Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 659
Silent world!

When Su Yun stepped into this wondrous world, what welcomed him was not the rich devil qi of the True Devil Realm, nor was it calm like the wind inside the Ultimate Martial World.

The moisture in his skin was instantly vaporized into gas and his protective profound qi could not react in time.

Look again!

There were actually ten suns floating in the sky!

These suns seemed to fill up the entire sky, as their venomous light crazily roasted the earth.

There was practically no soil or vegetation on the ground, and it was even more impossible for living creatures to exist. This was a completely barren land.

Su Yun felt that his profound qi was like a withered flower, it was difficult to accumulate its energy, facing this kind of temperature, any Spirit Cultivator would find it hard to endure.

As he thought about this, he noticed that Octagon Aniseed looked relaxed and relaxed.

"This is the quiet world."

Chi Gou sat on the ground and laughed: "There will be ten suns in the day, and ten moons in the night. The day will be scorching hot, and the night will be cold and freezing, and the mortals that come here, will be roasted into air in a breath's time. Only an existence of the Spirit Emperor can ignore the climate here, Su Yun, in the time to come, you will be cultivating our devil arts here!"

In that case, could the Eight-toothed War God actually have a cultivation base of Spirit Emperor?

Su Yun was shocked, but even more surprised was that last sentence of Chi Chi, he stared with widened eyes: "I am not even able to store profound qi here, what kind of cultivation technique do I need to talk about?"

"I can't store it properly!" Octagon Aniseed laughed: "If you can't store it here, then use it for practice. If you can't use it for practice, then use it for practice. Furthermore, with this, your profound qi will become stronger, and your Spirit Core will become stronger. "

"I have nothing to say to that."

Su Yun was speechless.

He then took out a silver edged black sword from nowhere, and retreated 1000 meters, separating himself from Su Yun.

He activated devil qi, and his entire body was enveloped in demonic energy.

Su Yun immediately opened his eyes wide.

Originally, he thought that Octagon Aniseed would practice a shocking and exquisite sword technique. However, he held the demon sword in his hand and stood there motionlessly.

"What is this?"

Su Yun could not help but mutter.

"Demon Lord, do you know our True Devil Sect?" At this time, the man with eight teeth suddenly shouted.

"I don't even know your True Devil Realm that well." Su Yun replied.

"You're really direct ah …" The octopus on the devil qi shrugged and said, "Then I'll tell you about my Devil Sect's techniques!"

"A devil's technique is filled with all kinds of strange things, all sorts of variations. However, my Devil Sect's technique only emphasizes on one word, and that is ruthlessness!"

"Devil Sect has always cultivated with the demonic nature. No matter who it is, when cultivating, they will not dare to forget their own devil roots. Thus, my Devil Sect's techniques are also the same! "

"The Devil Sect's methods do not have many complicated techniques, in fact, every technique has at most three moves, and at least one move. Although the techniques are few, it is more important to kill with one move!"

At this moment, Chi Chi also became serious. He had a straight face and had the bearing of a vice sect leader.

"One move? Isn't it similar to the Lotus Star Sword Art? " Su Yun thought.


At this moment, the sound of wind rustling could be heard.

Su Yun anxiously looked over, to see that he was holding onto the sword with one hand, the sword body slanted to the ground, his eyes were blood red, his expression sinister, the long sword body was being circled by a few terrifying devil qi, like a sinister snake.

At the same time, the ground quickly shook and a large amount of tattoos appeared on the ground. These tattoos spread out like vines and in the blink of an eye, it formed a giant formation.

"Devil Wind Break!"

With a low growl, he threw the sword in his hand towards the distance.


All of the devil qi on the terrifying greatsword in his hand flew out.

They were like a gust of wind, blowing into the distance, but just as they flew out for a hundred metres, the devil qi actually quickly gathered together, forming a hundred meter long giant tiger, smashing towards a gigantic boulder with an unstoppable momentum.


The demonic tiger did not hesitate and directly attacked.

The stone was like paper and was directly smashed into powder. However, the demonic tiger didn't stop and kept charging forward. Soon, it disappeared without a trace.

Su Yun watched in a daze, almost forgetting himself, such an exquisite move, left him with a sense of remembrance.

Is this the Devil Sect Sword Art?

"Will it?" Chi Gou kept his demon sword and said complacently.

"Not at all." Su Yun came back to reality as he shook his head to confess.

How can you just read it once?

"You're too stupid!"

"You used a move and didn't even talk about the contents. How could I?" Su Yun crossed his hands on his chest and shook his head.

"Uh okay, then I'll tell you what I need to know, but that's just my understanding. If you don't understand, then I can't do anything about it either."

As he finished speaking, he leaned over and started talking.

When he taught people, he was practically dancing with joy. He was also lacking in language, and some of the words that he could not understand even if he did not imagine them.

As if he was fooling around with his words, Hachi Chan listened to him seriously. After he finished speaking, he sat on the ground and started thinking.

