Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 633
Seeing Su Yun appear, the Realm Tree people were all surprised.

Especially Liu Yuan and the rest, their expressions froze.

"It's Lord Su Yun?"

"Lord Su Yun? Why is he here? However … What is he doing here at this time? "

"Is he going to fight? It is said that he is only a third grade of Sky Spirit Master cultivator, if he goes out to fight, he will be courting death! "

"Realm Master, quickly bring him back. If you let him fight, we won't have any chance of winning anymore!"

Minister Yang Lang shouted.

The people of All Empty Sect looked at each other, Xiao Changtian looked at Jin Moluo, then looked at Realm Master, and said: "Is this man your Wanhua Realm's man?"

"For now." Without waiting for Realm Master to speak, Su Yun shouted.

"In that case, will you be participating in this competition?"

Xiao Changtian said coldly.

"No, he can't fight!"

Without waiting for Su Yun to speak, the group of ministers led by Yang Lang immediately shouted out.

However, just as they finished speaking, Realm Master raised Su Bai's hand, indicating for them to be quiet.

Xiao Changtian and Phoenix Lady's faces changed. Xiao Changtian was extremely dissatisfied, and shouted: "What are you doing? If you want to fight, fight! If you want to fight, fight! Who exactly is going to fight, hurry up and say it! "

The scene became chaotic because of Su Yun's appearance. Everyone knew of Su Yun's strength, although there was a third grade of Sky Spirit Master, but in this kind of situation, the existence of a third grade of Sky Spirit Master was not even enough!

Voices of opposition rose and fell one after another, as countless people shouted for Su Yun to return.

But at this time, Realm Master opened her mouth, her voice was soft, but her expression was very focused: "He, represents us Wanhua Realm in this final battle."

Hearing Realm Master's words, Yang Lang and the rest were stunned.

Shock filled their eyes as they looked at her …


Xiao Changtian nodded, he glanced at Su Yun and snorted: "I'm afraid that he isn't even comparable to Liu Xin's generation, it seems like there is no one left in your Wanhua Realm!"

"Victory is in my hands!"

Phoenix Lady's mouth raised, and then looked at Star Sword Sovereign and the others, who nodded.

Hearing that, Su Yun leaped out.

The Realm Tree s were in an uproar, no one could understand why the Realm Master was doing this, and they all kept lamenting.

Most likely, at this time, many people had already died and completely given up on fighting this battle!

Only Prime Minister Rong Muke walked to the side of Realm Master and clasped his fists.

"Realm Master, you once said that the Realm Tree gave instructions, that Su Yun would participate in one of the crises in our Wanhua Realm, do you mean this time?"

"I don't know."

Realm Master shook her head lightly. "However, as matters stand, there is no one else to choose from. If we placed our hope on Su Yun, the chances of victory would far exceed those of the other fifth stage Sky Spirit Master cultivators of the Realm Tree."

"Oh? "Why?" Rong Muke did not understand.

"Because the magic treasure in his hands is enough for him to fight against any fifth stage Sky Spirit Master."

Realm Master said softly.

Rong Muke was still a little confused.

But at this time, the other side was about to start a war.

Since the Realm Master had opened her mouth, the people from the Realm Tree could only give up, and nervously look at Su Yun, they did not understand why she would place their future fate in the hands of someone who was not from the Wanhua Realm, but at that point, they could only hope that Su Yun could live up to everyone's expectations and defeat Zi Ming.

However, even if he defeated him … Would he still be able to successfully defeat the other ones?

Su Yun's opponent was not only one!

"Su Yun had fought a few battles in the Linglong Mountain before. I'm afraid that he is not in his best condition yet, so, his chance of victory is not high against this person …" Rong Muke said.

When everyone heard this, they became even more worried.

The disciple Zi Ming who came from the Cloud Heavenly Palace looked at Su Yun, and a slight smile appeared on his immature face: "Hello! "Please advise me."

Hearing that, Su Yun frowned, but did not make a sound, he pulled out his death sword, with one hand holding his sword, he pointed the sword tip at the man.

"My name is Zi Ming. Please remember this name, and remember this person."

The person called Zi Ming was still smiling as he spoke, neither angry nor angry, only maintaining a smile on his face: "Because this person will soon kill you!"

As his voice fell, Zi Ming's figure moved, as he leaned towards Su Yun.

But, he did not raise his sword to attack, but held onto the sword hilt with both of his hands, revolving and spinning at a fast speed around Su Yun.

The most terrifying thing was that the profound qi around Zi Ming's body was like a venomous snake, automatically attacking towards Su Yun, like many sharp blades, slashing towards Su Yun's body.

Su Yun raised his sword to block, the death sword Sword flew out of the Evil Soul, the sword and soul quickly danced, and the jingling sound immediately resonated in the air.

Su Yun's expression was sinister, he did not show any signs of helplessness, but instead calmly welcomed the blow, and as time passed, his sword wielding speed became faster and faster.

The storm of attacks was suffocating!

Seeing that, Zi Ming immediately retreated out of the way and pulled some distance away from Su Yun.

"I didn't expect you to be so fast, it looks like I've underestimated you!"

