with a light shake of the Qi Meridian, the Qi Meridian walls released a halo of light, as though something had suddenly appeared in his mind.

Su Yun immediately focused and controlled his thoughts to grab onto the bizarre consciousness.

This was a very strange kind of consciousness, it came out very suddenly, and almost instantly disrupted all of Su Yun's thoughts. It was as if it had appeared to disturb Su Yun's thoughts.

Such a strange phenomenon was no accident.

Su Yun forced himself to calm down and organize his thoughts.

However, at this moment, a strong wind suddenly blew in the quiet world, followed by snowflakes as big as goose feathers falling from the sky.

The snowfall was extremely abnormal, as though the world knew that Su Yun's state of mind was in a mess, and that his thoughts were in a mess.

The wind was getting stronger and stronger, and the snow was getting wilder and wilder, the strong wind carrying the snow that was hundreds of thousands of kilograms heavy, actually turned into a terrifying tornado that connected the sky and the earth, flying straight towards Su Yun.

Seeing that, Su Yun's face changed.

Tornado? He had been in this quiet world for many years, but this was the first time he had seen one.

How terrifying would a tornado with a large amount of snow be? It dragged the ground with it as it tore the earth to shreds. It linked the sky and sucked all the nebula in the vast sky into it! "Aoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo …"

At this moment, it was almost impossible to describe the terror of this tornado with words.

The strong wind almost swept him up. All these years, there were some strong gales, but Su Yun had already gotten used to it and knew how to restrain himself. From his previous sorry state, to his current state, he was as steady as a boulder. But now, the tornado's wind was like the difference between heaven and earth compared to the usual strong winds. Under such circumstances, it was impossible to concentrate on doing anything.

Su Yun clenched his teeth, wanting to stabilize his body, but right now, the tornado was already close to him, and it was enveloping him, and the wind that seemed to be able to tear him into pieces was eroding him.

He gathered all the profound qi in his lower body and tried to forcibly stabilize his body. But at this moment, his mind was in a mess, causing the movement of the profound qi to change, the profound qi was slower than before.

"To be able to survive … Is this a test for me?"

Su Yun thought deeply in his heart, his eyes revealing an unconcealable blazing passion.

If he did not clear his thoughts and was unable to concentrate, then the profound qi would be extremely difficult to move.

Thinking about that, Su Yun took a deep breath, all around him was a vast expanse of whiteness, the wind carried snow and cut at his body like knives, but he did not notice it, and directly sat down and continued his train of thought.

The wind blew his body like a fallen leaf in the wind, causing him to be on the verge of collapse, as if he would rise up into the sky at any time. However, he still bitterly endured it, but this' perseverance 'could not be carried out according to his will.

Finally …

Whoosh! Su Yun was pulled into the wind by the strong wind.