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Seeing that situation, how could Zi Ming dare to continue fighting with Su Yun? He made a decision immediately and released the sword in his hand, dodging the attack in a hurry.

The Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword missed its target by a hundred meters.

Even so, the situation was clear.

The opponent did not even have a sword, so how could Su Yun not win?

Just that, this time people of Realm Tree did not dare to reveal too much joy. In the previous round, even such a huge advantage like Liu Xin's, was forcefully pushed back by him. This time, Zi Ming had only lost the weapon in his hand, so it is hard to say whether he has any other methods to protect himself or not. "

Sure enough!

Although Zi Ming had lost his sword, he did not reveal any expression of fear. He smiled at Su Yun, and then quickly formed a seal with his hands.

"Our Cloud Heavenly Palace has countless of absolute arts. I initially did not plan to use this move, but since you forced me to this stage, there is no point in using it."

Zi Ming laughed.

However, it was different from the previous smile. Now, the smile was filled with coldness. It was a smile filled with killing intent.

As he formed the seal, the profound qi around his body started to spin very quickly, and with his body as the center, it quickly condensed and solidified, as though it was covered with a layer of ice.

Seeing that, Jin Moluo's eyes lit up.

"Father, can we win?"

Phoenix Lady walked over and asked softly.

"Ninety percent sure!" Jin Moluo immediately threw out these four words, he stared at Zi Ming and said: "Zi Ming is my direct disciple, although he has only been in the sect for a short while, the talent that he has revealed is beyond ordinary. His profound qi is very special, although it is of the Swift Wind Spirit Qi attribute, but this Swift Wind Spirit Qi is different from the previous ones, he can control the profound qi to directly attack and kill the enemy without needing to borrow the magic treasure or any moves, he can also use his own profound qi to sense the opponent's attack trajectory. In fact, to him, the sword was not his true ability, but the profound qi was what he was relying on! Now, he was going to use his sect's secret technique, profound qi's transformation, this was no small matter! The battle is about to end! "

Phoenix Lady nodded, and her gaze landed on Zi Ming's body once again.

Su Yun seemed to have felt the power of Zi Ming's move, and immediately kept the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, raising his arm and staring at Zi Ming, he chanted an incantation, and also started to use the profound skill.

The profound strength around the man's body had become as big as a small mountain, and it was suffused with a deep blue color, gradually transforming into a demon god. It was extremely ferocious, and from a hundred meters away, Su Yun could almost feel the terrifying profound qi that overflowed from the demon god's body.

Seeing the terrifying devil gods slowly forming next to Zi Ming, the people of Realm Tree couldn't help but reveal a look of worry.

Yang Lang could not watch any longer, and immediately shouted out: "Su Yun, what are you standing there for? With such a dense and dense profound strength, he must be trying to activate some amazing profound technique, if you are not going to start attacking, are you going to wait for him to activate the profound technique, then you can start attacking? "

However, Yang Lang's words were like playing a lute to a cow. Su Yun did not move, and also continued to activate his own technique.

He ignored all the anxious warnings!

Did he give up?

Everyone sighed in their hearts.

The Sword World was laughing merrily.

Realm Master watched quietly, without a single emotion.

"Little girl, after this brat loses, let's fight."

Just then, a loud voice resounded in the Realm Master's mind.

Realm Master turned her head and looked at the big tree in the distance. The voice came from Tree Lord.

"This brat has lost, we can't really give the Linglong Mountain area to him, right? If that is the case, the Wanhua Realm will be destroyed. " The Tree Lord's voice sounded a little worried.

"Of course!"

The Realm Master secretly urged the profound strength, as she telepathically transmitted her voice to the Tree Lord.

She said coldly in her heart, "Even though I have broken my promise and ruined the reputation of Wanhua Realm, if I can save these countless lives in the Wanhua Realm, I would rather be scolded by the people!"

When Tree Lord heard this, he secretly nodded. "You really did not disappoint your master."

Realm Master did not say anything, but stared at the situation, her long and thin eyebrows knitted together.

"It seems like victory is in my grasp."

On the Sword World's side, Phoenix Lady revealed a proud smile, looking at the demon god's slowly taking shape, and the indifferent Su Yun, she laughed even more happily.

"It is still too early to say such words!"

Xiao Changtian shook his head.

Phoenix Lady was startled, She turned to look, only to see her husband's face becoming serious.

"Changtian, what are you worried about? My father said that he would definitely win this match. Phoenix Lady asked.

"That fellow called Su Yun is not an idiot. He should be able to sense the terror of this move of Zi Ming's. But not only did he not counterattack, he did not even reveal an expression of fear or panic. I'm worried that he had a trump card up his sleeve."

"Next move?"

Phoenix Lady sneered: "So what? Can he go on? "


Just then, a trembling and powerful roar exploded in the Gate of Nature.

The air trembled and the earth shook. A terrifying sound wave that could paralyze the mind spread in all directions.

Countless people did not cover their ears, feeling extremely uncomfortable all over!

