Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 638
The Sword Dragon struck over, causing Li Emperor's sword to clank.

Seeing that, Long Jiang gave up attacking Su Yun and turned from attacking to defending, with one hand pressing down on the gigantic body of Li Emperor's sword, the other hand quickly using a technique, channeling all the profound strength in his body into Li Emperor's sword, causing its divine power to grow even larger.

When the terrifying Sword Dragon collided with Li Emperor's sword, it was as if all the swords in the Sword Dragon had lost their energy, and directly dropped to the ground.

A series of crisp sounds rang out.

The Sword Dragon struck Li Emperor's sword body, and immediately fell, transforming into thousands of subordinate sword, scattering to the ground, and no longer made any movements.

"Limitless Sword Art? That's it, isn't it? Su Yun, let's see how many more swords you still have, and how many swords you have, I will cripple you! "

Long Jiang said indifferently.

Seeing that, Su Yun secretly clenched his fists.

Li Emperor's sword fell to the ground. As expected of the divine sword, with such a powerful attribute, it was enough to destroy tens of thousands of techniques.

Without the sword, as a swordsman, what kind of blow would that be? The current fighting strength would descend in a straight line.

Seeing that Su Yun did not take out his sword from the sword sheath, Long Jiang smiled and did not defend anymore, holding Li Emperor's sword and rushing forward.

This time, victory and defeat could be decided.


Just as Long Jiang moved, suddenly, his abdomen felt a sharp pain, and a drop of blood splashed out.

Long Jiang's body trembled, and immediately fell to the ground.

He immediately crawled up, but the pain on his abdomen caused his face to distort. Lowering his head to look, he discovered that there was a transparent hole in his abdomen without him knowing, where the Sword Qi s were still rippling.

What was going on?

Long Jiang was shocked!


The sound of breaking air appeared again, and a chill went up his spine.

Long Jiang immediately turned around, only to see that in the air, there seemed to be a ripple of energy.

It was an invisible sword!

Long Jiang who was always on guard immediately determined it!

Although it was only his first time fighting with Su Yun, the number of swords was controlling was truly shocking, and every sword also had a different effect. The black sword that was filled with evil qi, and the white sword that was able to give birth to a strange lotus, and so on, if there was another sword that was able to become invisible, it would not be surprising at all.

To them, sword and life were the same, equal to the sky. If there was no sword, then there was no sky, if there was no sword, then there was no life, and if in battle, they took the opponent's weapon, then in this battle, they had already unknowingly obtained victory.

The God Power of Li Emperor's sword, after all, could be explained with one sentence: In case of an attack. This sword, could be said to be a divine sword that combined both offense and defense. With this sword, even if one could not defeat it, it would be hard to defeat.

Feeling the killing intent once again, Long Jiang subconsciously blocked Li Emperor's sword.

The gigantic Li Emperor Sword was like a vast barrier, completely separating the two sides. Long Jiang was hidden behind Li Emperor's sword, and was completely safe!

Seeing that, Su Yun raised his finger, and activated sword art sign, controlling the Desolator Sword to avoid Li Emperor's sword, and kill Long Jiang behind him.

But, just as the Desolator Sword was about to dodge Li Emperor's attack, Li Emperor's sword body suddenly doubled in strength! The entire sword was like an open wall, huge and sturdy!


After a crisp sound rang out, a greyish white sword appeared out of thin air.

It was the Desolator Sword!

Long Jiang glanced at the Desolator Sword, and a cold smile appeared on his face: It is indeed an invisible sword, I never expected you to have such a sword, you used such a despicable method to defeat me? Your thoughts are too naive! "

Long Jiang released both of his hands, and the gigantic Li Emperor Sword started to slowly float up from the ground, floating behind him, like an extremely sturdy shield, becoming his support.

Su Yun turned, his expression extremely solemn.

Lotus Star Sword s, death sword s, Desolator Sword s and a bunch of subordinate sword s had all been struck by the divine power of Li Emperor's sword, so they were temporarily not useful to him, and even if he sent more swords over, it would be to no avail. In this way, the divine sword in his hands would be taken away by his opponent.

Su Yun's face gradually became serious.

The expressions of the two groups of people also changed.

people of Realm Tree was stunned, they never thought that the Li Emperor Sword in Long Jiang's hand would have such a terrifying might. Forget about the other powers of Li Emperor, just the fact that it severed the link between a soldier and a leader was enough to make it fall into the ranks of the divine sword, because with it, your opponent would forever be unarmed!!

Su Yun stood at his original position, and did not launch any more attacks.

Seeing that Su Yun was no longer attacking him, a trace of killing intent flashed past Long Jiang's eyes.

The enemy's edge had disappeared, and he didn't dare to attack again. Logically speaking, this was the best opportunity to attack. However, Long Jiang was different from the previous Zi Tao, Zi Ming's generation. In the end, he did not dare to be careless against Su Yun, even if he had a huge advantage, he would definitely not be the slightest bit sloppy.

Although his opponent would not use the sword anymore, he still had a method that was even more terrifying than the sword.


