Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 631
Everyone followed the figure and looked, to see a lady that looked to be around 30 years of age. She was dressed in purple with a staff in her hand, her face filled with heroic spirit, staring angrily at Xiao Changtian and the others, her face filled with indignation.

"Liu Xin?"

Rong Muke exclaimed.

"Little sister, what are you doing?"

Seeing that, Liu Yuan's face changed.

The one who is on stage is Liu Yuan's younger sister, Liu Xin, Liu Xin does not hold any position in the Realm Tree, and is purely cultivating, although she has just entered the fifth stage of the Sky Spirit Master, although she is also in the fifth stage of the Spirit Soul Realm, but Liu Yuan knows, that Liu Xin is not an expert in fighting, and having cultivation does not mean that she knows how to fight, and with Liu Xin's current strength, against the experienced Zi Tao, she does not have much of a chance of winning. "

"We cannot tolerate the people of the Sword World trampling on our Wanhua Realm. If we lose, the entire Linglong Mountain will belong to the people of the Sword World. Who are they? The moment they establish their feet in Wanhua Realm, the Wanhua Realm will truly be destroyed, so, we cannot let them succeed! "

Liu Xin had a face full of determination.

Hearing these words, many of the people of Realm Tree present were ashamed. Liu Xin was not the strongest amongst them, but she was the first one to stand out.

Liu Xin stared at Zi Tao who was in front of her with a serious expression, the Spirit Life Qi in her entire body had been activated.

She didn't know if she would survive, so she had to give it her all.

"Liu Xin!"

At this time, the Realm Master who had been silent the entire time suddenly spoke.

Liu Xin turned her head and looked at Realm Master.

"If you can't win," Realm Master was silent for a moment, then said: "Then just give up, understand? Do not lose your life, people of Sword World all look down upon life, and ignore life and death. "

"Give up?"

Liu Xin was startled, but smiled and did not say a word.

"Alright, let's not grind it anymore. It will end soon anyway!"

Zi Tao was already impatient. He shouted a few words, and with the blue sword in hand, he pointed at Liu Xin.

"Can we start now?"

"Bring it on!"

Liu Xin said in a serious tone.

"Then I'll send you back to the West!"

Zi Tao's expression suddenly turned sinister, he rushed forward like lightning.

It was another extremely ferocious attack!

Liu Xin immediately summoned a huge Profound Shield and wrapped it around her body.

The Profound Shield's thick defense was astonishing, Zi Tao's continuous attacks on the Profound Shield was unable to break it.

In the end, Liu Xin's profound strength was incomparably thick, and it was easy to break it, but Zi Tao found it difficult to do so. Just that, being unable to break through did not mean that Zi Tao had no chance of winning. Compared to the profound strength, Zi Tao was more experienced in battles. Since Jin Moluo dared to send him up on stage, it was most likely because he was an existence whose cultivation was much stronger than his.

After the intense battle, Zi Tao retreated back with his sword, opening up some distance between him and Liu Xin.

Seeing that, Liu Xin immediately kept her Profound Shield and quickly stabilized her profound qi.

Seeing that, Zi Tao laughed in disdain: "Do you think I would use a method to deal with Zhang Yiye? You're underestimating me, but my methods are not limited to just that! "

After Zi Tao said that, the dark blue sword in his hand danced swiftly in the air, the wind and clouds changed color, the clouds in the sky were affected by the sword, they quickly gathered over, in a blink of an eye however, in the sky formed a layer of black mist, Liu Xin below felt the blood in his body surging crazily, the pressure exploding, as though there was a mountain above his shoulder, it was difficult for him to breath, and the movement of the profound strength became slower.

Liu Xin anxiously brandished her staff, and shouted with all her might: "Break!"


The clouds in the sky exploded and disappeared.

The crisis was over.


The people from the Wanhua Realm all clapped.

"We can't blindly defend."

Liu Xin clenched her teeth, she stared at Zi Tao with a solemn gaze and pointed the staff towards him. The staff released a large amount of emerald green light, which released countless vines that covered Zi Tao.

Zi Tao's face changed, he immediately used his sword to slash.

The surging sword aura spread out like a river. However, when it smashed onto the vine, it was unable to break it.

Although Zi Tao's techniques were powerful, there was still a difference in cultivation. The strength of the profound qi was different, how could it break Liu Xin's profound technique so easily?

The vine encircled Zi Tao, tightly wrapping around him and quickly retracting, binding his body. Zi Tao tried to twist his body, causing profound qi to overflow, but the strength of the vine was unimaginably strong.

"The attacks cannot stop!"

Seeing that Zi Tao was being suppressed, Liu Xin gritted her teeth once again and used her staff. In the air around Zi Tao, a large amount of ripples appeared, like a jade wave rippling out with countless profound strength s emerging from the ripples, following that, countless sharp Vine Spear s shot out, with Zi Tao as the center, they crazily attacked.

