Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 640
Su Yun had lost his death sword s and a series of other divine sword s, while Long Jiang had also lost the support of Li Emperor's sword, under the current situation, he had to completely rely on other methods to fight.

Long Jiang would naturally not wait for Su Yun to finish casting the profound technique before attacking. This was true for profound technique, as the longer he played it, the more powerful the profound technique would be.

Long Jiang then took out a thin and long silver needle from the space bag at his waist, and shot it towards the bottom of Su Yun's feet.

The moment the dirt disappeared, the ground beneath Su Yun's feet started to crack, and with the speed of lightning, he was unable to cover his ears as a large hole appeared. Inside the hole, there were many slender and sharp steel needles, each of them at least a few meters long, glowing with profound qi, they were extremely sharp.

When the cave appeared, Su Yun's body immediately dropped down.

But right at this moment, Devil Bone Giant's big hands reached over and stopped Su Yun's legs in time.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A change once again occurred in the cave, the hundred over sharp needles shot out like arrows and pierced towards Su Yun.

The giant immediately pulled Su Yun, moving him towards his chest, at the same time extending his other hand, completely covering Su Yun, protecting him completely.

The sharp needles shot out immediately, but when they hit the back of Devil Bone Giant's hand, not even a mark could be seen, much less to pierce through it, and injure Su Yun.


Seeing that the treasure could not do anything to Su Yun, Long Jiang's face changed.

This Puppet Equipment was truly an incredible treasure. It could attack and defend, it was simply a bodyguard.

Normally, Puppet Equipment s required their master to wholeheartedly control them from the side, and the operation of Puppet Equipment s required their master's unceasing supply of profound qi. If it was interrupted, the Puppet Equipment would stop moving, but from the looks of it, this thing seemed to be way beyond the scope of Puppet Equipment s, and was not easy to deal with!

Long Jiang was in a difficult position, he thought this battle would be extremely easy, but Su Yun's strength was beyond his imagination, it was extremely tricky.

"Long Jiang!"

At this moment, a shout came from the side.

Long Jiang's body trembled. Looking towards the voice, the one who spoke was Jin Moluo.

Jin Moluo slightly nodded, as if he was hinting at something.

Seeing that, Long Jiang's expression became solemn.

"Elder, can I use it?" Long Jiang said in a low voice, his voice filled with heaviness.

"That is something bestowed to you by the Mistress, you can use it. Moreover, this is for the honor of the sect, what is there to feel pity? Is that thing not as glorious as the glory of the sect? "

Jin Moluo said indifferently.

"Little brother Zi Ming is white!"

Long Jiang's expression became serious.

With a tremble of his body, he pushed back with his feet and retreated a few hundred metres, pulling apart the distance between him and the incoming Devil Bone Giant.

Then, he took out a shiny fluorite from the space bag and threw it into the air. The fluorite spun in the air and quickly grew bigger …

In the end, it turned into a humongous mountain.

Seeing the mountain floating in the sky, everyone let out exclamations of surprise.

The mountain was extremely large, and people were like ants. They could not be compared to it, and its aura was unparalleled. The mountain was dark green in color, and at the bottom of the mountain, there were golden lines and Array Seal.

"Su Yun, you are lucky!" Both of Long Jiang's hands formed a seal, and he stared at Su Yun: This object is a gift from the Mistress, I have carried out an extremely dangerous mission once, and the difficulty of the mission was extremely high, and it is almost impossible to complete it, but not only did I complete it, I also protected the sect's reputation, preventing Cloud Heavenly Palace from losing anything, and I have also paid a huge price to use it, from the tenth stage of the Sky Spirit Master to the fifth stage today, so the Mistress bestowed this stone to me, and she instructed me to use it to forge a Divine Weapon. I have never been able to use it, but today, for the sake of killing you, I have to endure the pain!

With that, Long Jiang continued to accumulate techniques, the profound qi in his body became like a galaxy, frantically rushing towards the big mountain, the bottom of the mountain slowly tore apart, a gigantic pitch black hole appeared, and an extremely huge transparent green hand appeared from the gigantic hole, directly grabbing towards Su Yun.


The giant roared in anger, it let Su Yun go down to the ground and then took a big step forward and rushed towards the big hand that was reaching down from the gigantic mountain.

The appearance of the giant hand seemed to pose a great challenge to it. The giant's devilish nature had been completely hooked.

Although the giant was controlled by Su Yun and was controlled by his profound qi, it was still moving, but it had its own intelligence, and that spirituality came from the demon, but it was not activated by itself, but by Su Yun.

The devil qi was a very mystical Qi, different from the profound qi, but it had a special attribute different from it. It was assimilation, and this assimilation was the demonification that the Spirit Cultivator talked about, but many people did not know that demonification was not only limited to humans, even some things would be demonized, especially magic treasure s. These types of magic treasure were usually called magic tools, and most of them were prohibited.

The gigantic giant rushed over with heavy steps, its two large feet trembling the ground to the point that it was trembling crazily. As it got close to the gigantic hand, the giant directly extended his hands and grabbed towards the gigantic hand.