The profound qi around Su Yun became increasingly weaker, and was no longer able to protect his body, but he was still immersed in thought, and was unable to extricate himself.

Seeing that he was engrossed in his thoughts, Chi Gou stepped forward and stood behind him. He extended his hand and placed it on the back of the disciple's body, releasing the devil qi.

At the moment, the devil qi was not pitch black, but a dark grey color. It turned into a Qi Cover and enveloped Su Yun, isolating him from the blazing sun.

Su Yun's skin that was roasted red, finally started to gradually recover, and the sweat on his forehead slowly disappeared as a cool feeling slowly rose.

After an unknown period of time, he regained his senses and looked around. "Eight-toothed Vice Sect Master!"

The octopus behind removed the devil qi and asked: "Do you know how to?"

"Not really" Su Yun shook his head, then stood up and pulled out the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, preparing to store the devil qi and use it according to his own understanding.

However, after he tried to hold his breath, he suddenly realized that this was a quiet world with a very harsh environment. It was not easy to store devil qi.

He had used this sword attack so easily like he had done with his eight front teeth; it was clear that his cultivation base was quite high.

Although Su Yun had learned a lot of techniques, many of the profound technique techniques had not been fully digested. This required a lot of time and accumulation.

He gritted his teeth and activated Spirit Core and Qi Meridian with all his might, forcing the devil qi out from his body and gathering it into the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword in his hands.

This sword attack was focused on exploding. He knew clearly that Octagon Aniseed could have swiftly swung out this sword attack, but in order to let him see through it, he had deliberately slowed down his movements.

The devil qi in his body had gathered onto the sword with great difficulty, and at that moment, Su Yun's entire body was covered in perspiration, his breathing became hurried, he looked at the sword in his hand, but it was only a thin layer of devil qi, which was completely different from the awe-inspiring Eight Tooth Sword.

He felt like he was on the verge of collapsing, so he clenched his teeth and swung forward.

"Phew …"

The devil qi was like a light breeze as it fluttered into the distance. However, it did not float for long before disappearing without a trace …

Seeing that, Su Yun sat on the ground, gasping for air.

"No, no, no!" This alone is far from enough. "

He pointed at Su Yun and bellowed, "Demon Lord, hurry up, continue urging your energy to swing your sword!"

"Right now, I feel my body is extremely weak. That sword strike just now seemed to have consumed more than half of my profound qi. "It's too difficult to activate the profound qi here. To force it to activate twice as fast in this place, it's at least ten times as fast as normal," Su Yun said with a slightly hoarse voice.

"I don't care, I don't care!" Octagon Aniseed snorted, "Since you're here, you should train hard. What did that sword just now count as? Hurry up and get up! "

Seeing that the previously lazy Eight-toothed Fang was already so serious, Su Yun felt too embarrassed to sit down. He immediately took a deep breath and stood up, continuing to wave his Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword.

It was still the same as before, it was extremely difficult to accumulate the profound qi, this strike was even harder to accumulate than the last strike, Su Yun had raised the profound qi for a whole incense of time, only then, a thin devil qi barely appeared on the body of the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword.

"Don't be in such a hurry to release it. Continue raising your strength!"

The nearby Chi Gou clenched his fists and said anxiously, as though he was the one accumulating profound qi.

After Su Yun heard this, he gritted his teeth and continued to accumulate Qi.

The profound qi was like a dry spring, slowly emerging from the Spirit Core, easily passing through the Qi Meridian and surging towards the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword in his hands.

Su Yun's body started to tremble, because all of the profound qi were rushing towards the sword, and could no longer protect his body, the high temperature brought about by the scorching sun nearly made him faint. It was hard to imagine, that even though he was already at the fourth stage of the Sky Spirit Master, he was still unable to contend against such temperature

"Persist!" "Persevere!"

Seeing Su Yun's body start to tremble, Chi Gou still refused to let Su Yun swing the sword back, and continued to cheer on at the side.


Not long after he shouted, there was a loud bang as the devil qi on the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword exploded and sent Su Yun flying.

The profound qi was in a state of upheaval, triggering a collision, which then exploded. This was a common occurrence for Spirit Cultivator cultivators.

He fell to the ground, his face covered in dust. When he got up, his sword had already fallen to the side.

Seeing this, a look of disappointment appeared on his face.

"No!" "Still not enough. Hurry, get up and continue practicing!"

Su Yun stared intently at the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and crawled up, grabbing his sword to continue raising his Qi.

Although he had no more strength left in him, the stubbornness in his heart that refused to admit defeat made him unable to stop.

His sister was still waiting for him to save her.

sword ancestor was still waiting for him to retrieve his soul.

If one did not increase their cultivation, it would be impossible to contend against the Supreme Sect, and it would be impossible to find a soul.

Right now, he needed cultivation and strength!

The more he thought about it, the more determined he became …