Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 660
After the fierce battle between the Wanhua Realm, Cloud Heavenly Palace, and the Sword Inquisition Sect, the battlefield outside the Nature's Gate had become a mess.

Fortunately, the Realm Master was powerful and resourceful, when she used the strange trees, the destroyed flowers and plants started to recover, and the gate of nature tried to reconstruct the glorious scene of the past.

However, in order to prevent the Cloud Heavenly Palace from retaliating, the Nature's Gate needed to set up even more barriers and defensive power.

On this day, Realm Master, Rong Muke and the rest of the ministers walked towards the natural door.

On the way, Rong Muke and the rest were all worried and solemn.

"Realm Master, it is spreading everywhere, saying that the Limitless sword ancestor is inside our Wanhua Realm, that there is a close relationship between the sword ancestor and my Realm Tree! Such gossip, I am afraid it was deliberately done by someone! " Rong Muke sighed.

"What are you worried about?"

Realm Master stepped on a green leaf and steadily flew forward, and said indifferently.

Rong Muke thought for a while, then said: "Although I have never seen Limitless sword ancestor's subject, but I have heard some rumors regarding him, it is said that his sword arts are above average, and he can be considered a sage. Earlier, he travelled across the entire Myriad Heavens realm before, and went to challenge people, and offended many people.

"You also said that he had made many friends and offended many people. Since you are worried that the enemy of Limitless sword ancestor would cause trouble in the Wanhua Realm, why are you not happy that the sword ancestor's friend has come to help us fight against our enemies?" The Realm Master said indifferently: There is fortune in this, it is useless for us to worry so much now, doing things well at the moment is the most important. As for the rumors, there is no need to care about them, the majority of them were released by the people of the Cloud Heavenly Palace.

Hearing that, Rong Muke and the rest all cupped their fists: "Yes."

Soon, the group of people arrived at the gate of nature.

At this moment, the enormous door was already surrounded by over ninety layers of spirit formations. From the outside, it looked very beautiful as it flickered with brilliance.

The natural gate had already been sealed. Due to the matter with the Cloud Heavenly Palace, the Realm Master had temporarily closed the natural gate, and outsiders were not allowed to enter or leave the world.

The people of Wanhua Realm needed some time to settle things down. At the end of the battle, the Wanhua Realm suffered a loss.

There were a thousand soldiers in front of the door, upon seeing Realm Master and the others flying over, they all knelt down, and greeted loudly.

"Get up."

Realm Master landed and spoke in a low voice.

Everyone stood up.

A commander walked over quickly and cupped his fists: "Reporting to Realm Master, the enchantments and Array Seal that you have instructed have been completely set up. I am currently conducting the final examination."

"Very good."

Realm Master nodded his head lightly, his gaze landing on the enchantments, he then said softly: "But this is still not enough, we need to continue setting it up, the people of Cloud Heavenly Palace will not let this go, furthermore, once they take action, it will definitely attract the attention of others who have ulterior motives, the Wanhua Realm is a place with abundant resources, furthermore, it is a place where the people of Spirit Cultivator cultivate in, they are extremely eager to get it, you all must not slack, you all must protect it day and night."

"Yes sir!" Everyone shouted.

Realm Master slightly nodded his head, he then walked around the natural door, inspected it once, and was about to leave.

But, just as she was preparing to return back to the Realm Tree, a loud sound suddenly came out from the natural door.

Everyone was shocked.

The soldiers of Wanhua Realm in front of the door all rushed over, took out their weapons and started accumulating profound qi, preparing themselves, and stared at the door.

After the loud noise came out, a large amount of blood-red aura came out of the door. This aura was like mist as it filled the door. If it wasn't for the enchantment, then the surroundings of the door would have already been dyed blood-red.


At this moment, another loud sound rang out.

Everyone turned to look and saw a giant blood-red hand reaching out from inside the door. The hand was pressing on the enchantment as if it wanted to break it. The enchantment was like a deformed bubble and was about to shatter.

Seeing that, the leader took out his green sword and shouted: "Who are you, daring to be so impudent in Wanhua Realm?"

With that, the commander and several hundred soldiers rushed forward.

Just as they approached, they saw strange blood-red ripples erupting from the Nature's Gate. These ripples were incomparably mystical, actually seeping through the enchantments and scattering in all directions.

The commanders were all forced back, unable to approach!

"What's going on? Is the exit of your Wanhua Realm sealed? "

A rather angry groan came from inside the Nature's Gate. Following that, the giant hand that was supporting the barrier suddenly increased in size.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A muffled sound rang out. The three barriers at the innermost area of the Nature's Gate shattered like glass, directly turning into fragments that fell to the ground.

He broke three enchantments in a row.

"Don't be presumptuous!"

Yang Lang could not bear to watch any longer, he rushed out from the crowd, releasing a Spirit Life Qi into the air, which flew towards the door.

Wherever the aura passed by, the blood-red mist was immediately cleansed, and the entire door slowly lit up.

The mist vanished and a figure flew out from the door.

