Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 662
Sun Qiyan looked at the girl in front of her and saw that her skin was fair like the stars, her eyes were like the stars, her nose was like the cherry lips, and her hair was black. She was extremely beautiful.

"You are Su Qing'er? Not bad, not bad. Not bad talent, not bad Innate Ability. It's a good material for cultivation. " Sun Qiyan smiled.

Su Qing'er bowed slightly, "Senior Master, you flatter me."

"Sigh, this is not a false praise. Don't look at the fact that I was born in the Ultimate Martial World for so many years, my cultivation is not very high either." Sun Xiangyan waved her hand and said.

"How could that be? The is not something that the Sky Martial Continent can compare to, when we first entered the Ultimate Martial Arts, we were shocked, the Spirit Qi here is actually countless times stronger than the Sky Martial Continent! Cultivating here, is definitely faster than cultivating in the Sky Martial Continent by many times, it is truly a blessed place bestowed by the heavens. "

A disciple could not help but interject, and that person was Chu Yue Qian.

With that said, all of the disciples of Shangguan Mei Yang nodded their heads, feeling deeply moved.

When Sun Qiyan heard this, she could not help but bitterly smile. "If all of you train well here, you will definitely have something to do. However, I'm different. Sigh, it's useless even if I told you all."

Shangguan Mei Yang thought about it, then understood why Sun Xiangyan was so troubled.

"Oh right, Junior Sister, you said that this time, you came to my Divine Kingdom mainly because of Qing'er? "Why is that?" Sun Xiangyan had a strange look on her face: "Furthermore, you are Qing'er's master, so you should be the one to teach her the profound technique's miraculous methods. Why are you getting my immortal country's expert to guide you? Or have you run out of tricks? "Hehe."

Sun Xiangyan teased.

However, Shangguan Mei Yang was not bothered by it, she shook her head, her pink hair swung like waves.

"It's not entirely true that he's exhausted, but it's mainly because Qing'er's physique is somewhat special."

"Special? Why is it so special? " Sun Xiangyan put away her smile and asked, "What is her physique?"

"Physique of the God."

Shangguan Mei Yang said earnestly.

As soon as she said that, Sun Xiangyan's expression froze!

It was as if he had lost his soul. After a while, he finally regained his senses …

"What do you mean by 'god's physique'?"

She lowered her voice, her eyes still filled with shock as she asked again in a low voice.

Shangguan Mei Yang nodded.

Sun Qiyan stroked her chin as she thought for a moment.

"How many people know about this?"

"Not much. Junior Sister knows what's good for her. She doesn't dare to spread the news, lest it bring disaster to the Immortal Palace."

"You did the right thing." Sun Xiangyan nodded. She looked around and whispered, "This is not a good place to talk. Follow me to the palace."

With that, she turned around and immediately flew toward the island.

Within the quiet world, under the ten blazing suns, a young man was trying his best to wield the sword in his hand.

Waves of devil strength circled around the strange long sword body, becoming more and more abundant, more and more concentrated.

The sword aura roared, and the tyrannical devil qi was like a divine dragon emerging from the seas, unstoppable.

's eyes were wide opened as he watched Su Yun who was holding onto the sword tightly, his expression extremely focused, he did not dare be negligent at all, and did not even bat an eyelid.

Su Yun suddenly bellowed, both hands holding onto his sword, waving it, causing the devil qi to fly out, flying straight into the distance, transforming into a terrifying demon wind.

After rushing out a hundred meters, the demonic wind gathered, forming a few meter large demon tiger. It roared and rushed, flying far away, leaving behind a devil qi that caused the air to tremble!

"That's right!" That's right! That's right! This momentum, this power, it means that you are a fourth stage Sky Spirit Master cultivator, very good, very good! "Haha!"

He ran to Su Yun's side and smiled: "Congratulations, Lord Demon Lord. You have almost mastered this move, congratulations!"

Su Yun's expression did not change, there was neither joy nor sadness, he only shook his head gently, "To be honest, it's not hard to learn this move, it's just that …"

"But what?"

"However, it is too difficult to practice this move under these harsh conditions. If it was outside the quiet world, I would have been able to master it in three months. However, it seems that I have spent over a year to master this form."

After Octagon Aniseed heard this, he stared blankly for a moment before laughing out loud.

"Hahaha, so that's how it is. So that's what you think, Demon Lord. Haha, but I must tell you, if you think this way, then you are completely wrong!"

Su Yun frowned: "Why?"

He crossed his arms over his chest and said: "Take a look inside your body's Qi Meridian, Spirit Core, internal organs, Dantian!"

Hearing that, Su Yun anxiously asked about the condition of his body.

However, with just a single glance, he was completely shocked.

