Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 654
At the moment, Su Yun was clad in heavy black scales, his entire body was covered in imprints like ghosts and gods, with a dark red cape draped over his back, the black feathers on his shoulders were exposed, he was extremely mighty, but his face was pale white, perspiration dripping down like water, it was extremely difficult to deal with him.

With everything set up, Su Yun walked out of the cave under the lead of the Wood Demon and headed towards the âUpper Demonic Altar '.

When meeting the Devil Cultivator, all of them would kneel down in worship, revealing a respectful and pious expression, just like the most pious believer that saw his own faith.

Su Yun took a good look at the expressions of all the people present. Even so, he still did not fully understand the position of Demon Lord. This position was extremely different from the elders. Why was the three-bone dragon so fixated on this position?

The elites and disciples had already gathered at the 'Altar of Enchantment'. Because the Sect Master was in closed door cultivation, the ceremony this time around would be held by Vice Sect Master Chi Chi.

The altar was set up in the west side of the True Devil Sect, and when Su Yun arrived at the "Demonic Altar", he took a whole two days.

Approaching the altar, he could see from afar a gigantic Heavenly Demon Statue that was almost reaching into the clouds. The appearance of the sculpture was already unclear, but it was covered in armor and had a pair of huge wings on its back. In its hand was a gigantic and long devil sword, pointing straight at the clouds, its vast body was filled with lines, and the circles of light emitted from the patterns, looking especially mighty, as though it was a god.

Below the statue, there were twelve smaller statues.

These sculptures were all either clad in armor or robes. There were both men and women, and their expressions were all different. The weapons in their hands were also all different.

Su Yun looked into the distance and was shocked to find that within the statues, there were two statues that looked similar to Chang Gu and Yin Mo.

From the looks of it, these statues were the Great Demonic Statues that had contributed greatly to the Devil Sect.

The devil qi enveloped the altar, the sky was dark, the black soil was trampled by the Devil Cultivator until it was uneven, and when Su Yun walked over, the sky was already filled with drizzle.

This was different from the rain in Sky Martial World. The rain here was also pitch-black, and contained the devil qi.

The closer they got to the altar, the thicker the devil qi became.

Approaching the entrance, one could see that in front of the incomparably huge statue, there was a round altar standing tall, and around the altar were Devil Cultivator carvings, and countless of Devil Cultivator stood around the altar.

Floating around the altar were many powerful and terrifying Devil Cultivator. There were men and women, young and old.

When the Demon Lord's guard of honor walked over, all the Devil Cultivator's eyes gathered at this place.

"Demon Lord has arrived!" The devils bow in respect! "

Devil Cultivator at the front of the guard shouted loudly, his voice spreading far and wide.

In an instant, other than the floating Devil Cultivator, all the other Devil Cultivator who were standing on the ground knelt down on one knee, and shouted in unison.

"Greetings, Demon Lord!"

"Greetings, Demon Lord!"

"Greetings, Demon Lord!"

The sound echoed like a tsunami, wave after wave. Only after an incense stick of time had passed did it stop.

Su Yun looked over to see a pitch black area at the gigantic 'Altar of Demons'. It was entirely filled with Devil Cultivator.

And what was even more terrifying was that none of these Devil Cultivator s was an existence under the fifth stage of Sky Spirit Master.

All the people in front of him were countless times stronger than him, yet now, they were all bowing down to him …

Su Yun's heart surged with myriad emotions, he felt that luck was unpredictable.

He took a deep breath, braced himself against the lines of the armor, and walked with heavy steps towards the top of the Altar.

When he took his first step, the entire area around the altar went silent.

Everyone maintained their kneeling posture, quietly waiting.

Su Yun walked towards the altar step by step, following the gaps between the crowd, he stepped onto the tall altar, on top of the altar stood the delicate looking Vice Sect Master Chi Chi, who was already waiting for him.

He held a pitch black human skull in his hands, and looked at Su Yun quietly. Inside the human skull in his hand, a devil fire was burning.

Every step was especially loud at this moment.

Every step was extremely heavy at this moment!

Su Yun had finished walking on the one hundred forty-seventh step.

When he reached the top of the altar, he could see a square Array Seal that was constantly spiraling.

This was not the first time Su Yun had seen this Array Seal.

When he had joined the Devil Sect in his last life, he had seen this Array Seal. Today, not only was it the successor of the Demon Lord, he had also officially become a devil.

He looked at the gigantic sculpture that soared into the clouds, walked into the Array Seal, and knelt down on one knee.

The thick armor creaked.

"Jun Mo Xie's orders are to tread the path of demons, follow the heart of demons, and walk the path of devils. Do you wish to perish forever without regret?"

"I'm willing."

