Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 655
After an unknown period of time.

The Overlapping Demon Statue that had landed in front of the altar slowly calmed down. It had returned to its previous state and was motionless, and the devil qi that was circling around its body also gradually dissipated.

When the surrounding elders saw this, all of them stopped what they were doing.

He continued to recite a few chants with his eyes closed, and with a raise of his hand, the black palms that were constantly hitting Su Yun's body immediately started to dissipate.

The current Su Yun was like a pitch black cocoon, he was floating in the middle of the altar, and the devil qi continued to coiled around him and seeped into his skin, at that moment, his skin was even paler than white paper.


At this time, the devil qi around Su Yun's body trembled, and a low sound came out, as if something had broken, or the gas had collapsed.

Hearing this, his face revealed a look of joy, "The shackles have been broken!"


Su Yun slowly descended.

When he landed, the devil qi surrounding him also slowly retreated as if it was shedding silk and cocoons.

Su Yun gently stood on top of the altar, he looked like a brand-new person, and when he opened his eyes once again, they were bloodshot, sinister and terrifying.

His pale skin released a large amount of devil qi, his entire body was filled with killing intent, if an ordinary person were to land by his side, they would probably suffocate to death.

Su Yun heaved a sigh of relief, he felt that the number of Spirit Core in his body had increased by countless, and a majority of them had already transformed into devil qi s, only producing devil qi, with the profound qi in his body as the main.

But what made people extremely happy was that after going through such a baptism, his cultivation actually went from third grade of Sky Spirit Master to the fourth stage.

"The ceremony went well."

Seeing that, Vice Sect Leader Chi Chi Chi smiled and nodded: "Um, Lord Devil Lord, you have successfully become a demon, from today onwards, you are also part of my True Devil Sect, I must congratulate you."

"Thank you very much."

Su Yun slowly opened his mouth, but his voice was unexpectedly heavy.

"Disciple pays his respects to the Demon Lord!"

The people below once again kneeled down and shouted loudly, their voices were like a tsunami.

"Greetings, Demon Lord!"

This time, even the clan elders and elites saluted Su Yun.

The ceremony had ended and Su Yun had officially become the next Demon Lord. He had become a member of the Devil Sect and had a very high status.

After obtaining this treasure title, Su Yun understood that he would have a chance to save his sister and contend against the Supreme Sect!

"Please stand still Demon Lord. Accept the praise from my true Devil Sect!"

He said again.

With that said, all the clan elders below started to step onto the altar one by one, biting their fingers to leave a bloody mark on Su Yun's chest armor.

With one word from each, the dozen or so elders stained Su Yun's chest red.

Su Yun silently accepted.

There were many rules for the ceremony, and the etiquette was complicated. However, they still had to complete the ceremony as it was a rule.

Looking at the dense group of people from the True Devil Sect below the altar, Su Yun's heart was filled with emotion.

Previously, he had endured the excruciating pain from the Snake Dowager, trying his best to break through the shackles. Now that the shackles had been broken, the murderous intent in his heart had disappeared without a trace.


Just as Su Yun was immersed in his thoughts, his mind suddenly became a mess, following that, the blood in his body started to boil, and in the next moment, it erupted with over a thousand degrees, going straight for tens of thousands of degrees, Su Yun's skin suddenly became red, and his body trembled, and he directly fell to the ground, unconscious.

Seeing that, the surrounding Devil Cultivator was in an uproar.

The Demon Lord had fainted in public!

This was like throwing a huge rock into a calm pond, causing a thousand ripples.

"What's going on?"

The First Elder was shocked!

"Quick, quickly bring Lord Demon Lord down to be healed. Immediately ask for Sect Master. Quick!" He hurriedly shouted.

"Yes sir!"

The entire altar was in a mess.

An elder took out his devil qi, supported Su Yun, and quickly rushed out of the altar.

After exiting the altar, the Devil Sect Elder and the Octagon Aniseed rushed to the top of a hill. On top of the hill was a huge devil formation constructed with blood, surrounded by seven Devil Cultivator s.

When the group of demons arrived, all of the Devil Cultivator s knelt down on one knee, bowing to Chi Chi and the others.

"The Demon Lord's body is acting strange. Hurry up and activate the magic array. I want to treat the Demon Lord."

An old looking elder dressed in a black robe shouted.

"Yes sir!"

Devil Cultivator cupped his fists, he then sat cross-legged around the Demon Circle and cut his own wrist. Blood gushed out and he placed his hand on the side of the Demon Circle and poured his blood into the Demon Circle.

The current Su Yun was like a boiling hot stove. His skin was completely red, and his temperature was incredibly high.

Seeing Su Yun in such pain, all the demons were confused.

"How can the Demon Lord be like this? Could it be that he is unable to endure the devil strength of the Demon Lord Armor? " The First Elder questioned.