"The number of Spirit Core increased explosively, as if they have reached the pinnacle!"

"The Qi Meridian has actually become much thinner. This seems to have shrunk five or six times, to the level of the Spirit Novice Disciple back then, right?"

"There doesn't seem to be any change in my internal organs. Mm, what's going on with these lights?"

Su Yun looked left and right in his body, and realised that his body had changed a lot, many things made him confused and confused, for the past few days he had focused on training, and ignored the changes in his body, unable to react for a long time.

Seeing this, Octagon Aniseed laughed.

"Your perseverance and attitude are not bad. To learn the 'Demon Wind Break', you can say that you have used all of your strength to completely immerse yourself in it. So much so that you are completely unaware of the changes that are slowly happening to your body."

"Your Spirit Core has already reached its peak, so the number will not increase anymore. That is to say, you will soon break through the fourth stage and enter the fifth stage. The existences after the fifth stage will only strengthen your Spirit Core, and no new Spirit Core will appear."

"As for the Qi Meridian, this is also a sign of change, but this is not because of the increase in your cultivation, rather it is because of the constant growth in your Qi over the past year, the Qi Meridian does not widen, and has returned to its original form, returning to its original form once again. However, no matter how much profound qi you activate, it will change according to how much you use, it will no longer follow the rules of death, and people who possess this kind of Qi Meridian, are mostly tenth stage existences, you being able to obtain this kind of Qi Meridian early, is also inseparable from your hard work."

"Your internal organs are also the benefits given by the harsh conditions in this quiet world, not just your internal organs, your entire body, and even your hair have received an incredible boost. Your current physical strength is now several times stronger than when you entered the quiet world, so even a rank 4 Sky Spirit Master cultivator would find it difficult to break through your physical body."

He said slowly.

Hearing that, Su Yun was extremely happy, he immediately sat down and activated the profound qi, and when it was activated, he looked inside to see that the Qi Meridian was exactly as he had said, when the profound qi passed by, the Qi Meridian would expand by itself, and the width was almost the same as the profound qi, it was neither larger nor larger.

"What's the limit of the Qi Meridian's expansion?"

Su Yun was not familiar with the mystical Qi Meridian, and could not help but ask.

"There's no limit."

Chi Gou said: "It depends on how many profound qi you have."

"No upper limit?" Su Yun was shocked: "Doesn't that mean I can release all of my profound qi in one breath?"

"Of course, when the Qi Meridian is big, it can even push your body apart, just like this!"

As he said that, he suddenly activated profound qi, causing his body to suddenly swell up into a ball, and terrifying energy unwittingly flowed out from his body, Su Yun could feel the terrifying destructive force beneath the layer of his bones and flesh.

But soon, his body disappeared and he returned to his original state …

"This kind of Qi Meridian, unless it is destroyed by humans, there will not be any problems easily descending. However, I do not recommend you using up too many of this profound qi in one go.

Hearing that, Su Yun nodded his head seriously.


He took a deep breath and said with a smile, "Since you've already mastered most of the 'Demon Wind Break', let's start to learn something else."

With that, he took out his silver edged black demon sword and leaped backwards, retreating over a thousand meters.

"I've already said it before, the Devil Sect's method emphasizes simplicity and fierceness, there are no complicated moves, no messy conception, in fact, the 'Demonic Wind Break' that you spent close to a year cultivating, will not have much of an effect when used, this move is too easy to dodge."

As he spoke, he brandished his longsword.

His movements were large and large, every sword strike was filled with a powerful devil qi, it was not fast, but the terrifying aura on the sword was enough to suffocate people!

Su Yun looked carefully, and did not even dare to breathe, his eyes remained fixated on the sword in Chi Chi's hand, as though he was afraid that if he looked a little less, he would forget about it.

He watched as the [Eight-Tooth Sword] was thrown out.

It was the Devil Wind Break.

devil qi transformed into wind, then converged into a tiger, charging far away.

But before he could finish his attack, he swung his sword once more. This time, he swung it horizontally, and the devil qi that was just released once again shot out a demonic wind that turned into a demonic tiger in the distance.


Su Yun was immediately stunned.

His movements became faster and faster, and his speed became fiercer and fiercer. In just a few breaths of time, he had actually swung out nearly a thousand swords.

And with him as the center, almost a thousand Devil Tigers rushed out from the surroundings.

Some were facing the sky, some towards the ground. Standing far away, Su Yun could feel that two ferocious Demonic Tigers had shot out like lightning from his two sides.

Nearly a thousand techniques, 'Devil Wind Break'.

How strong must the profound qi be? How terrifying must one's cultivation be?

She smiled at Su Yun: "Now, the worst you can do, is to imitate me, understand?"