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Several hundred miles outside Dark Demon Palace.

The Swordmaster and Jin Moluo were still waiting.

He saw the Swordlord holding a glowing disk in one hand and staring at it for a while. His handsome face revealed hints of contempt and disdain.

"What's wrong? "Lord Swordlord?" Jin Moluo's aged voice came out from beside him.

Sword Sovereign kept the disc and chuckled: "Wanhua Realm just sent a message, saying that Rong Muke has already given the order to give up on Linglong Mountain and use the mountain gate as a barrier to defend."

Hearing that, Jin Moluo was stunned: Such a ridiculous thing, why would Rong Muke do it? If the Linglong Mountain were to fall into the hands of Dark Demon Palace, could they still take it back so easily? Once Dark Demon Palace has the Linglong Mountain, they will be able to enter and exit the Wanhua Realm at will. Furthermore, they can easily let a large number of experts enter the realm, this is not even comparable to a broken door. How many people can through a small door like that? "

"So you're saying, this Rong Muke is the Prime Minister of the Wanhua Realm, how can the Wanhua Realm not lose? Forget it, no need to bother about it, now is not the time to think about this. Although the Wanhua Realm will lose, we cannot lose now.

Sword Sovereign waved his hand, he turned around and shouted to the experts of Cloud Heavenly Palace: "Get up, prepare to move."

When everyone heard this, they all came back to their senses.

The time was right, most likely all the experts in Dark Demon Palace had headed towards the Linglong Mountain.

Everyone stepped on the air and flew towards Dark Demon Palace.

"Swordlord, aren't you afraid that the squire isn't in the Dark Demon Palace?"

While flying, Jin Moluo asked a question that had been bothering him for a long time.

In this surprise attack on Dark Demon Palace, the most important thing was not only to annex Dark Demon Palace, but also to kill the squire.

No matter how strong Dark Demon Palace is, it is impossible for him to rely on his own strength to fight against the entire Wanhua Realm. Therefore, I predicted that Hu Yao must have contacted other Devil Cultivator's forces, so, he has to receive commands from Dark Demon Palace! "" Yes, my lord.

The Swordlord laughed.

Hearing that, Jin Moluo's face changed: Then doesn't that mean that this time, we won't be facing the Dark Demon Palace alone? There are other powers from the Devil Cultivator? "

"Hahahaha, Elder Jin doesn't have to worry, even if there are other Devil Cultivator powers, they are just a group of ants! Hu Yao is very greedy, this time when they attacked the Wanhua Realm, he naturally had to eat a lot, the forces that called them over were all useless people, if they were too strong, wouldn't it be difficult for them to take care of themselves? "

"Lord Sword Sovereign's meaning is, after Hu Yao invades the Wanhua Realm, will he exterminate the forces of the Devil Cultivator that have helped him before?"

"Although this is not a wise move, but with the Evil Emperor's temperament, this will definitely happen. This person is greedy and easy to kill, how can he not do it? You should know how his Master died and how he came to be the Sect Master of Dark Demon Palace! "

With that said, Jin Moluo suddenly realized.

The retainer had a good plan, but he had forgotten about the enemies that were always staring at him, eyeing him covetously.

When the Sword Sovereign and a group of experts from the Cloud Heavenly Palace approached the Dark Demon Palace, all of the devil qi in the hall became weak. It could be seen that there were not many Devil Cultivator s in the hall and they were all sent to the Wanhua Realm.

"Who are you people?"

A few Devil Cultivator s guarding the entrance of the hall saw the incoming Sword Lord and asked.

As the Swordlord landed on the ground, he cupped his fists together and smiled, "We are friends of the retainer!"


A few Devil Cultivator s were surprised.

But just when they were confused, a few Cloud Heavenly Palace people by the side made their move, swords flickering with snow light pierced through their bodies, and pierced through their hearts.

His movements, sword force, profound strength, all of them were exquisite, the way he killed was like an art, in just a breath's time, a few Devil Cultivator s fell to the ground and died miserably.

"Destroy my soul!"

The Swordlord smiled. With his hands clasped behind his back, he strode inside Dark Demon Palace.

The group of people advanced at an extremely fast speed.

At the same time, on the plaza outside the main hall, countless members of Dark Demon Palace were entering the Wanhua Realm through the Gate of Void and Fragmentation. There was a limit on the number of people entering the Wanhua Realm, and Dark Demon Palace had to prepare for a long time as well.

As long as a broken door appeared, it would immediately be eradicated by the Realm Master. The person who set up the broken door would also be severely punished, but at the moment, Wanhua Realm was in chaos, the Realm Master was not in a position to look back, and the people of Dark Demon Palace were setting up the door so quickly that they did not have time to react, and all of the people of Realm Tree who were stationed at the Linglong Mountain were moved away, unable to make it back in time.

In the main hall.