"Xiaoxiao Heavenly Dao, only I walk the path of the devil, all living things in this world are at a loss. Yunyun doesn't know, only I'm awake. No one understands the devil, only the devil understands the devil. Since the ruler has already entered, he will not disappoint the heavens, he is completely deserving of it!" "… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

"Lord Devil, from today onwards, everyone is willing to vouch for me with their own hearts that Su Yun will definitely join my Devil Sect and my Devil Sect."

He could see threads of devil qi revolving around his fingertips like dragons, while a mysterious light floated around the top of his skull. The pitch-black skull also started to float, and the devilish fire inside his bones continued to burn even more vigorously, as it leaked out from his pores.


Suddenly, a dark bolt of lightning streaked across the dark sky. This bolt of lightning was so black that it was hard to imagine. As soon as it appeared, the sky turned gray.

The lightning appeared in the sky and struck the giant statue below, smashing into its skull and entering its body.

The moment the lightning entered the statue, it began to tremble.

The statue that was charging towards Yun Xiao actually came to life.

Just that, Su Yun could not feel any signs of life, seeing the statue moving so stiffly, Su Yun guessed that the statue seemed to be a magical equipment, as if the lightning bolt was some kind of key, and the current it, was only being opened temporarily.

The sculpture opened its eyes, and a burst of devil fire flashed through its bell-like eyes, he extended his hand out and pointed at Su Yun, and his huge fingertip shot out a burst of devil qi, which directly struck Su Yun's body.

In that moment, the Snake Dowager's heart-wrenching pain instantly spread across Su Yun's body!


Su Yun could not help but let out a painful howl, his entire body was wrapped up by the devil qi and floated in the air.

At the same time, he realized that his thoughts had changed.

The painful scenes of the past appeared in his mind one by one, like an inverted ribbon!

The scene of being bullied in his previous life.

The scene of Su Qing'er begging for fulfillment with tears in her eyes.

The scene of his parents dying and being ridiculed by others.

Scene of Qing'er's tragic death.

The scene of sword elder being killed.

The scene of Hu Qianmei making a compromise and sacrificing himself for the future …

These unhappy memories kept on surging out, many things should have dispersed like smoke, but at this moment, all of these things were hooked up, like sharp blades, cutting Su Yun's heart, like seductive blades. The drug like substance stimulated Su Yun's desire to kill.

His eyes began to turn red.

His expression became twisted.

All the tendons in his body bulged.

Blood began to gush out wildly.

At this moment, with his eyes wide open, the devil qi around him transformed into countless of large hands, surrounding Su Yun's body and slapping him nonstop. With every slap, a large amount of devil qi would explode.

"Demon!" He deserved to live up to his reputation. Justice and justice existed in heaven and earth, yet were crushed by the power. Those who were truly kind-hearted were all slaughtered. Everything was gone. However, what did the power in this world count as? "Since the strong want to use violence to crush justice, then, we should use violence to crush the strong."

"Rip this hypocritical starry sky, and grasp the truth that belongs solely to us in your hands! Break all injustices in the world, and kill all those who deserve to be killed in the world! "

"Ignore the exalted immortal god. Just be yourself. Walk down this path that belongs solely to us."

Octagon Aniseed let out a loud cry.

His words seemed to be filled with an endless devil sound, as every single word he said reached Su Yun's ears. After hearing his words, Su Yun felt as though he was about to explode, the murderous intent in his body had become completely uncontrollable, and in this moment, it completely erupted. He struggled with all his might, wanting to break free from the restrictions of the devil qi in his surroundings.

However, no matter how he struggled, there would always be a force holding him down …

This power was like a shackle, suppressing him, and at this moment, Su Yun was trying his best to break out of this shackle.

Perhaps, this shackle had existed in his heart for a long, long time …

And now, all that Hachi Chan had done was to assist Su Yun in getting rid of this shackle.

The devil qi was still corroding Su Yun's body, the shrieks and roars resonated throughout the entire altar.

At this moment, Su Yun felt a pain like his bones and flesh were being separated. This pain was unprecedented, completely beyond his imagination.

The clan elders of the True Devil Sect all landed on the ground, they formed a circle and stood around the altar, then raised their hands into the air and closed their eyes, activating the devil qi that flew out from their palms one after another to converge onto Su Yun who was on the altar.

The devil qi smoldered in the sky as it vibrated in the air. Its cold and ruthless aura filled the entire space.

Su Yun's expression became warped, he tried his best to control his own consciousness, trying to stay awake, but this time, Chi Gou suddenly spoke.

"Demon Lord, don't suppress the devil nature in your heart. Release it, completely release it. Break the shackles that have bound you for so long!"

When he said this, Su Yun gave up on that last bit of consciousness.

Break through the shackles!

This was exactly what he wanted, as well as the core purpose of this ceremony!

Wake up the persistence in everyone's heart! An unrelenting faith!

He continued to scream, but this time, it was not for the sake of suppressing the power in his heart. It was for the sake of venting. It was to resist the restraint that had always been restraining him …