Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 644
The people of the Wanhua Realm were clearly outnumbered, with the outbreak of the battle, both sides had fought for less than an incense stick worth of time, and the people of the Sword World could no longer hold on, showing their weakness.


A furious roar rang out again.

The Tree Lord led countless of Wanhua Realm beings and pounced over.

The Tree Lord's huge body that was not much weaker than the Devil Bone Giant gave off a huge pressure. When it got near, the light was almost gone, its dense branches extended endlessly, forming many sharp thorns that shot towards the Sword World.

The long and terrifying tree branches were like a tiger climbing a mountain, densely packed and covering the sky.

Seeing that, Star Sword Sovereign and Dao Xing rushed at Tree Lord together. The two of them used gorgeous sword techniques, planning to force him to retreat.

Qin Wenrong and Rong Muke fought to the death.

All sorts of disorderly spells dazzled people's eyes.

The orderly Gate of Nature was thrown into chaos because of the separation between Su Yun and Hu Qianmei!

"Leave quickly, Jin Moluo must have seen that the two of you are preparing to leave, that's why he took action, if the two of you stay here, I am afraid your lives will be in danger!"

Yang Lang rushed towards Su Yun and Hu Qianmei.

Hearing that, Su Yun nodded, and immediately pulled Hu Qianmei away.

However, just as the three of them flew up into the sky, another two figures charged over.

The killing intent surged in his face.

It was Xiao Changtian and Phoenix Lady.

"Su Yun, Fox Demon! After you murdered my son, you still want to run away? Give me your life! "

Phoenix Lady's expression became twisted, her face turned sinister as she roared at Su Yun, and as she spoke, she had already rushed forward.

Seeing that, Yang Lang took out a tree branch like magic treasure and welcomed Phoenix Lady.

Yang Lang's cultivation was high, and he was entangled with Phoenix Lady.

But the other Xiao Changtian was not simple, he stared coldly at Su Yun, and snorted to himself, the huge sword on his back flew up into the air, and after swaying in the air, he was caught.

"Although you have obtained the inheritance of the Limitless Sword Ancestor, and have mastered the Limitless Sword Art, but, that cannot change anything. Su Yun, today, I will fight with you, to let me experience the strength of the legendary Limitless Sword Arts!"

Xiao Changtian said solemnly.

With that, the heavy and huge sword slashed towards Su Yun's head.

The sword was very heavy, but he was holding it with one hand. When the sword fell, it was like the peak of a mountain suddenly breaking, falling straight down from the sky.

That kind of heavy feeling spread to Su Yun through the air! It made it hard for him to breathe, as if the flow of the profound qi in his body was being controlled.

Seeing that, Su Yun secretly gritted his teeth, raised his death sword and rushed forward.


The pitch black death sword and Xiao Changtian's huge sword clashed, but it was still not easy to obtain. Xiao Changtian's body only swayed slightly, while Su Yun trembled intensely, and retreated back several steps after landing, almost falling to the ground.

Seeing that, Hu Qianmei anxiously supported Su Yun.

The current Su Yun was in a very poor state. Previously, he had fought fiercely in the Linglong Mountain, and then frantically rushed, fighting against two experts from Cloud Heavenly Palace in a row. The consumption of profound qi was not small, if not for the support of the 'Wanhua Seed', who would be able to block Xiao Changtian's sword strike?

Su Yun understood that if he continued to tangle with Xiao Changtian, the consequences would be unimaginable. Right now, he could only run away and not fight back.

Immediately, he pulled Hu Qianmei further and further back, at the same time, his arms moved slightly, controlling the profound qi, causing a bolt of lightning to descend from the dusky sky, smashing in front of Xiao Changtian.


The gigantic and imposing Devil Bone Giant appeared once again.

The giant stood in front of Xiao Changtian, staring at the ant-like fella in front of him, he immediately waved his fist and smashed down.

Su Yun and Hu Qianmei seized the opportunity to escape.

Xiao Changtian dodged the giant's punch, looking at the rapidly fleeing Su Yun, he snorted coldly again and again.

"Run? Hmph, forcing Wanhua Realm to cede his land is one thing, but today, I must have you pay for my son's death! "

Xiao Changtian growled, his voice explosive. He moved, and his figure suddenly disappeared into the air, when he appeared again, Su Yun saw a gigantic sword that was as big as a mountain, cutting down towards him.

He hastily jumped back as the large sword fiercely hacked down on the ground, directly shattering the already scarred ground into pieces.

Su Yun's face turned cold, he stared at the big sword, quickly thought, then spoke to Hu Qianmei: "Qianmei, I will hold Xiao Changtian back, take the chance and run!"

"Me run? "How is that possible?" The corner of Hu Qianmei's mouth curved slightly, revealing a trace of a strange smile: "For me to abandon you and leave, I will not do this sort of thing again."

"How did you become so stupid?" Su Yun shook his head: "The other party is after you. If you leave, wouldn't I be safe?"

"Brother, even if I leave, do you think this Xiao Changtian will let you go? If I believed you, I would be a fool. "


"Alright, alright, big brother, since you insist, then I'll promise you." Hu Qianmei suddenly laughed.

