Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 629

A clear voice sounded beside Hu Qianmei's ears.

Her face was pale white, her peach blossom eyes opened slightly, looking around, only to see that she was not in the dim Dark Place, but instead in front of the countless gigantic trees that were constructed on top of the Gate of Nature.

At this moment, countless Spirit Cultivator and spirit beast were gathered around the Gate of Nature. They were divided into two groups, one with their back to Gate of Nature, the other with a ring shape, surrounding Gate of Nature so tightly that not even a drop of water could leak out.

Hu Qianmei bit her lips, wiped the blood off her mouth, and looked at the lady dressed in green. She vaguely remembered that she was the one who saved her brother, could it be that the reason she was here was also because of her?

Without waiting for Hu Qianmei to speak, an old man shouted from the side.

"No wonder you want us to hand over Xiao Huailin's corpse. You actually planned to use the remaining aura on the corpse to track down the person who killed Xiao Huailin! And then using the spatial projection to kill … In the end, they are from the Sword World, they are vicious! "

The one who spoke was Rong Muke.

"Don't think that you're the only one who knows Void Teleportation! Jin Moluo, although you are strong, you are still lacking slightly in comparison to our Realm Master! "

"Jin Moluo, this is the Wanhua Realm. We can't allow you to act recklessly! What are you planning to do, you still have to obtain our consent! "

The Realm Tree Ministers were filled with righteous indignation.

Then, Jin Moluo who was at the side did not seem to be angry, he quietly looked at Hu Qianmei and spoke indifferently: This man killed my grandson, am I not supposed to take her life? Killing to pay with one's life was a matter of course! Does that require your consent? "

However, the Realm Master's following words left everyone speechless.

"Xiao Huailin wantonly killed people in the Wanhua Realm, her crimes are heinous. According to my Wanhua Realm's rules, even if she didn't kill Xiao Huailin, I would still kill her." The Realm Master spoke very calmly, as if she was talking about a very ordinary little matter.

But when she said that, Xiao Changtian and the rest were infuriated, their hatred to him soaring to the sky.

This was a blatant provocation!

"Realm Master, what do you mean? Could it be … Do you people of Wanhua Realm not have our All Empty Sect in your eyes? "

Xiao Changtian snorted.

"Everything is equal. No one can arbitrarily take away another person's life, unless that person already owes them a life." Realm Master remained calm and collected.

Xiao Changtian became more and more furious, the hand holding the big sword started to tremble, as though he was unable to suppress it.

"I don't think you know how to appreciate favors!"

Phoenix Lady clenched her teeth and shouted, then spoke to Jin Moluo who was in front of her: "Father, why are we wasting words with them? Since the people of the Wanhua Realm are so pedantic, we can just kill our way through, and take revenge for Huailin first! "

Right, first, take revenge for Young Master Huailin!

"Attack, Elder!"

The people of All Empty Sect all spoke out, their faces were filled with anger.

Then, Jin Moluo raised his hand, indicating for Phoenix Lady not to be impulsive.

"Daughter, things are not as simple as you think. If it was the previous Wanhua Realm, I would not be afraid of them, but this time, the Realm Master is not simple. If it was only with our little strength, we are temporarily not Wanhua Realm's match!"

"What are you afraid of? Father, if we were to suffer, will the people of Cloud Heavenly Palace let this matter go? "

"Indeed he will not give up, but it is also very difficult for the Cloud Heavenly Palace to contend against the Wanhua Realm, if they really fight, most of them would get hurt."

"Then father, your meaning is …"

"Huailin died, so we must take revenge, but this is also an opportunity, an opportunity to seek for the Wanhua Realm! I am here on orders from the Palace Master to lead the experts of the Heavenly Palace! "Don't say anything!"

Jin Moluo said softly to Phoenix Lady and then turned to look at Realm Master.

"Realm Master, you refused to give up the land and you refuse to hand over the people. Does this mean you aren't going to take responsibility for my grandson Xiao Huailin's death? If that is the case, then that does not work, if the Wanhua Realm wants to ignore us, then we can only fight, and maybe we might not completely destroy you guys, but to destroy half of the Wanhua Realm, that is not a difficult matter! "

Hearing that, the Realm Master was silent for a moment, then said indifferently: What is Elder Jin planning to do?

"Give up the land and hand him over!"

"It seems like you did not hear what I said before."

"Don't be angry Realm Master, this is just a prerequisite!" Jin Moluo said indifferently: "You are not willing to agree to our conditions, and we will not agree to yours either, since that is the case, in my opinion, how about we follow the rules of the Sword World to settle the matter this time, what about that?"

"Rules of the Sword World?" Realm Master frowned: "What rule?"

"A life and death duel!" A total of three rounds! If we win, we will divide the Linglong Mountain area into our own, and hand over that Fox Demon! Leave it to me! If you win, we will immediately evacuate the Wanhua Realm, and this matter will be written off! we will definitely not pursue any responsibility that the Wanhua Realm has! "

Realm Master said in a serious and solemn voice.

With that said, the people of Realm Tree looked at each other.

This was not a bad idea, Realm Master had the strongest power, she would go up for a while, and then there would be one round after that, and three rounds would be two wins, the remaining two rounds, Wanhua Realm only needed to win one more round, and then she would be able to win.

