Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 632
Although Zi Tao did not win this battle, his loss seemed to be victorious.

Liu Yuan rushed over and brought the heavily injured Liu Xin back.

Zi Tao had used his own strength in this strike, using the price of his own cultivation, he used an extraordinary strength, it was possible that Zi Tao's cultivation had plummeted, to the point where he did not even have a Sky Spirit Master, but the situation was extremely tense. If he did not do that, and instead admit defeat, he would have been punished by Jin Moluo, and be killed by Jin Moluo instead.

Thus, he put everything on the line and would rather cripple himself in exchange for this kind of result. At the very least, he would be able to keep his life. "

No one present would have thought that Zi Tao would be so vicious to make such a counterattack. The situation immediately reversed.

Liu Xin was carried away by Liu Yuan, she started the treatment, although Liu Xin was only injured at Qi Meridian, but what attacked the Qi Meridian was Zi Tao's power, the power was extremely difficult to erase, and even if Liu Xin was healed, her cultivation would still be damaged.

Zi Tao dragged his heavily injured body and slowly flew to the front of Jin Moluo. He knelt down on one knee and cupped his fists: "I have let you down and failed to defeat you.

Seeing that, Jin Moluo extended his hand to help Zi Tao up, and said: "Although you have failed, but you have laid the foundation for our victory, you have no sins, you have done well!"

Hearing that, Zi Tao's initially nervous expression immediately calmed down.

"Quick, help Zi Tao get down there and recuperate!"

Jin Moluo said indifferently.

"Yes, elder!"

A disciple walked over from behind, supporting Zi Tao as they walked towards Bridge of Realm.

Jin Moluo turned his head and looked at Bridge of Realm, he was quiet for a moment, but in the end, he did not say a word.

Zi Tao's performance surprised many people on the scene, the three sects' people, Star Sword Pavilion, Ask Sword Sect and Star Sword Pavilion revealed an expression of astonishment.

My god, he was someone taught by the Cloud Heavenly Palace after all. Even if he lost, he could still lose so brilliantly.

"Now is the first win and the first loss. Let's hurry up and begin the third match!"

Xiao Changtian's mouth formed a cold smile, his eyes full of viciousness.

Jin Moluo did not stand on ceremony, he waved his hand, and said indifferently: "Zi Ming!"

"Elder, disciple is here!"

Another person walked out from the Cloud Heavenly Palace.

He was extremely elegant in life, his figure was also extremely skinny and skinny, as though he was an unfathomable and tender youth, holding onto a short sword, he cupped his fists and bowed to Jin Moluo.

"Don't be like Zi Tao, and shame our Cloud Heavenly Palace!"

Jin Moluo said indifferently.

"This disciple will definitely live up to the expectations of elder for this disciple!"

The Spirit Cultivator called Zi Ming then jumped out and stood in the middle of the two groups of people.

Everyone looked, this was also just a third grade of Sky Spirit Master!

"What are you doing?"

Rong Muke was puzzled: "Liu Xin has a fifth stage Sky Spirit Master, they can definitely send a seventh stage expert to battle, why did they send a third stage disciple?"

"They're trying to cut off our supply of human resources!" Realm Master said indifferently: If they were to send out their seventh stage experts, then we would definitely send out a few ninth stage experts. There are many ninth stage experts amongst us Realm Tree s, and many of the ninth stage experts are excellent, and this is not good for them, so if they were to continue sending out third stage disciples, we can only send out fifth stage experts to meet them. But Liu Xin is severely injured, and Zhang Yiye is dead, so there are not many fifth stage experts left, and we will not be able to do anything about it.

"Damn it!" Hearing that, Rong Muke was so angry that he brandished his wooden staff: Why are all these Cloud Heavenly Palace people so cunning?

"They are truly worthy of being through hundreds of battles. They also have a very unique view of the battlefield. Indeed, we are not as good as them in this aspect!"

The Realm Master said indifferently, following that, her clear voice became louder, and said: "Liu Xin is severely injured, and is unable to fight, for this round, we admit defeat."

As these words fell, it did not go against many people's expectations. Although small sounds continued to ring out, there was no need to explain.

Liu Xin had injured Qi Meridian, so even with the help of Realm Master, she wouldn't be able to recover even after a while. If she sent Liu Xin up there now, it would be sending her to death.

When the Realm Master announced their surrender, the people from the Realm Tree side all looked dejected.

There was only one final battle left. If they won, they would still have a chance. However, if they lost, they would be finished.

If the Linglong Mountain area was really handed over to the Cloud Heavenly Palace, it would be equivalent to opening a door for the Sword World people, and placing food next to the tiger's mouth, the Wanhua Realm would definitely be devoured by the Sword World in the future.

"Ha ha-ha, since you all have given up, then quickly send out new players! There's only one more match left, and I don't think you'll have a chance either! "If I were you, I would have admitted defeat, because competing would be a waste of time, and it would have only added to the number of casualties. Hahahaha …"

Phoenix Lady let out a complacent laugh, the previous angry look on her face had already disappeared.

Seeing that the Wanhua Realm people were all frowning and looking as if their parents had died, she felt extremely happy in her heart.