Just a moment ago I received news, the Realm Tree's resistance has already been prepared to leave Linglong Mountain, which means, the Linglong Mountain and the Dark Place are both in our hands, we have a foundation, we can attack, we can retreat, the Wanhua Realm can hold on, the Wanhua Realm is in our hands! " The retainer was full of smiles, his voice full of pride.

"We wish to congratulate you, Lord Hu Demon!"

Some of the leaders of the Small Demons Sect all stood up from their chairs, cupped their fists and said.

"We are all brothers, there is no need to be so formal." Hu Demon waved his hand, and laughed: "This time, everyone help out. When we take down the Wanhua Realm, I will distribute the resources according to how much everyone has contributed, and everyone here will benefit from this!"

"Thank you, master!"

"To be able to serve the Lord is our honor!"

"Sir, if you are willing to personally invite us, even if there are no benefits, we will do our best to help!"

The leaders of the Little Demoness Sect were all flattering him. This was the best time to flatter and flatter them. It was only because they saw the potential of Dark Demon Palace that they echoed them.

Upon hearing this, the squire laughed out loud, the pleased look on his face growing even wider.

"Not bad, not bad. Right now, even cats and dogs are flattering me. Are there too few strong people in this world, or are there too many weak people in this world?"

Just then, a light laugh floated in from outside the main hall, followed by a figure walking in.

All the demons in the main hall stood up and stared at the newcomer.

The retainer's face revealed anger and killing intent. Staring at the person that walked in, he asked, "Who are you?"

"A very powerful person." The Sword Sovereign had his back against the door of the main hall as he crossed his arms over his chest. He smiled gently and said to the leaders of the Little Demoness Faction, "You might be able to flatter me, because I am much stronger than this retainer."


Hu devils were immediately enraged, they were no longer courteous, and immediately rushed down. With one hand forming claws, six sets of devil qi s erupted from between their claws, all of them transforming into mouths of demons, fiercely biting towards Sword Sovereign.

However, the Swordlord merely turned and disappeared from the spot.

The retainer missed and turned his head to look, only to discover that the Swordlord had somehow landed on his skull!

Although it had only been a single exchange, everyone knew that this person's cultivation base was definitely extraordinary.

Hu devils were ruthless and bloodthirsty, but this didn't mean that they were stupid. Since the other party dared to come here, it meant that he had some tricks up his sleeves. Moreover, this man was most likely not an ordinary person.

He became wary and stopped attacking recklessly. He shouted in a deep voice, "It seems like your cultivation is not weak, I, the Evil Emperor, have always respected the strong. Forget about the rudeness just now. May I ask, what brings you here?"

"I am the Sword Sovereign of the Cloud Heavenly Palace." Sword Sovereign smiled and said: "We took action against the Wanhua Realm, and planned to snatch the mines, spirit veins and other resources from the Wanhua Realm, to use them as resources for the Heavenly Palace to expand and expand in the future. So, you have to pay up. "

He rubbed his fingers and smiled.

"So it's the Cloud Heavenly Palace's expert, sorry for the disrespect, just that what you said doesn't seem to be right, right? What do you mean, we eat the food you guys made for free? In the area of Linglong Mountain, I, the Demon Lord, had exhausted all of my powers to snatch the Demon Palace, what does it have to do with your Cloud Heavenly Palace? "

The retainer said in a low voice.

The surrounding leaders of the Little Demon Sect did not say anything, none of them were fools, with their current cultivation level being high and low, they could not see through it, furthermore, the Cloud Heavenly Palace was not someone they could offend, so they could only wait for the two to negotiate with each other.

"You can't say that."

Sword Sovereign waved his hand: "If we did not divert the energy of the Realm Master and make her take care of the Linglong Mountain flawlessly, would you all even have a chance? "Ai, forget it, I'm not here to argue with you. I just want you to do something!"

"What is it?"

The retainer asked.

"It's a very simple matter." The Sword Sovereign's mouth raised in a strange arc, "Immediately bring your Dark Demon Palace and surrender to our Cloud Heavenly Palace."

As these words fell, the entire hall was silent.

The retainer's blood-red eyes narrowed slightly. The depths of his eyes were filled with a murderous intent, and his black face became all the more savage.

"So you've come here today to destroy my Dark Demon Palace?" The retainer said coldly.

"Am I still here to drink tea?"

The Swordlord drew the sword from his waist and a terrifying killing intent emanated from his body.

"You're really confident. Why don't you take a look at where you are now!" The squire sneered: "This is the Dark Demon Palace, my lair. A powerful dragon does not suppress a snake on the ground, perhaps your cultivation is very strong, but do you really think you can deal with me?"

With that, the retainer shouted, "Someone come!"

It was just that …

He called out, but no one came to the main hall.

Hu Yao's face changed, he suddenly turned around and looked outside the hall, only to see that there was no one outside the hall, only a large amount of terrifying sword Qi floating, there was no movement outside the hall, as if there were two different worlds outside the hall.

Seeing this scene, the Hu Yao's heart shook violently, and he instantly understood.

There was more than one man from the other side, and he was afraid that all his men had already been taken care of by the other side …

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