Although Liu Xin's fighting experience was not as rich as Zi Tao's, but she was cautious, she was clever, she knew her strengths and weaknesses, and understood that Zi Tao's weakness, the only way she could win was to take advantages of him, her cultivation was stronger than his, so she had to use her own strength to suppress him, and not let him have the slightest chance of survival!

Seeing that, Zi Tao's face turned pale, he immediately controlled the magic treasure, causing his clothes to expand and forcefully expand his vines to cover, protecting him. The Vine Spear struck his clothes, causing his clothes to tremble.

Inside, Zi Tao's face was pale. His face contorted as he tried his best to support the magic treasure.

"This Liu Xin, she is proficient in profound technique and not close combat. If you continue, I will only be in a passive state!"

Zi Tao thought inside his huge clothes. His entire body was trembling and the Qi Meridian on his arm had all the blood vessels on it but they had all bulged out.

The people outside were also shocked.

people of Realm Tree's eyes were all wide open, staring at the battle, while the people from Sword World's side had a solemn expression, not saying a word.

He thought that Liu Xin would definitely think that he was strong in terms of sword techniques and weak profound technique. As a result, when fought, Liu Xin had planned to use the profound technique to kill Liu Xin, but he did not know that in Liu Xin's eyes, he was no longer a strong or weak sword, but a strong combat skill. Therefore, Zi Tao's profound technique did not succeed! Now that we are in such a passive situation, how can we turn defeat into victory? "

Phoenix Lady moaned again and again, and was extremely dissatisfied with Zi Tao.

"Since he's lost, there's no need for him to come back." Jin Moluo said indifferently.

The rules of the Sword World were cruel. For the people of the Sword World, they would never allow themselves to surrender in a duel like this. Of course, the people of the Wanhua Realm were an exception.

The Vine Spear was frantically attacking Zi Tao's treasure clothes, 'thump thump' sounds continuously sounded out, the treasure seemed to be a Imperial Equipment, but it was only at the 30th stage, so it was unable to withstand Liu Xin's attack. Not long later, Zi Tao was out of breath, the profound qi had exhausted most of it, and he could no longer hold on.

Only, at this critical juncture, Zi Tao actually made the last shocking decision!

The broken sword!

He put away the precious artifact clothes and tightly gripped the dark blue sword with both of his hands. All of his strength was directed towards that sword!

The treasured sword was controlled, the internal energy was ignited, the sword body exploded, and a terrifying wave of ripples was released from the sword body.


A violent explosion sounded in midair.

However, the power of the explosion was extremely terrifying. Not only did it shatter the treasure sword, it had also shattered Zi Tao's treasure robe, causing him to be heavily injured, and even the vine web that was binding him was shattered.

Liu Xin was not spared, she was struck by the impact and was flung out, falling onto the ground. As she crawled back up, she spat out a small mouthful of blood.

Even so, her condition was much better than Zi Tao's.

The current Zi Tao's entire body was in tatters, a huge hole appeared in his chest, his arms and legs had lost many pieces of flesh, the eerie white bones were revealed, and the profound qi on his body was even weaker than normal!


Seeing this, Liu Yuan could not help but shout out emotionally.

"What is Zi Tao doing? He actually used such a method to struggle free from the shackles! With his current condition, can he still continue fighting? "

"It seems like this battle is pretty certain!"

"It's finally over!"

A smile appeared on people of Realm Tree's face, seeing the situation, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Liu Xin raised her staff and landed on the ground as she walked towards Zi Tao. She stared at him with no pity in her eyes.

"Wait, I surrender!"

Just then, Zi Tao suddenly raised his hand and called out weakly.


Liu Xin's movements froze, and her hand movements stopped.

But in that split-second, a ruthless look flashed past Zi Tao's eyes, he suddenly moved, and instantly appeared beside Liu Xin, his mouth spitting out a ray of sword aura, directly striking Liu Xin.

Liu Xin was shocked, she immediately cast a spell to block, a vine shield appeared in front of her.

However, the shield could not even defend against the sword beam, and was pierced straight through, the sword aura was like a hot knife through butter, it pierced through Liu Xin's Qi Meridian and her body twitched a few times before falling to the ground.


Such a change shocked everyone!

"Haha, I surrender! I surrender! "

Zi Tao laughed and shouted with all his might.

The Qi Meridian was injured, and Liu Xin was crippled. Although Zi Tao could not win against Liu Xin, his sudden sneak attack had allowed the next participant to win with absolute confidence.

"This is Essence power!" Despicable! They actually shot people in secret! "

Liu Yuan was enraged, her entire body was trembling, she almost wanted to rush forward and tear Zi Tao apart!

The people of Realm Tree was in an uproar.

No one would have thought that the people of Sword World were so unscrupulous!

Zi Tao surrendered. This victory belongs to the Wanhua Realm, and according to the rules, Liu Xin who had her Qi Meridian broken forcibly was no longer able to participate in the next battle. In other words, the victory in the next battle must belong to the Cloud Heavenly Palace!

This action made all the people of Realm Tree s grind their teeth in anger!