Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 639
"Chang Gu? Yin Mo? "

Long Jiang was stunned.

"Chang Gu? Yin Mo? Was this magic tool created by these two peerless great devils? " Jin Moluo's face became more and more surprised, his eyes looking straight at Devil Bone Giant, and at the end, his expression was almost as though it was replaced with shock.

"The legendary great devils that fought against the Immortal Gods? How is this possible? It is said that these two great demons had long perished, how could Su Yun, a mere ant, obtain the inheritance? " Xiao Changtian called out.

"The True Devil Sect has lost both of these great devils, so he has more than enough strength to protect himself. However, he cannot compete with the Immortal World."

"To be able to contend against Prince of Li Emperor's godly strength, it can be seen that this Puppet Equipment was definitely of a high rank! I was afraid that what Su Yun said was all true, I never thought that Su Yun would actually have such a treasure in his hands … "

Jin Moluo's face sank. He pondered for a moment, then said to Xiao Changtian and Phoenix Lady: "You must think of a way to investigate this person called Su Yun, and investigate his birth background. The scene and the rest, you have to understand, this man has such a treasure, and he also has a relationship with the Limitless Sword Ancestor, I am afraid his origins are not simple, I do not want to cause a disaster to the All Empty Sect, do you understand? "

"Father-in-law, don't worry. Changtian will immediately send people to investigate." Xiao Changtian cupped his fists and said.

"Yes." Jin Moluo nodded.

"Father, even if this Su Yun's background is not simple, so what? Are we really going to give up on avenging Huailin and let this matter go just like that? "

Phoenix Lady said somewhat resentfully.

"How can I not avenge my grandson? However, we have to be prepared for everything, so acting rashly will only make us lose out. After we understand Su Yun thoroughly, we can also think of a good strategy for the future, no? " Jin Moluo said indifferently.

Hearing that, Phoenix Lady nodded her head slightly, and did not say another word.

On the other hand, Xiao Changtian started to worry: "Father-in-law, if the puppet item is really as Su Yun described, and was created by the two great devils, then the puppet item's strength is probably not ordinary, I am afraid that Long Jiang will not win that easily. That, father-in-law, Long Tian thought, what if … I mean, if it's like this, please don't be angry... If... Long Jiang lost to Su Yun, then we... What should I do? "

"How dare you!"

Just as Xiao Changtian finished speaking, Jin Moluo's face immediately darkened.

"What do you mean? Are you saying that the strength of my Cloud Heavenly Palace is inferior to that of a Devil Realm? "

Hearing that, Xiao Changtian's face turned white, and immediately cupped his fists: "Son-in-law definitely does not have that intention, it's just a bunch of nonsense, a bunch of nonsense! "Father-in-law, please do not take this to heart!"

"Nonsense? Humph! I'll just treat it as nonsense, don't say such things in the future! " Jin Moluo snorted, and continued: My Cloud Heavenly Palace's strength, cannot be compared to anyone, Long Jiang's cultivation is merely at the fifth stage, and this Su Yun's cultivation is merely at the third stage, in terms of cultivation, he is not his opponent, and with the guidance of the Cloud Heavenly Palace, all of his mystical sword techniques are top notch. In terms of techniques, Su Yun is not his opponent, and with the rewards from the Heavenly Palace, his body and Imperial Equipment, he holds onto Li Emperor's sword, this Su Yun's sword is already crippled, and is only a Devil Realm Artifact struggling to hold it, how can Long Jiang lose to Su Yun? If Long Jiang loses, what face would my Cloud Heavenly Palace have left? How can my Cloud Heavenly Palace still be established in the future? Therefore, Long Jiang will definitely not lose, and even more so, will not lose! "

Jin Moluo spoke very seriously, in fact, he knew very well that if Su Yun won this battle, then Cloud Heavenly Palace would lose all his face, and lose all of his power and influence in Sword World, and he would be despised by the others, and his position in Sword World would be affected too, and the consequences would be severe.

The Cloud Heavenly Palace was different from the Wanhua Realm. The experiences of the people here were far inferior to that of the people of Sword World, so even if they lost, it was understandable. However, the people of Sword World were different.

If they were defeated, life would be better off than death. Previously, Zi Tao was no match for Liu Xin, but in order to live, he used his own origin power to cripple Liu Xin. Although he had done well, he couldn't live, and for the sake of his Cloud Heavenly Palace's reputation, Zi Tao was still unable to escape death.

This was the cruel rule of the Sword World. In a duel, the victor had the right to live, and the loser had to die.

Pudong! Pudong! Pudong!...

The surging devil qi tore apart the sword god's power and completely shattered it. The divine power of the Li Emperor Sword had completely dissipated and the gigantic Li Emperor Sword was actually tightly grasped by the giant, causing it to be agitated. It wanted to struggle free from the giant's grasp, but right now, the vast and ferocious devil qi was all gathered in the giant's hands, with the intent to suppress it!

"Not good!"

Long Jiang's face changed, he immediately changed hand techniques and recalled back his Li Emperor's sword.

Li Emperor's huge sword body trembled frantically, as though it was struggling, but the giant's hands were like pincers, tightly grabbing onto Li Emperor's sword hilt.