Su Yun was startled, but at the moment, she could not accept Hu Qianmei's strange attitude, but since she had agreed, then that would be for the best.

He nodded his head and said solemnly: "Since that's the case, you should be extra careful. There are least people in the southwest. If you leave from there, I will cover for you. Once we get to the Linglong Mountain, you can pay someone to bring you to the Ultimate Martial World, and we'll meet up there. "

Su Yun said as he controlled the Devil Bone Giant to rush towards the gigantic sword.

He wanted to take out the profound coin card from the space bag and give it to Hu Qianmei, but just as he let go of Hu Qianmei's small hand and was about to take the card out, Hu Qianmei's tender lips curved up slightly as she charged towards the big sword like a whirlwind.

Su Yun was stunned.

"Brother, do I look like an idiot? If I really escape, Xiao Changtian will definitely take you down, and ask you for my whereabouts, and let me leave alone? Heh, that's absolutely impossible. If you want to leave, then let's leave together! "

As soon as his voice fell, golden light erupted and a majestic golden dragon flew out, coiling itself around that greatsword.

The golden dragon was extremely fierce, pouncing straight towards the sword blade, but how sharp was the large sword? As the golden dragon approached, the sword blade started to quickly spin, layers of terrifying Sword Qi s cut out all over, and just as the golden dragon was about to approach, it was struck by the astonishing Sword Qi s, causing the entire gigantic dragon body to become dim.

Hu Qianmei's delicate body retreated a few steps, her face was pale white, her throat felt sweet, and she spat out a mouthful of blood.

Seeing that, Su Yun's eyes reddened, his expression anxious, he immediately urged Devil Bone Giant to rush forward, and fought with the big sword.

Xiao Changtian was no longer there, only the strange big sword was flying around, as though he had become one with the big sword.

Devil Bone Giant rushed towards the heavy sword, his fists fiercely hitting the sword, causing the heavy sword to hum loudly. The heavy sword that was trying to cut the golden dragon apart finally stopped moving a little, and started to retreat.

Therefore, the two of them worked together, one to urge the dragon, the other to urge the Devil Bone Giant, they worked together to annihilate Xiao Changtian.

Hu Qianmei was a fifth stage Sky Spirit Master cultivator, her cultivation was extraordinary, but at the moment she was injured, and was unable to unleash much of her strength, although Su Yun possessed a strange magic treasure, her cultivation was not considered high, and after the previous battles, they were both at the end of their strength, so even if the two of them worked together to attack Xiao Changtian, it would still be difficult to obtain an advantage.

One had to know that Xiao Changtian was also an existence at the peak of the Sky Spirit Master, his cultivation was at least at the ninth or tenth stage, and previously, he had been waiting idly, full of energy.

Sure enough.

Devil Bone Giant and the golden dragon worked together to encircle the large sword, but only managed to force it back, and was unable to defeat it.

The big sword seemed to have become impatient, it increased its rotation speed a few times, and became even bigger, becoming even more majestic than a mountain. It was comparable to the gigantic Gate of Nature, and after that, the big sword flew up into the sky, flying up into the sky, spiralling a few rounds before descending down, slashing straight towards them!

"Su Yun, Fox Demon, today is the day of your sacrifice!"

From within the large sword, Xiao Changtian's cold shout came.

"Smelly fellow, it's not certain who will die!"

Hu Qianmei clenched her teeth, supporting her tottering body, she looked up at the big sword falling from the sky, then suddenly shouted out, her entire body releasing a gold light, causing the golden dragon to fly straight towards the big sword.


The golden dragon roared as it swung its slender body and charged forward. Its might was extraordinary, like a golden bolt of lightning.

The sword and the dragon clashed, exploding in midair. Large amounts of light scattered in all directions like fireworks.


The broadsword and the golden dragon, however, were in a completely different situation.

'Bang! 'a loud sound was heard.

The broadsword continued downwards, unstoppable.

As for the golden dragon, it was cut in half at the waist by the large sword, it suddenly transformed into numerous golden lights and entered Hu Qianmei's body, Hu Qianmei's body trembled once again, her face was as white as paper, without a single trace of blood. She staggered a few steps, then fell to the ground, her profound qi frantically collapsing.


Su Yun shouted anxiously.

He anxiously urged the Devil Bone Giant to rush towards the big sword while he himself ran towards Hu Qianmei.

Although the golden dragon could not compete with the greatsword, it could still offset most of the sword's strength. When Devil Bone Giant approached the greatsword, he immediately extended his hands and grabbed the gigantic blade, doing his best to resist.

The big sword's body trembled slightly, and the Devil Bone Giant's thick arms also crazily trembled, relying heavily on strength. The big sword was not Devil Bone Giant's opponent, but its profound strength was actually several times, or even dozens of times stronger than Su Yun!

How could a tenth stage Sky Spirit Master cultivator be something an existence like him could contend against?

Su Yun was also clear of this point, he knew that if he did not use his full strength, today would probably be the end of the world.

Immediately, he did not hesitate and activated the technique again, using all his remaining profound strength. The rune on his arm flickered, and then, a large amount of lightning bolts fell from the sky.

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong!

A few loud explosions occurred, following that, a few incomparably huge figures appeared beside Su Yun.