Zi Ming laughed, the playfulness in his eyes slowly disappeared, replacing it was seriousness.

"Never underestimate your opponent!" That's what I always do. "

Su Yun said coldly, his left hand touched the sword sheath and took out its two swords. Like a tornado, the two swords danced towards Zi Ming.

Zi Ming smiled, his hands still holding onto the slender sword as he continued to dodge. Su Yun's swords were extremely powerful, a black bolt of lightning and a red bolt of lightning continued to alternate around his body.

But, no matter how terrifying Su Yun's attack was, or how astonishing his speed, it was as if Zi Ming knew the trajectory of his sword, and had always been able to dodge in a safe manner.


No, Zi Ming's speed was not fast, but he was extremely nimble!

It was as if he had already seen through Su Yun's sword move.

When the sword was about to reach him, he had already made a movement of dodging! It was as if he had predicted this would happen.

"Is that all you can do? If that's the case, you won't be able to defeat me! "

Zi Ming laughed, suddenly, a ruthless look flashed past his eyes, he held the thin sword tightly in both of his hands and cut through the void!


The slender sword ruthlessly slashed onto the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword's body. That seemingly fragile sword actually erupted with an unprecedented level of power, catching Su Yun off guard, and sending him flying back a few thousand meters, crashing into the ground, creating a huge crater.

"Hey, kid, are you okay?"

A voice came out from beside Su Yun, looking out, the one who spoke was Tree Lord.

"He won't die yet!"

Su Yun crawled up, stabilising the Qi in his body, he looked at Zi Ming who was in the air casually.

Such great power!

If this sword were to strike him, he would probably shatter his physical body!

This person was not only nimble, but astonishingly powerful … No wonder Jin Moluo sent him up on stage. Against such a difficult opponent, even an existence of the fifth stage of the Sky Spirit Master would be hard to deal with.

Su Yun's gaze swept across Zi Ming's body. His profound strength was like a sky and a land compared to a fifth stage Sky Spirit Master, but he did not need to destroy it. Instead, he used it to kill his opponent. Although it was just a single strike, Su Yun could feel that the terrifying power came from the sword, and not from Zi Ming's body.

Dodging the edge of the sword would be enough to slay the person!

Su Yun thought, and then rushed forward again.

The Divine Wind Sword Technique was activated, the two swords in his hands seemed to have become invisible, the sword concept completely surrounded Zi Ming.

Such a shocking speed naturally caused the pressure on Zi Ming to rise sharply, but he still maintained his smile and dangerously dodged Su Yun's sword.

It couldn't be cut!

It could not be cut!

No matter how fast he was, he couldn't even touch a hair on Tang Wulin.

This was definitely not because of his speed. Before his sword had even passed through, he had already reacted! Could it be that he really saw through my sword technique?

Su Yun's eyes became cold, and stared straight at Zi Ming's neck, the death sword slashed horizontally.

A wave of killing intent exploded out from the death sword Sword's body, covering it like a wall.

Seeing that, Zi Ming did not dodge, but waved his sword to slash.

He cleverly avoided the incoming death sword s, his long and thin sword sticking to the sword blade as it pierced straight towards Su Yun's chest.

To the main Qi Meridian in his chest!

"This is bad!"

The spectating people of Realm Tree s cried out in alarm.

Zi Ming was skinny and skinny, the thin sword in his hand was also extremely short and small, but this was not his disadvantage, but his advantage!

This made him more suitable for close combat, especially when fighting against swordsmen! At such a close distance, he could easily dodge his opponent's attack, and draw close to his opponent's weak point from such a small gap to launch a fatal blow.

And now, was the time for Zi Ming to succeed!

Both of Su Yun's swords swung out, the hole in his chest opened up, and Zi Ming immediately stuck close to him. At this time, even if Su Yun reacted and defended, it would be too late! No one would have thought that this person would be so nimble! He was just like a fly that could fly everywhere!

"It's over!"

Zi Ming laughed, and then used his sword to stab forward.

"Not yet!"

At this time, Su Yun shouted coldly!

Immediately after, Zi Ming's target suddenly disappeared, and the slender sword instantly stabbed into thin air!


Zi Ming was startled.

Suddenly, a cold wind blew behind his back, chilling to the bone!

Subconsciously, he raised his thin sword to block backwards. The thin sword released a shocking amount of power as it struck towards the incoming sword.


An explosive sound echoed in the air.

It was just that …

But this time, Su Yun did not fly!

Everyone looked up, to see that what welcomed Zi Ming's sword was not the blood red Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, but the pitch black death sword!

The death sword s and the slender sword were pressed tightly together, while the Evil Soul who had jumped out of the sword used both of his hands to grab onto the body of the sword.


Zi Ming was shocked.

He immediately urged his Qi to draw his sword.

However, the sword did not move at all.

Although Su Yun was the same cultivation as him, but Su Yun's profound qi, was even thicker than the fourth stage of the Sky Spirit Master, all of Zi Ming's strength originated from this strange slender sword, while his own profound qi was just a Swift Wind Spirit Qi, and its speed was good, its strength was not that great, how could it contend against Su Yun?

Zi Ming tried his best to pull two times, but to no avail, and in the next second, Su Yun threw his Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword over.