Raising their heads, they saw that the demonic god that was evolving with Zi Ming as the center, had already formed.

It was more than ten meters tall with a deep blue color. Its entire body was covered in armor and in its hand was a sword. It had seven eyes and a huge mouth.

"To dare to let me use this move, should I say that you have courage, or that you are ignorant?"

Zi Ming sneered again and again, then shouted and urged the demon god to rush towards Su Yunchong.

The Demon God raised the gigantic blue sword in his hand and slashed at Su Yun's head.

When the blue sword approached Su Yun, it was like a blossoming flower, swallowing Su Yun with its beastly mouth, beautiful yet powerful.


Such a scene truly shocked countless people!


Just as the Demonic God launched his attack, a ray of profound strength shot out from Su Yun's arm, straight into the clouds. In that instant, a streak of lightning descended from the sky, and struck Zi Ming behind him.

Zi Ming frowned, he felt something appearing behind him, but now that Su Yun was so close, how could he give up?


Zi Ming roared.

"Be careful!"

Just at this time, waves of shouts came from the Sword World side.

She looked over and saw that the faces of those people were filled with expressions of stupidity …

"Careful? To me? "

Zi Ming was slightly startled.

Before the demon god's death flower like sharp sword could land on the ground, a huge hand suddenly grabbed the demon god's body, lifting it up along with Zi Ming.

Zi Ming turned pale with fright, then turned his head, only to see a giant the size of a small mountain standing behind him.

The giant's entire body was pale white, it's body was sturdy, like a skeleton, it's eyes were scarlet and terrifying, it stared straight at Zi Ming.

The devil qi soared to the sky, with surging killing intent like a galaxy pouring down from the nine heavens, it swept straight to this place. The object that Zi Ming was offering up, was completely suppressed by this giant, it could not be presumptuous!

The Demon God's thick and powerful profound qi tore apart the giant's palm like a blade, but it did not cause the slightest bit of damage.

How could a Devil Bone Giant made from Chang Gu and Yin Mo be easily destroyed by Zi Ming?


Zi Ming roared with all his might, urging his profound qi to its maximum, intending to break free from the restraints of the giant's palm. However, no matter how hard he tried, he was still struggling on the brink of death.

A ruthless killing intent flashed past Su Yun's eyes, without any hesitation, he gave the order to the giant.

The only thing that remained was the giant screaming in the sky, and the gigantic hands suddenly merged together, releasing a majestic force that was capable of shattering mountains and rivers that flowed into Zi Ming's body from his palms, he could only watch as the man's body was smashed into pieces, and the gigantic demon god that was surrounding him was like a landslide, frantically collapsing, and disappearing from sight.

In just a breath's time, this living person had been crushed into a pile of meat paste!

Zi Ming's soul overflowed, spiralling in the air, unable to disperse even after a long time.

The battle had already been decided.

The entire hall was silent.

Just a second ago, everyone thought that victory would belong to Zi Ming, but in the next moment, Zi Ming died a miserable death.

It was simply impossible to adapt to such a situation!

Su Yun raised his hand, with a few blinks, the gigantic Devil Bone Giant immediately disappeared.

He gasped for breath, and turned to look at the Sword World.

At this time, the people of Sword World were all dumbstruck, their mouths opened and closed, as though an egg could fit inside.

There was no one who wasn't shocked. There was no one who wasn't shocked.

Everyone thought that Zi Ming had already won, that he would win for sure, but he was still crushed alive by Su Yun.

He didn't even have the chance to resist!

"What's that?"

Xiao Changtian snapped out of his shock and shouted.

"What a heavy devil qi, it seems to be a divine object from the True Devil Realm!"

Jin Moluo's eyes congealed, he stared at Su Yun and bellowed: Young man, what is your relationship with True Devil Realm?

"What relationship? It's not important. The important thing is that I won!"

Su Yun said solemnly, he was too lazy to waste words with this man, all he needed to do was to save Hu Qianmei.

"How arrogant!"

Phoenix Lady said angrily: "Don't think that you can go against the rules just because you've won! If we want to kill you, it's like crushing an ant on the ground! Don't be too arrogant! "

Su Yun just snorted and did not say a word.

With this action, Phoenix Lady became even angrier.

"How reckless!" Phoenix Lady clenched her teeth, and then turned to Jin Moluo and said: "Father, you must avenge your daughter!"

"He's merely a member of the younger generation. Why would he be angry at him?" Jin Moluo shook his head lightly, and said indifferently: "Furthermore, he won't be able to live for long!"

With that, Jin Moluo waved his hand again, and called out softly: "Where is Long Jiang?"

"Disciple is here."

A tall man walked out from the crowd, clasping his fists as he shouted.

"Now, on both sides, two wins and two losses, this final battle is extremely critical. You can take the place of our Cloud Heavenly Palace in this final battle!" Jin Moluo said indifferently.


After the man called Long Jiang said this, he flew out and stood in front of Su Yun.