In terms of strength, the God Power inside Li Emperor's sword was not a match for the devil strength in Devil Bone Giant's body!

"Now that you and I have lost our swords, isn't that fair?"

Su Yun stared at Long Jiang with his blood red eyes, and said coldly.

Long Jiang's face changed slightly.


At this moment, a roar erupted.

Long Jiang anxiously looked towards the giant, only to see that the giant seemed to be giving its all, he roared, and used both hands to grab onto Li Emperor's sword, directly slashing towards him.

The power of the giant yellow sword was like an immortal bringing down the wrath of the heavens. The aura of the apocalypse was truly terrifying.

Everyone was shocked when they saw the scene unfold.

He would use his opponent's sword to slash at him. This kind of thing, perhaps only Su Yun could do it?

Li Emperor was not like the death sword, who were wrapped up by the strange Qi, and lost contact with Long Jiang. Therefore, when the Devil Bone Giant swung it at Long Jiang, it did not reveal much of its power, but, even if it was swung with brute force, it would still be extremely fierce.

How could Long Jiang dare to face him head on? He hurriedly dodged.

However, the moment he moved, a gust of violent storm that was filled with mysterious power abruptly rose up.

Long Jiang looked around in shock, only to see that in the distance, Su Yun had closed his eyes.

He formed a hand seal with one hand, and with the other hand behind his back, he seemed to be activating some kind of profound technique, the Spirit Qi around his body was released, the profound qi was oppressive, and outside the profound qi, were layers of terrifying Sword Qi!

Sword Qi?

Where did it come from?

Long Jiang's heart jumped, he felt that the situation was not good.

The flowers, plants and trees all over Su Yun's body started to grow crazily for some reason.

The flowers on the Gate of Nature bloomed in unison. The grass on the ground grew stronger, and the surrounding Wanhua Realm creatures all knelt down involuntarily, with Su Yun at the center. They raised their heads and whistled.

For a moment, all the beasts roared in unison.

The momentum was like the heavens themselves, a rare sight to behold!

"What's going on?"

The people of Wanhua Realm were in an uproar.

"What a strong spiritual force!"

Rong Muke cried out involuntarily, his gaze staring straight at the Su Yun in the distance.

"This person is covered with devil qi s, but... In this devil qi, there was actually a large amount of spiritual force mixed within! These spirits are raining down on us everywhere... What was going on? What happened to this person? "

Rong Muke anxiously looked towards Realm Master, hoping to clear his doubts.

But, Realm Master didn't say a word, her watery eyes quietly looking at Su Yun.

"Brother, did you learn another move?"

Hu Qianmei stared at the mystical scene, her mouth agape in shock.

At this moment, using the words' everything has been revived 'to describe the scene that the crowd had just seen was the most suitable. "Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh ~ ~ ~"

Hu Qianmei looked over, and felt that the grass around Su Yun became even more lively, even the stones on the ground became more lively than before. These spirit beast living in the Wanhua Realm all had their own intelligence, and knew that the people of the Sword World were not good people, many of the spirit beast did not dare come close to them due to their fear, but at this moment, for some reason, the spirit beast began to slowly move closer, to speak more precisely …. It should be approaching Su Yun!

When they approached Su Yun, the strange Sword Qi around Su Yun's body became even more powerful, like a pile of firewood thrown at a flame.

Long Jiang understood, if he did not use his full strength now, he would definitely be defeated.

He couldn't be stingy anymore.

Long Jiang growled, he suddenly extended his hand out and slapped his chest fiercely.


The sound of something exploding resounded throughout the world, only to see the Li Emperor Sword in the giant's hand suddenly rushing out, spinning in the sky, then spinning a few rounds in the sky, transforming into its original size, directly falling to the ground without moving.

The Qi on the surface of Li Emperor's sword was completely gone, it was actually similar to the swords on the ground, it was extremely quiet.

Upon seeing this sight, the crowd burst into an uproar.

"So vicious, so decisive!"

Rong Muke could not help but ask in surprise.

"What?" Hu Qianmei immediately asked: "What's going on?"

"Don't you know?" Rong Muke stared at the sword and said: "Li Emperor's sword is a divine sword, its body contains divine power, and I do not know if it is forging for Prince of Li Emperor, but in short, it is different from normal swords. As a result, it requires the user to control and integrate the origin of the sword, allowing the user to control it as one, allowing the user to control the sword at will, and just like a moment ago, Long Jiang attacked his own origin, causing Li Emperor's sword to be heavily injured.

Hearing that, Hu Qianmei was surprised.

"Although this move is ruthless, it is still better than being held by that giant!" Rong Muke said.

Hu Qianmei nodded her head, but she quickly thought of something and asked: "Prime Minister Rong, according to what you said, wouldn't that mean … When Long Jiang dies, Li Emperor's sword will also be destroyed … "

"That won't happen, but Li Emperor's sword will be sealed for a period of time, for that period of time, it will be like a rotten stone, completely useless, it will wash away the previous owner's Qi and turn into a masterless sword."

"I never thought that the divine sword would actually have such intelligence …" "If only I could have it …" Hu Qianmei lamented.