When the bone hand and the qi hand collided, it was like a planet colliding with each other. A muffled explosion resounded, the earth suddenly sank, several times the ground cracked apart, and a wave of power swept out in all directions.

The giant and the giant hand began to compete.

The giant's huge body slightly bent, both of his legs fiercely stomped on the ground, causing two huge indentations on the ground to appear, he was trying his best to push the giant hand up, as though he was trying to force the hand back into the hole.

However, the strength of the giant hand was astonishing. It did not retreat at all, and continued to remain in a stalemate with the giant.

The giant had held back the magic treasure for a while, so it was naturally to buy time for Su Yun, who was not slow in the slightest, completely disregarding the current scene, and continued to instigate his profound technique.

The strange sword intent storm in the surroundings became stronger and stronger, the spirit energy floating in the air started to dissipate, and turned into Sword Qi s …

"Su Yun, do you think this will end it?"

Long Jiang stared at Su Yun ferociously, he gritted his teeth and spoke softly, then continued to urge his profound strength.


From the gigantic cave, an even larger hand suddenly sprang out, and with lightning speed, it rushed towards Su Yun!


Su Yun was grabbed by the big hand at the same time!

"Big brother!"

Seeing that, Hu Qianmei released a heart-wrenching scream, she directly rushed forward, and actually wanted to go up and save Su Yun.

But just as she moved, she was stopped instantly by the Realm Master.

"Don't act recklessly, if you act recklessly, it will be a public disturbance of the duel. According to the rules of the Sword World, we will become the target of public criticism, and the people of the Sword World can righteously use their martial arts on us, and my Wanhua Realm will fall into an irreparable trap!"

Realm Master shouted.

"Scram, you smelly woman, my brother only came out to fight because of you Wanhua Realm. Now that he is in such danger, you actually refuse to save him even in death! Wanhua Realm people are truly ungrateful!"

Hu Qianmei did not bother with Realm Master anymore, she immediately cursed, and pushed her away, about to rush forward.

But how could she be a match for the Realm Master? The Realm Master moved her finger slightly, and an emerald green light screen completely wrapped around her. Hu Qianmei continuously struck at the light screen, but was unable to break it, as though she was locked in a cage.

"Damned woman, you bitch! Let me out!" Hu Qianmei was so anxious that tears flowed out of her eyes. Seeing the giant hand pulling Su Yun into the cave, she felt like her whole body was going to collapse.

However, Realm Master turned a blind eye. She understood that if she allowed Hu Qianmei to leave, it would be a waste of her life.

As she stared at the huge mountain that was floating in the air, ripples couldn't help but form in her heart. Her little white hands were already full of sweat.

Su Yun was immediately grabbed by the gigantic hand into the mountain and calmed down. At the same time, the Devil Bone Giant who was fighting against the gigantic hand lost all power, and instantly stopped what he was doing. His entire gigantic body was instantly pushed to the ground by the gigantic hand, smashing into the ground.

Peace was restored to the scene.

People only saw Long Jiang, and that strange mountain.

Seeing that, Hu Qianmei fell to the ground, his tears flowing like a dam bursting.

A hint of gloom hung on the Realm Master's exquisite face.

"Prime Minister Rong."

she whispered.

"What orders does Realm Master have?" Rong Muke who was still looking at the mountain, regained his senses and anxiously cupped his fists and said.

"Send down the order, prepare to make a move. First, destroy that huge mountain, then directly kill Jin Moluo and the others."

Realm Master said softly. His voice was light, low, but it was filled with killing intent!

Hearing that, Rong Muke was stunned for a long time, and only after a while did he regain his senses, and anxiously said: "Realm Master … This … That's not right, if we really had opened it with Jin Moluo … "

"Do you really intend to cede the land?" Without waiting for Rong Muke to finish speaking, Realm Master turned her small face and stared at him with glistening eyes.

Rong Muke opened his mouth, but did not know what to say.

With Realm Master's orders, Rong Muke did not dare disobey. He took a deep breath and could only send his orders secretly.

Very quickly, the Realm Tree soldiers all received the news.

However, at this moment, most of the gazes were still fixed on the floating mountain.

Beneath the mountain, Long Jiang was operating the entire mountain, like a pill refiner beside a furnace, staring at the mountain while urging his Qi.

Although Su Yun was dragged into the mountains, Long Jiang's expression did not relax at all. From this, it could be seen that Su Yun was not dead yet!

"Inside this mountain is a destructive multicolored light that can destroy anything in the world, any existence that enters the mountain will be turned into ashes, but there seems to be Su Yun's Qi inside?"

Long Jiang tried his best to activate the profound qi, while pondering.

He had used his Qi to a great extent, causing the flags on the surface of the mountain to tremble violently, as profound strength started to pour out of the mountain endlessly.

No one knew whether or not Su Yun, who was in the mountains, was alive, and they only knew that Su Yun had lost his momentum a long time ago.

"If he is absorbed by such a magical equipment, Su Yun will definitely die!"

Jin Moluo's serious face finally revealed a gentle smile, he turned to look at Realm Master and said indifferently: "Realm Master, I think we should talk about the matters concerning Linglong Mountain."