The sky suddenly darkened and a streak of lightning descended from the sky, landing right behind Su Yun.

A ball of black smoke covered the entire Gate of Nature. When the devil qi dissipated, a loud roar resonated through the clouds.

Two huge blood-red eyes that were the size of tombs appeared from within the devil qi, following that was a terrifyingly gigantic pale white body.

The Devil Bone Giant appeared again!

"Hehe, you finally summoned the Puppet Equipment!" Long Jiang's mouth formed a cold smile, and then profound qi flashed, enveloping the gigantic Li Emperor Sword behind him.

Li Emperor's sword immediately flew into the sky, with the power of a ferocious torrent of beasts, it slashed towards Devil Bone Giant!

"But Su Yun, do you think that I can only cut you off? To Li Emperor, this magical equipment can also cut through, wait for me to cripple your Puppet Equipment! I won't let you do anything! "

Long Jiang roared, Li Emperor's sword force became berserk!


But, Su Yun was not afraid, he secretly made hand techniques and gave the Devil Bone Giant the order.

In that moment, Devil Bone Giant moved.

It raised its proud head and stared at Li Emperor who was rushing towards it. Suddenly, it opened its terrifying jaws, roared, and waved its terrifying gigantic arms, grabbing towards Li Emperor!


The gigantic hand directly grabbed onto Li Emperor's heavy sword body!

Just at the moment when Devil Bone Giant's hand made contact with Li Emperor's sword body, the God Power on Li Emperor's sword split into 100 + lines, like a viper, they wrapped around Devil Bone Giant's body.

This was shockingly cutting off the connection between the Devil Bone Giant and Su Yun!

Long Jiang's mouth twitched, a look of bizarre pride swept past his eyes as he stared at the giant.

The God Power wound up and down, covering Devil Bone Giant's entire body in the blink of an eye, wrapping him up like a dumpling.

Based on what he saw previously, Devil Bone Giant should be completely out of energy by now, and could no longer contend against Li Emperor's sword.

However …

A shocking scene appeared!

Devil Bone Giant did not stop there.

On the contrary!

It actually flipped Li Emperor's sword over, and used its hand to grab the sword hilt!

An enormous sword and an enormous person. It was like an ancient war god, standing between the heaven and earth.


Long Jiang was startled.


He gritted his teeth as he activated more and more profound qi to activate Li Emperor's sword.

The God Power inside the sword once again surged out, crazily filling Devil Bone Giant's body.

Devil Bone Giant's body stiffened for a moment, but at the same time, there was a change.

From within his body, a dense Qi also surged out, but it was not divine power, but devil qi.

These devil qi were like Vicious Beast s that had broken free from their shackles, flying out of their bodies and directly attacking Li Emperor's body.

The devil qi was extremely ruthless, upon coming into contact with the God Power of Li Emperor, it transformed into many terrifying mouths, fiercely ripping towards the God Power.

A scene that made everyone's heart tremble appeared in everyone's line of sight!

All the divine power were like pieces of white paper, bits and pieces of cloth were completely torn apart by the devil qi! Devour!

Long Jiang's body trembled uncontrollably, his face suddenly turned pale white.

The divine power on the giant's body was like mulberry leaves that were slowly being devoured by the silkworm. It shrunk until it disappeared …


Long Jiang suddenly opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Li Emperor was a divine sword, to be able to control such a sword, one had to rely on their own lifeforce to lead the way, and now that the Spirit Force of Li Emperor's sword had been corroded, it was as though his life force was being corroded, in that short period of time, Long Jiang's life was as if struck, and his body also suffered heavy losses.

Regardless of whether it was the death sword or the Lotus Star Sword, they were all controlled by Su Yun. Su Yun's strength was extraordinary, but compared to the divine power inside Li Emperor's sword, the difference was small. That was why Li Emperor's divine power had temporarily sealed the connection between the two.

But Devil Bone Giant was different.

Everyone had a wrong understanding of it.

He thought that it was Su Yun's Puppet Equipment, but it wasn't.

It was not a Puppet Equipment! In actuality, it was the seven heroic souls Chang Gu and Yin Mo had left behind. It was not owned by Su Yun, but had completely submitted to him. Every single one of them had the power within them from Chang Gu and Yin Mo.

"How is this possible?"

Long Jiang wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, staring at Su Yun and the giant, he panted and roared: "This Puppet Equipment can actually ignore the God Power of Li Emperor's sword? "That's impossible!"

Not to mention Long Jiang, even Xiao Changtian, Phoenix Lady, Star Sword Sovereign, Qin Wenrong and the others had faces full of astonishment. Even the usually calm Jin Moluo had revealed an expression of shock that was difficult to hide.

Su Yun stared at Long Jiang, his entire body releasing the extremely sinister devil qi.

The power of Li Emperor's sword? And that was only from Prince of Li Emperor! Compared to the two Masters Chang Gu, a mere Prince of Li Emperor was not even worth mentioning! "

His eyes were red like a demon.