It was a short man with a skinny face and a bald head. The man wore a blood-red robe, and his left hand was behind his back. His right hand became incomparably huge as it was still supporting the Spirit Formation.

When Yang Lang approached, the other party seemed to know that it was inconvenient to deal with the other party, so he retracted his hand.

"Who are you?"

Yang Lang shouted.

"Who am I? "It's not important!" The man shook his head and said: "The important thing is where Limitless sword ancestor is."

"sword ancestor? Could it be that you are here to look for Limitless sword ancestor? "

"Of course! Otherwise, why would I come to Wanhua Realm? Back then when I was competing with the sword ancestor in sword techniques, my Blood Day Sword Art lost to him by a few moves and suffered a crushing defeat. So I bitterly cultivated and focused on sword techniques, and now that I have mastered the Blood Day Sword Art, I am here to challenge him.

That person said coldly.

With that said, the Realm Master beside him opened his mouth.

"If that's the case, then you came to the wrong place. sword ancestor is not in Wanhua Realm."

"Not in the Wanhua Realm? "Then where is it?"

"I don't know!"

"Humph, excuse me!" The outside world said that sword ancestor had appeared in the Wanhua Realm, how could he not be in the Wanhua Realm? You must be lying to me! "

"Why should we lie to you? Limitless sword ancestor has never met us, the one you want to challenge is him, we don't need to deceive you. "

"You must be people of Realm Tree?" That person swept a glance at everyone and said coldly.

"That's right."

Who is the Realm Master?

"I am!"

"You?" The man was taken aback, but soon revealed a look of understanding and said: "If that's the case, then it's not strange at all! I know why you lied to me, because you were afraid that I would duel with the sword ancestor and destroy your Wanhua Realm, right? "

Hearing that, Realm Master paused for a moment, then said: "You're thinking too much."

"Heh, you're thinking too much? I think I'm right! "

The man said coldly, he then raised his left hand and used profound strength to cut off all five of his fingers, causing blood to spurt out crazily, the fresh blood that was gushing out converged into a gigantic blood sword in the air, under the control of the man, they flew straight towards the enchantment.

A blood-red crescent moon appeared in front of the natural door. The blood-red crescent moon was like a fierce flood dragon as it cut apart all the remaining barriers. The shattered fragments scattered on the ground …

Holding onto the blood sword, he flew out of the natural door and stood in front of the Realm Master.

He held his sword, pointed at Realm Master, and said coldly: "Quickly tell me, where is sword ancestor?"

"I told you, I don't know. If you don't believe me, you can look for it yourself." Realm Master said indifferently without changing his expression.

"Alright!" "Since you don't want to say it, then don't blame me for being rude. Sometimes, when people are facing death, they are only willing to tell the truth. Today, I have no choice but to make things difficult for you."

"What are you doing?" Rong Muke was shocked.

"What for? Of course it's to take action! "

The man harrumphed and was about to attack with his sword.

However, the moment he moved, something happened in the Nature's Gate behind him. He shot out several long arrows that were like shooting stars.

The man hastily dodged and dodged the arrow, but just as the arrow passed by him, he immediately changed the direction of the arrow and charged towards him. As he dashed forward, the arrow shot out a ray of light, which quickly formed a large net, and pounced towards the man.


The net immediately surrounded the man.

The man struggled madly, wanting to tear the net apart bit by bit. However, he was unable to do anything as he was extremely proficient, the material of the net seemed to be even stronger than the hundred enchantments that the Wanhua Realm had set up.

"What kind of cat or dog dares to be so impudent here!" How reckless! You want to challenge my brother? You overestimate yourself! "

At this moment, a cold snort sounded from within the Nature's Gate. Following that, a man wearing light purple armor and holding a longbow in his hand flew out.

The man's expression was serious as he coldly stared at the man tied up by the net. "You're the one who wants to kill my brother? "Hmph, if that's the case, then I'll kill you first!"

"That depends on how capable you are."

The man who was tied up suddenly used his strength to push the net open, and then used his profound qi to rush towards the man who was holding the bow.

The two of them immediately began to fight.

When Realm Master and the rest saw this scene, their hearts all jumped, and their expressions became extremely serious.

"This person is probably the friend of the sword ancestor!" Rong Muke looked at the two who were battling and sighed: "The enemies of sword ancestor and their friends, how can they avoid fighting? The cultivation of the two is unfathomable, if they were to fight in this battle, I am afraid the one who will suffer will be our Wanhua Realm! "

"I must think of a way for them to leave!"

"Yes, we must let them leave, otherwise the Wanhua Realm will become a mess!"

The officials shouted.

"It's not easy."

At this time, Realm Master poured a bucket of cold water over them.

"Their strengths are not simple. One is not bad, but two is not easy! Furthermore, there is no need for us to go out of our way to deal with them. If we waste too much of our power on them, our Wanhua Realm will be the one to lose in the end. "

"Then Realm Master, what do you mean?"

"Return to the Realm Tree."

The Realm Master said indifferently, he then turned around and ignored the two fighting and left.