As long as we have Linglong Mountain, in the future, All Empty Sect and Cloud Heavenly Palace will properly enter the Wanhua Realm, and at that time, we will slowly nibble away at them. Wanhua Realm, I will slaughter all of you to sacrifice to my son's soul! Phoenix Lady thought sinisterly.

"Seems like the All Empty Sect and the Cloud Heavenly Palace are going to earn a lot this time, with the territory of the Linglong Mountain, who knows how many resources they can obtain, especially the Dark Place, it is a huge door to the heavens, many realm do not have any coordinates, so they cannot even use the Bridge of Realm, but the Dark Place is different. As long as I find the exact crack, I can easily step into the realm and obtain more resources, it is simply a treasure trove!"

Star Sword Sovereign said to Dao Xing who was beside him.

Dao Xing secretly nodded his head, "Fortunately, we accepted Brother Xiao's invitation to come here this time, so this can be considered as a personal matter. In the future, when we enter the Wanhua Realm to gather resources, it will also be a lot more convenient."

"That's right."

The other side, the Realm Tree s were also whispering to each other.

Jin Moluo looked at Realm Master who had a calm expression and said: "Then, Realm Master, where are the people you sent to duel? Why haven't you come out yet? "

Realm Master did not make a sound.

Rong Muke and the rest did not make a sound either.

This last battle would determine the fate of all the Wanhua Realm. Who would dare to act recklessly? Even those who were confident in their own strength did not dare to brazenly fight. It was one thing if they won, but what if they lost? Isn't that the sinner of Wanhua Realm?

Moreover, in the last battle, there was not only one enemy, but two!

Winning the first round meant that he had to win by overwhelming means, because even if he defeated Zi Ming, the opponent would send out a seventh stage expert to fight in the end, which meant, the opponent that would fight on stage would be a seventh stage expert versus Zi Ming!

Among the two Rankers in people of Realm Tree, who is at the fifth stage?

Even Rong Muke did not dare let them go up.

The atmosphere became somewhat awkward.

The people from Sword World were already laughing, seeing how the people from Wanhua Realm were acting, they all held their stomach and laughed.

From their point of view, the people of Realm Tree no longer had any choice.

"Since no one is going up, let me do it!"

Finally, a crisp voice broke the awkward atmosphere.

Everyone's nerves twitched as they hurriedly looked towards the source of the sound.

However, with just a single glance, everyone was stunned.

The person who spoke was unexpectedly Fox Demon, who was seated behind Realm Master!

Hu Qianmei!

Her face was pale white, with a bit of blood below her lips, she stared straight at Zi Ming, who was in the air, with her determined and bright eyes, she couldn't help but pull out the curved blood sword from her waist!

"You want to go on stage?"

Realm Master turned her head and asked.

In any case, none of you can go up. Even if you win against this person, a fifth rank person will not be able to win against the person they send out in the next battle. Since that is the case, why not let me fight?

Hu Qianmei revealed a bitter smile.

However, she was somewhat absent-minded. At this moment, her heart was not occupied by fear. What filled her heart was actually the figure of a person.

"I'm sorry."

She took a deep breath, and there were tears in the corners of her eyes.

She came here only to find that person, but she had just reunited with her and had to leave again. Hu Qianmei was in extreme pain, but at that moment, he had no choice. In truth, she did not want to die, because if she died, Su Yun's Inherent Skill would be crippled as well.

Everyone from Sword World looked at Hu Qianmei.

Phoenix Lady coldly snorted, "Is this Fox Demon going to go up on stage? Good! Zi Ming, just destroy her body and use your 'Soaring Fire Sword' to seal her soul. I will keep her soul to torture slowly! "

"Yes, Madam!"

Zi Ming cupped his fists and said.

"Torture me? Heh, let's see if you have the ability to do so! "

Hu Qianmei's eyes suddenly widened, overflowing with killing intent.

However, just as she was about to go on stage, a hand suddenly grabbed her arm.

Hu Qianmei was startled, then sighed and said: "Realm Master, do not stop me, let me go."

"I didn't stop you." Realm Master's gentle voice came from behind.

Hu Qianmei was startled, she suddenly sensed something, she turned her head, and saw a familiar face in her eyes!

Su Yun!

Hu Qianmei was stunned.

The man was gasping for breath, the profound qi on his body was in a mess, his face was covered in perspiration, as though he had just experienced a huge battle!

He was looking at Hu Qianmei with reproach and seriousness.

"Why did you come?"

Hu Qianmei muttered, and her small head couldn't help but to drop down.

"After you were taken away by the Realm Master, I guessed that you would be here, so I charged all the way here from there." Su Yun said: "Qianmei, what are you trying to do? To die? "

"There's no other choice." Hu Qianmei lightly bit her lips and said, "I've stirred up trouble, let me bear the consequences!"

"If you die, I will definitely be implicated. Although your cultivation is high, you will still be severely injured, so it would be inconvenient for you to continue fighting. Therefore, I will go!"

Su Yun grabbed Hu Qianmei's arm, and directly threw it towards Realm Master. Then, he stepped forward, stepped on his flying sword, and leaped over, and directly stood in front of Zi Ming.

"I represent the Wanhua Realm!"

His voice was low and his expression was incomparably malevolent.