Many people secretly nodded their heads, thinking that they could use this method to resolve the problem, since no one was willing to fight, the consequences of a war where tens of All Spirits cultivators mixed together was extremely serious. Even the Realm Master might not be willing to fight, if the battle started, at least everything around Gate of Nature would be destroyed.

"Each side will send three people to duel?" Realm Master asked.

"That's right, but it's not two out of three. It requires all three of them to win, and any one of them can be considered the victor. Moreover, the people who are sent out to kill them are no less than two stages in cultivation!" Jin Moluo said indifferently.

Hearing that, the Realm Master became silent.

Triple win... Moreover, the difference in cultivation level between the two parties must not be more than a second grade.

Did the people of the Sword World rely on these rules to fight?

"This method is very fair! to prevent the enemy's cultivation from overpowering the battle! " Rong Muke nodded her head, and said: "Realm Master, we will agree, my Wanhua Realm people are powerful and all of them are outstanding, there is no need to be afraid of their Sword World people, this place is close to the Gate of Nature, the Spirit Life Qi is dense, fighting here is beneficial for us!"

"That's right, Realm Master, agree! Fight with them!"

"If you refuse, you will definitely be ridiculed by them for not having any one in my Wanhua Realm!"

"Let's fight! We're not afraid!"

The officials of the Realm Tree all walked over and cupped their fists as they greeted.

Almost everyone agreed with Jin Moluo's suggestion. Without a doubt, just from looking at the literal meaning, this method was very fair.


Realm Master shook her head. "I refuse!"


Jin Moluo frowned.

The Realm Tree ministers were even more surprised.

"Realm Master, why is that?" Rong Muke was stunned.

But, Realm Master did not say anything.

"Realm Master, I have already given you a chance. If you are not willing to cherish it, then don't blame us." Jin Moluo's temper was obviously worn down by the Realm Master, and he said coldly: "If this method is unacceptable, then we can only fight! In order to avenge my grandson Xiao Huailin, when the battle starts, I will do my best and destroy the Realm Tree. As the foundation, once the Realm Tree is destroyed, the decline of the Wanhua Realm is only a matter of time! You all should think about it carefully! "

The moment he said that, the faces of the people from the Realm Tree all became pale!

If it was really like that, the Wanhua Realm would really be in an unprecedented crisis! Although Jin Moluo was the thirteenth clan elder of the Cloud Heavenly Palace, his methods were as profound as the heavens and earth. He was an expert among tens of thousands, and he absolutely had the qualifications to say such words.

When Rong Muke and the rest heard that, they became extremely anxious, surrounding Realm Master one after another, and shouted: "Realm Master, this is not the time to be impulsive! The other party has already shown restraint, so why can't we show restraint? "Let's agree. We are not afraid to fight them!" If you still refuse to retreat, I am afraid our Wanhua Realm will never have another peaceful day! "

"Realm Master, if we fight with them now, we will be the ones at a disadvantage, although the True Devil Realm have been temporarily blocked off, but they are still eyeing our Wanhua Realm covetously, if we fight with them and get hurt, our Wanhua Realm will not be able to escape the doom!"

"Realm Master, please think twice!"

The Minister could not stop calling out.

Hearing this, the Realm Master became silent again.

After a long moment passed, she sighed.

"Although this method looks very fair, but in truth, it is not fair for the people of the Wanhua Realm, you have only seen the surface, but did not know Jin Moluo's plan. In fact, the battle between the two of them has a huge advantage over the Sword World, they who use swords, their cultivation level is lower, their skills are higher, and under the same cultivation level, the experts of the Wanhua Realm are definitely not their match. Furthermore, the people of the Sword World have been fighting day in and day out, and are extremely proficient in all sorts of battle techniques.

When Realm Master's words landed, everyone was dumbstruck.

"However, what you have said does make sense. As matters stand, I have no other choice …" "Since that's the case, we can only give it a try!"

Realm Master raised her head, and said: "Elder Jin, if that's the case, then alright, let's duel!"

Hearing that, Jin Moluo's eyes flashed with a hidden light.

"Very well, since this is decided, we shall begin immediately!"

He nodded his head, and shouted: "For fairness sake, let my Cloud Heavenly Palace's people send the disciples up first?"

"En!" The Realm Master nodded lightly.

Jin Moluo did not dawdle and directly waved his hand.

In an instant, a man wearing a white blademaster outfit and holding a dark blue treasured sword came out from behind him.

The man flew out and landed in the air, cupped his fists at Realm Master and Jin Moluo, and then unsheathed his sword and pointed at Wanhua Realm.

"third grade of Sky Spirit Master cultivation!"

Rong Muke said: "I'm not very strong, just send a fifth stage Sky Spirit Master cultivator to fight me!"

"Realm Master, Prime Minister, let me fight for the first round!"

From the crowd, one of the Wanhua Realm people jumped out and shouted.

He was dressed in a green robe, with dark green hair and eyebrows, his skin was slightly black, and his ears were slender and long, like a spirit. He was the Realm Tree Guard Captain, his cultivation was just at the fifth stage of the Sky Spirit Master.

Zhang Yi Ye's cultivation is just at the fifth stage of the Sky Spirit Master, so if you want to fight with him, go ahead and try! If you cannot win, and surrender in time, then don't let him harm your life! "

Prime Minister Rong said in a low voice.

"Yes sir!"