Although the Demon Lord's cultivation is not high, it is not so hard to bear the devil strength of the Demon Lord's Armor. Furthermore, if he cannot endure it, there should be a reaction when he wears it, why would he only appear now? Furthermore, the current state of the Demon Lord does not seem to be caused by the fact that the devil strength is too strong. "

As he spoke, he carefully approached Su Yun. Looking at him, he seemed to be extremely afraid, with his head stretched out towards Su Yun, he immediately pulled back, afraid that Su Yun would harm him.

Hearing that, he stared at Su Yun for a moment, then nodded: "That's right, the Demon Lord's reaction does not seem to be caused by the heavy weight of the devil qi, but if it's not, then what? Could someone have secretly tried to harm Lord Devil Lord? "

"This is completely impossible. Who dares to be so impudent on the Altar of Magic?" Furthermore, all of us are present, so no one can easily make a move in front of us! " A black female Devil Cultivator by the side said.

"That's right, what we should do now is to quickly treat Lord Demon Lord. Although Lord Demon Lord's cultivation is not strong, he is the descendant of Yin Mo and Lord Chang Gu, we cannot let anything happen to him. We will now begin to cast our spell on the Demon Lord to stabilize his body. I'm worried that if this continues, his physical body might be damaged! "

When everyone heard this, they earnestly nodded their heads and then began to act separately.

octopus, the dignified vice sect master did not dare to touch Su Yun, he hid in the corner and looked at her, then allowed the female Devil Cultivator to go up, lifting Su Yun up, he sat in the middle of the array.

The other Clan Elders sat cross-legged with Su Yun as the center. They began to coordinate with the formation to cast their spells to stabilize the strange symptoms of burning heat in Su Yun's body.

"Only the right medicine will have the effect. Don't be in such a hurry to use the profound qi, first take a look at what's happening inside his body."

Octagon Aniseed stretched his neck and grumbled.

"Yes, Vice Sect Leader."

All the demons replied, then released their palms together, striking towards Su Yun.

All the demon palms released pitch black rays of light, shooting towards Su Yun and invading his body.

But, just as the black lines touched Su Yun's body, a scorching heat was released to the surrounding Clan Elders.

All the Elders face changed as they quickly stopped shooting and stopped moving.

At the same time, Su Yun who had his eyes closed suddenly opened them and leaped into the air. He floated in mid-air.

His body was ignited with a strange black flame, the fire burnt all the Demon Lord Armor on his body until only sword sheath remained, and his body was filled with strange, snake-like tattoos, one after another with blood-red veins seeping out from his pale skin.

His eyes were like magma, red and yellow beyond compare.

"This, this, this, what is going on?"

Looking at Su Yun who had suddenly erupted with such power, he shouted out with a stutter.

"What a high temperature!"

All the elders stepped back from the formation. When they looked at their palms, they found that a transparent hole had been created by the high temperature …


Just then, Su Yun who was in mid air released a heart-tearing and lung-splitting roar, and then he suddenly rushed down, charging towards the clan elder.

His hand turned into a fist, aimed straight at the pitch black female Devil Cultivator. His fist looked ordinary, but when it approached, the tip of the fist suddenly became extremely hot, even hotter than the blazing sun, and smashed straight at her.

The female Devil Cultivator's face darkened, she raised both her hands, and a mass of devil qi appeared in front of her. The devil qi quickly transformed into a strange demon.


A shocking scene appeared.

The fist came smashing over, the devil bit his wrist, but was unable to stop it. Instead, his fist was powerful like a hot knife through butter, piercing through the devil, directly striking the in the chest.


The female Devil Cultivator was sent flying more than a hundred meters back.

Lowering his head, he saw that a large hole had been created in his chest, and black flames were still burning there.

The Devil Cultivator's face changed, she immediately sat down cross legged, and activated profound qi to extinguish the fire.

What was even more shocking was Su Yun's terrifying strength …

He growled, and waved his fist towards the Devil Cultivator again.

Seeing that, the other clan elders anxiously rushed over, without holding back, they rushed towards Su Yun's hands and feet.

Although they did not know what happened to Su Yun, but his performance had already threatened them. Everyone would not take Su Yun's life, but they would at least cripple his limbs, and cause him to be unable to fight.

Then, just at this time, a figure suddenly rushed over from the distance, straight towards Su Yun who was surrounded by the clan elders.

When he got close to Su Yun, he released a total of 28 palms, the palm struck onto his body, the palm struck into the profound strength. Boom!

Su Yun's body trembled a few times, his terrifying red and yellow eyes suddenly flashed, and recovered his original color, he stood neutral for a moment, then fell back down, unconscious.

Seeing that, the elders quickly turned their gaze towards the person who came. When they saw him, everyone quickly knelt on one knee and started shouting.

"Greetings, Grand Elder!"

"Oh, Great Elder is here. It's great that you're here. Come and help me quickly. This is going to be difficult for me." Octagon Aniseed scratched the back of his head and laughed as if he had seen his savior.